Zamindars Pt. 01: Sexual Depravity

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Having grown up in Mumbai in a wealthy family I was attending college in USA in the mid 1990s. As chance would have it, my roommate was from India as well – Vivek Thakur. Over several drinking sessions we discovered that we had a couple of very unique things in common. Both our fathers had initiated us into the ways of sex with lower class women. Both of us enjoyed very rough sex with maids and both of us had a fetish for long haired women. He had an advantage because he was from a Zamindar family in semi-rural Haryana where his family owned land, the police and the politics. They had complete control over the people. When it came time for winter break, he invited me over to his house. He promised me the best time of my life.

We landed at Delhi airport on Dec 18th 1994 at around 11PM local time. We got picked up by Vivek’s driver for the 2+ hour drive to his estate in Haryana. His driver – Rajpal – was in his 20s. He was very subservient and bowed before us when he saw us at airport and took our luggage. He addressed Vivek as ‘chotay thakur’ (younger landlord) and ‘malik’ (master). Few minutes after our drive began, Vivek asked him “Rajpal, teri mast biwi Champa ke kya haal hain. Jab mein America gaya tha teen mahinay pehelay to Champa ne uss samay bacchay ko janam diya tha. Meri baap ke bacchay ko. Aaj kal kaisi hai?” (Rajpal, how is your sexy wife Champa doing? When I had left for America 3 months ago she had given birth to my father’s child. How is she now?).

Rajpal mumbled “ji chotay Thakur…Champa theekh hai” (Yes young landlord…Champa is fine). Vivek told me that his dad had been nailing Rajpal’s bride since he set eyes on her at their wedding and had knocked her up and she akyurt escort had given birth to his dad’s bastard son just before Vivek had left for USA in later August.

Vivek then asked Rajpal “aur teri chikni behen Malti. Uske bahut choda that mainay jaanay se pehele” (And your tight sister Malti? I had fucked her a lot before leaving).

Rajpal replied “Ji chotay thakur. Woh abb theekh hai. Aapka intezaar karr rahi hai” (yes young landlord..she is fine and is waiting for you). Vivek laughed. We then passed out for rest of the ride.

We got to Vivek’s bungalow (haveli) around 2am. Two servants came running to the car and bowed to us and took our luggage inside. We walked into the main room. It was a massive house. Vivek ordered my bags to be taken to room on same level as living room. His bags were taken to his room on upper level. He walked over to the big bar and poured us whiskeys. He asked one of the servants where his dad & brother were. The servant replied that his brother was asleep upstairs and ‘bade thakur’ (the landlord) was in Champa’s room.

Just then we heard a loud moan coming from one of the rooms in the living area. Vivek just smiled and said “looks like dad is having some fun with his bitch”. Few minutes later, one of the room doors opened and a big man in his late 40s came out. He was tying his pajama’s nada (string) and looked a little flushed. He was 6ft 3 inches tall and powerful. His was Vivek’s dad – Subhash. He hugged Vivek with love and shook my hand. Vivek handed him a glass of whiskey and we sat down on sofas.

About 5 minutes later a young woman came out of the same room. She was about 5ft 1inch tall. She was dark complexioned ayaş escort and relatively full bodied. Her breasts were unusually large for her small size. Her long black hair was open and down to her ass. She was wearing a nightie that fell only to upper thigh. Her face & throat were red. Subhash uncle called out to her “Abay saali Champa..idhar aa. Dekh kaun aya hai” (you bitch Champa…come here. Look who’s come).

She came towards us and touched Vivek’s feet and said namaste to me. When she bent down I could see bite marks on her cleavage & neck. I also noticed that she was naked underneath the nightie. Uncle ordered her to go bring him some water from the kitchen. As she walked away I noticed a white fluid seeping down her naked thigh and leg. To my surprise, she scooped it up with her finger and sucked her finger sensually looking at uncle.

Uncle sighed loudly and just said “saali kya mast randi hai tu Champa. Aur kitna chudwayegi?” (Bitch you are a fucking whore. How many times do you want me to fuck you?)

Vivek asked his dad how the baby was doing. Uncle laughed and said “must be doing fine. Champa’s mother-in-law takes care of it in the village. And the good news is that I’ve knocked her up again. She just told me earlier this evening that she was pregnant again. Fucking cunt is so fertile. When I fuck her she begs me to breed her. I cannot help myself beta. We started fucking within 15 days after she delivered my bastard. She hasn’t even told her husband yet!”

A few minutes later one of the servants came with some snacks. Vivek asked him “Mangesh teri beti Malti ko lekar aa…bahut dino se uska mast badan nahi dekha” (Mangesh, go bring ankara escort your daughter Malti…I haven’t seen her sexy body in so long). The man was in his 50s. He was the father-in-law of Champa and father of Rajpal (driver).

He just bowed his head and said “ji chote thakur…woh so rahi hai abhi sahabji…subah hotay hi apke kamre mein usko lekar aaonga” (Yes young landlord..she is asleep sir…as soon as morning comes I will bring her to your room).

Vivek towered over Mangesh and slapped his face hard and said “abay haramzaday neech jaat ke chootiyay…mera hukum nahi manega…madarchod abhi lekar aa apni beti ko mere paas…aaaj to salay tujhay aisa sabak sikhaonga…” (You fucking ungrateful low class shit…how dare you not obey my command. Motherfucker go get your daughter right now…you dog I am going to teach you a lesson today). He kept hitting Mangesh and kicked him until he stumbled away and ran from the living room.

In the meantime, Champa came back with a glass of water for uncle. She had tied up her hair in a loose bun. Uncle pulled her onto his lap and was fondling her breasts from above her nightie. She said “thakurji apke liye chai bann rahi hai. Malti lekar ayegi” (Master your tea is being made and Malti will bring it). Uncle had one arm around her waist and the other fondling her breasts.

Uncle told Vivek “beta (son) about a 4-5 weeks after you left for college we found out that Malti was pregnant with you child. I know you had deflowered and fucked her all of August, and she said she had not been with any other man. I had the baby aborted since you were not here but beta if you get her pregnant again, let me know if you want her to carry the child. We can get her married off to someone from the village, have the guy castrated just like I did Rajpal, and then you can continue to breed her for many years. It is your birthright.”

Vivek smiled and said “yes dad..that sounds like a great idea.”

To be continued…

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