02 Put the beast back asleep ~girl POV

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I put the beast back asleep.

(the girls point of view)

I woke up and saw him asleep cuddled up against him and my mind was reeling from how I got here.

I wonder if he remembers me from 6th grade. That’s how we met. My mom was a soldier and was always on the move and for afew years we were in a Pennsylvania small town right on the Maryland line. Anyway, we hung out alot together until the 8th grade when my mom just had to get deployed overseas and I wasn’t given a choice to stay. Both of us cried on our last day hanging out. He gave me a puzzle piece necklace that he had a fitting piece on a bracelet he kept. We kept in touch on and off but not long conversations. When I turned 20 I returned to the states since my mom was still stationed there and I was over it, I wanted my own life back. I went back to that small town in hopes I would find my long lost crush. On the plane ride, my finger lightly rubs the semi worn puzzle piece as I reminisced about the last summer day he kissed me…our first kiss and last. It was about 2 years since I last talked to him and a old girlfriend said he lives alone had a harsh few years since high school started, which I remember one of the conversations when we did chat, his dad died, jobs were not accepting him to what he wanted to do. Then a girlfriend he was with for two months was abusive, controlling, cheating and when he finally managed to break up with her, he had bad whiplash from her clique to where police had to get involved and arrests were made. They were lessened because of rich people but got decent jail time regardless.

I’m jolted back to reality being back on the plane as it lands. I sigh with content as I am now even closer to a new start of freedom and home. I got my stuff from the baggage claim, got a bus to the car rental, got the keys to a SUV and off I went. After about 2 hours I got to my friend Jaimie’s house and after our hi’s and hugs and catch up she gave me the low down of my crush. He still lives in the same area in a house renovated to apartments, hasn’t been with anyone, secluded himself except for a few *********** people. Jaime gave me a small notepad and said here is everything you need to know. It gave me an address, hobbies, what he did, and everything. We went out shopping with her to get some fall attractive clothing, lingerie and other items. I devised a plan to see him tomorrow as I tried on a fall dress that looked kinda similar to the last day of summer we spent together..

When we got home, I went upstairs in the guest room and laid everything out for şanlıurfa escort the next day.I couldn’t help myself imagining his kiss, but longer, the passion I had for him so long ago, put my hand underneath the jeans and could feel myself already wet. I gasped and moaned how pleasurable it was. I immediately stopped since I wanted way more than just my fingers and just fell asleep causing me to have wild dreams.

I woke up excitedly anxious. I took a shower went downstairs and ate breakfast with Jamie. Her younger sister Sarah was coming down rushing out the door saying hi and bye as she was late for class. Once she was gone, I hugged her for understanding and going beyond the assignment. I left and went to the address and watched his movement in a parking lot for the day. I guess he was off from work as I saw movement and took a bucket to the side of the house then went back into his apartment moments later. After a while I suddenly heard a siren like an air raid on base and next thing I know he is running out of the house, Jumped in a pick up truck and peeled wheels out of the rear lot. I got out of my car kinda spooked but saw an opportunity to look at his place. I peeked inside the apartment he came out of and saw a TV on with some military video games paused. I chuckled and went up the side and saw the laundry room open. In the distance I heard a fire truck siren getting louder though.

I walked up the path to the sidewalk and saw him on a fire engine and I stopped dead in tracks, shocked as it whizzed past me.Nothing in the paper Jaime gave said He was in a fire company. I hope he didnt recognize me. I got chilly goosebumps from the passing breeze of the truck and it was already a semi cool day peelrking my tits, but that rush perked the nips real quick,all because I forgot my coat at Jaime’s. That gave me an idea. I went back to the laundry room and found his apartment number washer and dryer which had still warm clothes of jeans, cargo pants and some various shirts.I was relieved to see no female clothes.I took a breath of them even though it was washed it smelled like him. The aroma made me tear up remembering the kiss. I grabbed one of the hoodies, put it on and shut it I. saw a lock box and after 4 times, I guessed the date he kissed me, just out of spite, it opened! My heart racing, I grab the key and let myself in.and It was a small but workable kitchen,smallish bathroom, and the living room was small with a couch and tv and bookcase, but,decent sized bedroom with a king bed. I looked escort şanlıurfa in the closet, rummaged around briefly and found nothing. I went to the bed and layed down and unknowingly fell asleep.

I jolted awake when I heard keys opening the door. I get up in the now dark room,straighten the blanket and rush in the closet and shut the door. Just in time too he walked in, took his shirt off not knowingly giving me a show, went in a drawer, got some clothes, grabbed a towel and was in there for 15 minutes. He came out only shorts on and flopped on bed sighing. I saw him playing with something but couldn’t see what. After abit I dozed off. I woke up again, looked out the slotted door seeing moonlight through the window and he looked so peaceful. I tiptoed to the door, opened it, but stopped to look at him again. I can’t leave…. I whisper ”Steven”- no response. I walk quietly to his bed, heart pounding. I took off his hoodie, my shirt, pants, bra and panties, I don’t know what came over me but damn it I just needed him. I get in bed with him and roll on top of his stomach to the other side of the bed. I realize he’s clothesless when I get under the covers and he rolls over against me but still asleep

This was not how I envisioned this to go down, but, I can’t hold back.

I roll over, now face to face and get my leg between his, after a bit seeing if he awoke, I pushed even further, rolled him on his back. I’m atop of him, my breaths are slow and deep as I feel his breath on my goose bumped skin of neck and shivers down my arms. I footsie him for a bit, I readjust moaning and groaning lightly to not wake him hopefully. I know his beast is hard and in charge like a monster looking to eat anything. I sit up, grab and rub it against my saturated clit because of course my things I left in the rental for the time now were useless. Didn’t take long for my natural lube to well lube him and I was ready. There was no turning back the millisecond I felt his cock touch the links and slowly went deep within, I inhaled with this pleasure but holding the exhale until all the way in I waited to see if he’s awake, he’s not- from what I can tell anyway. I lay on him in total love. I started riding him. I grasp my breast and the other on his side because I just couldn’t stop myself and wanted this to last forever. I check to see if he’s asleep with the arm test at some point but it drops like a rock. I’m impressed he’s not awake yet and kept going. I just rode him like I’ve seen in a few videos, out almost all the way şanlıurfa escort bayan but back in the last second. I was enjoying it and by his reaction he was too. As I’m riding him, I put my hair up in a ponytail as it was going all over the place.I go faster when done and in no time felt pressure building right at the edge. I stop and lay on him just so I can enjoy it longer. Next thing I know, I was rolled onto my back and he deep kissed me and we started thrusting, getting our pace. I momentarily opened my eyes and thought I saw his eyes open but it was dark and the moon was shining my lustful eyes away. I feel myself pulsating and start tending. The next thing I know he stops and pulls out!!! I was about to yell at him but started to kiss down my body, neck, chest, tits, stomach, below my belly button and was taken back when he spread my legs I felt his tongue lick my vagina. I opened them the rest of the way ,faster than a bullet from a smoking gun. I was tensing,gasping , and grasping the bed sheets. And this damn fool stops AGAIN , right when I’m right there! He kisses me up the path he went down. He gets back up to my eye level and puts his dick back in me, and we kiss again. I know he’s awake and I don’t care…I need him now,,yesterday years ago and for years later. I taste our sex as the aroma fills the room it’s just more a turn on.

We get our rhythm going fast and both of us are now making eye contact, moaning and gasping.

I finally broke the silence saying something I’ve never said and was still shocked I said this. Fuck baby please cum in me… my hand slides down to my clit as he thrust up, in and deep.

“Baby …please cum…. Withhhhhh” . I thought my soul was gonna just leave my body.

I tensed so hard I thought I’d pass out, head tilted I screamed in pleasure. I thought this was so worth It getting tonight even if we don’t last In future; I’ll marry you tomorrow. Then he cummed in me. Boy did he cum in me. Whether or not it was the thought of getting married, having his kid, the pleasure and feeling, or that I I orgasmed,or yes but let loose again like actual squirt orgasmed let loose. The mess was all over us and the bed and I didn’t care. My womanhood was satisfied and filled and he was still atop of me thrusting lightly into my womb like he was ensuring I would get every drop possible out of him into me. He laid atop of me and rolled us out of the wet spot and we fell asleep. I woke up the same way we fell asleep. and it was 942. I slowly got up feeling his dick come out of me(took everybit not to go for round 2) , got my clothes on , took out the necklace from my pocket, put it on his nightstand and a picture of the other piece. If you remember me, meet me where we first had our first kiss When you wake up.. And shut the door quietly and go to my car and drive off with a long lost smile.

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