#1 Hockey Fan

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It didn’t matter which team it was and it didn’t matter who was favored to win. I was always ready for the party; whether it fell before or after the game didn’t matter to me. I wanted to get my holes stuffed with hockey players and I was just the kind of slut that men couldn’t say no to. I had long, dark hair and a sweet, innocent face that didn’t match my deep love for sex and all of its accouterments.

I grew up in Canada, where hockey was glorified above all things. Hockey was the talk of the town in the small town I grew up in just outside of Calgary. Of course, Canadian hockey had been my first love and I had shagged my fair share of Canadian hockey players when I got my first job traveling to the United States as a tour director for Canadian country music artists. Suddenly I found myself in unfamiliar territory, catching American hockey matches whenever I could.

I was only twenty-five and I knew I was hot enough to get into the locker room if I just played my cards right. I knew that I would have to get there plenty early to get backstage access and so I dressed up in the sluttiest outfit that I could find, which was a jersey with no bra on underneath. I was in Florida for a stop on the tour for Golden Lynx, a pretty big alternative rock band containing three Canadian members and one American From Chicago.

“What are you doing later tonight, Bethany?” Liam Sharper, the band’s bassist asked me.

“I’m trying to get hockey tickets…” I trailed off as I looked over my tablet’s internet search to find two tickets for sale. Though it was a two-hour drive from the location of our hotel I decided to go for it. We weren’t destined to leave until the following day for the next point on the tour and so I had time to kill anyhow.

“I’m actually a huge hockey fan,” Liam confessed.

“I just found tickets for the game tonight? Want to buy one and go together?”

“No can do. I have a couple of girls waiting for me with their legs open in my trailer. They say they are eighteen but I’m thinking maybe I should start to check IDs, just to be on the safe side.

“I think that’s a wise idea,” I agreed. I clicked through the checkout process for one ticket on my tablet and giggled a bit as I imagined Liam taking on a few different pussies at the same time. It was an unspoken rule that rock stars were supposed to fuck everything in sight, and Liam didn’t disappoint. He really did take being a rock star quite seriously and he fucked so many women that I wondered if he would ever get around to trying to fuck me. I guess since I was an employee that was off the table. It was okay with me. I’d never been too into rock stars. I knew what I liked.

I got in the car and made the two-hour journey to a large hockey arena that looked like it doubled for use in other events. I paid the fee for valet and made my way to the entrances that were reserved for staff. I had done this plenty of times before. I was a hockey groupie and I knew it, I just didn’t care. I wanted to be underneath a pile of hockey players, preferably with them slamming their dicks in every one of my delicate, little holes.

Thoughts of cumming sped me closer to the gates, until I was face-to-face with the security guard who was supposed to keep people like me out of the backstage area. I didn’t even have a ticket for the event, not did I have the VIP pass I probably needed to enter at this point.

“Can I see your VIP pass please?”

“Oh, my pass? I think I left it back inside. I only left for a moment. I’m sure my friends can vouch for me if we can find them.”

“No, you haven’t been in here yet. I know everyone that has a pass. I’ve checked everyone in myself and you haven’t been in there yet. Why are you lying to me?” The bouncer wasn’t buying my bullshit and so I decided I had better come clean.

“Okay, the truth is, I came here to fuck every guy in the VIP section of today’s match. I then will fuck every single one of the home team players in the locker room afterward. I’ve already been compensated. I just need to know where I’m supposed to go. I was told to be low key when I entered and I was trying my best but now you’ve made it so I have to tell you what’s going on,” I rattled off.

“What is that exactly?” he asked and I could tell I had him hooked.

“I want to give everyone blowjobs and let them all fuck my pussy. I’ll even do you.”

“Come on in, princess,” the guy unhooked the rope to allow me through. I sauntered through and turned to grab his cock through his pants.

“Should I suck you off right here or is there somewhere we could go?” I asked him.

“Right here,” he showed me where to stand like he had done this before. I wondered how many women he had duped into sucking him off like this as I opened my mouth and let his clammy cock enter. I did my best to suck him sensually, so he would get nice and hard. I sucked him to the brink of orgasm a few times and then let myself go, taking his cock deeper down my throat with each thrust of his cock.

I Ankara bayan escort knew what I was doing as I took him to the edge of the world and let him dangle, not letting him cum until I was good and ready for him to. I knew what I wanted. I wanted into that match and I wanted to fuck every single one of those Florida players until they were all completely drained of every last ounce of sperm inside of them.

I sucked the security guard until I knew that he was so close to cumming that all I had to do was one nasty thing that would set him over the edge. I chose that moment to look up at him, my pussy wet and horny, but not for him. I was doing this for all of the hockey players that I was going to get if he let me inside. I tasted the sweet victory in his cum as it spewed into my mouth. He let out a moan that would have betrayed him if anyone had been watching.

There was still a line of people but I was hidden behind a curtain as he pumped his sperm down my throat. I felt used as I got up from my crouched position in front of his dick and begged him with my eyes to let me in. I needed this. I needed to get my hockey guys inside of me. I willed it to be so and sure enough, the security guard sent me through, giving me a VIP lanyard that made me look legitimate.

“Thank you,” I said gratefully.

“Just go suck the guys like you just did to me and they won’t have any problem with me sending you in.”

“That’s the plan,” I agreed and made my way through the winding ropes through a courtyard covered by a giant easy-up outdoor covering that made shade out of the large yard where food sat out on a table to be consumed in a potluck format. I went to the table and fixed myself a plate of food and then I sat in a nearby chair and ate it, wondered where the band was. I wasn’t one to pass up free food, especially since I never knew where my next meal was coming from.

I was dressed to kill that night, like a slut with a low cut top and a short skirt. I hadn’t bothered with panties or underwear and I wasn’t carrying any condoms with me. I wanted to be barebacked by the entire hockey team. That’s how little (or how great) I thought of myself. I knew that if I could just get in the same room with the hockey team that they would all want to fuck me. I would get everything I desired and that was what I was banking on.

I walked through the series of tunnels and hallways that led me to where the locker room was hidden away. I wasn’t sure if I was in the right locker room, but I was prepared to fuck the entire team, no matter which side I was on. I was a set of holes for all hockey players and I just wanted to serve them with my body. I wondered how many of the guys on this team would be interested in fucking a slut like me. I hoped that all of them gave in and tried to give me the best fuck of my life. I truly hoped so.

I finally found the Florida locker room and there was the entire team talking about the upcoming game. The team captain called everyone’s attention and began making a speech but he stopped when he looked up and saw me take my place against the wall of the locker room. He gave me a nasty smile that I instantly knew meant that he wanted to fuck me. He was sexy and I wanted to be his sex toy. I knew that my destiny was to be a slave for his cock. I would have done anything to make him happy. I wanted to get his dick off and I knew that he could feel my hunger and my need. I knew that I needed to give him what he needed. I needed to open up my legs and give myself over to the force within him to conquer my pussy.

I wanted to be conquered as so I dropped to my knees in front of them and opened my mouth.

“I want to suck everyone”s cocks!¨ I screamed and to my shock, I instantly had cocks in my mouth and hands. My clothes were pulled off of me and I let someone penetrate my pussy and then I was getting into position for a DP. I loved the feel of their hockey cocks in my pussy, ass, and mouth at the same time. I was really starting to feel my body responding as I trembled beneath them. One guy was fucking my pussy slowly and the guy in my ass would moan with every thrust of his cock. He rocked me slowly at first, the crescendo of pleasure overtaking me into the best orgasm of my life. I felt a mighty rumble from beneath me and then the warmth of a load up inside of me. I loved the feeling of a hockey player’s cum inside of me. I let out a satisfied sigh.

“Hey! What in the fuck is happening here! We have a game to play, let’s not waste our energy on sex right now, boys. Let’s go!” The coach’s voice bellowed and the guys scattered, leaving me with my legs open and my pussy bared. I felt a sense of shame as his eyes rested between my legs and he shook his head the way my father had when he realized I had lost my virginity.

“After the game,” I promised them. “I’ll be here to take your dicks after the game!” I showed them my pretty pussy, flashing it at them so they could get their glimpse before they pined away for it Escort bayan Ankara until they were back inside of me. I wanted all of them equally, knowing that the more cocks that fucked me the more likely I would be to actually get satisfied. I was always horny and no matter how many hockey players I found that wanted to fuck me, I hadn’t ever felt quite this nasty and I liked the way it was making me feel. I was on edge, every little sensation sending me into spasms. I couldn’t believe how raw I was, how even the gentlest touch set me aglow.

I walked out of the locker room, smoothing my clothes back into place and heading to the restroom to fix my makeup. I wanted to look good for the team when they were done with their game. I imagined them hot and sweaty, not even bothering to shower before they pounded all of my holes with their angry cocks. I made sure I looked extra special with my magenta lipstick and sparkling eye shadow before I made my way toward the rink. I took an empty seat that wasn’t mine in a row that probably cost a thousand dollars a ticket. I pretended I belonged there and with my VIP lanyard, I did belong there.

Florida didn’t win the game, and though I just as easily could have gone for the opposing team, I had already had a taste of the Florida team’s dicks and I’m not one to start something and not finish it. I made sure to get back to their locker room before the game ended just so I could be there if any of them needed a punching bag to take their loss out on. I wanted to be that fuckbag that they pounded out their frustrations on. They were the kind of violence that I craved and as I situated myself in my Canadian hockey jersey with my legs spread I knew that I was setting myself up to get absolutely brutalized.

The guys came in, every one of them looking angry or disturbed by their loss. I could see the anguish in their eyes and I knew what I had to do. I began to shoot them horny looks that couldn’t be mistaken for anything but lust. I licked my lips and brought my fingers to my mouth and licked them. I returned my fingers to my pussy and rubbed my clit until it felt so good that I couldn’t help but moan with pleasure.

“What are you doing here?” one of the players asked me.

“I’m here to let you pound my holes until you feel better,” I answered flippantly. The player smiled.

“If I get my dick out will you suck it?”

“Yeah, if that’s what you want!” I said with excitement. I loved the thought of having a hockey player’s cock down my throat. I knew that these guys were probably extremely famous in America, but I didn’t know any of them. They were all strangers to me and the only thing that I knew I liked about them was that they played hockey. I had made a pact with myself when I was younger to drain every hockey player’s cock that I could. I wanted to make sure each and every one of their horny cocks were drained when it needed to be.

I watched as the guy dropped his drawers, revealing a rather large cock. It was thick as well and I could feel my pussy getting wet as I grabbed for his cock and stroked it in my hand with an expertise that made it obvious that this wasn’t my first time taking on a locker room full of hockey players. I dropped to my knees and wrapped my lips around his head. I began to suck, making it sloppy and noisy for him the way that I had learned pleased men the most.

I made a big production of sucking his cock and I could feel the other players watching. My eyes were closed as I took his cock deeper down my throat, relaxing it to accommodate him completely.

“Damn, she’s got my dick down her throat!”

I could hear the guys cheering for me as my throat got fucked harder and faster until I was taking the kind of brutal poundings you only see in porn where the women are getting paid handsomely. I wasn’t getting paid. I had only said that to get in the door. I was addicted to hockey player cocks and I just knew how to get them. I’d been at this for almost a decade and no matter how many hockey teams I fucked, it was never enough dick.

I could taste the player’s cum and I kept my mouth open as he pulled out of my mouth so I could show him that I was the kind of slut who gargled with his cum. I gargled it loudly and swished it around in my mouth, stopping to pull a bit out and string it up in front of me like I knew magic. The team was smiling at me and as I looked up I was shocked to see that they all had their cocks out and they were all ready to have their turn with me.

They were fighting for me, fighting over who got to use my holes first. I let them work it out, getting onto my hands and knees on the floor so they could choose a hole to stick their cocks into. My mouth was filled with dick and my pussy was filled as well. My asshole was aching for another cock but I had rules that I followed with teams when I was lucky enough to find one that wanted to fuck. I felt a finger find my asshole and I began to cum, knowing that I was special.

I was the Bayan escort Ankara kind of girl that could only cum all the way when both my pussy and ass were stimulated at the same time. I needed to have a cock in both holes to cum my hardest and this was one of those times when I really needed to have both of my holes filled. The guy fucking my pussy came hard, spewing his cum right up inside of my hole. It turned me on that they had such little regard for me that they didn’t even ask if they could. They just took what they wanted and came wherever they wanted.

“Fuck both my holes at once!” I begged them, hoping they obliged. Hockey guys were the best kind of guys. They didn’t care about fucking with their teammates. They encouraged one another to fuck me harder and destroy me and they had a lot of pent up anger that they needed to get out. I just wanted to be the slut that they took that anger out on.

I was filled with a dick in my ass, another in my pussy, one in each hand and one in my mouth. I focused on trying to make sure to keep my hands moving and my mouth going too. I let the guys fucking my holes work me until I was shuddering and shaking with orgasm after sweet orgasm. I choked on the cock that was pounding my throat and I wondered what the guys in Golden Lynx would think if they found out that I fucked entire hockey teams. I had been wanting to fuck the whole band too, but that was work and I didn’t want to lose my job.

Instead, I let the guys pound my asshole and pussy until I was screaming with an intensity that can only be described as crazed. I felt possessed as orgasm after orgasm wracked my body with wave after wave of pure intensity. I was in complete bliss, unable to comprehend anything besides the pleasure that the team was giving me.

They were taking turns fucking me, sometimes holding me down for one another so I wouldn’t wriggle away. I had taken so many other poundings just like this one and so I wasn’t shocked or surprised. I was happy. This was the only time I actually felt happy in my life. It wasn’t lost on me that being a slut was the only thing that made me feel good about myself. I was truly useful to someone in my slut form. In fact, I was useful to the whole team of men who needed a physical outlet.

I took their cocks with pride in myself that probably made me sexier to them. They took turns cumming down my throat, deep in my pussy and deeper in my ass. I took their load on my face, all over my tits and wherever else they deemed worthy enough to cum. I felt honored to be the slut that the teams chose to use in every way. I strove to be the best slut for them, giving their cocks exactly what they needed.

“She looks so destroyed!” one of the guys exclaimed. I was really happy that Liam hadn’t come with me. I wouldn’t have wanted him to see me like this. I probably wouldn’t have done this if Liam had come with me and so I was happy that I had come alone so that I could drain every last cock in the Florida locker room.

“You okay?” one of the players asked me.

“I’ll be okay when every cock in this locker room is completely drained! If anyone needs to use my holes more, I’m here for you. Take as much pussy, ass, and mouth as you want. Cum in all my holes. I just love hockey players!” I cooed, meaning every word that I was saying. I needed to be used by them and to cum on their cocks, but more than anything I enjoyed draining their cocks and making them feel good. “Anyone else need their cock drained?”

“I do.” The goalie was looking straight at my pussy and I knew I was in trouble. He pulled off his uniform and when he finally pulled out his dick I noticed how big it was. I gulped as he entered me, wrapping my legs around his torso as his thickness pushed into me. I felt like my pussy was being stretched apart by his girth but I did my best to take it without complaining. I wanted to be the kind of slut that could take all of his dick without complaint. I wanted to get fucked hard by the big, hard dick and he didn’t disappoint. He pounded me hard and fast, using my pussy first before he decided to move into my ass.

I let out a yelp as he plunged deep into my asshole without a warm-up. I screamed as he worked his cock in and out of my ass. His dick was slaying me so well that I began to feel like I might cum from just the anal alone. That was rare for me and so I pushed my hand down to my pussy in an attempt to help the orgasm process along but I began to cum even before my fingers reached my clit. I screamed, my body convulsing out of my control until I was shuddering beneath him and his cum was deep in my asshole.

“I think that’s it, honey. Everyone is done with you. Thanks for coming by.” I felt hands on my shoulders as I was ushered out of the locker room. On my way out I saw a younger, hotter girl heading into the locker room. She had the same determined face that I had when I had gone into the locker room. I shook my head at myself. I was pathetic. That girl looked so foolish heading in to get all those dicks in her holes. If she looked ridiculous, then what did I look like?

I made my way back to my car and drove back to the hotel. As I stepped into the elevator, a bunch of texts came in at once and I realized that I was just now getting messages from hours earlier. One was from Liam and it made me giggle.

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