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A little about me.
I was 18 got long legs 34 D breasts, small figure and had only slept with 2 people up to then (the biggest I had was 7″). I also had a boyfriend at the time.

I knew something was different about this night, I was wearing my little black dress, the usual thing I wear when I go out, my little black French knickers and had my killer heels on. It wasn’t to revealing which came as a shock to my friends.

The drinks were flowing when there was a knock at the door, I went to answer it and there stood the most gorgeous black man I have ever seen he smiled at me and asked politely if Hannah (my friend) was around. I welcomed him in and took him into the front room where we all were.

Walking towards the living room when I slipped on something as I was about to fall I felt an arm come around me and pull me close I looked up and it was him. (I’ve never felt so embarrassed) that was when I realised he was feeling my tits as my dress rode up my ass to show my knickers.

As it got later we got more and more hammered, that’s when he pulled me onto his lap and whispered in my ear “Have you ever felt a black cock before?” To which I giggled and shock my head and he leaned forwards and said “today’s your lucky day” as he slid his fingers into my wet hungry pussy.

As he fingered me Hannah walked in and was watching from the other side of the room I was blissfully unaware until I canlı bahis heard a little moan and looked over at her with her legs spread wide and her fingers deep inside herself.

I was so horny I started to cum on his fingers as I beckoned Hannah over so I could taste her juices.

We then laid on the floor together slowly teasing and tasting each other putting on a bit of a show for him as he sat there massaging his hard cock. I looked at Hannah and she knew it was time we treated him so we made him lay on the floor and blindfolded him and each of us took hold if his cock and started to stroke it and slowly run our tongues around the tip, we could feel his cock pulsating as he was getting more excited at the thought of it Hannah started to deep throat his cock as I sat on his face she then proceeded to replace her mouth with her pussy on his cock and was riding like I have never seen before. I started to massage her tits and that’s when I was overcome with an incredible feeling that sent shivers down my spine and I squirted in his mouth just as he came deep inside Hannah.

I received a phone call telling me someone he knows had gone to a party and just had sex and had sent a picture of the girl he fucked and it looked just like Hannah but he wasn’t 100% sure as he had never seen her with a cock in her mouth I convinced him it couldn’t of been and went to confront the lad. He said the only way he wouldn’t bahis siteleri expose me was to fuck him and his friends I agreed but on one condition they all had condoms on.

To which he responded was fine by him he would have a word with his friends. He came back about 20 minutes later and said go upstairs and wait for us to come up to fuck you.

I laid on the bed not knowing what to expect as I heard the door open I wasn’t sure what to expect but I certainly didn’t expect Hannah to be stood their in all her glory saying she wanted to have some more fun thats when I look and saw fresh cum in her hair but didn’t hesitate for one moment as I wanted the same thing.

As we got lost on the moment I was certainly shocked as I felt her fingers pull out and a cock enter my wet pussy it wasn’t long before he came and then the next one fucked me and it must if been 4/5+ different people had entered my pussy within an hour as I lay with my pussy throbbing I knew there was one more cock I had to take inside me.

I got dressed and went to find him and when I did he was on the phone to my boyfriend my heart sank and so did I as I pulled his cock out again and started sucking it he put the phone down and told me he hadn’t shown or said anything yet.

I then rushed upstairs with Him and bent over the bed and pulled my knickers to the side as he teased my pussy with his hard cock as he was sliding the condom bahis şirketleri (as i had a boyfriend) on I turned round to admire his huge length. It was definitely the biggest I had ever received as he entered me I started to cry out in pain but also sheer pleasure as I climaxed. The more he fucked me the louder my cries got and I was loving every minute of it we fucked like that for about 15 minutes before he pulled out and laid on the bed when I straddled his cock and started to bounce at first his huge length wouldn’t enter me fully the more I bounced the more it slid deep inside me.
He then got me on my hands and knees and forced his cock into my tight little asshole I started to cry with the pain of it. Each thrust hurt more and more I screamed when his full length entered me. As I became used to the feeling and started to enjoy it he told me he was about to cum.

That was when I got on my knees and took his condom off to taste his cock and taste his warm load down my throat as I started to suck his beautiful cock I started to gag on it and with one hand I was playing with his balls whilst I tossed him off with the other that’s when he shot his warm sticky load in my mouth and all over my face and tits.

He took a picture of me covered in his load and bribes me with it every now and again.

At least he thinks its a bribe but I live being used a sex object for him and his friends. They all still use condoms apart from him he can cum anywhere he wants now. I live being with with his cum

Ever since that day no one else has ever made me cum like that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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