1969 Pt. 01

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(part one)

The late 1960s is famous for the many new freedoms given to females. Even the lead in sexual adventure became a domain for many. But having to “start sometime” meant that there was a carryover of a proper, polite, perhaps even docile, generation. That generation was raised one way, and instantly allowed to become the “other” way. Taking the restrictions off of that group was the ultimate in human dynamics.

In her mind, Melissa had it all. She even had the freedom to explore cross cultural experiences. For instance, in the USA, suddenly, sexual encounters with another race became accepted by a growing fraction of the population. Still, such encounters were rare enough to have the extra thrill of rule violation still associated with them. And that thrill of violation was most enjoyed by those girls who were raised under the oldest, most restrictive, rules.

Melissa was one of the women who made that transition during those late 60s. She had the extra liberal benefit of working at a major university. There you had the ivory tower mandate to push the experiences to the extreme. Perfectly acceptable in that isolated world. Her job, as a lab manager, required her to encounter humans from all parts of the world. Every post doctorate fellow or full professor from outside the USA was quite different from any person who Melissa might have met in her own native land of Ohio.

Melissa was now 26. Her own masters was in the bio-sciences. She felt that the lab manager position allowed her to truly use much of her own education and experience, while being directly involved in the continuing education of a great number of formal visitors to the USA. Interspersed throughout her large PU agronomy department were representatives from Australia, Indonesia, China, Brazil, Nigeria and many other countries where food production was or was going to be critical in the coming years.

Physically, Melissa was a little bright star. Only 5 foot, 2 inches tall and 104 pounds in weight, she was in absolute top condition. Her conditioning was done with small weights and an early form of aerobics class. She thought that a lean panther type look was attractive. All the males around her were in total agreement with her Measurements? 34C-22-34 does not do her justice. With the total fitness and small stature, she took on a gymnast look. She did, in fact, have a gymnastic background. Now she had the ample assets that would be “too much” for a competing gymnast.

She had done her proper Midwest USA thing, and married her sweetheart. Tom was from the same area of Ohio as Melissa. He attended that same university now, and had obtained his bachelor’s degree in engineering back in Ohio. While Melissa worked full time, he had gotten his own Masters and was well on his way to a PhD in mechanical engineering. They had attempted the new lifestyles, even the early swinging. That was satisfactory for him. It never worked out for Melissa.

True to his own liberal pledge, he had gone out of his way to compensate for her lack of swinging reward by telling her that she could pick up a guy any time. He didn’t even want her to necessarily tell him when such an event occurred. Rather, she could wait until there was something good to report, to wait for big developments, and to “surprise” him… She heard him, but took little of it seriously. She was not pushy and did not really believe that she had any social contact outside of their marriage and her, already established, friendships. Thus, she expected nothing from such a fantasy. That remained that way, for many months after his “permission” was given. Not that the newly freed professional woman needed permission

Then, late in the Spring, Tom found out that he was going to be required to make a sort of mini sabbatical that summer, that he must attend another university three states away that entire summer. It would be a concentrated engineering study that would require his full attention 12 to 16 hours a day for 8 weeks At the graduate and post graduate level, this sort of requirement was not unusual. But that would leave Melissa alone on campus. She, in a blah fashion, said that she would make the best of it.

Tom said, “Hey, here’s your chance to score.” It was said only as a lark.

He just thought that he would temper the bad news with a little jest.

Melissa’s response was, “Oh, yeah, sure. I will go right out and get me a harem of men ”

In truth, he would be totally consumed by his studies, and she thought that she would be bored all summer on a very hot campus.

As the Spring went on, Melissa met the incoming post doc students. One, who she considered a very sophisticated professor, was from Nigeria. Suave. Slim. 6 foot 6 inches in height. Muscular. She had a hard time ignoring what was obviously attractive to her. Over the next few weeks, she would be slowly introduced to his dry humor and his story telling. He loved telling stories about events in his home country Nigeria. First the stories were of a general daily life there.

Later, after he had her attention, he began to include sex izle details about relationships between men and women in Nigeria. He detailed the strange combination of Christian and Islamic interpretations. That a woman who had sex freely was a Jezebel. That there were some interesting rituals that involved any woman who violated her marriage. Those implications were purposeful temptations for Melissa. It was to have her inquire about what rituals might be like for such a Jezebel.

Through the shelves and across lab benches, this discussion went on over the days and weeks preceding the summer time. And it grew in detail. He was very happy to tell of the Jezebel being purposefully fucked by many large men, over and over again, to insure that her vagina became large and loose. This was so that her boyfriend, fiancee or husband would not be able to fit her. Certainly, the practice demonstrated the real domination of the Nigerian male during that time period. The woman was being used to demonstrate large penises, and demonstrate them well. The goal was that she would then only be able to fuck with the largest of men. That allowed the large men to control the possibility of any sex that this Jezebel might be able to have in the future.

As free as Melissa was to make her choice, this sexual work over of a nasty girl intrigued her. She would quiz “Martin” further on the technique. He would give an ever increasing amount of detail. Till, finally, one day, he admitted that he had participated in such a practice. In fact, he told Melissa that he had done so “5 times”. She feigned shock; but, she really had suspected his involvement earlier within the discussions. Martin said that he could even produce photos from one girl’s repeated fuckings.

“Are you in some of those pictures?”

He replied,”Yes, of course.”

No shame. Perhaps pride was in his voice.

Melissa taunted, “Really? Well, you may just have to show me. Can you actually do that?”

“Yes, but you are married, and I have already said so many things that are, I am sure, offensive.” Now, he was the one faking concern. Fairly late into the topic to worry.

But he did let her know that he acknowledged his violation of her status.

Then, in an interesting move, he acknowledged her own sin, “If you are so very interested, you might be a white Jezebel ”

Melissa, with her 1960s USA liberalism in effect, responded, “Might be.”

Martin took her comment as an extreme “go ahead”. The next day, he brought a little brown photo album into the lab. When the other grad students were gone at lunchtime, he brought it out for Melissa to see. It started sweet enough, showing a very cute 19 year old Nigerian woman in a nice brightly colored dress. Nice hairdo, nice makeup, very upscale… Then, when the album was turned to the second page, she was nude and leaning against a tree. Very provocative in her pose, she looked trim and balanced. A nice hour glass figure. Smooth caramel skin, a long waist and longer legs. Melissa thought that she looked, “very attractive ”

Across from that photo was another with her ass towards the camera; she was bent over. Her large labia were very clear and her slit was relaxed and slightly open.

Melissa gave an “Oh, my…”

When she turned the page, she got her real shock, as the 19 year old was being plowed by a mammoth penis. Missionary style. Her vaginal opening was spread wide. This photo was followed by photo after photo of various men, all with large penises, fucking her. Jet black men, caramel colored men and all variations between, each fucking her in a multitude of positions.

The photos documented different fuck sessions and distinct changes in locale. The photos went on and on. Melissa could only guess, but there may have been over a dozen men who kept fucking the 19 year old over a period of time. When the photos included outside scenes, it appeared that even a change of seasons had occurred during the process. Each of the dozen or so men was huge.

Melissa stopped for a moment. “You’re in here?”

Martin gave an upscale, “why, yes I am.”


“There for one,” as he pointed to a very large shaft splaying the young woman.

Melissa snapped her head around to look straight into his face. “Really?”

“Melissa, it is really me. Now aren’t you ashamed to see this and know such things about me?”

“No.” And Melissa went back to the album.

As she turned the pages, the intensity of the fucking increased. The woman’s vagina was obviously being stretched. Over the time of the photos, the diameter alone doubled. Then tripled. When shown between fucks, the vagina hung open, irregular, drooping and sometimes with cum dripping out.

The photos staged the young woman’s changes in great detail. On some of the last pages, the men would double penetrate her. And those photos began to show both a gaping ass and a vaginal opening that remained big enough for a baby’s head to easily pass through. The area between her ass and vagina had become quite small. Hardly sikiş izle any distance existed between her asshole and her vagina. Some old scars indicated that the distance had even been less at times in the recent past.

Melissa startled, “Did she split during some of this?”

“Yes, a little…” was Martin’s casual response.

“She had all this done to her while her husband was away working in the oil fields. We just made sure that she would never fit him again, and that she would have to explain her new size.”

“Oh, that was mean ”

“She knew that she could not have all those large men without consequence. Yet, she chose to have the experience. She wanted to be a Jezebel. It was up to her to explain her new size. And she seemed to enjoy getting to that new size ”

Martin went on to theorize that he personally knew that the men got great rewards from her nastiness, just as it seemed she had gotten great rewards by being so nasty. But by choosing to have so much intense sex, she became a Jezebel, a now very well known Jezebel in that area.

Melissa’s never expressed tilt toward a type of S&M began to surface. The multiple men (of any color), the penis size (of any color) and the over stretching, all, was becoming an attraction to her. Still, she was very curious about a particular.

“That was really you in some of those pictures?”

“Yes. You seem so doubting?”

She looked at his large creased crotch of that era. “Well, I have never seen such a penis. And I don’t care if those pants are large, there does not seem to be room in there for what I saw.”

“You taunt me with compliments”, as Martin reached down for his zipper.

Melissa frantically blurted out, “No, no, no, not in here. Not in the lab. The others could come in at any time.”

Martin stopped what he was doing.

Melissa went on, “I appreciate the gesture. I really do. In fact, I will take you up on the offer. But let me get my husband off on his sabbatical tonight, and I will think of a safe place for show and tell by tomorrow. I…really…do…want to see ”

A Jezebel In The USA?

Melissa took Tom at his word, about being able to start something without telling him. After he left the next morning, she went to the lab early. Up and down the long corridor, there was just silence. No one was there yet. There was a lab storage area two floors down that only she used for her specific lab items. She went to check it. It was locked. She used one of the few keys in the entire department that would unlock it. Inside she cleaned up an inner small room, making it at least suitable for human visitation.

When Martin arrived, she motioned for him to follow her. She took him to the storage area. They went in, and Melissa locked the door from the inside. She even used an old latch that was left on it from years past and a time before safety rules.

“Now, you had something to show me?”

Martin grinned and went for the zipper again. He paused, seemingly to carefully consider his steps. Then, he went back up to his shirt and took it off.

“OK. I get the whole show?” was Melissa’s response.

Then the shoes, the socks and back to that zipper. He pulled down the pants, revealing more of his muscular body. But the area that Melissa was most curious about was inside very large boxer shorts. He looked at her and grinned real big as he pulled down the shorts. There, ‘live in person’, was the huge penis that she had seen in the photos.

“Oh, that’s just fantastic You were not kidding me. So, everything is true.”

“You really used ‘that’ on the girl?”

“Yes, quite a number of times, in fact.” was his proud response.

She was about three feet away from him, looking at it dangle down. As she looked, it began to fill. A true 11 of Nigerian penis. And he would have more in a minute. It was as jet black as he was, with lots of prominent veins, and a growing width.

She walked over and reached out. “May I?”

“Of course,” and he put her hand under it with one of his hands, as he put his other hand around her shoulders.

He hugged her closer, more personal, as she examined his penis. Still filling. Now she could feel the silkiness, and those prominent veins, including the one most defined on the bottom of his penis. Still filling. Then she gave special attention to its head. It was a large mushroom shape, very defined and wider than even the shaft that supported it. She stroked it lightly as it finished coming to a complete attention, ending perfectly horizontal.

“So, if I continue doing things like this, you will think I am a white Jezebel?”

“I already think that you are a very white, very beautiful, and very nasty Jezebel.”

With that, she spun out of the hug, and stood there looking at him again from many feet away. She reached up and started untying the little bow at her collar. Then she unbuttoned her pink blouse, left it for a moment, and unsnapped, unzipped and removed her short black skirt. She was wearing one of the first thongs in town. Good türk porno for her exercises, it also had that tremendous sex appeal.

She went back to the blouse, removed it and her bra. Everything got tossed on one of the tables. So, now she was just wearing a black thong. Her fitness was on show. Great breasts, a tiny waist, buttocks with real muscle, legs with creamy tone; it was all there. She pulled down the thong. A small heart of dark hair, perfectly matching the hair on her head, and that was all. She stood there and spun around.

“You like?”

He didn’t say anything. He just walked right over to her.

“Guess you do. heh, heh.” and she took his penis into her hands again.

With his height, the penis was almost up to the level of her breasts; she only needed to bend over slightly to take it into her mouth. Melissa could hardly open her mouth wide enough for his mushroom head. In fact, it took a few seconds for the edges of his crown to flip past her front teeth. She swirled her tongue around it and then stuck her tongue deep into his opening. She literally fucked the opening with her tongue. He quivered.

Melissa slurped and liberally frothed all around his head one last time. She kept hold of the shaft and did a full spin around, placing her opening directly upon the tip of his penis. Taking advantage of the lubrication, he immediately started into her. The mushroom head parted her lips in an extreme fashion, reforming those lips as a perfect “O”. The head finally snapped those lips behind it; the teeth had been only slightly more difficult to get past.

He was extremely surprised how tight she was. So tight that her pinch hurt him for a moment. But he was in heaven, fucking this little hellion. He had thought that nothing like this could ever happen. Never. He was actually beginning to fuck a white Jezebel. That she was married to a white man, well, that made her a most excellent whore. She wiggled on him, and helped him slowly slide in.

He knew that it would take months of fucking by large penises to make her fit properly. Since she really seemed to be his white Jezebel, a white whore by choice, he had hope that she would graduate to that size. So, he intended to protect his investment. He went cautiously inch by inch. Her occasional wiggle helped him continue his slide into her.

Melissa was thinking that Martin’s penis was fantastic, that it was not even in the same world as the white swinging fellows who she had fucked. With just a few inches of him into her, she already had sensations that she had never had with any man. It was easy to fantasize herself as a beautiful mare, being mounted by a huge stallion.

That image was fantasy only in degree. For here, in this small locked storage area, a large black male was starting to go deeper inside a tiny white woman. As stallions go, the ratio of his penis was impressive, sort of like a Clydesdale attempting to breed with a pony. He looked at his little prize.

Her long dark hair had fallen forward over her head, covering her face. Her hands, each placed above each knee, braced her. Nice trim muscular legs, a torso as tight as a corset, smooth rounded breasts with large pointed nipples, and butt muscles that responded to his every move. He loved watching her flex those and many other muscles every few seconds. He slowly bumped past her cervix and began to see how much beyond that he could stretch her. You could say that he pushed the vaginal envelope. But not much farther. She stopped his forward movement with a tense wall, and did so at a point he considered only about half of his length.

A very surprised well hung Nigerian After all, the African woman, who he had shown being stretched in the photos, was what he considered small (5’9 and 165 pounds). Here this white woman seemed like toy size. Such observations only enhanced his thrill more. Changes, like he was used to doing to Jezebels in the past, would be massive for Melissa. He pressed harder.

She shook all over, tensed, bucked and came, jerking on the end of Martin’s huge penis. As he pressed her from minute to minute, she would respond the same way each time. Finally, he decided that she had made a small adaptation. He began to truly stroke her with that half length. He saw a clean lab table, one covered with a cloth normally used for seed counting. Today it was to be used for Melissa.

Martin reached under Melissa and cupped her breasts and chest with one large hand. He lifted that front section of her, while her rear section remained securely plugged on Martin’s penis. He swung her around to the cloth covered table and, except for her ass and legs hanging in space, laid her across it. He resumed stroking her. Her mouth would ooh and aah. Her vagina would slush and foop loudly. She was having the best fuck of her life.

And she was fulfilling some of Martin’s greatest fantasies. He would look down, see her stuck on him and think “how could this be real?”. Then he took the reality of the moment and made more fantasy. He wondered how great it would be to work on her for weeks, months or even longer. He was bold enough to begin to think of her as a white Jezebel project, one which he and all his stateside friends could work on so long and so well that her little white woman vagina would become as large as the one he had left with the African Jezebel in Nigeria.

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