2 Boy 2 Girl Cousins Volume 3

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Volume 3 2 Boys 2 Girls Cousins

We left off in Volume 2 where the four of us had some special 1st Cousin Incest time. I was still so surprised that the older cousin Kim turned out to be so active. As I remembered her she was always the sweet quiet proper young lady. Well that sure as fuck was not her anymore, I think she is perverted more than I was.

Well we got up this morning to a gray and cloudy day, if things did not change there would be no swimming today. Tony and I got dressed and brushed our teeth and combed our hair, needing to be presentable for breakfast. We went downstairs, to my surprise the 2 girls were already in the kitchen with Grandma. One was making toast the other buttering it, Grandma said scrambled eggs okay for you boys, we said oh sure that would be great. So we had Eggs, Bacon, Fried Potatoes & juice for breakfast.

Grandma asked what you kids going to do today, looks like we are going to get some rain or storms. We said we did not know maybe play monopoly or some other game. We would be stuck in the house most likely, We helped Grandma with the breakfast cleanup, she said hey you kids want to go into town? It was a small town about 5 miles from the farm. We all said YES. So we packed up got in the station wagon and headed to town, Grandma was going to the grocery and us kids were going to the Five and Dime Store.

Tony and I headed for the toy section and the girls went to the cosmetic section, I had about 5 dollars, Tony had 4 or so, Do not know how much the girls had. Anyway we were dreaming about something we wanted but could not afford so we headed to the candy case. We were choosing 2 of these and 2 of those kind of thing, not wanting to spend all our money at once for sure.

The girls showed up beside us, Kim says look at this it’s $2.99 and it has batteries already, It was one of those vibrators shaped like a torpedo, the one showing the lady rubbing it on her neck. (like that happens) My mind started to spin, I knew what she wanted it for, she said we only have 2 dollars, I said I can give you the rest if you want, you know there will be tax too?. She said yes she knew. I said did you see batteries? She said it escort gaziantep minyon bayan has those. I said but how long will they last? So I had my bag of candy and headed to the section to find batteries, I found a 4 pack of AA batteries.

I got them and we went up front to pay, Then Kim said I got some candy and so did Julie. I figured that me and Tony would just pay for it all, I asked Tony that ok and he said yes. All total it was not even 5 dollars so we split it. The cashier put it all in a bag. Do not know what she thought about us two guys buying that Vibe. We went out and I got Tony and My bags of candy out then handed the bag to Kim, I said you going to show us how that thing works? She said you want to know right? All three of us spoke up and said YES.

We walked to the grocery and found Grandma, she was almost ready to check out, she got checked out and the guy took the groceries to the car and put them in the back. Grandma asked did you kids find anything, we said we got some candy. She said I am not surprised. Then we returned home, helped her take the groceries in and she put them away. Well it was now about 10:45.

We knew that 11 o’clock was Price is Right, then Grandma had an afternoon of STORIES to watch. It was getting darker and we heard thunder… Rain was coming. She said you kids going to play games, we said most likely. I said can we go to the hay loft and play since it is raining and you will be watching TV? She said sure you can, better get out there before it starts pouring, Kim asked her do you have a blanket we could put down to sit on while we play monopoly? Grandma said oh yes I will get you one.

She came back with a comforter of some type, said it’s old so you can’t hurt it. We asked could we have a pop, she said take some snacks and a pop but bring the bottles back in. So we got some chips and some cookies, we had our candy, and we made a run for the barn. It was just sprinkling but we were not in the barn long and it started pouring down. We went through the Hay Tunnel and got to the big open place. We spread out the spread.

Tony had the game box, he put it escort bayan nizip in the middle and opened it, then Kim said do you really want to play a game? She had the bag from the Five and Dime Store. She opened it and tipped it over pouring Julie’s and her candy out and that toy she got. How could I have let that out of my mind? Anyway she said you want to see how this works? All 3 of us said yes, she opened the package and unscrewed the bottom of it. She put the batteries in and screwed it back on.

She flipped the little switch an it started buzzing,she handed it around so we all could feel it vibrating. I looked at it close and it had 2 speeds, it was on number 1, I slid the switch to number 2, it really was vibrating harder. So I handed it back so the others could feel the stronger vibes. Julie asked is that like the one your sister has Kim? Kim said kind of but the one she has is longer an fatter.

To say we were all in awe is an understatement, the fact she found this at a Five and Dime and then was daring enough to get it was unreal. Then she repeated do we really want to play a game? We all said NO. She said who is willing to take their clothes off? I said I will and Tony said he would, then Julie said we all need to do it to be fair. I liked her thinking for sure. These girls had the making of some great perverted ladies, if they keep this up.

We all started to disrobe, I took my shoes off then my shorts and briefs, then my shirt…. NAKED first I win. Julie was a close second and then Tony and Kim. Wow the imagination could never conger this up, no way ever. All of us sitting there crossed legged and buck naked. Kim’s cute little tits are awesome, really Julie was starting to bud out also. I glanced and Tony was boned just like me.

Julie said to Kim so how do you use the thing?. Kim picked it up and flipped it on low, she opened her legs and proceeded to rub it up and down between her pussy lips, she would slid gently up and pause at the spot where her clit was then go back down, then she said now watch (the little vibe was about 5½ inches long and not much bigger around then the AA Batteries inside.) Then escort bayan nurdağı she kind of laid back a bit and took the vibe and slipped it inside, Now I did not expect that, I said wow. Julies said Kim does that hurt? Kim said oh no not at all.

I got to be honest Tony and I just could not believe what was going on, Kim slid the vibe out and continued to work it up and down her slit stopping on her clit each time. Then she would slip it in again, we had a birds eye view, damn it was hot. I reached over and started jacking Tony, he in returned started on me. Julie was being somewhat discreet but she was fingering and rubbing herself.

Kim worked and worked and finally she withered in orgasm and let out a loud moan, she was an expert (at least I thought so) She handed the little vibe to Julie, she did not waste any time putting it to use. She said a couple times, Kim is this the way? Kim replied if it feels good it is the right way, Julie had never used one she said. But she wasted no time doing exactly what Kim had done, even inserting it into her sweet pussy. (she had fingers in there so the vibe was no problem I guess)

As we watched her both Tony and I were reaching our orgasm, I said I am cumming soon and Tony replied me too. Kim said when you do just shoot it don’t try to catch it in your underwear or anything. So we continued, Kim and Julie watching us and us watching them. Soon Julie started to make some sounds, then she quivered and gasped and fell back. She did it and she did it with great talent too. Just then almost at the exact time Tony and I shot, Both our loads went almost to our feet, I had never shot that far before.

The girls both said wow you guys were horny. We both agreed. We all laid back on the comforter, touching but not doing anything sexual just kind of basking in the glow. Knowing we did and saw something today that none of us would ever forget.

It was still raining pretty hard, I said hey let’s go out in the back of the barn and play naked in the rain…. they said ok… so we did. The rain finally let up, we went into the barn and used the comforter to dry off then we got dressed, when we got into the house Grandma was just finishing up her SHOWS. She said did you kids have fun play a game, we all replied we sure did, grinning and looking at each other.

We sat at the kitchen table and drank some lemonade, I whispered we going to be too tired for tonight, I don’t think so was the general consensus, I smiled and said me either I bet.

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