4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 05

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Disclaimer: I am grateful for Utamu who have helped make my story more readable. If there still are errors, then it’s my fault.

All characters in this story are of legal age.


Chapter 05

Amanda Bratton had had a troublesome month. She had been unfaithful and cheated on her husband Simon with her son Justin’s best friend. The first couple of weeks the guilty part kept coming back to haunt her and kept the memory of her betrayal ever present in her mind. She had not really talked to Aidan since he had made love to her at the lakeside. At first she had felt remorse and guilt, but as time went by she often found herself daydreaming about the young muscular teen, who had taken her to new sexual heights.

Going over to the Bratton’s home Aidan was warmly greeted by Simon Bratton, while Amanda merely said a meek “Hi Aidan, how are you?” before quickly disappearing into the kitchen to prepare some food.

Aidan saw the turmoil going through her mind, knowing Amanda was worried about their affair. Still she looked staggering. As Simon started up the grill, Aidan and Justin lounged in the backyard. Moments later Amanda started to bring out the food to be cooked on the grill. She was dressed in a simple short yellow blouse and a short denim skirt. Aidan couldn’t stop eyeing the hot married mother. Her long honey blonde hair fell down over her beautiful sculpted breasts. He continued to admire her from behind as she walked away. He glanced down at her ass briefly, as the skirt clung tightly to her buttocks. Her bottom was perfect, it looked like it could have belonged to one of the twenty-something girls from college, but was perhaps slightly fuller and rounder. Aidan took in her long sexy tanned legs and felt how his cock throbbed, knowing the pleasures that could be obtained between those sexy legs.

They all sat about the outdoor table, eating a leisurely dinner, but Amanda was rather quiet throughout it all. Just a few comments here and there but Aidan knew exactly what was going through her mind, especially when his foot touched her leg, he watch the shiver run through her entire body.

Amanda couldn’t believe Aidan’s actions. She was startled by his bold move, and she shifted her body to move her legs, far away from where he could reach her under the table. She noticed he smiled at her actions and a shiver ran through her body.

With her husband and children home, Amanda breathed a sigh, knowing that her will power would not be tested any further. She was shocked by her body’s instant response to Aidan’s teasing touch.

But after dinner it all went the wrong way. Simon declared, he had promised to play a game of golf with Walter Robbins. Justin had a date, and Julie had to meet her friends at the mall.

Aidan saw his chance and laughed, “Just go all of you. I’ll help Mrs. B. with the dishes.”

Moments later Amanda and Aidan were alone in the house. Amanda took the first batch of dishes into the kitchen. Aidan gathered up the other dishes and went into the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Amanda was real nervous as she turned on the hot water. Then she heard the heavy set of footsteps behind her. Looking into the empty backyard, her eyes closed as she heard the dishes were set down on the nearby counter. Her body shivered and she prayed that Aidan would merely go back out into the backyard, leaving her alone to do the dishes.

Amanda gasped as large firm hands grasped her by her hips, then the large hands slowly made their way up and under her short blouse. Her body seemed to just melt at that point, she groaned and her head tilted back to rest on the broad muscular teenage chest. Then she felt her lacy bra being pushed up to bare her breasts.

“No, please don’t do thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis” Amanda groaned loudly as Aidan’s thumbs began to flick at her stiff sensitive nipples.

Aidan smiled at this as he knew the hot blond mother was his for the taking.

“You’re tense Mrs. B.” The young stud said as he continued to caress her full breasts.

Amanda’s breathing was ragged and she could feel her heart pounding hard inside her chest. Soon she realized she was gone. The young stud had once again made her bypass her sensible self. Aidan had clearly awoken a desire in her that she didn’t know she had. Although she was about to cheat on her husband again, Amanda couldn’t have cared less. This was all about her experience the passion once again. Amanda gave a moan, as she felt her young lover kiss her neck while tracing his fingers around her hard nipples. With a shudder she gave in to her feelings, and she turned to kiss her young lover.

As their tongues were dueling, Aidan pulled her into his body and started moving his hands to her skirt, unclasping it swiftly and continuing his hands into her panties.

“No, we can’t Aidan…” Amanda moaned as she felt her body react to his caress.

Aidan ignored her plea as he kept working his hands down to her pussy and could feel she was already wet with Anadolu Yakası Escort anticipation. He arrogantly said, “Yes we can. Besides, it feels to me like you want this as much as me.”

Amanda tried to pull away but Aidan bent her over the counter and pressed her chest down. Keeping one hand on her back while she wiggled and moaned, he used the other to reach under her skirt. Aidan pulled her panties down to her ankles and flipped her skirt up to reveal her gorgeous pussy. He pressed the growing lump in his pants into her mound, framed perfectly by her exposed ass.

“Please Aidan…not here…” Amanda’s plea trailed off as she backed harder into her young lover’s hips.

Aidan didn’t give in and soon he had freed his hard cock from his pants. He took hold of Amanda’s hand and moved it to his hard shaft.

Amanda gasped as she felt her young lover’s spectacular manhood. She gave in and began stroking his hard thick shaft, already swollen to its full length. She felt a small dribble of precum oozed from his bulbous head. She was now really aroused and didn’t give her marriage any thought.

Aidan took hold of his cock and lined his tip up with Amanda’s slit. He smiled, when he realized the married mother of two pushed back, trying to get his cock inside her wet pussy. He decided to tease her, as the head of his dick was slick with her juices. He held her at bay with his hands and leaned forward, nibbling her ear and then groaned, “I’m going to fuck you in your home Mrs. B. I’m going to fuck you like a bitch in heat right in the kitchen, where you take care of your family. You are a bitch in heat, aren’t you, Mrs. B.?”

Amanda shuddered, when she heard Aidan’s wicked words. She knew, she had to stop but the words made her tremble with desire. Never had anyone talked to her in such a way. She gasped and was surprised about her own reaction and didn’t know what to do.

After seconds of silence, Aidan demanded an answer as he asked “You want it, don’t you, Mrs. B.? You want me to fuck you like a bitch in heat …don’t you…”

The blond beauty turned her head and looked at her young lover. Then she whispered, “Yes…yes. I want you to fuck me…fuck me like a bitch in heat.”

Hearing this hot sophisticated woman tell him to fuck her, made Aidan’s cock throb. He took hold of her and turned her torso around, bringing her moist lips to his. He rolled his tongue around hers, exploring every corner of her mouth while her tongue danced playfully around his.

As they kissed Amanda continued squirming back, attempting to envelope Aidan’s shaft into her wet cunt.

Aidan continued to tease her, keeping his tip just barely pressing onto her swollen pussy. Occasionally he would let his tip part her lips but then withdrew immediately. He could feel her juices beginning to drip onto the floor and her hips flinching.

He pressed his huge head between her lips once more, this time allowing her hungry pussy to swallow his cock.

Amanda let out a huge moan as the engorged shaft strained to get inside her tight pussy. She felt her young lover advanced slowly.

“Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggggggg…” Amanda grunted as she was fired up and started bucking her hips backwards.

Aidan picked that moment to plunge deep into the hot married woman and within seconds he was filling her amazing body with his huge cock. He methodically began pumping into Amanda. He slid the full length of his shaft in and out, massaging her pussy. Aidan kept pumping her from behind, Amanda’s skirt flapping around her ass with each thrust.

Aidan grabbed Amanda’s full round tits. They were a definite handful. He began rolling her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, taking the time to feel every bump on her aureola while his hard shaft felt every contour in her tight pussy. After some time he moved one hand from her breast back to clench her ass as he continued to drill into her.

Amanda had never felt anything like this. The first time with Aidan had been sensational, but this was even better. The hot blond wife gave into his fucking and she squealed as never before, “Fuck me Aidan…fuck me stud…make me you bitch…fuck me like a bitch it heat…arggggggggggggg.”

Hearing this Aidan grabbed a first full of blond hair and roughly jerked her back against him while keeping her impaled on his shaft. His tempo increased to a unwavering pounding. A faint sloshing sound could be heard around the kitchen as he plunged into his gorgeous married lover. He kept pounding faster, pulling her hips into his as he thrust forward.

Amanda cupped her mouth and squeezed her eyes shut, bucking against her teen stud as he continued to plow into her. As she felt Aidan clutched her hair and yanked her head back, she arched her back and felt how he was really pounding into her. Amanda’s mouth was frozen open, eyes shut, hands clenched. She attempted to let out a groan or a gasp but was unable to find the air.

Continuing to hold her Pendik Escort hair with one hand, Aidan groped her breast with the other and pulled hard on her stiff nipple.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggg,” Amanda screamed as she found her breath with a shudder.

Aidan let go of her hair and moved his hand to her clit and began stroking her in sync with his pumping.

Amanda knew she was real close and began rocking on her toes, each thrust pushing her off the ground momentarily. She arched her back, letting her young lover hit her g-spot as he penetrated deep inside her. The teen stud was pumping into her hot body at a maddening pace and she could feel her pussy contracting.

Aidan could feel how the married mother of two started to climax around his shaft. He looked down as her nubile body shuddered with a familiar release. Amanda’s pussy continued milking his cock as she screamed out loud. He felt each of her velvety spasms with ecstasy.

Amanda’s body trembled as she experienced one orgasm after another. It was an amazing feeling.

“Take it all, bitch,” Aidan growled as he felt his balls tightening with an impending release. He slammed his shaft up into Amanda one last time. He lowered his mouth to her delicate shoulder and bit hard into her soft skin. He pulled her body down on his cock as far as she would go.

Amanda desperately tried to clamp her legs shut as Aidan pumped thick ropes of cum deep into her pussy. She buried her ass against his hips as wave after wave of cum unloaded inside of her. She shuddered again with another rolling orgasm.

Aidan could feel the hot woman’s pussy milking him dry and he continued to press into her until he had unloaded all of his sperm deep into the unfaithful wife.

The couple stood at the counter for what seemed like ages, in a cool sweat and their intermingled fluids oozing out from Amanda’s well-fucked pussy.

Aidan’s mouth was still sunk into her shoulder, his hand cupping her full breast, her long blond hair matted to her head, blouse disheveled and skirt crooked.

Amanda turned her head and looked into Aidan’s eyes. He leaned forward and they slowly began kissing.

After some time Aidan let his softening member withdraw and turned her body towards his. Caressing her breasts as they kissed, he slowly massaged her mouth with his tongue until they both drew a deep sigh.

Amanda caressed Aidan’s face with her small hands and then just said, “Wow.”

“You’re my woman for the time being,” Aidan boldly said.

Amanda shuddered hearing this and then replied, “You’re amazing, Aidan. But we’ll have to be real careful, so no-one finds out.”

“Trust me Mrs. B.” Aidan said as he kissed her once again before he got dressed.

Then he left the house knowing he had seduced his friend’s mother completely.

As Amanda stood in the bathroom looking into the mirror, she trembled as she realized her young lover had marked her body with his teeth and his hands. Leaving small bruises on her breasts. She got into the shower smiling.


Sarah, her receptionist buzzed Claire Robbins in her office, where the pediatrician just was finishing up the last paperwork of the day. Sarah told Claire, that there was a walk-in sitting in the reception and that she had to leave to pick up her kid at the daycare.

“Please make sure the door locks behind you, so there will be no more walk—ins today,” Claire replied and looked at the watch above the door to her office. It was 4.30 pm, so she had some time before she had to be home. Even dressed in a doctor’s coat Claire made an impressive figure. Her chestnut hair was tied up in a ponytail and her attractive face was perfectly made-up with full moist lips and striking brown eyes. Under her coat she was wearing a dress, that highlighted her luscious breasts, showing off their round, firm shape. Her dress was knee length and showed her firm legs. Even at work she wore high-heels, choosing style over practicality.

Claire loved being a pediatrician. The job was not too hectic and but still challenging. Claire always got a kick out of helping people get better. It was a rewarding and satisfying job.


Aidan couldn’t stop smiling as the receptionist told him, that Claire would be out in a moment. He noticed, how the door to the office locked behind the receptionist as she was going home. The receptionist had assured him the doctor would be right out, that the wait wouldn’t be long. She had been quite talkative and had told him, he was the last patient and everybody else had already left.

Aidan stared at the charts and ancient magazines in the reception room and was already beginning to fantasize about what would happen, when Claire opened the door and entered the room.

Claire was thunderstruck at the sight of Aidan alone in the reception. Startled she said, “What are you doing here?”

“Hello to you too, Doctor Robbins,” Aidan grinned and continued as he got Kurtköy Escort up and walked towards Claire, “I’ve got an ache in my groin and I want you to cure it.”

Seeing her son’s best friend made a chill run down Claire’s spine. It had been three weeks since she had been seduced by the handsome teen. When she had woken up the day after laying next to her husband, her vagina had been real sore. She had been appalled by her own behavior and she was determined to keep her one indiscretion as the sole flaw in her marital vows. It was a one time thing and Claire had made sure, that she had not been alone with Aidan since that day.

Claire’s marriage to her husband Walter had always made her content, but it had also become passionless. She’d been happy throughout her 20’s and 30’s, but by the time she’d reached forty Claire felt kind of stuck. She’d tried everything to re-kindle the spark between herself and Walter, but he seemed kind of disinterested in her. He was still a kind man and a loving father, but he just prioritized differently than in the first years of their marriage. But never ever had Claire dreamed that the spark of passion that had so long eluded her in her relationship with her husband would suddenly ignite with her son’s best friend.

Trembling with nervousness, Claire said, “You shouldn’t be here, Aidan.”

“Let’s talk in your office,” Aidan said and walked past the hot doctor and into her office.

Claire hurried after him and as a reflex closed the door. She asked, “What are you doing here, Aidan?”

“I’ve missed you Mrs. R. For weeks I’ve thought about what transpired between us that evening. I’ve never felt anything like that. Your response to my caress was amazing and I just can’t get over it.”

Hearing this, a shiver of excitement ran through Claire’s entire body. The beautiful brunette also recalled their lovemaking but tried to be sensible as she said, “We can’t…I’m married…you’re Jay’s best friend…”

That slight shiver of excitement had not gone unnoticed of Aidan’s attention and he knew that lovely brunette was just prime for the taking. He decided to use his charm to get her into his arms again. “We can…you have been all I could think about the last couple of weeks. I want to be with you again and experience the bliss once more.”

Aidan’s cock twitched with excitement in seeing Claire swallowing nervously, “Please Aidan…I’m old enough to be your mother…we can’t…”

The nervousness in the mature beauty’s voice, signaled to Aidan that his presence and near proximity to her made her vulnerable to his advances.

Claire was frozen in her stance as Aidan moved closer and let his strong hands grab her trim waist pulling her to him. She closed her eyes and trembling with excitement she gave in to the powerful teen as he kissed her.

After a while, Claire opened her eyes and stared into her young lover’s passionate eyes. She felt worried, nervous and confused, but also really turned on. She wanted Aidan so badly, yet she knew it was wrong. She was a married mother of three and completely confused.

Aidan continued to kiss Claire and soon their mouths separated and tongues were intertwined. Lightly she laid her hand on his chest as they kissed. He was so good at kissing her.

After some time Aidan broke the kiss and smiled at his married conquest with a cocky smile. “You know don’t you?” He said smugly, “You know I’m going to fuck you right now, right here?”

Claire just looked at him and nodded. Trying to hide the thrill of hot lust and electricity that shot through her when he said that. She wanted him now. She needed him now. But it was so wrong. If only it was right. She yearned to be able to convince herself it was right. But she knew she didn’t care if it was or not, she was still going to do it.

As Aidan felt Claire’s hands caressing his muscular shoulders, he moved his own hands onto her slender shoulders. Breaking the embrace he got rid of her doctor coat and as he felt her gorgeous body trembling in his hands, he heard her panting with excitement as he began to slide the scarlet dress from her sexy body.

Soon Claire was being stripped naked by the her son’s friend, being lifted in his strong muscular arms and feeling her bare ass placed onto the cold top of her office desk. And with her bent and legs spread wide, the handsome young jock had proceeded to eat out her tender juicing pussy.

Aidan got down on his knees between the spread legs of the beautiful married woman and reached out with his hand until his fingers brushed lightly across her pussy. He pressed a fingertip over Claire’s clit and started rubbing it in circles. Her body responded by gyrating against his touch. Aidan slipped two fingers inside her steamy cunt and leaned forward until he was able to flick his tongue across her clit.

It became obvious to Claire, that her young stud was an expert at the art of eating pussy, his talented tongue proceeded to drive her absolutely crazy. She started humping his face furiously. The intensity of her muffled moans and groans increased as she became more and more excited.

Aidan was eating her out with a vengeance and loved that he once again had become intimate with his friend’s married mother.

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