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Well to start off i will discribe me… I am 5’10 Brown Hair Brown Eyes I am 130 Lbs. I work out every other day I am very strong and i show it I am also 16 Y/O. (Guy)

Next i will discribe one of my cousins Her name is Ashley She is 5’7 Brown Hair Brown Eyes Hot as hell (Just to add;)) She has fair tits 34 C She is also 16

Next I will discribe my other cousin Her Name is Stephanie she is 19 She is Twins with my next cousin She is 5’0 100 lbs. Brn hair Brn eyes

Last is my other 19 Y/O Cousin named Kim she looks just like Steph.

It was a dark day in winter. We were all hanging out in my aunts house (Ashleys Mom) My aunts and my mom were out having drinks and wouldent be back untill the next day. Me and my cousins were always best friends and i will admit i have Jacked Off to my cousins Before I love them so much in a non sexual way. Untill now we were all sitting across from each other eating Maccaroni and some how Sex came up, We were all virgins and we all wanted to lose it but not to some ass hole or meaningless Slut. So we decided thet we will have a 4 Some and that i would do the honors and pop there cherries and being a teen guy i was totaly ok with that.

It was excactly 7:00 PM when it happend we went up to Ashleys room And everybody güvenilir bahis stripped I had an instant Hard-on seeing all of those Hot Tight Smooth Pussys right infront of me I layed down on the bed and they all stood around me Ashley sucking My cock with Kims finger up her pussy while Kim was making out with me with steph eating her pussy with my finger up her pussy. After 5 minutes I was so horney from all of these hot bitches on me i finally yelled that i was cumming and ashley deep throghted me and that was it all of us cummed at once my cum flew everywhere.

The only problem was nobody lost there virginity and i was still hard. Do the math this was going to be one wild night… First up Stephanie I asked how she wanted to do it she told me to stick my big cock up her ass then switch to her pussy. with out another word i took her to the bed lined my cock up with her tight asshole and i pushed in as hard as i could she cried and then she laughed and said I thought you didnt want us to be fucked by an asshole… Asshole. then she moned out in lustad she yelled OHHH Ahhh Immmm CUMMINGGGGG! and ass she was cumming i ripped my cock out of her ass and stuck it right up her pussy until i hit her hymen then i pulled back untill only my head was in then i pushed it right türkçe bahis in not as hard as i did her ass and she screamed in esctacy as i smacked her ass as hard as i could and then i felt the hot thick liquid cumming up my shaft (little joke there) and as i hit her womb I came harder then i ever have before. I collapsed on top of her as my now soft dick fell out of Her pussy.

Then i thought Oh shit i need to get hard again i have 2 more cums to go Then Kim and Ashley aggreed that Ashley was next and how they figured it out was quite unique they fought and ashley won I asked how she wanted it She said She wanted to be in control Then she Sucked on my cock like it was a Lollipop Untill Peter Johnson rised to the occasion and then She got right to the Point she pushed me on my back and sat on my dick it tore right threw her hymen She screeched in pain a combo of Blood and pussy juice I knew i wanted to cum but i couldent she was screaming Oh Ahhh Im Gonna cumm!! and i flipped around so i was on top and i kept fucking her stroke by stroke and then she came i had never felt any thing better then these pussy juices flowing on top of my dick and onto my balls she was still cumming and i knew i wasnt even close to cumming so i just kept going she yelled at me saying güvenilir bahis siteleri that her pussy was too sensitive But i kept going and she was screaming and then i Finally came It ony came in 2 strings and it was painful but i couldent stop now i still had to pound Kim with my huge dick.

Steph had already fallen asleep and we were all jelous but we knew we needed a break so we went down stairs to get some water and some food and then we went back up stairs then Kim declared That it was her turn so i automaticly had a Hard On for a change and i asked her how she wanted it and she said she wanted it doggie style in the ass and that she didnt want to lose her virginity just yet. With that i took her to the bed and i leaned her over the bed and i slowly went into her ass it wasnt as tight as Stephanies so i asked and she said she has had it up the ass from guys before and olso some women with strapons all of a sudden i became extreamly horney and i plunged hard into her ass i could have sworn i hit her intestaces it felt so good we started grinding with each other while ashley was fingering herself and then the smell of sex hit me it was so hot i fingered her pussy while i fucked her up the ass then she started moaning and calling my name and told me to fuck her harder So i did and then she yelled Im cummmmming!!!!!!! and i kept fucking harder and harder then we came at the same time and then just as we were finishing up the door opened…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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