$5.99 A Minute

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Ralph logged on nearly every night now when Dee went to bed. She got up earlier than he did and would often fall asleep on the couch during the ten o’clock news. On these occasions, he’d nudge her awake and hustle her off to bed with an, “I’ll be there soon.” She was usually asleep again before her head fit the pillow, and he would sit in the living room with his laptop on a TV tray, his hand wrapped around the thick, pulsing length of his cock and the newscasters’ reports of doom and gloom muted while he communed with a goddess.

Her name was Julianne. Of course, it wasn’t really, but they pretended it was real—they pretended it was all real—and it was good enough for him. He’d never have believed a virtual connection could feel so genuine, but it did. Sometimes he thought he could feel her skin, and her eyes always, always seemed to be looking straight into him. Nothing could have prepared him for the experience, and nothing could have kept him from it, now.

He logged in quickly, typing, “Hey Jules,” into the rectangular chat box. She sent him a smiley face in response, a quick 🙂 that somehow made his heart beat faster, his cock harden more. He rubbed it absently through his boxers as he typed one-handed—he’d become an expert one-handed typer in the past month—”Can we go private?”

Timing was everything. Some nights he had to wait, twenty minutes, half an hour. He hated the thought of her communicating with anyone else. He told himself she had a job to do and that was part of it, but he convinced himself she felt differently about him than she did about the others. She had even told him so, in their virtual post-coital chats, so it must be true.

He thrilled at her one-word typed response, “Yes.”

The clock in the corner of his computer told him it was ten fifty-two. The site had his credit card information already, and he simply had to click a button on the screen—the button to heaven—and there she was, in all her glory, wearing black panties Escort kolej and a black push-up bra tonight, her golden hair a cloud of curls around her perfectly angelic face. Everything stayed covered for the non-private chats, but when they were off in a room of their own, where only he could see her, she took it all off. Usually just when he told her to, and in whatever order he wished.

Ralph plugged in his headphones and turned up his sound. He loved being able to hear her voice, the sweet sound of her laugh, the low moans that came later. He longed to talk to her as well, but the company she worked for didn’t allow it. Instead, he was stuck with typing, just words on a screen.

“I have a new toy.” She absolutely purred, stretching out her long, tawny limbs and reaching for something off view of the webcam. It was a pink dildo, curved at the end, with a white wire attached. “Guess what we can do with this?”

“I can’t wait to hear.” His typed words were true enough. His cock throbbed at the sight of it, almost as pink as he knew her pussy was. The thought of seeing it slide inside her made the tip of his cock wet.

Julie leaned the other way off screen, doing something there he couldn’t see, but he loved the way her panties rode up the crack of her ass when she did. She leaned back into a sea of pillows then, sliding her panties down and then spreading her long legs for him. It was a surprise—she usually waited to hear what he wanted first.

“I sent you instructions,” she murmured, using the toy to part her pussy lips—they glistened in the light, already wet for him, and he groaned as he checked his “In” box on the site. Sure enough, there was a list of instructions there for the very toy she was playing with, instructions that were impossibly exciting. Just by using a few strokes of his keys, he could control the vibrator’s intensity.

“Do you want me to play?” Her eyes were bright, teasing. She knew sihhiye escort he wanted her to, and he saw her glance at her laptop screen, waiting for his response.

“On your clit.” His typed words instructed, watching her comply, her lip caught between her teeth as she rubbed the pink head of the toy over the sensitive bud.

He pressed a key on his keyboard and heard the vibrator buzz to life, making her moan. Her nipples were hard under her bra and he wanted to see her gorgeous tits.

“Pull your bra down.”

She yanked at the cups, letting her pink-tipped breasts free. God he wanted to suck those hard little nipples. The hand on his cock seemed to move on its own, stroking faster as he watched her writhe on the bed.

“Play with your nipples.”

One hand cupped her breast, squeezing the pink bud as she rubbed her little clit faster with the toy. Ralph upped the ante, pressing another key, hearing the vibrator’s buzz change, intensify.

“Ohhhhh!” Julie spread wider and he could see the faint gape of her hole, exactly the place where he wanted to put his cock. Instead, he told her to put the toy there, and he groaned out loud when he watched the pink surface of the vibrator disappearing into her pink flesh, the curved end pointed up, plunging deep.

“Fuck yourself.”

He watched, eyes glazed, hand pumping, breath coming fast, as she thrust the dildo deep, gasping as he turned up the force of the vibration with the stroke of a key. The in and out of her the toy was almost enough to push him over, her breasts swaying gently with the motion, her eyes half closed, but still watching the screen for his instructions.

“Feel good?” He managed to type.

“Oh fuck, baby, it’s so good in my pussy!” Her hips lifted as she fucked herself. “Gimme more! Please! Please!”

He bit his lip, squeezed his cock hard, and did as she asked, turning it up, up, hearing it buzz in his ears as it sincan escort bayan took her closer to orgasm.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” She rocked, eyes closing, gone to him now, but it didn’t matter. His cock jerked in his hand as he watched her come, her face and breasts flushed with it, the toy buzzing mightily in her cunt as her pussy gripped its slick, pink surface again and again. His cum splashed hot, white heat against his bare belly and he imagined aiming his cock against her throbbing clit, covering her with his cum.

The sweet sounds of her coming back down filled his ears, and his cock jerked to life again for a moment when she pulled the toy from her pussy and sucked off her juices. My god, she was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

“God, I missed you Ralph. Where were you last night?” she asked, leaning up on an elbow and looking right at him. Last night. Right. Last night he and Dee had argued well into the wee morning hours about their upside-down mortgage and how they were going to consolidate their credit card debt.

He didn’t tell Julie any of that. Instead, he typed, “I missed you, too.”

“Oh damn.” She tossed the wet toy aside, frowning at her laptop screen. “I’ve got someone else who wants to go private. I’m sorry, sweetie.”

His heart sank, but he typed, “I understand.”

“See you tomorrow night?”

“Of course. G’nite, baby.”

She blew him a kiss, and that was it. The screen was dark. The clock on his computer told him it was eleven-oh-three. Too short. There was never enough time to spend with her. And at $5.99 a minute, he knew Dee would have something to say about how much time he was spending when this month’s credit card statement finally came.

He sighed, slipping his boxers off and using them to wipe himself off before closing his laptop for the night. Some part of him knew there would be consequences to pay in the end, that his time with Julianne was a sort of escape, but another part of him didn’t care.

It was worth it, he told himself. She was worth it. And she thought he was, too. She told him she missed him. She looked forward to being with him. She made him feel…hell, she just made him feel. That was enough. More than enough.

Who wouldn’t pay $5.99 a minute for that?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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