A 40yo (Slutty) Lady

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Big Dicks

My name is Jane.

Green eyes, short mahogany hair, nice legs and natural boobies I am the epitome of a 40 years old lady. In fact I am 42 yo. I have a husband and a son and I am married 15 years now. I have interest in books and music and sometimes I like to go to an art museum. In my youth days I had been very popular with boys. I don’t know why, maybe for my green eyes or my nice ass, I have had a bunch of boyfriends. I liked sex and someone very ironical called me a blow-job princess. And it was true. I liked to suck guys off. But this is in the past, behind my shoulders. At 24 I took a degree, at 25 I started to work for a very good company, at 27 I got married and gave birth to my son at 29. My husband is fantastic and we have a good marriage, but at 32 I had the hot for my financial reporting manager at work. He was damned handsome with grey hair, elegant dressing and paid me attention. I went in bed with him and our affair lasted two years. We were very cautious and nobody at work realized we were lovers. Then he retired and our affair came to an end. He proposed me for a promotion and I said him thanks. For a while I also felt guilty to my husband, but it’s life.

Now I want to relate what happened to me three years ago.

I was going over a few things at my desk one Monday morning when my coworker Richard walk in with a smile on his face to say hi.

He made his way over to my desk and we chatted for a bit and as we were talking, he asked me if I had an awesome weekend.

I didn’t give him for many details because my weekend had been completely uneventful. A soccer game on tv hugged my son on Saturday and a dinner with my parents on Sunday.

“No sex for you, beautiful lady?” He winked to me and I said “No, my husband went fishing on Saturday and he was tired on Sunday.”

“Oh, I think you are very nervous then,” he giggled alluding my lack of sex.

I answered him “shut up, lecherous,” and we both had a laugh.

After a minute or so, he was off to his office and I went back to doing my work as I laughed to myself.

Richard was known as quite the ladies man around the office and had quite the reputation with the women, as I had often heard many stories about him.

He was probably in his mid-to-late 30s and was a pretty good-looking guy, so I couldn’t blame him for wanting to make the most of life.

I couldn’t blame the girls as well, because like I said he was a very good-looking guy.

We were friends, but surprisingly he had never really tried anything with me. I’m assuming it was because I was married, or he just wasn’t interested.

It didn’t matter to me either way, as I was just there to do my job and not worry about what was going on behind closed doors.

I went back to work and focused on what I was doing.

Over the next several weeks, the days went by and from time to time, I would hear a few more stories.

It wasn’t shocking or surprising but at the same time I had to laugh because if it were a woman who was going around fucking a bunch of her male coworkers, she would probably be called a slut or whore.

Like I said, other people’s sex lives didn’t really matter to me and if they were enjoying themselves, then more power to them.

I continued to go on about my days but did notice that from time to time Richard would stop by my desk and chat with me a bit more than usual. I didn’t really think anything of it since we had a few work related issues with a client that we were both assigned to work on so it made some sense that he would come over and talk with me.

I did notice that whenever we discussed work he would always be very pleasant and friendly to talk to. He often asked about my family and how everyone was doing and I found that to be very polite.

We continued to work together on this issue that we were having with the client and that forced us to spend a little more time together at the office. Throughout that time he was always very friendly with me and very helpful with the work because there were a few things that I didn’t understand but he always managed to figure them out.

I also noticed, that he was showing me plenty of attention while we worked together and was always very respectful whenever he spoke to me or was around me.

I found it to be very comfortable and enjoyed working with him for that reason alone.

He really put me at ease and that was one thing that I really liked.

We worked on this work issue together for the next month or so because it was a very big client that we were dealing with and we couldn’t make any mistakes or else we could lose the client.

Throughout that time he remained very friendly with me and I even noticed him start to flirt a bit. Knowing his reputation, I didn’t think much of the flirting and allowed him to carry on with it.

I didn’t know if he was legitimately flirting with me or if he was just trying to have some fun, but either way it made for a great atmosphere while we worked. I enjoyed Sarıyer escort bayan the attention, because it was positive attention. A couple of times I also crossed my legs in front of him.

Things have been a little rough in the household in the last period.

Both my husband and I have been extremely busy with work and whenever we were home, we focused on our son and never really paid any attention to each other. Really I haven’t the wish to cheat on my husband again, but that’s why I enjoyed the attention that Richard was sending my way.

It was nice to hear someone complimenting you once in a while.

We went about our work and he continued to be his playful, flirty and friendly self and I continued to enjoy it. I mean, who wouldn’t? It never got out of hand and like I said he was always respectful.

I won’t bore you with what we did on a daily basis but this pretty much continued on over the course of the next several weeks.

Now, being a married mother, I normally wouldn’t think twice about giving a guy and the kind of attention but over the course of time, Richard had grown on me. He was saying all the right things whenever we worked together and I really enjoyed all of it.

I knew he was a ladies man and that was probably just his way of getting closer to me (that happened with my previous lover, too), but for some reason I didn’t mind.

I obviously had no intentions of doing anything with him, but really enjoyed all the attention he was giving me. I honestly didn’t know if he had any other intentions besides just being nice to me, but either way I wasn’t going to stop him from It took us close to three months to finally resolve the big issue that we were having with the client, but we finally reached an agreement and presented it to our boss one afternoon.

He was very happy that Richard and I had come through for the company because financially it was a big help to our company that we had settled this issue.

We each received a bonus that week and as I was finishing up with my work that afternoon, Richard swung by my desk and offered to take me out to dinner in order to celebrate what we had accomplished.

I thought about it for a second and told him that I couldn’t go that day and would take a rain check for the weekend. He smiled and said that it sounded great and that he would see me then.

He was soon on his way as I finished up at my desk.

The rest of the week went by pretty quickly, before the weekend arrived.

I told my husband that I would be heading out to dinner with coworkers to celebrate a project that we had accomplished and he was fine with it.

He told me to go out and enjoy myself and that he would tend to our son and that I should relax and have some fun.

I was happy to be able to go out and get away from home for a bit, I looked forward to just unwinding as I headed up to my room to take a shower and get ready for dinner.

After taking a nice long hot shower, I went into the closet to get dressed and settled on a little black dress that seemed to hug my figure very nicely, along with a short jacket and Chanel shoes. I a fit of coquetry I also choose a pair of black veiled thigh highs to go with my little dress.

I looked at myself in the mirror and really liked what I saw.

I hadn’t felt sexy in quite a while, especially with my son growing, so this was a nice change of pace for me.

I finished getting ready before heading down to my living room and waiting for Richard to pick me up.

He arrived about a half an hour later and I headed out to his car and hopped in.

We arrived at a restaurant a short time later and I was very impressed with where he had taken me.

The place was very expensive and not somewhere I would ever eat at because there would be no way I could afford it.

We headed inside and were quickly seated. He ordered up a bottle of wine as we looked over the menu and decided on what we were going to eat.

We eventually placed our orders and sat back and enjoyed a glass of wine while we chatted with one another.

Our meals soon arrived and we sat and ate while enjoying each other’s company. He made a great effort to wine and dine me and I was truly having a wonderful time.

I hadn’t enjoyed myself this much in quite a while and was really appreciative of everything that Richard was doing and saying.

Things had been extremely stressful lately and this was exactly what I had needed.

We enjoyed our dinner and I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, but there was something about Richard that was drawing me in. I continued to enjoy his company as we enjoyed our dinner and had some dessert.

As we finished up and waited for the server to come over to our table, he refilled his glass of wine and commented on how good the wine tasted. I agreed and told him that it was very good and that I had never enjoyed wine like that before.

As he poured some into my glass, he mentioned Silivri escort that he lived nearby and was wondering if perhaps I was interested in coming by for a little bit and enjoying another glass of wine with him and perhaps hanging out for a little while longer.

Normally, I would’ve said no, but I was really enjoying myself and decided to go. He smiled as the server came back to the table with our bill.

He paid the tab and asked the server for another bottle of wine.

We waited a few minutes before the server returned with the bottle of wine and we were soon on our way.

In the parking lot, he walked over and opened the passenger door for me to get in and I was impressed.

My husband hadn’t been very gentleman like in quite a while so this was very nice for me.

I got into the car and he closed the door afterwards before going around to the driver side and getting in.

He began driving and as he made his way along, I thought about what was happening.

I realized that going to his house might be a bit risky, especially given his reputation.

I fully expected him to continue flirting with me and even possibly turn up his flirting and chivalry since we would be somewhere private.

For some reason, I looked forward to it.

I should’ve been on my way home like a good wife would have done, but for some reason I couldn’t.

I wanted to go hang out with Richard.

I don’t know what it was, but that was the way that I was feeling.

We arrived at his house a short time later and he quickly made his way around to my door once again to open it for me. As I got out of the car, he took me by the hand and led me to his front door.

After unlocking it, he opened it and let me inside. He gave me a tour of the place, and it was a very nice place at that. After giving me the tour, we headed back into the living room and sat on the couch.

He turned on the TV before getting up to go get a couple of glasses for the wine.

He quickly returned and after opening the bottle, he filled our glasses. Once they were full, he made a toast before we each took a sip.

I then sat back on the couch and watched the TV as we continued to chat with one another.

Sure enough, he continued to playfully flirt as I had expected and I enjoyed every second of it and felt myself being drawn in even more.

As we sat and watched TV, he continued with his flirting and slowly placed his arm around me.

I didn’t mind and didn’t bother stopping him either.

As he worked his arm around me, he got a little closer and continued to compliment me.

I smiled and thanked him for the compliments.

He continued, telling me how beautiful and attractive I was and slowly leaned in for a kiss.

I was caught off guard but can’t say that I was surprised.

As his lips touched mine, I felt a jolt of electricity running through my body. It was a feeling that I hadn’t experienced or felt in years.

Instead of pushing him away, I found myself kissing him back. I wanted it more than anything at that moment. We kissed each other softly for a few seconds before he broke the kiss.

He didn’t say anything as he stared into my eyes for a short time before leaning in for another kiss.

I once again kissed him back as our tongues began to intertwine with each other. We kissed each other for a little bit longer and I noticed that he was a very sensual and gentle kisser, which was something I really liked.

Slowly, our kissing began to get a little more heated and I soon felt his hands rubbing my lap.

As he did, my skirt went up very high but I didn’t care and began getting a feeling of excitement.

I didn’t stop him and was actually surprised that he didn’t go straight for my tits like most guys would have.

After kissing for a little while longer, he broke the kiss and stood up in front of me before reaching out his hand.

I grabbed his hand and without saying a word, he led me down the hall to his bedroom.

I quickly realized where this was going but made no effort to stop it. This was all wrong, but yet I wanted it.

It was nice to feel wanted and it was a feeling that I had yearned for, for a very long time.

Even if he was doing this just because he wanted to fuck and nothing else, I didn’t care.

He had made me feel great by the way he had treated me and that was exactly what I had yearned for.

Once in his bedroom, we sat on the foot of the bed and continued to kiss each other.

As we kissed, I felt his hands slowly work their way around my body, feeling me through my clothing.

He was taking his time and actually allowing me to enjoy this.

We continued to kiss and slowly his hands worked their way to my dress shirt.

He softly tugged on it and I grabbed it and pulled it off for him, leaving me in my bra.

He lowered his face into my cleavage and softly kissed it while gently squeezing my tits through my Escort Topkapı bra. He took his time and did this for a little while before slowly lowering the straps of my bra. I pulled my arms through them as he reached around behind me and unclipped it. He took it off and tossed it aside, exposing my tits to his eager mouth. He lowered his mouth and took each of my nipples between his lips, sucking on each of them while gently squeezing my tits.

He was taking his time and thoroughly enjoying himself, which in turn made me feel great.

If there was anything I hated in the bedroom, it was someone who rushed to everything and that’s exactly what my husband usually did.

After enjoying my tits for a little while, he worked his way down to my little black dress.

He undid the zipper leaving me in my bra, panties and thigh highs before reaching for my waistline and beginning to pull on it.

I laid back onto the bed and lifted my ass in the air, allowing him to pull my panties off, leaving me completely naked.

He then climbed on top of me and began to kiss my tits once again. He did this for a few seconds before slowly working his lips down the center of my chest, to my stomach where he softly kissed and ran his lips around for a few more seconds.

He continued kissing my naked body, slowly working his lips from my stomach down past my waist and to my pussy.

My excitement grew even more as he got closer and closer to my opening.

I laid back and closed my eyes, enjoying every moment of what was happening. Even though everything was wrong, I had gone this far and wanted to fully enjoy what was taking place.

After running his lips and kissing me up and down my legs, he turned his attention to my pussy. He softly kissed the outer lips before running his tongue around them.

He took his time and really gave me a feel of enjoyment.

Slowly, he worked his tongue in and out of my pussy while also licking and sucking on my clit. The feeling that he was giving me was sending jolts of electricity up and down my spine.

I could feel an orgasm building and was surprised that he was able to do this by just using his tongue.

He continued to work his tongue and lips around my pussy and it wasn’t long before I felt my orgasm take me over. I bucked my hips upwards towards his face as I came hard.

He continued to lick and suck my pussy as wave after wave of ecstasy rushed through my body. My breathing intensified as I came all over his lips and tongue. I don’t think that I had ever experienced orgasm that strong in my life. He continued to enjoy my pussy until I came down off my high and stopped cumming.

He then sat up on the bed and began to take off his shirt, revealing a nicely toned chest.

Besides being a ladies man, he certainly took care of himself.

After taking off his shirt, he began to undo his pants and slid them off along with his boxers.

He tossed them aside and I got my first look at a very impressive cock. It wasn’t extremely long but looked long enough to pleasure someone.

It was fairly thick and I could feel the excitement growing inside of me as he climbed back onto the bed and positioned himself between my legs.

I parted my legs wide, inviting him to fuck me.

After climbing in between them, he grabbed his hard cock and began to rub the tip against my opening.

I was already very wet as he rubbed up and down, getting the tip of his cock nice and wet.

He did this for a few seconds before slowly penetrating me.

He took his time, sliding his cock deep into my pussy as I let out a soft moan. He let it rest for a little while once he was inside of me so that my pussy could adjust to his size.

As he did, he lowered his lips to mine and kissed me once again as I wrapped my arms around him. I held him tightly as he slowly began to thrust, working his cock in and out of my pussy.

He took his time at first, allowing us both to enjoy the feeling of the moment. His cock slowly worked in and out of my pussy as I held him tight against me while he slowly fucked me. It was beyond pleasurable and the more he thrusted into me, the more I wanted.

He went at it like this for a little while before slowly picking up his pace. As he did, I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him into me so that he would fuck me deeper and harder.

He continued to pick up his pace as the two of us moaned louder and louder.

I even found myself moaning into his ear for him to fuck me.

He continued to thrust into my pussy and was able to go at it for quite the amount of time. I was very impressed that he was able to last so long because sex with my husband was usually a 30 second thing.

As he thrusted into my pussy with all that he had, I held him tightly, gripping my nails into his back and wrapping my legs as tight as I could around his waist. He gave me all that he had and I soon felt a warm feeling deep inside of me as he exploded in my pussy.

He continued to thrust as he shot wave after wave of his hot seed deep into me. It was a pure feeling of ecstasy for me, as I never let my husband cum inside my pussy because I didn’t care for the mess that it made.

Of course, I was protected so I wasn’t worried about getting knocked up.

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