A Bullet In The Night

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Kay sat in her apartment thumbing through her large leather bound book searching for Mark’s address.

“Ahh, here it is,” she muttered to herself as her long sinewy finger traced the ink on the page, she pinched her breast feeling the small nub harden. Her clit twitched as she thought of visiting him tonight. A raw and primitive urge made her quiver as she thought of the sweet tenderness of his kiss. Closing the book and placing it back beside the monitor she snapped her fingers and gathered a white satin lacey nightgown and placed it on her computer desk so she would be able to quickly summon it once she got to Mark’s apartment. Her thoughts were racing, the strange surge of affection she felt for Mark frightened her, what had happened to the levelheaded young woman of yesterday? Had she somewhere gained a conscious?

“No way!” she sputtered as her hand slammed down on the book, “This is just business!” She spun into the air, her dark transparent form spinning as it vanished into the monitor.


Yawning and stretching, Mark slumped back into his chair. After a strenuous day at work, then more time spent online, he looked at his clock and noticed it was well past his bedtime. He leaned forward in his chair and his hand trembled with passion as his palm traced the spot beside the monitor where Kay would pretend to sit in the stories that she e-mailed him. He expected to feel the melting softness of her body and the moist satin of her breasts as he fingered the wood. Her e-mails had created an illusion of a slim, wild beauty with jutting breasts and a narrow waist. Kay peered at him through the glass of the monitor and recklessly reached out and clutched his hand. Her transparent mass less form went unnoticed as he grasp the mouse and clicked the icon that put the computer into standby mode and watched as the screen turned black.

Mark stood and pushed his hands deep into his pockets; he adjusted his slacks and released the tension on his cock. Then he turned out the lights, locked the doors, and let out a tired sigh as he headed to his bedroom.

Satin obsessed him; he loved how it flowed over the female form. A satin pillowcase loosely wrapped over his hand as he amused himself with his cock would add a spark of excitement while he chatted with Kay online. On the nightstand beside his bed, he kept a framed picture of her; she had sent it to him in one of her many e-mails. Beside the picture laid a bullet that he had received in a brown paper wrapped package from an online porn site. The invoice read:

“To Mark… Enjoy!” signed Kay

Not knowing what she had sent, he had ripped into the small parcel, shredding the paper. His new toy measured about two inches in length and had the girth of a man’s index finger, was battery powered and had a remote. He picked it up and rolled it between his fingers then closed his fist around it, he grinned and shook his head unbelievably, he just could not imagine her sending him a bullet. His cock twitched.

Sitting on the edge of his bed, he continued to roll the bullet in his hand then placed it back on the nightstand. He pulled the covers down then laid his clothes across the trunk at the bottom of his bed. Reaching for the lamp on the nightstand, he turned it off, and then slipped naked between the sheets.

Mark had not noticed that his computer screen had blinked back on in the other room or that Kay had mysteriously appeared and sat nude beside his şişli escort bayan monitor. With a snap of her fingers, she summoned the white lace and slipped it on. She dropped to the floor and quickly tiptoed closer to the bedroom while he had undressed. Her ghostly form floated a couple of inches from the floor as she peeked through the crack of the open door. She had watched as he laid his clothes across the trunk then she patiently waited for him to fall asleep.

Kay drifted closer to the bed until she hovered over him. The reflected moonlight glimmered over his bronzed face as she looked down at him. There were touches of humor around his mouth and near his eyes, his skin pulled taut over the ridges of his cheekbones. Her fingers stroked his square jaw line then traced his mouth as it broke into a leisurely smile. Her hand trembled as her fingers memorized the features of his face and wound through his unruly hair. Moonbeams shimmered through her form as her shadow less figure leaned down and kissed his sweet lips.

Mark waved his hand across his chin as though swatting at an annoying fly as he felt the warmth of her soft flesh tickle his face. Thinking his imagination had deceived him, he shook his head then placed his hand back under the covers, and went back to sleep.

Kay swiveled slowly, her delight growing as she floated over his bed. She drifted down beneath the comforter then down beneath the sheets until her flesh met his. Her hand roamed of its own volition over his devilishly warm body then through the hair on his chest as she laid her head in the crook of his arm. His sleeping breath felt hot against her cheek. A tremor crossed her lips as she gently kissed his mouth then traced his lips with her tongue; she smiled as his mouth opened in a dazzling array of straight white teeth in response to her touch. She kissed down his neck then across his collar- bones. Trembling as she anticipated his touch, she continued to fondle him as she tried to arouse his sleeping body, to summon it to the craving that was overwhelming her pulsating clit.

Again, he moved his hand to his chest and brushed his teats with his palm, pulling and twisting them with his fingers. His hand moved back down as his eyes closed and he rolled onto his side away from her.

Kay curled up closer and pressed her hardened nipples into his back, her breath caught as her tongue traced the back of his ear then down his neck to his shoulders. She leaned over his sleeping body and placed her hands at the base of his neck, gently massaging the muscles. Her thumbs climbed the vertebrae of his spine to the base of his skull, rotating one on top of the other and then slid back down to his shoulders. She squeezed and kneaded, her thumbs pressing deep into the tissue. She kissed his back as her hand moved down his slender torso, weaved past the indention of his waist and cupped his tight cheeks. His sleeping form moaned and pressed back against her. She reached over him and brushed the hardness between his legs. Triumphantly she smiled as he rolled onto his back, his eyes still closed, and another more audible moan passed his lips and echoed in the stillness of the room. She placed her leg between his and began to rub her wetness against his thigh.

Mark reached up as though he was aware of, could feel her wet warmth, and rubbed his thigh but his leg was dry. He placed his hand between his thighs and tugged at his balls, taksim escort bayan pulling and stretching them. Then he pressed his palm against the length of his shaft and let his hand roll over the tip of his aroused cock.

Kay rose over his body then leaned down, grinned and bit his nipples. She wanted him, needed him, her thighs quivered over his unconscious body. She had been aroused all day, her nipples burning, her clit tingling…

Mark winched as he felt the bite and his eyes sprung open, he brushed his chest with his free hand and his other hand reached for the solid strength of his cock as he reached for the lotion on the nightstand. He pumped a few squirts in his hand and rubbed it on his engorged member. Kay’s hand closed over his as his hand slid up and down his shaft. He again reached for the nightstand in the dark. He fumbled but at last found the bullet that was within reach. He held the control in his hand and flicked it on with his thumb.

The bullet buzzed languidly on his stomach as his cock rested in his hand. Kay’s hand lightly rested on his as he continued to tease his arousal.

Mark closed his eyes and pressed his head against the satin covered pillow, his mouth became dry as his hand urged his cock closer and closer. The bullet pressed against the base of his erection and buzzed with a low hum. He shivered as he felt her hot breath whisper a suggestive thought in his ear, but instead of words, he heard a phrase-less melody racing through his brain.

“Lube up the bullet Mark, that’s it baby, lots of cream,” Kay smiled then watched as he squirted another stream of lotion on the bullet.

Mark lazily rolled the bullet in his hand and coated it with the lotion then he stripped a pillow and loosely wrapped the satin pillowcase around his other hand. His lotion-covered hand coursed over his swollen staff as it lay between the folds of fabric. Lying on his side, he took more lotion and rubbed it between the cracks of his tight cheeks then he pressed the bullet slowly into his posterior and turned over onto his back.

“Ohmygawd!” he moaned as the pucker in his ass closed around the bullet and he shuddered as it buzzed slowly inside him. His prostrate sent orgasmic shivers up his spine.

Kay ran her fingers down his chest, leaned over and licked his nipples as she watched his hand return and brush over the hard peaks.

“Turn up the speed, baby,” she whispered as she laid her face on his chest and ran her hand up and down his taut stomach.

He gripped the control and turned the speed to medium, followed by a muted but not so silent buzz. The bullet became more alive and his hips began to move back and forth.

“Yesss, mmmmm, much better, feels good doesn’t it?” she mused as he answered her whisper with a nod of his head.

Kay plunged down between his thighs, her cunt twitched as her tongue swirled over the top of his raging cock. She cradled his cheeks in both hands and pulled him towards her, sucking his cock in her mouth as her tongue pressed back and forth on the underside vein…then she swallowed him deep into her throat…

The fervent look on his face and the way his stomach muscles were tightening told her that he felt the hot cum as it filled and churned in his testicles, the heat building and getting ready to boil up his shaft like the vent of a volcano as it explodes when it reaches its crest.

The smooth satin fabric beşiktaş escort bayan that covered his hand moved faster up and down his slick lotion covered cock while his free hand reached in between his thighs and tugged at his balls as his fingers rolled them back and forth inside their sacs. The vibrations of the bullet caused his hips to press up against his hand as his tightening fist pulled the skin of his cock down towards the base.

Straddling him, Kay braced her hands on his chest and moved her body down ensnaring his soon to be erupting piston deep inside her heated space. Riding him, her knees bent as she raised and lowered herself on his hard member, her eyes began to glaze over as he opened her and filled her. Wave after wave of sensual pleasure consumed her as the tension between them increased. She continued to drop herself repeatedly on him, her orgasm building as she gazed down at his lust-filled face.

Mark groaned and hissed as Kay’s folds embraced his tool, her muscles pulled and sucked him deep inside her. Their eyes locked suddenly, for a brief moment, as his stare burned through her and sent her pulses spinning, he could see her glistening sweat covered enchanted form as she raised and lowered herself over his writhing body, but only for a moment.

He strained to watch as her head flew back and her body arched, he could see the ripples of her tightening stomach in the moonlight, he knew that her orgasm was going to be intense. He felt a flash of orgasmic tremors rush through his body as he heard her wail in a long spine tingling shrill, like a banshee in the night, startling him with the nightmarish sounds. Bringing her head forward and leaning over him with her hands on his chest, she pressed her bent knees against his warm body and continued to pound into him, pumping up and down on his searing cock.

Squeezing his eyes shut he made thrust after thrust into the ghostly form. The unyielding bullet vibrated against his prostrate as his satin covered hand gripped and released his cock. His head dug into his pillow as his back arched raising him off the bed while his hand slid back and forth over his heated staff…his breathing became short…deep… breaths…he let out a low guttural groan as he exploded into the satin pillowcase.

Kay continued to ride him until his cock slid from between her legs and laid flaccidly against his stomach, then she leaned over him, her hair cascading down around her face and across his stomach, she took the moment to catch her breath as she tenderly kissed him.

Mark’s arms fell limp at his side. His thumb clicked the bullet into silence as he pulled the covers over his head and drifted into another dream.

Kay hovered over him for a few short moments then retrieved her nightgown that had fallen to the floor and slowly raised her arms, letting the thin transparent fabric glisten sweetly down her small frame. She drew her breasts together, raised them and let them rest in the gathered folds of lace and ribbons. Her panties slipped over her hips as she tied the ribbons on each side to secure them then she floated back to her space beside the computer. Leaning over the desk and grasping the mouse, she clicked the icon that put the computer back into standby mode and as mysteriously as she had appeared, she disappeared into the night.

Kay arrived at her apartment very nude. She stared at the monitor and rolled her eyes then she shot back to Mark’s monitor, which blinked back on for an instant. Just her head popped out of the monitor as she spied her nightgown where it had fallen on the desk. She pointed at the white satin, snapped her fingers and summoned it to her, then pointed at the mouse, snapped her fingers again and the monitor blinked off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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