A Cabin, A Lake and Everything Ch. 02

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Ch. 02: The campfire Seed Planting: Monday

Pam and Bob woke up early Monday morning and gathered up their things to head out to the showers.

“Did you have a good night’s sleep?” asked Pam, as she poured them each a cup of coffee.

“Yeah, I did. It must’ve been the long drive yesterday. I assume you did. You were asleep before your head hit the pillow it seemed.”

“Uh huh, I slept like a rock, and I didn’t even drive,” Pam giggled.

“You did have quite the nighttime workout last night,” Bob teasingly sniggered.

“It was the three glasses of wine I had, wise guy. If it was what you’re suggesting, perhaps I should do that more often.” Pam giggled that naughty laugh of hers and smiled her big gorgeous smile. “Now let’s go shower so we can get to the restaurant early.” She threw on the same oversized T-shirt she’d worn the night before and waited for Bob.

Bob asked, “What happened to the girl who said last night that she was no longer wearing clothes? I thought you were going out au naturel as you like to say.”

“Not at the restroom or showers, especially this early in the morning. Besides, I’m almost naked, see … no panties,” as she lifted her shirt, turned around and giggled again. “Don’t ya just love it?” she melodiously asked, with a wiggle and a smile.

“Always have … everybody else does too. Still have a little Jacques in ya?” He looked at her and gave her a naughty smile of his own.

“Sure do.” She looked down at her vulva, patted her belly, and said, “Ready to go take a shower, Mes petits amis Francais?” (My little French friends) She then gave out a loud laugh, enjoying her little sarcastic remark along with some pride in her French humor. “Now, let’s get going, I’m hungry and in need of a shower,” Pam said.

“I wasn’t aware that cum from a Frenchman, came with French lessons, my very witty wife. You’re very chipper this morning; almost like you have a little glow going on. Random sex seems to agree with you,” Bob said, as he threw on a pair of shorts.

“That kind of random sex would agree with anyone,” she chuckled as she started out the door.

Back in the cabin, after a refreshing and much needed shower, they began getting properly dressed for the village. Bob asked Pam, “Are we walking or driving there?”

“Let’s take the car, in case we get a few things at the store. I don’t feel like carrying stuff back on foot. There’s plenty of parking area up there.”

They drove up to the village and entered the restaurant. “Not many people yet. There’s plenty of tables to choose from,” commented, Pam, as she went to the same table they’d sat at the previous day. The same waiter, Donald, greeted them. They ordered a basic breakfast. While waiting for their food, Pam suggested renting a kayak when they finished their breakfast. Bob, of course, agreed. Their morning was settled.

They were finishing their breakfast when Renee came by their table, and asked, “How was your first day with us? Is everything to your approval at the cabin? Any discrepancies that we should know about and take care of for you?”

Pam said, “It’s perfect, and I must commend you on the cleanliness. It’s immaculate. We love it Renee, and thank you for asking.”

Renee smiled, and said, “That is kind of you to say. I’m very happy to hear that you’re pleased. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if something isn’t to your liking, or not working properly. I must go and open the office. Have a wonderful day … good bye for now,” she said, as she hurried off to the office.

“What a lovely and pleasant lady. It’s no wonder they have constant repeat customers,” said Pam.

“She is lovely, in a plain and simple way,” said Bob.

“Uh oh, it sounds like I may need to keep an eye on you when she’s around. I think my Robert has taken a shine to a woman in her late 30s. I bet she looks hot in something other than those baggy jeans and a man’s shirt,” Pam winked, and giggled.

“Cut the crap, Pam. Stop talking stupid. Besides, I can’t be concentrating on anyone … who’d keep an eye on you? I can’t let you run footloose and fancy-free around here. Shit, you’d be like the only piece of candy in the candy store, with everyone wanting a taste.”

“Ah ha, you’re trying to deflect the subject back to me … she does turn you on … maybe just a little, huh?” Pam then smiled that naughty smile, and began singing, “Bobby’s got a girlfriend … Bobby’s got a crush … Bobby’s got a girlfriend … when she’s near he gets all flush.”

“Are you done? We’d better get to the general store. We have to go back to the cabin. I need to reserve a kayak for us, if you want to go kayaking before it gets too hot,” Bob, said, obviously annoyed. “By the way, your poetry needs a lot of work. It really sucks.”

“Okay, let’s go. No more teasing, I promise,” Pam said, with a devilish smile. “It must be hard for you to be in the company of such a creative mind as your wife’s.” Another little teasing smile formed at the corner of Pam’s mouth.

Bob beyoğlu escort bayan found a waist bag that he felt comfortable wearing. It had a small pouch about the size of a standard envelope, with the option of wearing it horizontally or vertically on the elastic belt it came with. He figured he could wear it on his hip and not look or feel stupid. It was only to carry money, a key, and maybe a comb. Pam liked the over the shoulder one’s, but Bob wouldn’t have any of that. Pam also bought a few items then they left.

Back at the cabin, Pam shed her clothes and said, “Aren’t you gonna strip? I mean, that’s why we bought the waist bag … wasn’t it?”

Bob totally disregarded Pam’s question, and asked, “Its 8:30. What time do you want to go kayaking?”

“I thought maybe around 10, and get back around 1. We’ll see how that works for us. I can’t find anywhere in the brochures if they’re rented by the hour, the day, or what,” Pam said.

“I’ll go down there and see if I can get any information. We probably should’ve asked someone at the store. You coming with me?”

“Nah, you can do it much faster without me. I might get distracted and we’ll never get on the lake today, chuckle-chuckle. I’ll wait here … I have my little French friends to keep me company,” Pam, teasingly said.

While Bob was gone, Pam had a nice, but short visit from Margaret, Edmund’s wife. She said she wanted to properly introduce herself. She didn’t stay long and apologized for anything her husband may have said to her. She told Pam not to pay him any mind and that he was harmless. She seemed like a nice person to Pam. Pam told her that she needn’t apologize for Edmund, and that he did, or said nothing wrong or off color.

Bob came back about an hour later and informed Pam that reservations were only recommended if someone wants one for the whole day. Bob went on to say, “The guy said, even then, it wasn’t required, and that not many people rent the kayaks. He humorously reminded me that kayaks and older people don’t go to well together.” Pam and Bob both laughed at that.

Pam said, “Great! I’m gonna have a cup of coffee first. Want one?”

“Yeah, sure. I’ll be on the porch.”

“Aren’t you going to remove your clothes first and try your new waist bag?”

“Oh, yeah … I suppose.”

Bob shouted from the bedroom, “Do you want me to pack some sunscreen? There’s room.”

“Good idea, honey. As long as you have room, sure.”

Bob came out of the bedroom wearing just his waist bag. Pam made an approving gesture and said, “Look at you! You look like the veteran nudist now. You’ll fit right in with all the old guys.” Then giggled and poured the coffee.

While drinking their coffee, Pam said, “I’m glad to see that you’re wearing your waist bag on your hip rather than in front, it doesn’t hide that lovely penis of yours.” She giggled and said, “I love the way you look. Lovely bag too … by the way.” Pam gave out a hearty laugh.

“Get off my ass, Pam. You’ve been throwing jabs at me all morning, enough is enough,” Bob annoyingly said, then added, “It was your idea that I get one of these, or did you forget already?”

“Boy, you’re sensitive today. I’m just having a little fun. If we can’t laugh at ourselves, we’re in trouble. I went along with your remark about me still having Jacques cum in me, and made a joke of my own, just like we’ve always done in the past. My … what a difference a year makes. Now who needs to loosen up?”

“Sorry, you’re right. I guess I’m still getting used to the idea of walking around nude in mixed company. It’ll be fine … you ready?”

“Yep, have you got everything we need?”

Bob responded, “I think so: money, keys, suntan lotion, tissues, and a comb. I think that’ll do.”

As they were walking along the beach to the kayaks, Pam noticed that there were no stares from anyone, and thought to herself, “Looks like I prepared my psyche for no reason. That’s good. Maybe we’re no longer a novelty.”

They got a two person kayak and some brief instructions, then shoved off, both naked as the day they were born. Pam was in the front with Bob doing the steering in the rear. He figured it would be easier this way, and he could synchronize his paddle strokes with Pam’s without having to keep instructing or reminding her and possibly ruin the fun. Pam had brought a visor cap for herself. It made her look even more like the “All American – Girl Next Door”, he’d always though she defined to a “T”. “She looked good . . . but always did,” Bob thought, as he paddled, admiring his wife.

“Where do you want to go? Any direction in particular?”

“All over. The whole lake, if we can,” Pam responded.

Once they got accustomed to balancing themselves, things went well. They headed to the other end of the lake, which was quite a distance. Nearing the other side, as they passed sunbathers, they would wave. The first time Pam tried to return a wave, she almost tipped them over. They istanbul escort bayan both laughed as a voice from the shore shouted, “Be careful young lady, the water on this side is deeper and much colder. You wouldn’t want to fall in and get those lovely nipples hard.” Laughter erupted from the beach. Pam nervously whispered, “Oh Jeesh.” Bob said, “They’re only being friendly. Remember, the naked body is not a big deal to many of these people. Relax and have fun with it.”

Pam was silent for a moment. When the laugher subsided, she waved again, and said, “Thanks, I wouldn’t want that to happen,” and giggled, projecting that fantastic smile of hers. The same voice came back with, “Yeah, someone might have to jump in and rescue you from the cold and take care of them.” Laughter and applause again came from the beach. Pam waved once more and they paddled on.

After a few hours of their watery exploration, Pam said, “This is excellent exercise, but I’m getting hot and thirsty. My arms are getting tired, too. Can we start heading back now?”

Without saying anything, Bob maneuvered the boat so they’d be heading to the rental center. They casually paddled back, admiring the beauty of the resort. Once at the rental area, they got out and Pam immediately sunk neck deep in the water, saying, “Ah, that feels so good.” Bob returned the paddles to the old attendant, unfastened the elastic belt of his waist bag, placed it on the kayak and joined Pam in a refreshing dip. The attendant was enjoying some scenery of his own, smiling broadly and contently. His eyes never left Pam.

They walked up to the Pavilion and each got a cold soda and sat at a table. There was no live entertainment, but music was playing through the speakers on stage. A few couples were taking in the shade of the Pavilion, as well. They remained there for about an hour before heading back to the cabin. Pam figured the kayak ride was enough sun for the day and wanted to remain around their cabin the rest of the day.

Bob had thrown on some swim trunks, and said, “I’m going for a walk around the other side of the lake. Would you care to join me, honey?”

“No, you go. I’m going to throw on a top and grille up a few hot dogs for myself … have fun. Let me know if you see anything interesting. You should think about wearing a hat, the sun is intense today. What time will you be back? I’ll cook up some nice cheeseburgers for you.”

“I don’t know. I’ll throw something on the grille when I get back. I won’t be very long. See ya in a little while. Love ya.”

“Love ya too, honey,” as she threw him a kiss and gave him a broad smile.

Pam looked around for something light to throw on, just to prevent any more exposure to the sun. All she could find, that suited her needs, was one of Bob’s short sleeve, button down shirts. She put it on and buttoned it just to her breasts. She didn’t bother with panties because the shirt came down mid-way to her knees. She came back out with a couple hot dogs and buns, along with mustard and a cold Coke. Having turned on the grille when Bob left, she just threw the hot dogs on, then went to sit down and drink her Coke.

Pam noticed some movement from the Scandinavian’s cabin and saw the tall slender blonde women come out on her porch. Pam noticed that she looked very fit and quite stunning for her age. The woman had just the bottom of a bathing suit on and Pam saw that her ample breasts appeared quite firm, like a woman who hadn’t had any children. She appeared facially to be in her early 50’s, but with a much younger looking body, Pam thought. The woman walked over to Pam with a big beautiful smile, and said, “Seeing we’re going to be neighbors, I think we should introduce ourselves. I’m ‘Marneh’ … my husband is ‘Tcheeh’ “.

Pam said, “Hi, I’m Pam, and my husband’s name is Bob. I’ve never heard either of those names before … they’re beautiful. Pleased to meet you.”

“We still call each other the way our names are pronounced in Denmark, but everyone in America calls me Marna and my husband Tyge. Are you enjoying your stay at the resort so far?”

“Very much so, yes, thank you. Everyone has been so friendly … it’s such a lovely place. We both love it,” Pam said, as she displayed an equally beautiful smile of her own.

Marna said, “Oh yes, very friendly people, and very liberal by American standards, as I’m sure you’ll find out. That’s why Tyge and I come here … it’s so much like the European resorts we’re accustomed to. As young and lovely as you are, you’ll soon see. Your husband is not here today?”

Just then, her husband came out of their cabin, carrying only a large beach towel in each hand. He was also in good shape, but the years were showing much more on him than his wife. Pam couldn’t help but notice his larger than normal cock and balls, swaying in unison as he moved. Pam climbed the steps to her porch and sat on a chair.

Marna waved, and said, “Come meet our lovely new neighbor.”

Tyge immediately noticed Pam’s merter escort bayan young exposed pussy with its fine, silk like pubic hair. He then glanced up to her nearly exposed firm full breasts before moving up to her gorgeous face. Without taking his eyes off Pam, he said to his wife, “Looks like you’re going to have competition for being the most beautiful and desirable woman here this week, Marneh.”

“Oh stop it, Tcheeh, there’s not going to be any competition. There’s plenty to go around. Isn’t that right, Pamela?” Marna showing a somewhat naughty smile of her own.

“You’re right Marna. I’m not in competition with anyone. I’m here to have a wonderful week. Oh, my husband is out exploring the lake, not dressed as bold as Tyge here. He’s still not used to seeing men and women naked and is afraid his body might act in an embarrassing way,” giggled Pam.

“He’ll get used to it much sooner than he thinks, I suspect,” Tyge, said. “We should be getting down to the beach, my love. It would be nice if you and your husband joined us one day soon. You both might enjoy it. Good day. Nice meeting you,” he said, as he took his wife’s arm and headed towards the footpath.

“Holy shit,” Pam mumbled. “That sounded more like a proposition than a friendly invitation. I guess these Europeans are much more liberal and forward than we Americans. This may be more than Bob and I expected this vacation would turn out to be. What an enormous cock. Holy crap,” still mumbling to herself.

Bob got back about a half hour later. He observed Pam wearing one of his shirts, and said, “Did you forget to pack clothes of your own?”

“I got more of a sunburn than I expected and couldn’t find anything of mine loose and light enough to wear comfortably. You don’t mind, do you?”

“Just kidding. Hey, I just saw an old timer with a much younger blonde, about Renee’s age, on the beach right at the beginning of the path leading up here.”

“Tall woman, wearing a pony-tail and a Green bikini bottom?”

“Yeah, except she wasn’t wearing any bikini bottom when I walked by them,” Bob said.

“That’s our neighbors, Marna and Tyge, and that young lady just turned 60. I was talking to them before they went to the beach. She told me she had her 60th birthday this past winter, and that Tyge was almost 64. She looks terrific, doesn’t she?”

“I guess! I’d have never guessed that. She looks like some kind of athlete. Wow! 60,” Bob said as he shook his head in amazement.

“Marna made it very clear that almost everyone at this place is much more liberal than people in this country, and that’s why they come here every summer. Tyge invited us to join them, one day at the beach. If I were to guess, I’d say they’re a couple of very active wife swappers,” Pam said, with a little uncertainty in her voice.

“Almost everyone screws around here? I think she exaggerated a bit. Just what you need, another neighbor trying to talk himself into … oh, wait, I can’t say your pants, you’re not going to be wearing any while we’re here,” Bob snidely chuckled.

“That’s not funny, Bob. Not funny at all. Is that what you want? Me to spread my legs for every swinging dick that comes on to me this week?”

“Just the old ones,” Bob laughed, and continued. “You do enjoy pleasing old, needy men, right? Hey, when in Rome … isn’t that what you said? Just think, without trying very hard, you could end up with almost the whole European section of the U.N. swimming around inside you by weeks end,” he said, as he covered his mouth and moved his shoulders up and down in a simulated silent laugh.

“You better be careful what you wish for, my cocky little wise ass of a husband who all of a sudden thinks he’s a comedian. I may just decide to become the social advocate for sexual pleasure, and help all those who make their needs known this week,” as Pam had that familiar, mischievous look on her face and laughed that very naughty giggle of hers.

Bob knew she was only half kidding. He’d heard similar threats from her last summer, except she ended up following through on them. “You just never know, with her,” thought Bob. Bob quickly reflected back to last summer when he was trying to get Pam to loosen up from her prim and proper steadfast attitude about her very conservative clothing, and sex in general. “Hell, I thought it would be fun for both of us if she just teased our old neighbor, who obviously enjoyed seeing her when she was in our yard. By the end of last summer, she ended up fucking him, his brother, and their friend, and found she surprisingly loved it. She loosened up alright … boy did she ever,” thought Bob.

Bob asked Pam, “What do you want to do tonight, the pavilion again?”

“I don’t know … I think I got a little more sun today than I thought. I think I may need to wear something over my shoulders when the sun goes down later.”

“I kept telling you to put more sunscreen on today. You know, with your light skin you need to be careful.”

“I know, I just wanted to get a little tan. We still have five full days here,” Pam said, in a somewhat regretful tone. “I should’ve listened to you.”

“We can hang around the cabin tonight. I don’t mind,” Bob said, in an understanding and compassionate voice. “We can take a shower early, put the radio on and just relax around here.”

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