A Cabin, A Lake and Everything Ch. 05

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Ch. 05: A surprising encounter for both Saturday – Sunday

Saturday began being a clear, somewhat crisp morning in comparison to the previous mornings since their arrival at the resort. In lieu of their usual morning shower, due to the lateness of their evening one, coupled with the unseasonably cool night, they decided to wash at the kitchen sink before heading to breakfast. Bob and Pam decided that after breakfast they would enjoy a day at the lake, frolicking in the water.

After having breakfast, and looking to take advantage of their last day, they spent the entire morning swimming and taking in the sun. A little after noon, Pam got up from her beach towel and said to Bob, “I’m heading up to the cabin to start lunch. It won’t be ready for at least an hour, so you can stay here if you’d like. Maybe after lunch we can walk up to the pavilion and take in some of Jacques great music. How does that sound?”

“Okay, I’ll be up before lunch is ready. I enjoyed listening to Jacques last Saturday, myself. Spending the rest of the afternoon at the pavilion sounds like a nice way to end our last day here.”

After lunch they walked down to the pavilion. Jacques, who was in the middle of a song, looked at them, smiled and nodded his head in acknowledgement of their arrival. The pavilion was extremely crowded. The only available tables were those out on the patio. Bob went and bought himself a beer, Pam only waned a soda. They were enjoying the music when Pam said, “Did you enjoy our week here? I did … this place is beautiful and is run very well, from the cleanliness of the cabins, to the professionalism of the whole operation. Renee and Emile have this down to a science.”

“Yeah, I like the place too. Renee and Emile have been doing this for a long time, they should have everything down pat by now. And, yes, I did enjoy the week and everything that came with it … no pun intended,” as he winked and smiled at Pam. They both softly laughed together.

After a few more songs, Jacques announced a short break and walked over to their table. He approached with a large, friendly smile, and said, “Bon apres-midi.”

“Good afternoon, Jacques,” Bob responded.

Pam returned the smile, and joyfully said, “Hi, Jacques, sit down.”

“Merci,” he said, as he joined them at the table. “Are you leaving tomorrow, or are you staying on for another week?”

“This is our last day, unfortunately,” said Pam. “I could use another soda, Bob. Get Jacques a drink too while you’re at it.”

Jacques declined, as Bob was getting up.

While Bob was gone, Jacques said to Pam, “It sounds like you enjoyed your week with us. That makes me feel good. Will you be coming back next year?”

“We haven’t discussed that, so I don’t know. We had a wonderful week here and thoroughly enjoyed everything about the resort, to answer your other question.”

“Will you be coming back to the pavilion this evening?”

“No, we’ll be packing. We need to check out real early tomorrow,” Pam said with a frown.

“Sacrebleu!” Jacques quietly exclaimed in disappointment.

Pam childishly giggled, and said, “We do have to pack and be ready tonight so we can leave as soon as we wake up. Why do you seem upset?”

“Well, to be completely honest, I was hoping for a few more dances … and p…, possibly we might go for another walk on the beach,” he said, as he looked downward, trying to hide his now flush face.

“Are you telling me that you were hoping to have sex with me again … tonight?”

“Mais bien sur” (But of course) Jacques exclaimed, matter-of-factly. “It was wonderful, and I enjoyed the fact that you gave this old man your beautiful, young body.”

Pam immediately, after hearing those words, felt a sudden surge of tingles throughout her body. She was reminded of how much she enjoyed pleasing and giving old men something they only dreamt about, and in reality, never thought they’d ever experience again with a girl that had just turned 21 five months ago. She loved making them feel special in that way.

Bob returned and placed Pam’s soda on the table before sitting back down.

Jacques then said, “I must get back on stage, the crowd seems to be getting restless. I’ll open this set with that song you loved so much last week. It’ll be just from me to you.” He then rose with his back to Bob and faced Pam. He took her hand in his, raised it to his face and kissed the back of her hand. He then softly said, “Au revoir, mon cadeau precieux et inoubliable.” (Good bye, my precious, unforgettable gift.)

As he straightened back up, Pam noticed his cock had begun to awaken. She was already tingling from their conversation. At the sight of his slightly aroused cock, she became very wet.

Once Jacques left, Bob said, “My precious, unforgettable gift … I told you that these old guys appreciated fucking you, and they see you as a precious gif … one that they’ll always remember and treasure. I told you, and there’s your proof.”

Jacques was true to his word. The first song he sang, was, “Yesterday, When porno indir I Was Young”, first in French, and then in English, just for her. While listening to the song, her thoughts went to all the old men she’d had sex with the past two summers, and she felt butterflies of satisfaction in her stomach. She became extremely horny. They left the pavilion as soon as Jacques finished the song.

At the cabin, Pam said, “I need to shower.” Bob said, “I’m going to take a little nap, you go.” When she approached the shower, she heard, “Hello there, lovely young lady. You just made my day.” She looked up, and saw the old man that she’d seen hanging around the showers for entertainment.

Pam walked towards the old timer with a big smile. “How are you?” Pam asked, in a soft, pleasant voice.

“Much better now,” he responded. “Come looking for me, did you? My name is Harold, in case you’re interested.”

“Hello Harold, pleased to meet you, I’m Pam. Have you been here all day, Harold?”

“Nah, Saturdays are always dead around here. I just came down in hopes that things would pick up, and boy, did they ever. Such a pretty name, Pamela. I bet you taste as lovely as your name is.”

“I’m going to take a quick shower. When I finish, we can talk a little, if you’d like. My husband is taking a nap.”

“I’d like to do more than just talk with you, but talking is a start. I’ll be here, waiting with my dick in my hand. Take your time.”

Pam entered the shower room and walked straight ahead towards the shower stall directly in line with the outside entrance. She got the water to temperature and stepped under the falling water. She completely wet herself and reached for her soap. She began soaping down, turning to face the outside opening. Harold had moved his chair in position to allow him an unobstructed view of Pam. Pam noticed him sitting, facing her, and began seductively soaping down for his benefit and enjoyment. She was slowly lathering her breasts and vagina. Harold was sitting with his legs open and rubbing his old flaccid cock with a contented smile on his face and his eyes fixated on the young beauty massaging her entire body for him. She turned and bent over to lather her thighs and knees, giving Harold a clear view of her pussy and asshole.

Harold began to stroke himself and felt his cock trying to respond. Harold, speaking softly to himself, was actually directing the words to Pam, saying, “Oh, honey, if this old cock of mine gets hard enough with you bending over like that, I’m going to join you in the shower and give you a glorious fuck.” He knew it would take much longer to become erect enough, if it ever could, to insert it in her than it would take her to finish showering, But, it felt good hearing himself saying it. He did feel his cock starting to sell slightly to his stroking, and to the vision in front of him. He knew it was probably not to be however. Pam saw what Harold was doing and thought to herself, “It looks like poor Harold is working hard to get it erect.”

Pam gave him a good show, spreading her legs and washing her pussy, slowly and seductively. She then positioned herself so she could rinse the soap from her pussy and still allow Harold to see the action clearly. She opened her legs wide, and let the shower rinse the soap away. She then spread her labia apart to remove any remaining soapsuds, giving Harold a splendid view of her open and hungry young pussy.

Harold was still slowly stroking his old cock, but was still not close to an erection. His eyes were wide open and staring directly into Pam’s open pussy. He had the look of a hungry old man looking through the window of a restaurant, staring at the food he so desired.

Pam was watching him intently, as well. She was becoming even hornier than she was after hearing how much she had pleased Jacques. She wanted to give Harold the same gift of her young body and make him feel special, but she knew that this was not the place or time, and came to the realization that Harold was incapable of achieving an erection. Pam got out of the shower and began to dry herself while standing beside him now.

Harold, still stroking his cock, said, “I haven’t seen such a tender open pussy since I was a young man. I’d love to taste it and suck on your clit.” Pam looked around and saw no one. She opened her legs and thrust her pussy towards Harold. “Just a quick taste before someone comes,” she said, as she spread her labia with her fingers. Harold dove right in and began licking her pussy and sucking her already swollen clit. Harold was moaning and licking ferociously, wanting to get all that he could before she pulled away.

Pam thrust forward when Harold’s tongue touched her opening, causing his tongue to enter her pussy. Pam closed her eyes, and said, “Oh, yes.” She felt that this was the only way she could please him, seeing as actual copulation was physically impossible on his part. She didn’t want to point out what he already knew. She then pulled away, and said, “That’s enough right here in the open. We must stop rokettube now.”

Harold said, “For more of this wonderful nectar, I would follow you to the ends of the earth. You’re probably right, and I appreciate the opportunity to taste your lovely sweet juices. My cock doesn’t seem to be responding very well today, anyway.”

Pam reluctantly drew away from Harold’s face. She wanted more of his tongue, but was content with knowing that she had given Harold some measure of pleasure with the gift of her young body. Realizing that he was truly physically incapable of anything else sexually, she thought to herself, “I’m sure that was more than he ever expected, and is happy with what he got.” Then she picked up her belongings and said goodbye to Harold, content in the fact that she had just made another old man feel special, to a degree. She was, however, somewhat disappointed that he was incapable of getting an erection. She was completely aroused and needed a stiff old cock to put a fitting end to this wonderful vacation. As she walked up to the cabin, she thought to herself, “I should be content with all the old men I’ve pleased this week, but right now, I’m really feeling this strong need to, once again, give pleasure to another unsuspecting old man.

She walked into the cabin, and told Bob, “Give me a few minutes and I’ll begin cooking our last dinner here in the woods.”

“No hurry, sweetheart, there’s plenty of time. Whenever you get a chance is fine with me,” Bob responded.

After eating the fantastic meal that Pam had cooked up, and while she was finishing cleaning up and washing the dishes, Bob said, “I could use a nice quiet walk to help digest the excellent dinner you cooked. Are you going to join me?”

“Nah … it’s almost dark, and I want to make sure everything is packed. You go, I’ll be fine here. I’ll get a fire going later.”

Bob came out of the bedroom just wearing his waist bag. Pam looked, raised her eyebrows, and said, “Look at you! You’re really getting into this nude thing, aren’t you?”

“Well, it is our last night, and who knows when I’ll ever get to walk a beach totally naked again? I kind of have gotten to like the feel of it all. I’ll be back in a short while.”

“No need to hurry, honey. Take your time … I feel like just sticking around here. I see that you have the waist bag on. Feel free to stop and have a few beers if you get an urge. No need to hurry on my account. See you later … love ya.”

“Love you too, babe. Okay, I probably will have a beer or two. It’ll probably help me sleep, and be well rested for the drive home tomorrow. See ya later,” he replied, as he waved, turned, and headed down the path to the beach.

Bob began slowly wandering along the empty beach shoreline, occasionally picking up a small stone, and throwing it into, the now, wave less and quiet lake. He was walking in the direction of the pavilion with no specific destination in mind, just replaying the past week in his mind. He was pleased that Pam had reserved their vacation at that resort.

He entered the pavilion deciding to get a beer to drink while he continued his walk. The place was crowded, with five musicians and a female singer playing jazz and bosa nova music, which had been very popular in the past few years. He bought a beer and poured it into a large paper cup, rather than having to carry the bottle while he walked.

As he left the pavilion, he noticed the grayish-orange glow of the sky. The sun had not quite set, but had hidden itself behind the mountains, just illuminating the darkening skies with its quickly fading light. Knowing that this view was not going to last long, he leaned against the stacked kayaks and just took in the beauty.

Not long after, when the sky had lost its glow and darkness was quickly taking control of the day, he heard a familiar, but very sultry, voice seductively say, “Hello there.” He turned and noticed Renee, smiling and sauntering towards him.

“Oh, hi, Renee,” he said, as he could not help but notice her braless breasts bouncing in unison with her long strides.

“Mind if I join you for a little while?” She got close beside him and leaned against the kayaks with one of her soft hips, covered only by a light summer dress, touching Bob’s naked outer thigh. She looked down, examining Bob’s cock in admiration.

Still looking at her full breasts, he stammered, “N…, no, of course not, p…, please do.”

While looking down at Bob’s cock, in a most sexy French tone, Renee said, “Tres belle qu’ensemble trois pieces” (very nice three piece set), then slowly looked up, giving him a sexy curl of her lip, and a very sultry look.

It being their last night there, he would not be outdone, and said, “Vous avez une belle paire, vous-même.” (You have a lovely pair, yourself.) He gave her the best impression of a Parisian sexy, macho smile he could. Bob’s cock began immediately responding to this verbal foreplay, as he ogled the lovely outline of her full tits.

“Merci,” Renee responded, with a seks filmi sultry smile of her own. She then slowly reached down and began softly fondling his rapidly hardening cock, continuing to smile while looking directly into his eyes.

Bob took in a deep breath and closed his eyes for a brief moment. He could hear his heartbeat pounding in his ears as Renee slowly began stroking his now fully rigid cock.

Renee sighed, becoming completely enraptured in what was happening. She slowly went to her knees and immediately began licking the bulbous, purplish end of Bob’s cockhead, savoring the taste of his pre-cum. She placed her lips around his cock, taking in his cockhead in its entirety, and swirled her tongue around it ravenously.

Bob felt his entire body going weak and his knees begin to buckle. He reached down and began to fondle her full, surprisingly frim breasts, gently with both hands.

Renee responded to Bob’s tender touch by softly moaning and taking his cock deep into her mouth, almost to its entirety. She began sucking gently while sliding her mouth up and down his shaft to its crown before making another downward motion.

Bob pulled Renee’s loose blouse over her tits and began rolling her nipples gently between his fingers. This caused her to moan with pleasure and take more of Bob’s cock into her mouth, nearly to his balls. Bob moaned in unison with her, both engulfed in extreme sexual pleasure.

Renee briefly removed her mouth from Bob’s engorged cock, and whispered, “I want to taste your sperm and swallow all of your seed.” She quickly took a deep breath and, once again, began to devour his shaft, causing it to slide down her throat a little. Her breathing coincided with her upward motions. Bob’s cock, now slightly down Renee’s through during each downward thrust, allowed her to only breathe when it was not blocking her air passage.

Bob could feel the beginnings of his ejaculation developing in his balls. He knew that it wouldn’t be long before this extremely exciting and wonderful experience would be coming to an explosive end. He closed his eyes, leaned back against the kayaks, not believing that Renee was actually sucking his cock. Although he couldn’t deny what he was feeling, and that this lovely creature was on her knees in front of him, he was finding it difficult to separate reality from just a simple fantasy that had been ever present since he first laid eyes on her.

Renee, sensing his rapidly approaching orgasm, reached up and placed one of her hands behind and began softly tickling his balls with her fingertips and slightly teasing his anus with her thumb.

“Oh, my God. Yes!” moaned Bob. He had never felt anything like this before, and it was gloriously euphoric, and excitingly naughty. His cock began to swell even more and his knees became very unsteady. He felt his semen slowly creeping up his cock, much like hot lava rising to the peak of a volcano before it erupts. Suddenly, a tingling sensation ran rapidly through his body, permeating it from head to toe. Bob growled, his legs stiffened, as he began shooting his cum deep down her throat in strong lengthy spurts. He was filling her mouth with copious amounts of hot ejaculate. Renee was swallowing vigorously, unsuccessfully trying to retain it all. As Bob continued to shoot smaller amounts of his cum into her mouth, remnants began to trickle out of the corners of her lips and down her chin.

Renee was still swallowing as his throbbing began to subside and his cock slowly became flaccid. She was hungrily coaxing every drop from his cock and balls. She removed her hand from beneath his balls when she felt his anus no longer contracting and wrapped her hand around his now completely flaccid cock. She continued to milk it to ensure she did not miss any remains. Once satisfied there was nothing left to consume, she released his cock from her mouth. She ran her tongue across her lips and her fingers over her chin, catching any cum that hadn’t dripped off, and sucked it from her fingers. She looked up at Bob and smiled as she began to rise from her kneeling position, softly saying, “C’était délicieux” (That was delicious).

Bob took the remains of beer left in his cup and drank it down in one gulp. He looked at Renee, and said, while still breathing heavily, “That was wonderful, and something I never expected. I need another freakin’ beer.”

Renee smiled contently, and said, “You look as if you could also use a good rinsing. Why don’t you take a quick dip in the lake and I’ll go up and get you another nice cold beer? You can place your waist bag between the kayaks, no one will bother it, there’s no one out of the pavilion.” She took the empty cup from his hand, and said, “I’ll get rid of this dead soldier while I’m at the pavilion.” She once again smiled and began to walk away, saying, “I’ll be right back.”

After removing his waist bag, Bob slowly walked to the edge of the water, his legs still somewhat rubbery, and immersed himself to his neck in the water. The cool water immediately began to rejuvenate him, as he felt the recharging of his body. Shortly thereafter, he spotted Renee’ returning, carrying two cups. He thought to himself, “I can’t believe this woman just sucked my cock without me even making any advances,” as he began walking back to shore, to meet Renee and a badly needed cold beer.

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