A Chair at the Foot of the Bed

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When you’re a single hypersexual, multiorgasmic, squirting, female paraplegic and a hopeless romantic what’s a girl to do, what did Kristen was write about her sexual desires. She doesn’t believe in having sex for sex sake but wants a long term permanent lover. Kristen was tired of falling for the wrong guy the ones that only saw her as a great friend or the ones the saw her as a freak and or the ones that saw her as a tool that can be use then throw way. So Kristen gave up on finding the love of her life and decided that she would pour all of her lust, eroticism, hedonism, and perversion into her writing it’s safer that way. Her readers get a release, and she gets the thrill of knowing that she arouses her readers.

Kristen continues musing in bed, and she notices the chair that she keeps at the foot of her bed because sometimes she props her feet up. She is naked in bed legs spread apart, pussy wet and throbbing, nipples hard and erect. Kristen sees her imaginary lover in her bahis firmaları mind’s eye he is sitting in the chair. She starts stroking her breasts, pulling and pinching on her nipples with one hand while she parts and rubs her labia with the other hand. Kristen parts the lips of her labia run her fingers up and down her clit stroking it. She asks her lover if he likes what he seeing and if he wants to taste it. He is fondling his cock using his pre-cum as lube to get it harder bigger fuller. Kristen licks her lips as watches her lover caressing and fondling his manhood. She tells him to get it nice and hard for me baby that she wants to suck his dong in her mouth. That she wants to lick his man meat from tip to base, suck and lap at his balls. That she wants his cum in her mouth. That she wants to feel his fat sausage explode with jism in her hot mouth. Her lover moans and watches her as Kristen continues pulling and pinching on her kernels and fingering her labia and cherry-pie. It’s kaçak iddaa wet, pink, and winking begging her lover to touch it.

Kristen tells her lover, yes, baby, slide up here with me and give me some of your hard tool. He starts at her feet bringing up them to his growing erection smearing pre-sum on her toes, soles, and arches. He continues up Kristen’s legs spreading them wider, lifting them up and over his hips as he rubs his Johnson on her thighs. She is moaning and continues fondling her rock hard nipples. Her lover moves her hand away from her hot cunt and slides his fingers up and down love canal. Kristen is gasping and hunching enjoying the sensation of skin on skin as he pleasures her. She tells him lets sixty-nine because he knows how much she loves licking and sucking his trouser trout. He eagerly complies straddles her face as she reaches up and rubs his cock all over her face, licking the pre-cum from his thick meat and sensitive crown as she gently lips the base kaçak bahis of his rod and ball sac. Kristen is in heaven sucking him, tasting him, and the feeling of his dick sliding in and out of her mouth is wonderful. At the same time, her lover’s lips are parting her cream-pie folds, his tongue swirls, slurps, and nibbles at her female erection while tongue fucking her love canal. Kristen is moaning this feels so good.

She arches up to meet his lips as he makes love to her pussy while she makes love to his Johnson. Their tongues swirl, slurp, lick, and suck, as they fuck each other with their mouths. The only sounds in the room are their moans and groans of pleasure. Her lover switches between finger fucking her hot hole and tongue fucking it. While Kristen strokes and sucks his man meat, in, out, swirl, slurp, they are in a frenzy of lust, the need to pleasure each other. Their hands, lips, tongues, and mouths give pleasure and receive pleasure as they drive each other to orgasm. At that moment, they cum their juices flow into each other’s mouths. The taste and the sensations are incredible, and they are breathlessness with their release. Their bodies throb with need, and they’ve only just started…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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