A Chance Encounter

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Hi all just give you some back round on who I am before you read my story. My Name is Nicola. I’m 23 and I live in a small suburb outside quite a major city. This story happened when I had just turned 18. I look quite the same now as I did then. About 5’5 long brown hair and 34C-26-32.

Finally Friday had arrived. We had planned this weekend for months. A few of my friends and myself were going away for the weekend. We were going to the city. As we live so far outside it we don’t get to have nights out in it, but this weekend would be different. Booked into a nice hotel and staying 2 nights we were going to make the most of it.

The weekend started with a bang. We got to the hotel and within 30mins all the girls were in the hotel bar laughing, joking and looking like god’s greatest invention. (If I do say so myself). Started off on alcho-pops as normal. Stupid we were not. We knew how much we could drink and it wasn’t the drink that had us singing, by the time we left the hotel.

The next stop! A disco bar just down the road. It would be a bit of a pub-crawl before we got to the nightclub. We hit at least 6 or 7 bars before arriving at one of the cities top spots. No real hassle getting through the door, just the usual groping and ogling that goes on with bouncers. (A little flirt and w wink of an eye never hurt anyone).

We were in and the place was jumping. I had a quick look around and there were some very fit guys and girls in this place, but we certainly competed with the best. It felt like 100 pairs of eyes were on us, as we walked to the bar. “6 zambookas please,” flew out of sally’s mouth and she knew we wouldn’t refuse. Light, blow and swallow, our throats were on fire and it went straight to our heads.

The next port of call, the dancefloor! Dancing was something we knew we could do no matter how drunk we got. It always sobered us up because once we got on it we never wanted off. This placed played a mixture of songs from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. It was a really happy place and everyone seemed in the good mood. I had a feeling the night would run and run and run

As we danced a few guys danced around us and we had a dance around a few guys. There was nothing strange or new about that, just getting a feel for the place. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw someone who looked familiar. Was it? Its couldn’t be? Yes it was it was my Uncle Daniel. But no sooner had I seen him, he disappeared into the crowd. I ran after him but couldn’t find him. By the time I had got back to the girls, Mairead was dancing with one guy, some other guy had his tongue down Sally’s throat and the other 3 girls were entertaining themselves by teasing the lads around them.

While they occupied themselves I decided I needed to go to the toilet. On my way to the toilets I thought about Daniel. I never called him uncle. He was only 7 years older than I was, and we had always got on very well. But when my family moved from the city to were we live now Daniel and I kind of lost touch. He was about 6ft, with red hair and was huge into sports, so very athletic and fit. Our whole family is really and my grandparent’s house is full of trophies and medals.

As usual the queue was huge. I’m no prude and decided I just go in the men’s. So in I went and straight into the first free cubicle. As usual there were one or 2 other girls in there availing of this and the usual guys who’d give you a bit of shit for doing this, nothing out of the ordinary. On my way out I bumped right into this guy. Apologies followed, as I looked up at him, it was Daniel. And I found myself having to explain why I was coming out of the men’s toilets. He just laughed and told me to wait right there until he came out.

A few minutes later he appeared with a smile on his face and gave me a big hug. Usual talk followed about how I was, why I was there and the fact that I had seen him earlier. That’s when he said, ” I have an idea. I won’t tell my friends from work you are my niece and you don’t tell the güvenilir bahis girls I am your uncle. If it so happened that we get talking to each other later I don’t want anyone too uncomfortable to chat each other up.” I thought it was a great idea. As we kissed each other on the cheek, I told him to go over to his friends and that we’d be over in a couple of minutes.

I went and pried the girls away from their fun and told them about these older guys I knew. They all seemed very excited by the idea and we made a beeline straight for the guys. Obviously I introduced Daniel first and he made the introductions. Daniel and myself drove the conversation for a while, as everyone got into the swing of things.

Everything moved very quickly and before I knew I was talking to Daniel. It was almost like we were drawn to each other in some way. I always felt safe and comfortable around him. We talked about everything from boys, the family, college and his job. Time seemed to go by so quickly talking to him. So, I decided to ask him to go dance.

Once on the dancefloor, I saw were I got my moves from. He was such a god dancer. Not flashy moves or anything like that. Just smooth and in time with the rhythm. Something a hell of a lot of guys just didn’t seem to get the hang of. He was always a joker and even on the dancefloor he was joking around. Pulling me from this way and that, and doing silly dance moves.

Just then the slow sets kicked in. We had no hesitation and began dancing with one another. We were still giggling and laughing together but I just had to put my head on his chest and feel the safety he always brought to me. It felt so great just the way we were and for that moment I didn’t want to be anywhere else. I had my hands around his waist hugged closer into him as he ran his hand down my back and the other through my hair.

I could also feel something begin to press against my upper leg and lower belly. Thoughts filled my mind. It couldn’t be? Damien was getting a hard on? I was old enough to know guys couldn’t control that so I just put in out of my mind. Although it did send a tingle up through me to know I had this effect on a guy. The songs began to pick up-tempo and soon some cool r’n’b, or bump and grind music as my friends like to call it, came on. I slowly began to grind my hips into his. All the time feeling his hard on grow against me and he began to pump back. My hands began to run over his chest, arms and hard stomach. His hands roamed al over my back and arms. I turned my back to him and pushed and rubbed my ass against his erection. I reached up behind me, as he caressed my hip and belly, and put my hand on his neck while I turned my head to face him. As our eyes met he planted a passionate kiss on my lips. I didn’t pull away and just grind myself more against him. Alarm bells were ringing in my head just as he pulled away. We looked at each other astonished at what just happened.

He grabbed my hand and dragged me across the dancefloor to a quiet area of the club. We sat down and were silent for a moment or 2. He looked at me and said with as much shock in his voice as what was on his face,

“What the fuck did we just do?”

His words hurt me. I felt wonderful at what had just happened. Yeah I was a bit shocked but I looked at him and he made me feel happy. The words he used cut through me like a dagger.

All I could say was “What?”

“What?” he replied, “What do you mean what?”

“I liked it” was my reply. “I really liked Daniel”

“No, no, no, we can’t be doing that. We just can’t. You are my niece. Your mam and dad would kill me”

Then little miss courageous piped up with; “They don’t have to know”

He seemed knocked back by this. I walked towards him and tried to kiss him again. He pulled away shaking his head.

So I said “Well if nothings going to happen we have to talk about what just happened and we can’t do that here. Lets go”

He just shook his head sheepishly and followed me. türkçe bahis I found one of the girls and told her I was off to the hotel and not to worry about me, that I was safe with Daniel.

Daniel was waiting at the door with my jacket and we left together not saying a word. I took hold of his hand and he did not resist. It seemed things were taken a turn for the better. I put my arm around him and said, “Well?” He didn’t reply he just stopped looked at me and planted one mother of a kiss on my lips. My legs nearly buckled. Here I was kissing my uncle who was 7 years my senior. Right at that moment in time I felt so hot as the wetness built in my sex. My pussy and clit were on fire and all I wanted right then was Daniel deep inside me. Like I never wanted anyone before

Our kissed stopped. I looked at Daniel and said, “That was so wonderful Daniel. I loved every second of it.”

He smiled kissed me softly again on the lips and asked, “So what are we going to do now?”

A wicked idea was forming in my head as I replied, “Well we’ve come this far, lets go back to my hotel room.”

Daniel of course did not object. His cock was doing the thinking for him now and he was in no position to reject me. Within a couple of minutes we reached the hotel and up to the room we went. We ordered a couple of drinks and chatted about nothing really. While Daniel had his drink I’d do a bit of a strip for my horny uncle.

The hotel room we were in was quite big and had a state of the art sound system. I turned on s music channel and I straddled him as he sat in the chair. I gyrated on his hips as he reached his free hand around to grab my ass. I swung my leg off the chair and spun around rotating my hips as I stood up. I slowly began to do body curls and move around like w well trained belly dancer. He reached out to touch my ass but I slapped it away as he did. I walked away from him and swung my hips just like a model on a catwalk. Then I bent over keeping my legs straight touching my ankles and I looked at him through them. He was sitting there and had started to rub the outside of his cock. I rubbed my hands from my ankles up to my pussy and gave out low short moan as I touched it. I turned to face him and he had his cock out stroking it. His shaft must have been 7 inches and was long and slim. It made me even wetter knowing he found me so sexy to wank over me.

As I faced him I zipped my skirt off and let it fall to the floor. The came my top which I had to pull over my head. I walked over to him and began to unbutton his shirt. As he wriggled out of it I dropped to my knees and slowly began to stroke his long cock. An audible groan could be hard as, I worked my hand up and down his precum soaked fuck stick. I gently placed the tip of it in my mouth and took just the head into my mouth.

“mmmmmmm” came out of my mouth

I heard Daniel mutter “ohh fuck… Nicola.”

My head was spinning as I began to pick up speed trying to take my uncle’s entire hard dick into my hungry and horny mouth. Slurping noises moans and groans was all that could be heard in this room of incestuous indecency. I reached down to my soaked panties and slipped my hand past the waistband and onto my engorged clit. I rolled my clit around between my 2 fingers and made myself even madder with desire to have my uncles nuts explode in my mouth.

That’s when I heard my uncle as he started to talk filthy to me. The more I heard the faster I went. “You are so good Nicola… oh fuck suck my hard cock… Mmmmm yeah…ooooohhhhh yeaahhhhhh. Suck your uncles hard cock…take it all in… mmm yeahhhahhh…you are a cock sucking slut… aren’t you… Aren’t you…you love cock in your mouth…say it say it…”

I stopped sucking long enough to get out the words he wanted to hear and I wanted to say, ” Yes… yes… I am a cock sucking slut…I am you cock sucking slut of a niece…”

And I went straight back to sucking on this hard sock. It didn’t take long before he was grunting güvenilir bahis siteleri and ramming his cock deep into my throat and cumming with such force I thought my mouth would explode. By this stage I was ramming three fingers deep into my pussy but I just kept swallowing and I nearly too it all in bar a few little drops that leaked out the edge.

I slowed down and let him relax in my mouth and I licked him clean. He pulled me up to him and kissed me hard I’m sure tasting some of his own juices. But I didn’t seem to bother him. He would me to take off my panties and I was to lie with my legs open on the bed. He slipped out off his trousers and walked towards me totally naked. Even limp his cock looked ravishing. He slid his head up between my legs looked at my straight in the yes and said, “young niece I am going to suck your cunt until your explode like I did.”

My reply was swift and as dirty, “oh yeah suck my young cunt, uncle, suck it until I can’t take it anymore. Then I want that long cock inside me”

He placed one finger either side of my lips and pulled tem apart. His mouth and tongue went straight for my, now very erect, clit. I nearly came when he slipped 2 fingers inside me. In and out went his fingers picking up speed and he sucked harder and harder on my clit. I was not far from the edge. I then felt a well lubricated finger at the edge of my ass. Once it began to make its way in I hit the top and nearly knocked him out as I arched my hips and wrapped my legs around his head. It was the biggest orgasm I ever had and it was followed by a number of smaller ones. I nearly fainted from the force of it. He continued to finger and suck me but he slowed and allowed my to relax.

Just as I was beginning to gain some composure I spotted his cock hard again. My desire rose again and I looked my sexy uncle right in the eyes and said, “Well are you going to fuck me with that or is it just going to look pretty?”

“Ok my young little slut. You want my cock you’ll get my cock,” and with that he plunged it right into my soaking wet pussy.

I had been with a couple of guys before but this was new. Daniel knew all the right places to touch and just how fast or slow he needed to fuck me. We were kissing passionately looking each other deep in the eyes. I wanted him and he wanted me.

Again the 2 of us began shouting and growling profanities at each other,

“Oh yeah Uncle Daniel” I said with a cheeky smile, “Fuck your niece, fuck your sisters daughter. Stick that cock deep into my hot pussy. Mmmmmm Fuck me… fuck … yeassss yeasssss”

“mmmmmmm yeah you little hot tramp… you like it…my cock in your cunt… your mothers brother… your granddad son…Your uncle…deep inside that tight pussy. I wanna fill your cunt with my cum”

“So, boy… you would like to fuck my sweet ass, would you?” I said as I looked at him with devilish eyes

I turned myself on my knees and elbows and he was behind me. He started slapping my ass cheeks now and then… SLAP… SLAP… SLAP… he began pushing his thick hard cock against my flesh, spitting on the head of your cock in between my ass cheeks to get it all slimy. He was pushing it slowly against my secret hole. Our fingers met on my pussy, and I placed my hand on his, rubbing myself with his hand. His other hand reached out to grab one of my bouncing tits. I turned my head over my shoulder; I looked up at him, and said,

“Fuck me, Daniel… fuck me now, boy… fuck me in my tight firm ass… i wanna have your dick deep inside me… ahhh… push it… deeper… mmmmhhhh… deeper… ohhhhhh yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…”

He didn’t last long in this position and I was getting closer and closer. Just as He reached his climax he buried himself right in up to his balls. I let a deafening shriek as we came in unison. I could feel his cum spurting up into my ass. And I was screaming, “Cum in me ass, ooohhh yeah Daniel, cum in your nieces assss, ooohhhhh.”

With that we both collapsed beside each other on the bed exhausted. As his dick went limp and slid out of my well fucked ass. I could feel his cum already flowing from it. We both looked at each other and smiled; knowing this was not going to be the last time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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