A Change of Heart for Leander

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Casey looked into the living room, it was full of young men. He smiled and went inside and sat next to Trevor slinging an arm around him. He liked Trevor, he was well mannered and friendly. Nick was nice too but he had a feeling that Jason didn’t quite like him as much as Nick liked him. But they all seemed happy enough at the moment and it was nice to have them all over again.

“Jason go make some drinks.” Casey suggested. “I’ll have a coffee.”

“Uuugh fiiine.” Jason stood from his seat next to Nick and wandered into the kitchen. Leander followed to help.

“Seems like I’ve not been here in ages.” Leander mused.

“Yeah, it is kind of weird having you here.” Jason got out some cups from the cupboard, his shirt rose slightly and Leander found his eyes drawn to the bare skin. “It is nice though, everything seems to have settled down.” Leander nodded. Their relationship had been a bit rocky after the break up. When Leander was sure he wasn’t taking him back he’d gone out a few times with some friends and brought a few one night stands home to fill the void. He had heard through rumors and Nile that Jason had screwed a couple of girls and a couple of guys too. Since Leander had started to date Trevor everything had gone easier, it was as if having a boyfriend made the situation a bit more stable. Jason seemed happy with his relationship with Nick, even if he seemed a bit disinterested at times.

“Everything okay with Nick?” Leander asked as Jason poured the drinks. Jason looked at him sharply and managed to pour boiling water over his hand.

“Fuck!” Jason looked at his hand. Leander pulled him over to the tap and ran the cold water over it. There was a moment of silence. “Yeah everything’s okay with Nick. Why wouldn’t it be?”

“Hey don’t get defensive I was just asking.” Leander said softly, standing behind him, his breath on his neck.

“Sorry, its just…” Jason began but Casey interrupted him, he came fussing over to see how badly hurt his hand was. “Ah it’s okay Case, it’s just a little sore.” Casey finished making the drinks and took them in. Leander sat back next to Trevor and Jason sat with Nick, feeling a little unsettled.

“What are your plans for the weekend?” Casey asked.

“We shall go and party and the girls are doing each other’s nails.” Nile teased Nick and Trevor.

The dance music of the gay bar was thumping away, it was warm inside with the mass of moving bodies so the fact that the night outside was a little cooler was a relief to those who had stepped out to smoke. Nile and Jason had gone out to smoke while Leander went to the gents, standing outside was Noah and a few of his friends. Noah had a half smile on his face when Nile glanced over to him.

“Having a good night?” Noah asked, looking Nile up and down.

“Yeah it’s been okay.” Jason nodded and looked over as Leander joined him.

“Such a shame you’re straight.” Noah winked at Nile who rolled his eyes with a smile.

“He’s not that straight.” Jason said lighting his cigarette. “I’ve sucked his cock.”

“Oh you put things so beautifully.” Leander tutted. Noah’s eyes lit up.

“Ah don’t tell him that!” Nile groaned. güvenilir bahis “He wont leave me alone as it is!”

“That’s because you’re sexy.” Jason grinned and raised his eyebrows. He heard Leander sigh and saw him heading back in to the club.

“You can’t say things like that around your boyfriend!” Noah laughed.

“Nah he’s an ex. Our boyfriends don’t really like the club scene.” Jason told him. He stubbed out his cigarette and headed back in himself. Noah stood next to Nile.

“You know, we’ve seen them about for ages. Everyone thinks they’re together. They certainly don’t act like they’re not.” Noah mentioned as Nile also finished smoking.

“Why do you think I end up here?” He shrugged. “I stop them from going home together when they’re wasted.” He smiled sadly and went back inside to sit with the others. It didn’t take long for Noah to wander over. He sat with Nile and lazily drunk from his bottle. They talked for a bit about music and their friends, especially about Jason and Leander’s boyfriends. The two were now dancing together, a bit too close for comfort but nothing that Nile could really tell them off about.

“Has he really blown you?” Noah asked with a mischievous smile.

“Oh god.” Nile laughed. “I am going to kill him for saying that.”

“Well?” Noah asked again, his eyes dancing under the changing lights of the night club, his lips slightly open. He was very attractive, but Nile wasn’t in to that.

“Yes.” Nile nodded, defeated. “He has. A couple of times, years ago.”

“Is he good?” Noah glanced at him dancing. “By the way he moves I bet he’s a great fuck.”

“He was amazing.” Nile said softly.

“Better than you’re girlfriend?” Noah raised an eyebrow.

“Ha, oh my.” Nile laughed. “Mmm I can’t answer that one!” Noah laughed too and they carried on chatting. More and more drink flowed and Nile soon noticed that Leander and Jason were almost pressed together. “Ugh, I should get them home.” Nile stood and stretched.

“Hey, I know you’re not gay and all…but you’re a nice guy. Can I get your number? We could hang out maybe?” Noah asked. Nile looked at him for a moment, he had a terrible thought that giving this handsome, muscular man his number might not be a brilliant idea. But something made him nod and put it in Noah’s phone. “When you’re single make sure I’m the first to know.” Noah stood up with a smile and very quickly kissed him, his lips just ghosting over Nile’s and then he was gone. Nile turned and rolled his eyes, Noah just laughed, winked and walked back down the stairs and over to his friends. Nile went over to Leander and Jason and told them it was time to go. Jason protested but Leander agreed and they headed out.

“Well Nile pulled tonight.” Leander grinned.

“Oh sod off.” Nile laughed. “This is why I don’t like gay clubs. I get hit on. What would Jasmine say?”

“Isn’t she getting a bit too friendly with that new posh student?” Leander asked.

“Yeah, wouldn’t be surprised if she chucks me soon.” Nile shrugged. “She talks about him all the time.”

“At least you know that you’ve got a back up!” Jason declared waving his arms.

“He’s a nice türkçe bahis guy.” Leander said, steadying a weaving Jason. “I’ve seen him about a few times, we’ve been out for drinks together. Nothing serious.” They got to Nile’s house and said goodnight, Leander walked back to his house and sent Trevor a message to let him know he was back safely. He enjoyed the nights out he’d spend with Jason, it was nice having him to himself again. It did nothing for his mental state though. He was in love with Jason, he had been from the moment he saw him. Nothing would change that. He could screw a million guys but no one would ever compare to Jason. He loved Trevor, but in an entirely different way. He had tried to ignore these feelings and keep them buried down but it was just so hard when he saw him almost every day and occasionally had him grinding against him at a club, the only other person that knew was Nile and he was thankful that when they’d had a few too many drinks that he’d intervene and make sure nothing happened.

Monday afternoon rolled around and the friends were gathering in the drama hall as usual. The new play that was being put on was Sweeney Todd so Jason, Nile and Leander had been roped into helping with the sets. Jason was painting a house wall grey but had stopped to talk to Nick when Jason and Trevor came in. They all greeted each other. Nile was lying spread across the floor trying to cut out rectangles of card that could pass as house bricks. Leander sat on the sofa while Trevor went to talk to Nathan and Robbie, another student. He watched as Jason smiled at whatever Nick had just said and leant in to give him a kiss, sucking on his bottom lip ever so slightly, and he felt a scowl creep onto his face.

“Hey.” Nile interrupted his train of thought.

“Huh? Hey.” Leander looked at him and saw Nile shake his head slightly, he then looked down ashamed. Things were starting to get out of hand, maybe it was just because of the sexy dancing at the club that he was starting to have these feelings again. He got onto the floor and started to help Nile with the bricks, Trevor soon came over to help with Nick and they managed to get a lot done. Jason carried on with his house painting, he quite enjoyed it, Claudia was doing the other house so they made small talk as they worked. “You should come out with us.” Nile said looking at Trevor.

“I don’t really like going out.” Trevor pulled a face.

“Well we’d all be there, you’d be looked after. You too Nathan, you can help me fend off gay admirers.” Nile smiled over at Nathan who was on his iPad, his broken leg propped up at an angle.

“Yeah ‘coz I’d be awesome at dancing wouldn’t I?” Nathan grinned.

“You just want to surround yourself with people so Noah can’t get to you.” Lion looked up from the brick he was making. “He wants yooou.”

“Well he can want, can’t he?” Nile laughed. “But seriously, it’d be fun. What do you say Nick? Come bust some grooves with us!”

“Er, I suppose one time wouldn’t hurt. Shall we Trev?” Nick shrugged. Trevor frowned and sighed but eventually gave in. “So what’s this Noah like?” Nick smirked. Jason came and sat behind him, eager to watch güvenilir bahis siteleri Nile’s discomfort. NIle groaned and shook his head.

“He’s a good guy. I met him a while back when Mother was getting the car fixed, he’s a mechanic over at Jimmy’s Garage. He works out, nice build, short mohawk and he likes computer games. He also likes to turn straight guys. It’s one of his favourite games to play at the weekend.” Lion raised his eyebrows at Nile. “He might not harass you again if you didn’t give in to him last time.”

“Hopefully. Jasmine would kick my ass.” Nile smiled, he hadn’t told anyone that Noah had been sending him flirty messages, that would just fuel their fire. He was always up for making new friends but he felt a bit uncomfortable with the new attention he was getting.

A rather drunk Jason had his arms around Nick, moving against him, slightly grinding his crotch into his. Jason glanced over at Leander who was standing with Trevor, , he never took his eyes of the black haired boy. Every move, every hip swing he drunk in while Trevor danced around him. Jason smiled at him and he smiled back, turning to his boyfriend. It was stupid but he didn’t like seeing the two so close. He was used to seeing a distant Jason who was just tolerant to Nick in their classes. He knew they were going out, he knew that they were having sex but when it was right in his face it was hard to take. Nile was sitting with Noah and some of his friends. Noah was flirting with Nile, dropping not-so-subtle hints about how hot he found Nile.

“Will you behave?” Nile snapped good naturedly at Noah. “Leander said you’d leave me alone after you couldn’t have me last week.”

“Normally I would, but you’re smoking hot. I like a challenge.” Noah winked and squeezed his thigh. Nile slapped his hand off him with a grin. “Mmm come and dance Beautiful.”

“No, I am happy here.” Nile shook his head. Noah rolled his eyes and tugged him up, he stumbled a bit and fell into him.

“You had a bit too much to drink?” Noah laughed.

“Not enough to fuck you if that’s what you’re thinking.” Nile let himself be led to the dance floor and was soon moving away with Noah. “My girlfriend will…” He began.

“Your girlfriend doesn’t need to know.” Noah pressed a finger to his lips and they continued to dance. Nick and Leander joined them shortly, leaving Jason with Trevor and Noah’s friends.

“You’re a lucky guy having Leander.” One said to Trevor. “He is fit as fuck. Is he good in bed?” Trevor’s jaw fell open and he gabbled noises.

“He’s amazing.” Jason answered. Trevor’s brow furrowed as he looked over to him.

“You fucked him?” The guy asked.

“Yeah we dated for a bit. He was amazing in bed, totally wild.” Jason told him, watching as the blonde moved on the dance floor, he bit his lip as he remembered some of their greatest times together. He had no idea why this was surfacing now, but something in Leander had changed, the way he was, the way he looked, it was like a siren to him. “But don’t get any ideas! He’s Trevor’s now.” Jason kissed the side of Trevor’s head and Trevor grinned as he watched him also go to dance.

“Hmm, I don’t know you guys too well but damn, I wouldn’t trust Jason for a second. There’s lust in those eyes baby.” The guy looked at Trevor.

“Nah, they’re long over. I have no reason to worry.” Trevor forced a smile and twisted his hair.

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