A Christmas Treat Ch. 1

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All names have been changed to protect the guilty.

It was the second Christmas they had spent together–Amy and Jack, Megan and Mark. They’d known each other for a little over a year now, and had become very close friends. On this particular Christmas, they would become even closer friends.

There had always been a sexual undertone in their conversations, but it had always been in a joking manner, usually nothing really serious. Oh sure, every once in a while, when they’d had too much to drink, they’d cop a feel of each other’s significant other. Megan would run her hand up the length of Jack’s cock through his pants, or Mark would grab Amy’s ass, but it never went beyond that…until Christmas.

It had been a typical Christmas day with the Christmas dinner and opening of gifts, but once the children had gone to bed, the atmosphere took a different shape. The alcohol was tapped into, and the gag gifts were handed out.

Mark was a big collector of classic porno movies and had decided to give one to Jack as a gag gift. What hadn’t been expected was the fact that Jack would want to watch it right away. He went straight to the VCR and slipped it in.

While the canlı bahis four of them settled down to watch this classic porno and kick back a few drinks, Megan came up with an idea-let’s break out the sex dice. This came as no surprise to Mark as he had always known she lusted after Jack and would do most anything to get into his pants, or get him out of them. And seeing that Jack was in the mood for sex, she thought, “What better timing!” So while the three watched the porno, Megan searched the house for the sex dice.

Upon returning to the living room, she suggested that instead of watching an old porn movie, that they play a game. They were game to play the game until they heard what she had in mind. Amy and Jack were hesitant at first, but after a little coaxing by Megan and a few reassurances that they wouldn’t have to do anything they were uncomfortable with, they agreed.

We rolled to see who would go first. Amanda was the unlucky one. Because the sex dice were meant to be played by only two people, another dice had been incorporated into the game in order to determine who would receive the treatment marked on the dice.

Amanda took a shot of liquid courage and bahis siteleri then rolled the dice and read them out loud. “Kiss lips.” Megan would receive. Awesome–some lesbian action. Amy stood and approached Megan. It was a simple kiss on the lips. Jack and Mark frowned, disappointed that it hadn’t been more passionate. But then, it was still early in the game.

Jack was up next. He, too, took a shot of liquid courage and then rolled the dice. “Lick above waist”, he read. This time, Amy would receive. A smile came to Amy’s face as she imagined what thoughts had entered his mind. But the liquid courage hadn’t taken ifs full effect yet, so he opted to lick her neck. It still had a pleasant effect as goose bumps covered her body and she let out a soft moan.

After Jack was seated, Megan rolled the dice. “Nibble above waist. Amy receives.” Being more daring than Amy and Jack had been, she told Amy to lift her shirt up. Amy started to protest, but then changed her mind and raised her shirt. Megan walked up behind Amy and began to nibble her back, just below her ribcage. Again, another sigh escaped Amy’s mouth, this time slightly louder.

Megan grinned and sat down. Mark’s turn. bahis şirketleri He rolled the dice and read, “Lick below waist. Megan receives.” An evil grin crossed his face. Megan saw the look and grinned back. She new wanted he wanted to lick. His telling her to drop her pants only confirmed her belief. Amy and Jack adjusted to see better as Mark dropped to knees. Megan spread her legs and closed her eyes, anticipating his actions.

Mark took a finger and hooked it around the front of her lacey black panties as pulled the material aside, but instead of licking her juicy pussy as she had anticipated, he licked up and down the entire length of each of her sighs.

First a look of surprise on her face as her eyes shot open and nearly burst from their sockets, and then a look of ecstasy as she let out a moan. “God, but does that feel good.”

As Mark took his seat, Megan vowed he’d pay for teasing her as such. Mark only smiled his evil grin and took a drink of Jack and coke.

By now, Amy had loosened up a bit. Perhaps the liquid courage had finally taken its toll. Or perhaps it was the thought of watching another couple get so intimate in front of her. Either way, she quickly rolled the dice and read, “Suck below waist. Jack receives.” An enormous smile crossed her face. “Mmmm, wonder what treat awaits me,” she stated as she approached Jack. “Drop your pants, honey. I want to suck your cock.”

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