A Conspiracy of Circumstances Ch. 03

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Two weeks later Chris was sitting on a “Charlie’s” bar stool lost in thought. He and his best friend Phil Hogan met for a beer almost every Wednesday after work. Usually they spent the better part of an hour just goofing around and decompressing. But today was different; the recent events with Annie had been somewhat gnawing at him and Phil noticed.

“Hey you? What’s with the sour look? That beer’s been sitting there for five minutes and you haven’t touched it.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Chris admitted, “lots of stuff on my mind.”

“Yeah? Well that’s what we’re here for, right? You wanna blow off some steam, go for it!”

Chris took a sip of beer and said, “This time it’s not about work.”

“Problems at home? You and Annie duking it out?”

“No, nothing like that; it’s a bit more…uhh…personal than that.”

“Ohhh, sex problems huh? You’re not getting enough?”

Chris cocked his head and replied, “Nooo, THAT’S not the problem! In fact, we’re having more sex than ever. Three or four times a week for the last couple weeks.”

“Your dick can’t handle it, is that it?”

That comment made Chris smile, “You asshole!”

Phil studied his friend for a moment before saying, “Well then what? This doesn’t sound like a problem to me; you gonna make me drag it out of you?”

Taking a bigger slug this time Chris threw it out there, “I’ll tell you, but you better not tell Jill; ya hear me?”

“That bad huh? What happened?”

“Annie, she cheated on me!” When Phil’s eyes grew large, Chris added, “with a woman!”

The surprise registered on Phil’s face and he mouthed the words, “Holy SHIT!”

He looked so funny Chris laughed and continued, “Yeah, my thought exactly! And I think it lit a fire under her; she’s a fuckin’ nymphomaniac now!”

“And all this is a problem how?”

“That’s the thing, I don’t know exactly what to do about it all. The idea of her and a woman is fuckin’ hot; but there are lots of variables and I’m having trouble processing.”

Phil chortled, “Don’t do anything, you dumbass! Just enjoy it!”

Chris swiveled his chair to face Phil, “I’ve considered that option; but I want to know where this is headed. I don’t like not-knowing.”

“I think you’re lucky; lots of people never explore their fantasies and end up dying…dried up like a fuckin’ prune…it’s sad! Annie’s not looking for any cock but yours; she’s discovered her bi-sexual side; to me, this is not a problem.”

“So you and Jill have been exploring your fantasies now?”

“Hell no; we’ve talked about it, but nothing’s happening.”

Chris took a deep breath and said, “I fucked Annie in the ass for the first time too!”

Phil had his elbow on the bar; when Chris made that comment. it slipped off and he banged his forearm on the edge. “Oww, fuck! Then he slapped the counter-top so hard his glass bounced, “Holy Mother-of-God! You did?”

“You think that’s good…do you?”

Phil’s grin spread over his whole face, “This situation is getting better and better! You got anything else to tell me? Next week you guys becoming swingers?”

“That’s not happening; but I will tell you…I laid the law down to her! I said, ‘If you’re gonna have sex with a woman, then the trade-off is at some point we have a threesome with that gal’.”

Putting his hand to his forehead, Phil continued, “And Annie said?”

“She agreed; and the way she agreed, I’m thinking a threesome is right around the corner!”

Phil sat there with his mouth open, “You’re my hero, Chris!”

“Yeah, maybe!”

“No, I’m serious; this is inspiring! I’m gonna have to have a new talk with Jill now! Do you think I want to be a dried up prune someday? Look…have another talk with her. Plan the future on this, don’t let it eat you; after all, she started it.”

“Yes, I’m thinking you’re right…in a situation like this, if our communication breaks down, things might REALLY get out of hand!”

“Yeah, right!” Phil guffawed, “All that great sex might kill you!”

Chris finished his glass of beer, “Anyway, fair’s fair; gimme one fantasy you and Jill have discussed.”

Phil pursed his lips, “Umm, well…we’ve discussed the anal thing; and that ain’t happening.”

“I don’t want something that ISN’T happening, gimme something that MIGHT happen?”

“Frankly, I don’t want to shock you, you have enough to think about without absorbing my problems too!”

“Don’t give me that bullshit! You brought up the fantasy thing.” Chris paused, “Know what? I don’t think we’ve ever discussed things quite like this before; have we?”

“Nope, and I don’t know if we should go much farther; the territory gets REAL complicated from here.”

“Why would that be?”

“Because you would think I’m nuts!”

Chris laughed again, “I already know THAT! You’re bat-shit crazy sometimes!”

“No…I mean seriously crazy!”

Staring at him hard, Chris said, “There’s no way you’re getting out of this one; doofus! Tell me what you’re talking about?”

Phil’s smile was smirking, “Okay, but güvenilir bahis I don’t want to hear no shit about it then; you agree?”

“Sure, hit me!”

“Well, I wanna…I…Hmm…”

“C’mon, I’m not gonna need to smack you, am I?

“Yeah, well…I wanna watch Jill get fucked by another man!”

Chris just sat there. “You what?”

“You heard me!”

“Are you nuts?”

Phil burst out laughing and put his forefinger up to his temple, “Yeah…I’m nutty! I told you I was!”

“So what does Jill think about this?”

Phil put his elbow back on the bar and leaned a little closer, “She’s not opposed to it, but her conditions are almost impossible…like it’ll never happen.”

“What do you mean? Jill’s hot, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.”

“But that’s where the conditions come in; she doesn’t want to fuck some stranger. I think she’s watched too many of those ‘crazy people’ movies on ‘Lifetime T.V.'”

Chris laughed, “Ohh yeah! THOSE kind! Fifty percent psycho, fifty percent neurotic, and fifty percent perverted!” When Phil chuckled at Chris’s math, he continued; “So that only leaves your friends and close acquaintances, doesn’t it!”

Phil raised an eyebrow, “That’s right, Buddy!”

Something about his friend’s tone made Chris pause; he thought for a second before the light came on, “Holy fuck! Are you saying…me?”

Phil grinned and shrugged, “Uhh, the subject did come up!”

“Now I know for sure; you’re out of your freakin’ mind!”

“Oh cut it out; you ass! We’re only talking fantasies, not realities; I told you the conditions were too difficult. You asked me, and now I’ve told you. Just don’t say you never checked her out; cuz you’d be lying!”

Chris knew that was true, but he checked out everyone’s wife. He thought he was sneaking looks at them, but obviously he hadn’t been sneaky enough. “This is getting way the hell too complicated for me, Bud. I think I’m gonna head home before calling my shrink for help.”

Phil laughed at Chris’s facial expression, “Damn, the way you look, you’d think I just gave you a wedgie! Don’t go there in your head, man; It’s okay, I’m not suggesting anything!” Phil held out his hand for a fist-bump and Chris rapped him pretty hard. Phil laughed, “Go home, Chris…fuck her good, you lucky S.O.B.!”

Climbing into his truck Chris had to admit that Phil made a good point. At least Annie wasn’t hiding anything and was (in her own way) trying to include him in the fun. It was at that point he thought, “Maybe if I play these cards right, the fun might be ‘off-the-charts!'” The closer he got to home, the more he was smiling; and when he walked in the back kitchen door, Annie was waiting with a big hug and a clingy kiss; she reached low to fondle his balls and give them an affectionate squeeze!)

“Sweetheart, have you been fantasizing again?”

“24/7,” Annie giggled, “Seems like I can’t get enough of your cock lately!”

“You’re insatiable! And that’s NOT a complaint!” he chuckled.

Annie gave him a wicked look and turned to the stove; she set one of the burners down to low, and turned back to face him. “Follow me for a sec, would you? I want to show you something!” She took him by the hand and led him quickly down the hall to their bedroom. Chris didn’t even have a chance to say anything before she sat down on the bed, grabbed his pants by the pockets and pulled him between her knees. Fumbling with his belt she looked up at him and hissed, “I need to suck this big, fuckin’ dick! Are you getting hard already?”

Chris grinned down at her, “My little cock-slut needs a dick fix, huh? Well GO for it!”

Annie jerked his pants to the floor and took his semi-hard cock in her left hand. She almost literally stuffed it into her mouth and immediately sucked it in deep; Chris could hear her moaning, “Mmmm!”

He could feel the head bumping into the back of her throat, at the same time her tongue was working him up and down on the oh-so-sensitive underside!

“Holyyy FUCKKK!” He took her as gently as he could by the back of her head and fucked at her mouth a few times. “You dirty little whore! Damn! That’s feels so FUCKING good! Oh my Goddd!”

Annie needed a breath so she pulled off him for a few seconds and began jerking his shaft with her hand, “Yeah! I’m your whore!” Then she sucked him in again.

All sorts of thoughts were flashing through Chris’s mind as she licked him up and down. His orgasm was approaching fast and he said so in a raspy voice, “Babe, Oh God, slow down…I’m gonna cum soon!”

When Annie heard that she stopped and laid back on the bed, “I’m your filthy whore, Babyyy… I need you to cum on my tits! Pleeeease!”

Chris grinned, kicked off his shoes, and pulled his pants the rest of the way off. He climbed up on top of her and began kissing her savagely! Annie reached between his legs and jacked at his cock some more, but he took her hands and placed them on her boobs. “Tit-fuck!” he breathed into her mouth, “Let me tit-fuck you!” The kissing stopped as he scooted up türkçe bahis a bit and when his hard dick touched down on her chest, Annie scooped her tits around it. The three or four drops of pre-cum that oozed out of him was just enough lube to do the job; and when he began thrusting, Annie tried to tighten her girls around him even more. “Oh MY FUUUCK!” he groaned, this won’t take long!

“Good!” she giggled, “I need to get back to the kitchen!” They both laughed but Chris went back to groaning very quickly! Annie could also tell that he was very close, “Oh yeahh…that’s it! Cum Babbyy, let that beautiful cock shoot cum all over my titties…Mmm…DO IT!”

Chris increased his speed thrusting and twenty seconds later he yelped, “Okayy, here it comes… Ohh FUCKK!” His dick erupted and the first shot hit her in the throat, and the second was covered inside her cleavage. The third rope soaked the swells of her boobs.

Annie’s eyes were tight shut, but she let go of one boob and grabbed his dick. “Mmm… so good! So fucking good! Shoot it all on me! Oh my God!”

He flopped over sideways, one hand covering his face, the other holding his balls. “Damn it,” he moaned. “You are getting so fucking good at this, Babe! Shit!”

Annie giggled and was about to comment when Cassie called her from downstairs. She sounded a little panicked, so Annie threw on a t-shirt, and said, “Don’t you dare move; it’s my turn!”

Down in the kitchen the rice for dinner had boiled over and the water from the sink was overflowing. Fortunately the faucet wasn’t turned up so only about a gallon had spilled onto the floor. Her daughter was busy wiping up the water; so Annie tended to the range. “Who left the water running?” asked Cass.

“It must have been me; I thought I had turned it off but apparently not all the way.”

Cassie dumped the towels she’d been using in the hamper and turned to face her. A huge grin appeared; Cassie giggled and covered her mouth with one hand. She grabbed a couple of paper towels and handed them to Annie, “Here…wipe your neck, Mom; YUCK…gross!”

Annie turned ten shades of red and wiped the cum off. “I must have been washing my face and missed it.”

Cassie blinked, “Sure, you missed most of it right?”

Annie tried to laugh, but turned even redder. “Can you monitor the dinner while I clean up a bit?”

“Uhh, yeah! Get going!” She might have been embarrassed, but her pussy was still tingling with anticipation; Chris owed her an orgasm and she needed it badly!

Chris was sitting up against the head board, “What happened?” When she told him, he burst out laughing! “That girl’s getting an early education; you might need to update the ‘birds and the bees’ conversation, Babe!”

Annie laughed but not by reason of what Chris said; her thoughts went back to what she and Cassie had been up to and in her head she replied, “Honey, you have NO idea!”

Her husband was quite well-positioned sitting there like that, so she simply said, “Okay, my turn,” and she stripped off her shorts. “I need you to lick my clit; when I tell you, you can stick a couple fingers in and finger-fuck me too!”

“My little nympho! C’mere, you slut, HA!”

Annie climbed over his face and held onto the headboard with both hands. “Eat me good and I might be persuaded to let you fuck me later also!”

Chris took her ass cheeks in both hands and pulled her toward his mouth. He hadn’t even licked her yet and Annie moaned, “Holy shit! You’re really somethin’ these days, you know that?”

“Yesss, it’s good, right? Mmmm”

His conversation with Phil flashed through his mind, “Yeah, more than good! It’s getting more and more fun every day!”

Annie leaned down and kissed him hotly, “Mmm, yes it is! Now shut up and eat me, you big fuck!” She then hesitated and grasped the sides of her breasts, “No wait a second…suck my titties first!” Leaning over she pushed her left nipple against his lips; at first he teased her by refusing to open his mouth. Annie could see the playful look in his eyes, “You asshole! C’mon, at least lick it!” Chris stuck his tongue out about a quarter inch and flicked the tip of it one time against her hardened teat. “You really are BAD!” she announced.

Chris laughed, “I like a woman who begs!”

Annie’s eyes were shining with desire, “Okay, please, Please, PLEASE suck my tits… you asshole!” He burst out laughing so hard that Annie bounced on his stomach. Knocking her hands away, he grabbed both boobs roughly and sucked the left nipple in deeply! “Mmm, yesss, that’s it! Oh my Godd, yes!” He switched to the other nipple and tongued it furiously making her cry out! “Ohhh fuck yes!”

Chris held both tits firmly and began whipping the nipples across his tongue; and after several seconds he said, “How’s that?” Annie didn’t answer; she just groaned, reached between her legs and pushed two fingers deep inside her soaked twat. Then she brought them to his mouth, wiped her pussy juice off on his lips, and kissed him hard and deep. The kiss lasted a good thirty seconds until güvenilir bahis siteleri they both had to come up for air. “Holyyy FUCKKK!” he breathed, “You’re fucking unbelievable; I love it!”

His hot, little wife grinned and in response she scooted up and straddled his face. Lowering her now gaping cunt to his mouth she hissed at him, “Okay now, PLEASE eat my pretty little, snatch… you ass!” Chris chuckled and pulled her against his mouth and shoved his tongue into her pussy as far as he could causing her to gasp, “Oh my God! That’s it! Yesss!” He tongue-fucked her like that five or six times then lapped up and down her whole gash from asshole to clit another five or six. Annie was quivering with lust mixing groans with yelps of pleasure!

She grabbed the headboard and watched him eat her and then began a slow grind on his mouth. Chris tried to suck at her clit but that was no use; so he just stuck out his tongue and let her ride it. “Fuuucckk! Mmmm… Yeahh, ohhh yeahhh…” He could feel her ass tightening as the orgasm built, so he held her firm and sucked at her clit hard! Five seconds later Annie went off like a firecracker and smothered him with her cunt.

He let that happen until he couldn’t breathe and then pushed her off. “You had enough?” he asked with a grin.


“Oh my God, like I said before; you’re a fuckin’ nympho lately!”

Pushing her knees up, Chris fucked her missionary until she came again and then he dropped down and spread her pussy lips wide and ate her out another time. After that orgasm Annie pushed his face away. “Goddd, okayyy…that’s enough, Goddd!”

As perfect timing would have it, they heard Cassie call from downstairs, “Hey! Dinner’s ready!” She had set a lovely table (she even lit a candle in the middle.)

When Derek showed up he said, “What’s with all this? It’s only Wednesday; we got company coming?”

Cassie glanced at her mom and dad and giggled, “Nope, we’re just celebrating romance. Didn’t you know it was National Romance Day today?”

“What will they think of next,” Derek replied, “they got cards for that?”

“It’s the first year for it; I bet they’ll have cards next year.”

Derek was rolling his eyes when he noticed his parents’ faces; they were smiling broadly, and he rolled his eyes again when his dad held Annie’s chair and got her seated. “You guys are crazy; I’m never gonna get married, I can see that already.”

Dinner was delicious and fun and all four of them cleared the table. Even Derek helped as he was motoring around pretty well now on his crutches. When the kids left to do their homework, Chris and Annie snuggled on the sofa (in honor of National Romance Day,) and they turned on a rerun of N.C.I.S. Annie wasn’t real involved with watching; while her right hand gently massaged his leg, her mind was formulating a plan. So during the second commercial she brought it up, “Honey, I have to tell you something.”

“Oh-ohh, again?”

Annie giggled, “Yes, again.”

He sat up a bit, “What is it now; you running away with the cable-guy or something?” he cracked.

“No, that will be next month; I cut him a deal!”

Chris laughed, “He doesn’t know what he’s in for, I bet.”

“Seriously…I have to tell you something.”

He tried to look serious, “Okay, shoot!”

Annie lowered her voice, “I owe you a threesome!”

Chris’s mouth dropped open about half-way, “You do? You did?” When she nodded he continued, “When was this?”

“A couple weeks ago; I would have told you sooner, but I wanted to work out a few details beforehand. We’re all set for this weekend; will you be ready?”

He thought for a minute; if this conversation had happened yesterday, it would have rattled him. But sharing his thoughts with Phil had helped him clarify things a lot. “You and Joyce have it all arranged?”


“Okay, then I’m good. But Babe, I need to know one thing; swear to me…swear it…nothing will ever come between us; okay?”

“I swear, Honey; I swear to God I will love you forever!”

“Me too, I swear I will; should we do our vows all over again?”

Annie smiled, “Yeah, that might be fun! But let’s wait until after this weekend!”

Chris chuckled but then he added, “Ann, tell me…where is this thing with you and Joyce going; I mean in the future?”

“I don’t know, it’s just for fun; two horny women fooling around.”

“These kinds of things can get tricky; the slippery slope to somewhere. You will keep me in the loop?”

Annie struggled a little, her thoughts of Melanie surged to the fore. “Maybe we need to discuss your terms; it might get unmanageable if every single time I play with Joyce, we have to do a threesome to match it.”

“Yeah, you’re right…we’ll adjust the terms; let me think about it for a while. We can discuss this again after we see how this weekend goes.”

Annie smiled and kissed him, “I love you so much! We’re going to have an incredible time Saturday night. You’re going to see what Joyce is like underneath all that prim and proper!”

Chris grimaced playfully, “She’s that good huh?”

“You have no idea…you’ll see! Swear to me, after this weekend when I run away with the cable guy, you won’t run away with Joyce; you’ll be here when I come back, right?”

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