A Contractor Always Needs a Deposit

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Of course when a deposit is made You as our contractor are the one who receives consideration for the work to be carried out – a show of good faith if you will, before the actual work begins.

When you arrive Wendy and I greet you. Wendy and I know each other very well. Intimately you could say. I know how to please her and she knows how to please me.

Her body is more athletic than mine; she is blonde with ice blue eyes and a slim almost boyish figure… the type I love to tease. My figure is fuller, rounder, and with long brunette hair and dark eyes I know we make an interesting pair.

As you are here to collect we both answer the door. At my urging Wendy is in her cute white cotton bra and boy shorts while I am in a black lacy all in one.

We really enjoy putting on a show, call it the exhibitionist in us both, as we both know each other’s body and enjoy showing that knowledge off to ‘innocent bystanders’.

We both pull you into our shared apartment. We lead you to a nice and comfortable easy chair. I place a glass of wine on the small table next to you and encourage you to relax, lie back and enjoy yourself.

I loosen your jeans, while Wendy lays herself down on the thick rug; she’s eagerly expecting what I am about to do to her as we have done this many times before. As I move over to her, you see her quivering in anticipation, reaching out to kiss me as I approach. We kiss deeply and I move my hands over her tight body, seeking out her nipples. Moving the soft cotton of her bra aside I tease them with my fingers. Her hands move down my curves grasping my hips and pulling me to her passionately. She loves the softness of my full breasts, tight waist and the gentle curve of my stomach.

She loves it when I kiss and tease her nipples with my teeth and I love listening to her as she gasps, and like the feel of her hips as they start to grind against my body.

I know she’s wet and feel my body respond to her; I’m getting hotter and wetter too.

She grasps my head and pushes me down. I move slowly, taking my time, kissing her neck, teasing her, moving down her chest with slow deliberation, circling her breasts which are still enclosed in the soft cotton canlı bahis fabric of her bra. Using my teeth I move the fabric aside, she gasps then moans as my mouth clamps tightly onto her nipple, sucking and circling it with my tongue. I reach behind her and unclip her bra. She shrugs it off her shoulders and we toss it aside. She pushes her nipple into my mouth and I start to gently tease her again with my teeth and tongue. You watch as her body starts to writhe against mine, her bare skin rubbing against the soft lace of my all in one.

We listen to her moan softly as my mouth moves expertly from breast to breast, my hands gently pulling down her pants which she eagerly kicks to one side, spreading her legs – she knows what’s coming next.

Holding her down, I slowly move my hand down past her taught stomach, then through her soft down, my fingers searching out her clit. Her body starts to glisten with a thin film of sweat as my hand excites, gently massaging her, my mouth still eagerly teasing her breasts. She responds with gentle moans and gasps.

Her clit grows as I begin to move my mouth down her body, my tongue searching out her clit which I fasten onto and suck as she groans with pleasure. She tastes wonderful.

I push my fingers gently inside her and gently massage the other source of pleasure a woman gets… deep inside, I know exactly where to go. Her back arches as I push deeper, and she gasps as she places a hand on the back of my head to guide me while feverishly teasing her own nipples.

She’s incredibly wet, my fingers slide easily into her, gently rubbing her, teasing her into orgasm. I feel the heat of her orgasm rising. Her body is slick with sweat and I feel a throb from my own body. I am wet, hot and very very empty. With my free hand I move aside the lace of my own all in one and start to massage my clit, massaging with the same rhythm I am using on Wendy. Our moans synchronize, and she arches her back, jutting her hard hard nipples into the air.

I look over at you, what do you do?

You calmly take a sip of wine and relax back into the chair, enjoying the show.

This is not what we want. The time has come for a deposit to be made. For bahis siteleri you to get your skin in the game and seal the deal.

I look up at Wendy. Her back arches as I gently remove my fingers from her.

She looks up momentarily and our eyes lock. Then she looks over at you, back at me, smiles and nods. She lays her head back, moving her hand down her body to take up the slack, massaging her clit. We’ve been here before. Nerves, mischief, we’ve experienced most reactions and know how to get what we want; what we need from a man.

I turn to you and on my hands and knees come across the floor to where you are sitting. Kneeling I take the glass from your hand, drain it and set it carefully on the small table, wiping a small drop of wine from my mouth with the back of my hand. Standing you watch, imagining I am wiping another more intimate fluid away. I see your intent, it piques my interest and I take you by the belt and pull you gently across the floor to where Wendy is laid.

Deftly I unzip your jeans and in one smooth move, pull them to the floor along with your underpants – you step out of them. You are already erect, your body taut and quivering in anticipation. I bite my lip to resist taking you in my mouth.

Wendy’s legs are spread wide. I take your balls in my hand and gently pull you to the ground until you are kneeling. Wendy really needs your attention and I see a drop of pre-cum on the head of your cock as I pull you towards her.

Gently I thread you into her, pushing gently on the small of your back until you are buried deep inside her. Then I move away. She is hot, wet and warm. What I felt with my fingers you now feel with your cock. Slowly at first you explore her body with yours. Feeling her out, making her moan as you increase the pace. She is hot, and with every thrust gets wetter, spreading her legs winder so you can get even deeper.

Her body arches as her body readies itself to cum. This is what she needs and you feel her small body match your rhythm. I strip.

Her hands reach out for me and she pulls me close to her – we kiss. She then pushes me up and pulls me across her until I am straddling her face. Wendy is a giver not just a taker. bahis şirketleri And she gives me her fingers and her tongue. Circling around my clit, burying deep inside me, teasing me until, I too, moan. My hands teasing and circling my breasts and hard nipples.

I feel your pace increase behind me as you feel her tighten around you. She will cum at any time.

Your hands grab my hips and pull me back so I am laying on top of Wendy. She gasps and we kiss. I taste myself on her lips. She pulls me up and begins teasing my breasts with her mouth. Going from one to the other. She knows exactly what to do and how to please me.

You continue to work Wendy’s body, riding yourself deep inside her; feeling her sweet wetness as her heat rises. But you realize we are now lined up – you now have two bodies to explore. One ready to explode and the other wet, ripe and juicy, just ready to be ridden.

What do you do?

It’s a difficult choice but you choose to ride Wendy. Your mouth exploring my wet dark hole. I feel your tongue circle my clit, dig deep inside me and it makes me moan.

Wendy’s body is now slick with sweat and I hold her down as she cums. I hear you gasp, holding back on your own orgasm as her pussy rhythmically grabs you. Her back arches and she throws her head back gasping, her hands squeezing my breasts.

You pull out of her and I feel your hands on my hips. You slowly pull yourself into me. With each thrust I grasp you with my pussy. You are incredibly hard. Wendy starts sucking and playing with my breasts again. And between the two of you I feel the seeds of an earth shattering orgasm begin to grow deep in my belly.

Your pace is relentless. Hard, slow and deep. Each thrust rammed home. Wendy holds me open, pulling my legs wider so you can get even deeper.

Your balls are tight up against your body, we are racing to see who can get there first.

I beat you as waves of pleasure course through my body and I explode around you, squeezing you uncontrollably with my wet, hot body.

Still you are not satisfied and still no deposit has been made.

You pull yourself out of me, hard and unsatisfied, Wendy and I get on our hands and knees and take turns greedily sucking your cock to see whose mouth you’ll cum in.

Your balls tighten and we feel the throb as you finally release yourself into our eager open mouths, filling us both.

Wendy whispers ‘again.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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