A Desire Reawakened

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I am a man that was still in his thirties, even though I had raised a child that was eighteen when she finally left home to move in with a girlfriend and start college. I had dated (and had a very steamy sex life with) her mother, Maria, while we were in college ourselves, and she had gotten pregnant in our second year together.

She had been nineteen and I barely twenty when she gave birth to a baby daughter, Briana.

Maria and I had a great marriage for twelve years despite marrying and having a child so young, until a drunk driver shattered that part of my life.

Maria had not only died at the scene of the accident, but twelve year old Briana (whom I had tagged Bree from the time she was a child) had been critically injured and was in need of blood transfusions to survive.

When I had gone to donate blood for her, it was found that not only was I not the right blood type for her to receive the transfusion, I wasn’t even Bree’s birth father.

I was devastated to learn this at first, but nevertheless was determined to continue to love and raise Bree as if she had indeed been mine.

I remembered telling myself that the possibility existed that though Maria had slept with another guy while we were dating, she automatically suspected the child had been mine when she became pregnant.

Whatever the case, I still loved Bree and wanted her to live.

And live she would to blossom into a caring, beautiful young woman, though I found her a bit too thin for her 5’6 frame.

I guess being that skinny was the ‘in’ thing and Bree and her friends all seemed to have that same look that I viewed as being underfed. I loved my women with a little curve or two on them.

But after Maria died, I didn’t have a woman for about six years, sexually or otherwise, despite Bree’s efforts to fix me up her friends’ mothers.

During that time, if my sex drive hadn’t died with my wife, my cock saw more of my hand than a woman’s pussy.

At 6’3 and about 200 pounds with shoulder length chestnut hair and dark brown eyes, I still could have picked up a woman or two for a clandestine, no-strings-attached fuck as most men my age did.

But I was the type of guy that believed sex without love was pointless, so the thought never came to the deed, even at my horniest moments–which weren’t too often anymore.

At least, until Katie moved into my home as a roomer. The woman that would reawaken my sexual desires from the moment I laid eyes on her.

When Bree moved into her own place and prepared to start school, things got lonely around the house and I was considering selling the place until Bree suggested I rent out the spare room since it was so close to many of the vocational schools and the junior college in the area. After much consideration, I found it to be a great idea.

Initially, though, the potential roomers weren’t exactly the type of people that I wanted in the house.

There were everything from a couple of hot girls in their early twenties (that turned out to be ‘escorts’) to a few ‘doper’ types, none which I was comfortable with.

I politely sent them on their way with the notice I would contact them when and if I made a decision.

Throughout all these casts of characters, Katie then came to see the room. She was a sweet, shy young woman barely twenty and hardly the ‘party’ type, a student at the junior college who worked part time at the library.

She was a pretty thing, about 5’4 and around 130 pounds, all of it in the right places, particularly her ass and breasts, along with butterscotch hair and clear blue eyes. If men weren’t falling over this lovely specimen, there was something wrong–with THEM.

Soft spoken, Katie stated that she had been looking for something reasonable closer to school and her job, since she didn’t drive and the public transportation where she currently lived was basically shitty.

Cab fares were expensive and the new landlords that had taken over her present building had jacked up the rent yet again.

As she talked about her situation and looked at the room, I felt my dick rise in my pants the first time in who knew how long just looking at Katie’s incredible ass and full tits.

I would definitely need to jerk off tonight, I thought to myself. Meanwhile, it was all I could do to hide the rising bulge in my jeans as I showed her around.

I don’t know now if it had been my conscience or my cock that made the decision for me–maybe both–but before I knew it, I offered the place to Katie, much to her gratefulness.

She immediately wrote out a check for the deposit and rent, then said she would be back that weekend to move in.

She turned out to be both a great tenant and excellent company; it wasn’t long before she and I became good friends.

But Katie still had the same effect on me that she did the first day she came to see the room and there wasn’t a week that gone by without me jerking off in either my bed or the shower thinking about her, though I doubted she’d even give me a glance altyazı porno in any way besides as a landlord/buddy.

There was an eighteen-year age difference between us after all and she was probably having plenty of sex with guys her own age anyway. What young woman that sexy wouldn’t be?

As it turned out, Katie didn’t have much luck with men her age in town despite her sweet personality, intelligence and certainly that voluptuous body of hers.

It seemed to be from my perspective that the guys around here only got boners for size 2 women with either fried-egg tits or surgically enhanced ones.

What the attraction was to women that looked more like pre-teenaged boys than actual women was totally lost on me.

On this particular night, she was supposed to be going to a dance at the college; someone had ‘fixed her up’ with a guy she’d had a secret crush on and was excited.

But she had been back home in less than an hour, visibly upset and had gone into her part of the house, shutting the door to her room for the longest time. Out of respect, I left her alone for awhile.

Having another raging hard-on after seeing her in the dress for the dance, I hurried into the bathroom and stripped off my clothes, giving my cock a workout with my hand, eventually spraying cum everywhere in the stall.

I then cleaned up the mess before getting myself together, drying off after the shower and pulling on some shorts over my nakedness to wear to bed later.

After I got out of the shower, Katie was in the kitchen, now in her baby doll pajamas. Even though she had cleaned up, she still looked as if she had been crying.

“Katie, what are you doing home so early?” I asked, suddenly feeling a little self-conscious that I had shorts on and nothing else in front of her.

She gave me a pouty look. “Oh, CJ, it was terrible! The whole thing was a joke. I was supposed to meet Brian there, but it turned out he not only brought this really hot girl there instead, she was his girlfriend! It was someone’s idea of a sick joke! Sometimes I just hate people!”

I looked back at her, thinking about her being treated so bad and having the feeling of wishing I could track down the person responsible for hurting her and breaking my foot off in their ass.

“I’m sorry, Katie. You deserve so much better than that.”

“Well, it will never happen to me,” she pouted again.

I gave her a small, encouraging smile. “You know, they say things happen when you least expect it. Before you know it, a guy could come along that thinks you are the best thing that happened to him.”

“Oh, CJ,” she said with a slight giggle. “you’re so crazy.”

“And why not?” I asked as we walked into the living room and sat on the sofa. “You’re a bright, beautiful young woman. A guy would have to be on the pipe not to want someone like you.”

“Well, I guess a lot of them are on the pipe then,” she said, shaking her head. “And besides, I don’t see you with any women and you’re an attractive man.”

“I guess I haven’t found the right girl since my wife was killed. I was your age when our daughter was born.”

“You married and had a baby young,” Katie agreed.

“I sure did. Briana was twelve when we lost Maria,” I said softly. “I raised her myself until she moved out after that.”

I didn’t tell Katie that Briana hadn’t been my biological daughter; Briana herself still didn’t know and there was no point bringing it up anyway.

Deciding it was enough of our depressing tales, we then spent time talking and laughing about other things in our lives when out of the blue I had leaned over and kissed her softly.

Suddenly realizing what I had been doing, I pulled back quickly.

“Katie….I’m sorry; I went over the line. I didn’t–“

She put her fingers on my lips to stop me. “No,” she protested. “I want you to do that again.”

“You’re very young, baby. A pretty girl like you probably has a guy somewhere wanting to be with you.”

Katie pouted again. “Not really. All the guys I know only want ‘one thing’ with me or go out with all those skinny cheerleader types. I mean, I’ve given a couple of blow jobs and things like that, but I don’t exactly have men eager to go out with me. I’m not a slut looking for just sex.”

“I think I may have found my dream girl,” I said a little teasingly, before I held her close to me, touching her face and kissed her, exploring Katie’s mouth with my tongue.

She tangled her hands in my hair and kissed me back as our tongues entwined and I felt my cock growing in my shorts.

I was at that point possibly enveloped in both love and lust with her as I stroked Katie’s shoulders and back as my lips never left hers; we kissed passionately for a long time.

My lips then left a trail down her neck before I whispered in her ear that we should continue this in the bedroom.

Katie’s response was to pull away from me before she stood up and stripped off her baby doll pajamas, displaying her nakedness amatör porno before me.

“Oh baby, you are so beautiful,” I said approvingly before picking her up and carrying her into the bedroom.

I gently lay her on the bed and asked her to let me look at her. I wanted to touch every part of her body with my hands, mouth….and my cock.

For the first time in six years, I wanted to make love to a woman, and Katie was that woman.

I ran my fingers down her back, over her beautiful, round ass, up and down her legs; every part my hands went on Katie’s body, my mouth followed.

“Tell me what you want and like, baby,” I finally said after coming up and kissing her again. “I want to give you so much pleasure.”

I couldn’t believe what happened next; Katie then moved down my own body and licked up and down the shaft of my eight inch cock and around the head until she took my entire cock into her mouth in one gulp, sucking me in deeper and deeper until I was practically into her throat.

“Jesus…Katie, you have the hottest mouth….” I managed to get out between groans of pleasure as she deep throated my cock.

Even the expert blow jobs Maria had given me before and during our marriage had paled in comparison to how Katie was sucking me now.

As I found myself enjoying the blow job Katie was performing below me, I noticed she was slowly sucking me all the way to my balls as I felt her hand caressing them as she downed my prick.

I was ready to shoot my load within minutes.

“Katie,” I warned her in case she wasn’t into having a guy cum in her mouth. “I’m going to cum.”

That had only made her suck my cock faster while her hand now worked my shaft.

I then felt several large shots of my semen go down her throat; Katie eagerly drinking stream after stream of the hot jizz I shot into her mouth.

Once she had swallowed the last drop of cum, she slowly pulled her mouth off my cock and smiled.

“You liked that,” she stated matter of factly, then kissed me.

“I haven’t had my cock sucked like that for a long time, baby,” I agreed. “Whoever taught you to give a blow job certainly knew their stuff.”

She was already playing with my dick again. “Yeah, I know guys like getting that. And swallowing cum isn’t really that bad.”

In light of the mind-blowing blow job she’d given me, I found myself wanting to reciprocate by going down on her.

I always loved eating pussy and the thought of diving between Katie’s own legs and giving her the eating of a lifetime turned me on greatly.

I then laid her gently back on the bed, spreading her legs and revealing a neatly shaved mound. The sight of her bald pussy made me want to eat her out even more.

I dove my head between her legs, my tongue finding the inside of her cunt and sliding it in and out of her as she began to moan softly above me as I continued to tongue fuck her deep as it would go into her opening.

“Oh, CJ!” she squealed. “Yes! Don’t stop!”

I slid my tongue out of her slit, working it up to her love button, but not touching it, licking round and round her pussy before nibbling on her lips and then flicking her clit at last as I finger fucked her tight pussy.

Within seconds, Katie had let out a moan as she began to cum; her sweet orgasm flowing into my mouth and me lapping up every drop or her nectar until she could cum no longer.

By now, my cock was stiff again; I found myself dizzy with lust and needing to fuck her.

I then teased her pussy a little with my hand. “I think you need a good fucking. Are you ready to be fucked, baby?”

“I-I don’t know. Do y-you have a condom?” Katie was hunching her pussy against my hand.

“I don’t use condoms. I don’t like the feel of them when I make love to a woman. Maybe I should just take it out when I’m ready to cum. Would that be okay?”

“Okay…” was all she could get out.

“I want to make you feel so good, baby,” I reassured her.

I reached between her legs all the way under her ass and then slowly traced her ass crack with his finger all the way to her clit.

I pulled her thighs open wider and did it again. Katie sighed and moaned at the contact I was giving her.

I traced her ass crack one more time but stopped with my finger on her pussy and began a light massage.

“Do you want me to finger fuck you, baby?”

“I-yes…. it feels so good when you touch me.”

I pushed my finger into Katie’s cunt and she arched off the bed. I then pushed a second finger into her saturated pussy and she began to shiver a little.

“Oh, CJ, I’m going to cum!”

I increased the pace of my fingers inside her until she exploded on them, gasping and moaning as she came all over them.

“I think you’re definitely ready to be fucked,” I said softly once she had finished her second orgasm.

“Do you think your cock will fit inside me? It’s so big….”

I rolled onto my knees between Katie’s legs, gripping my cock and rubbed animasyon porno it between the lips of her pussy.

She arched upward, trying to capture the head. I continued to rub the head of my cock up and down her pussy, mixing her juices with my pre-cum.

“Oh God, CJ, I need your cock in me,” she moaned.

“Are you sure that you want me to fuck you?”

“Fuck me,” she said. “I want you so much.”

I clenched my ass and the head of my cock slipped inside Katie’s tight cunt and I leaned down to kiss her. It was then I felt an obstacle of sorts inside her as I went to push more of my cock inside.

Katie was a virgin!

Before I could ask her if she was sure she wanted this, she bucked her hips up, forcing more of my cock into her pussy. There was no question now she wanted–needed–to be fucked.

I clenched my ass muscles again and my cock was fully embedded once I had felt her hymen pop. She was so tight, so wet and so damned hot!

“Oh CJ,” she moaned again softly. “I’ve wanted this so much…I just had to wait for the right guy to give it to…”

That had gotten me going even more; I’d had sex plenty of times even before I met Maria, but Katie had been the first cherry I had ever popped in my thirty-eight years.

I never thought fucking a virgin could feel so good!

“Katie, lift your legs and tilt your pussy. I’m going to put it against your cervix. Does that feel good, baby?”

“Oh, God, yes! Are you going to cum in me? Oh, your cock feels so good inside me….it is so big. I’m going to cum again. Are you going to pull out?”

I pulled my cock out until just the head remained. I then began to fuck Katie with long slow thrusts until both of us were grunting, groaning and gasping for air, and at the same time, I was trying not to hurt her.

“Oh CJ, you fuck me so good. I needed a man inside me so much.”

After a few more minutes, we were both nearing an orgasm.

“I’ve got to pull out now, Katie. I’m ready to cum,” I panted.

“Oh CJ, don’t pull out now. Your big cock feels so good in me. I’m almost ready to cum. Fuck me more, baby.”

I pushed my cock in to the hilt and pressed my pubic bone against Katie’s clit. This triggered her orgasm.

I could feel her pussy squeeze my cock and this sent me over the edge. I could feel the cum working up my cock as it began to throb and my ass began to clench.

Streams of my cum then began flooding into Katie’s pussy as we clung to each other in the throes of climax.

Her eyes were clenched shut and her mouth was open slackly. We both were making incoherent noises and perspiration was dripping from us.

When the spasms had ended, I collapsed on top of her, my cock still buried in her pussy and our tongues entwined again in a hot kiss.

“That felt so good,” she finally said. “I hope you don’t think I’m a slut for letting you do that and cum in me.”

“I couldn’t pull out. Your pussy was so tight and it felt so good. I don’t think you are a slut at all. Even virgins get horny and need a good fucking eventually. But why did you let me pop your cherry?”

“I’ve been waiting for the right man to do that with. And I knew when I moved here you were the man I wanted to give it to. Did I do okay?”

I kissed her deeply again. “That was so great that I want to fuck you again when my cock gets hard. Would you suck my cock and get me hard again?”

“Oh, CJ, just stay in my pussy,” she begged.

“But that will keep cum from running out of your pussy. You might get pregnant,” I warned.

Katie smiled. “Don’t worry. Since we have already had sex and you came in me, we may as well enjoy more of the same. It’s too late now to worry about me getting pregnant.”

We continued to kiss softly with Katie pushing her tongue between my lips and placed her heels behind my thighs.

Soon, when my cock was fully erect, Katie and I started fucking again, my dick making squelching noises when it slid into Katie’s cum-filled pussy.

This fuck was more leisurely. Neither Katie nor I were in any hurry for it to end. But soon, I felt cum start to move up my cock.

I drove it to the hilt and again squirted a large amount of semen into Katie to join the last load I had previously shot into her once-virgin cunt.

“Katie, I love you! I love you so much….” I called out as another shot of cum went inside her.

Her legs quivered and her pussy clenched on my cock as she went into the throes of another orgasm.

“Oh CJ, you fucked me so good. I needed that so much. You can fuck me anytime that you want, baby. I will suck your big cock and swallow your cum again when you need that too. I love you too and want to make you feel as good as you made me.”

I kissed her deeply, “Katie, I think you are special too. I want you to move into my bed so I can love you like this every night or how often you need it. I never thought I could be with a woman like this ever again.”

I then pulled my cock out and rolled off Katie, cuddling her as we eventually went to sleep in each other’s arms.

The following morning, we fucked again for about another hour before we took a shower together and I helped her get ready for class.

I just couldn’t get enough of that beautiful body of hers, especially now knowing I had been her first lover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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