A Dirty Dog Does Germany Ch. 08

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I met Harry out in the motor park one afternoon as I was taking a shortcut from my unit building back to my office. Each company building in the battalion was arranged around a large square and the motor park occupied an area in the center that would have held 3 football fields. It held most of the wheeled vehicles we had in the battalion.

I didn’t know him then, but he chased me down. I thought maybe he was looking for a payday loan or something. I often had guys I didn’t know but knew me approach me. Money was the usual subject. This wasn’t the case.

Harry was looking to do something different, and had heard I had an opening in my office, and since he could type and was good with computers, he wanted a job out of the dirt and in a nice office. Since I didn’t know him, I was skeptical.

For replacement people, I often had to recruit people from the companies who weren’t in that particular occupational specialty until I could get a replacement. Sometimes people came to me, as Harry was doing. I made an appointment to talk to him later.

When Harry showed up to see me, I told my lunch coverage guy to take lunch, and we had the office to ourselves. I took him to one of our word processors (hey, this wasn’t yesterday, you know!). I opened a blank form we used for personnel appraisals and had him fill in the blanks, including two narrative sections. He ripped it off in minutes. As he worked, he also told me he had his own home computer. He had purchased one of the first Apple home computers (see, I told you it wasn’t yesterday!).

I was impressed because he had a knack for correct wording, and his English skills were exceptional. Harry was a rare find. I told him I liked what I saw and would see if I could get him reassigned to my section. He left smiling.

As luck would have it, our Sergeant Major knew Harry was looking for another job position and when I broached the subject, Big Joe said yes. No, he wasn’t the Telly Savalas looking “Big Joe” from “Kelly’s Heroes” but rather a tall black gentleman with a shaved head and love of bowling. Anyway, he arranged to have Harry transferred.

I knew Harry was married but had never actually seen his wife. A couple of days after he was reassigned, he invited Mandi and I to have dinner with him and his wife. I accepted the invitation and we went to dinner at their house on Friday night. It turned out that Mandi had met his wife Jill at one of the Non-combatant Evacuation exercises.

Jill was rather plain looking, with long, straight brunette hair that didn’t flatter her at all. Her hair was thin, and they didn’t have a shower in the old German house they lived in, just a tub. This led to her not washing her hair for 2-3 days. I noticed this as soon as I walked in and we met. She had a nice, round ass, though, not fat, not skinny. As they said in “The Three Bears,” it was just right.

She also wore tight sleeveless knit shirts which looked kinda butch since she had muscular arms. It also showed off her chest. When I eventually got to know that chest, her breasts weren’t quite as large as appearances implied.

But dinner went well, Harry and I split off the play with the Apple computer, while Jill and Mandi cleaned up from dinner. Mandi apparently liked Jill well enough, and offered to reciprocate on the dinner to be at our place the next weekend. She accepted.

This started us becoming regular hang out friends, and often partied together. We had a spare room like they did, so if we partied hard, we could crash and not worry about getting a DUI. One night when we were partying at my apartment in Neckargartach, Harry got slammed. He could barely walk, much less drive. And Jill wasn’t feeling any pain. They crashed in the spare bedroom.

For some reason, after Mandi and I went to bed I was in a screaming horny mood, and caught Mandi about half zipped as well and she got hot quick. We figured Harry and Jill had crashed hard, and so we went at it. I ate Mandi’s pussy through a couple of good orgasms, and then we fucked in several positions.

As I was pounding into Mandi’s pussy while I had her legs thrown back to her ears (she would only do that when she was drinking because I would pound her too deep and she would be sore the next day), I heard a noise. Now being the good military guy that I am, small movements and small noises put me instantly on alert. I saw a brief movement just barely in my field of vision.

There were no lights on but since the roll-down shades were up, I had plenty of residual lights from the city to make seeing fairly easy. Plus the living room door was open, and was getting some residual lights from the living room windows. I carefully but surreptitiously looked over my shoulder. I was still stroking away, so Mandi didn’t notice anything.

I saw the silhouette of a head with long hair peeking around the door frame. It was Jill! I kept stroking away but slowed down and really long stroked into Mandi. She grabbed my forearms with a death grip and rode through another orgasm, writhing and gasping quietly, until she stifled Çankaya Escort a long groan and shook a couple of more times.

She was spent, and I had too much alcohol to get an easy orgasm, so I decided I would wait until the next day after Harry and Jill left. Mandi eased over and I slowly rolled onto my back. Mandi rolled over to me and gave me a sloppy good night kiss and turned over on her side.

I could still see the faint outline of Jill’s head about waist high, and I figured she was on her knees. I grabbed my still hard cock and slowly stroked it a couple of times, taking pains to move my hand teasingly from the head of my cock to the base, ever so slowly. I heard a stifled sigh, and then she disappeared into the toilet.

I slipped out of bed, and cat footed my way to the door of the toilet, listening carefully. I could hear Jill violently sawing away at a wet pussy. She was masturbating hard and fast. I listened as she finally approached an orgasm and stifle some moans and groans. I carefully slipped back to bed.

I saw Jill leave the bathroom and go back into the spare room. I caught myself wondering if maybe she would be my next strange pussy, maybe even plant a hard cock into her nice ass. I fell asleep still horny.

I awoke the next morning still horny, but heard Jill already up and puttering around the living room. I got up and put on some boxer shorts, and went into the living room. She was wearing my headphones and listening to some music while seated on the floor.

I went on to the balcony and grabbed me a Stuttgarter Hofbrau and popped it open. Jill was now kneeling on the floor getting ready to pop in another CD. I was about half hard and was bulging from my boxers, so just to see what would happen, I casually eased up beside her so my cock was directly even with her face. After she pushed in the CD, she turned with a smile only to look eyeball first right at my semi-erect cock bulging from the thin material.

Jill’s eyes went wide open, but instead of pulling away, she just gazed until she slowly looked upward at me. She involuntarily reached up to touch my cock but just as her hand got to me, she suddenly yanked it back and put a hand over her mouth. I had shut the living room door when I entered so I wouldn’t disturb Mandi, or Harry, although he was probably still dead to the world.

I gestured that it was okay to touch me, gave her a little okay sign with my fingers, and then put a finger over my lips as a sign to be quiet. She looked around with a look akin to panic and lust, and slowly reached up to gently grasp my cock. She stroked it through the thin fabric of my boxers for a minute, blushed, and dropped her hand.

I moved one headphone speaker out of the way and whispered, “It’s okay to touch it!” She looked at me and shook her head no, but then after a couple of seconds, looked around again to make sure no one else was there, and slowly stroked my cock again. This led me to get even harder, until I had to readjust so I was standing straight up and poking at the waist band of my boxers.

She kept gently stroking until she finally looked up at me and mouthed a “Wow!”

I motioned for her to take the headphones off and when she did, I leaned over and whispered, “Did you enjoy watching me last night?”

She leaned back and turned red, then purple, and seemed to strangle for a minute. She was mute for a few seconds, and then whispered back, “What do you mean?”

I leaned down and replied, “I saw you watching us, and then you went into the toilet and masturbated. Don’t try to deny it. I just hope you enjoyed yourself.”

Her shade of purple deepened slightly, and she looked aghast. Then she jumped to her feet, and grabbed my head and leaned to my ear, whispering, “Do you like embarrassing me?”

I leaned into her ear and whispered, “I’m not trying to. I’m just saying you don’t have to abuse yourself when you could have the real thing!”

She looked at me closely, and then whispered, “What makes you think that I would want to do that?”

I smiled and replied, “I bet you haven’t had any strange since you got married, have you?”

She got the look of a little girl who had gotten caught stealing cookies, and after some hesitation told me, “No. Now quit embarrassing me!”

I couldn’t resist a low chuckle and told her, “The offer is yours, but you will have to call me first. Now get over yourself and decide if you want to enjoy some wonderful sex or simply go on fantasizing.”

She looked at me thoughtfully and quietly said, “I don’t think I can have an affair.”

I almost did a spit-take with my beer, and tried not to laugh out loud. She looked at me with a frown as I said, “I don’t want to have an affair either. Isn’t some nice, playful sex enough for you? I’m not looking to change anything in my life, but I do enjoy the occasional strange sex. It keeps me healthy!”

She looked into my eyes, and I gazed back with the obvious merriment I was having, until she finally said, Keçiören Escort “I’ll think about it.”

I took her hand and led it back to my cock, saying, “Fine. When you make a decision, let me know.”

She subconsciously stroked my cock until she looked down, blushed, and then conspiratorially whispered, “I’ll let you know soon. Now quit teasing me!”

I eased away from her and took another draw of beer. I headed back to the bedroom for some pants and told her to enjoy the music and I would get breakfast started. I cooked up a killer breakfast and even Harry, hung-over though he might be, ate his fill. They left a short time later.

As I expected, Jill was curious and called me early in the next week. I had given her the number to my office phone, and she called me directly. I was interested in what she had to say. She led with some small talk, and asked about Mandi. Then, after the talk waned, finally sighed deeply and asked, “When could we…you…us…you know..uh….get together and…..uh…..do something some time.”

I chuckled at her hesitation, and I knew she was scared, but I calmly let her off the hook. “If you want to know if I still want to have sex with you, the answer is yes. Thursday afternoon would be good for me.”

I doubt she knew I had assigned Harry to take half the staff to the firing range for rifle practice prior to qualification, but I listened as she stammered a bit before finally saying, “You want to come over here?”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” I quipped.

“Oh no, no, it’s just, you know…..I don’t want Harry showing up.”

“Not to worry,” I told her, “I can’t see that happening.”

She suddenly giggled, and then asked me, “Did you do something?”

I just smiled to myself, and said, “Not really. But you can take my word that it will be safe.”

I hung up after making arrangement for the time, and schemed on what I would try to do with her first.

Before Thursday could arrive, though, Harry wanted to know if Mandi and I would drop by. He had some new computer thing he wanted to show off. So I agreed, and after Mandi and I had dinner at the club, we headed over to their house.

Big mistake. Harry and Jill were fighting, and over something very personal since they were both livid but sullenly quiet. Harry wouldn’t say anything to me, and Mandi tried to talk to Jill, who wasn’t forthcoming. I panicked for a moment, thinking that Jill had gotten a case of guilt trip, and told Harry about our pending tryst.

Fortunately, Mandi finally got Jill to open up a little. When she finally got the whole story, she called me into the kitchen. While Jill was opening a beer for me, Mandi told me what was up.

To keep it short, Harry had a hair trigger. That’s right, the dreaded scourge of premature ejaculation. The prior evening, Jill had been in the mood for sex, so Harry did something he would normally do. He told her was going to clean up a bit, and went into the bath. He would run some water while he masturbated, so when he finally got into sex he wouldn’t spoil it in 30 seconds.

But Jill had walked in on him and just went ballistic. She took it personally, like he was holding out on her for some reason. He had tried to explain that he was trying to make her happy because he was embarrassed to fire his load so quickly. She just couldn’t cope with that. And it wasn’t like she was trying to get pregnant.

In spite of my misgivings, Mandi left me with Jill and asked me to explain it all to her, and she left to talk with Harry and try to soothe his wounded ego. I thought about the situation for a minute before I talked to Jill.

I carefully explained that he only did that because he wanted to make sure she had her pleasure from sex, and it was personally embarrassing for him to unload so quickly. I also let her know that she was awfully close to being a hypocrite since she masturbated herself. She tried to make that into something completely different, but I didn’t let her get away with it.

I finally cracked her mad shell when I told her that he must care for her deeply to deny himself the pleasure of an orgasm with her, just so she could have some pleasure. That put things in a different light, and she finally grudgingly agreed to talk to Harry about his problem and help him get to be a better lover. I also told her that she would be instrumental in making sure they came to a mutual method for facing and working through his problem.

After giving her some rather clinical techniques to use, she came into the living room. Harry and Mandi were drinking a beer, and both looked like little kids getting their first talk about sex. But they seemed less like fighting now, and Mandi and I decided to let them have some peace and quiet to talk.

We left and headed back to our apartment. I told Mandi that I had the same problem years ago when I had first started having sex. But with experience, I found how to control my level of arousal so that I wasn’t as stimulated. We Etimesgut Escort swapped notes after getting home, and finally turned in.

Jill called me back the next morning within minutes of my getting to my desk. I thought she was going to back out of our plans, but instead, she wanted to tell me thanks for helping, and that she and Harry had a long talk, and she realized how sweet he had been for concentrating on her instead of his own pleasure. They both agreed to work with each other to help him. I was happy.

Then as she was saying good-bye, she quietly asked, “Are you still coming over Thursday?”

I laughed and told her, “I wouldn’t miss it for anything.”

I could feel her smile through the phone when she hung up.

I let the regular guy who was supposed to man the office during lunch go on, so I could finish some things I needed to do before leaving. I called Jill while I was still at my desk and asked her what she was wearing.

When she asked why, I quipped, “I hope you weren’t planning on staying in your clothes very long. For that matter, why would you even want to be wearing anything at all?”

She giggled and said she would think about it.

When I arrived, she wasn’t naked. But she had on a short gown, some silky thing, with a very low neck. I got to see her cleavage for the first time. The gown was form fitting, and that’s when I noticed that what I had originally thought were D-cup breasts were actually a little smaller than I thought, maybe a nice C. I was hardly disappointed though. The gown looked a bit odd on her though, since she always looked a bit butchie!

I gave her a big hug, and she melted into me. She had freshly washed her hair and it smelled of a light flower fragrance. Unfortunately, she also wanted to talk, and tell me all about what she and Harry had done about getting started helping him with his quick trigger. I listened to her semi-graphic description as I sipped a beer. I also slowly began to undress as she continued her narrative.

When I was finally naked, she looked at me closely, maybe like she was comparison shopping. I was totally flaccid. She took my cock in her hand for a moment, and said, “It doesn’t look nearly as big as when I was at your house!”

I laughed and said, “Give it a kiss or two and I think you will see a difference before you know it.”

She twisted her lips into a wry smile and flatly told me, “I don’t put it in my mouth.”

This wasn’t good news. I was perplexed.

“Is that the same way you feel about sex with Harry?”

She scowled and said, “I have tried, but it always seems to gross me out. I puked on him one time.”

I got a serious mind flash on that one, and wondered why that didn’t cure his hair trigger. Apparently the hair trigger was the cause. He blasted a load of cum into her mouth in seconds. After that, no oral sex.

I promised her that I wouldn’t blast down her throat unless she wanted me too, so give it a try. She closed her eyes and moved to my cock, tentatively giving the head a little lick. Then she carefully took the head into her mouth, sucking lightly. It was just enough stimulus to get me started growing. As I got bigger in her hands, she started working a little harder and sucking me a bit deeper. Jill was definitely inexperienced at cock sucking. She finally opened her eyes and pulled her head away from me.

She smiled and continued to play with my cock as it headed for full erection.

“You do grow a lot, don’t you,” she said with a satisfied look. I let her falsely think she had done something extraordinary.

I stood her up and quickly lifted the gown over her head and threw it over an arm on the couch. Her breasts bounced freely. She had a thicket of pubic hair, dark brown and wiry.

“I feel strange in here. Can we go in the bedroom?” she asked.

I nodded and let her lead me to the bedroom. Before she could turn down the covers, I grabbed her and carefully but swiftly pushed her down onto the bed and sucked one of her breasts into my mouth. She gasped in shock, but rolled with it and within seconds, grabbed my head and pulled it down tighter. I let go of the breast only to quickly suck the other one in. She giggled delightedly and kept her grip on my head.

As I sucked on her breast and tongued the nipple, I snaked a hand down to her pussy. She was starting to dampen. I gently slid a finger up and down her slit, coaxing her clit to come out of hiding. Jill involuntarily opened her legs, allowing me more access. She was getting hot quickly. Aside from holding on to my head, though, she was pretty much immobile.

I slowly kissed my way down her stomach, and around her thighs, slowly pulling her legs apart. She had pulled her hands up to her breasts and folded them like she was a corpse or something. I licked my way around her vaginal lips, coaxing a little more juice from her pussy. I finally slid between her legs and began to eat her pussy in earnest.

Jill didn’t move or make any noises. I wondered if she was still alive! I worked my way to her clit, gently lifting it out with my tongue and slowly pulled it to my lips. I slid my tongue back down her slit, tongued the opening to her vagina, and went back to her clit. This time I sucked it between my lips and began my patented tongue action by sucking her clit in as far as I could then quickly forcing it back out with my tongue.

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