A Discovery Ch. 02

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We walked back to my house in occasional fits of giggles interspersed with disbelieving and more solemn words – but never once, amazingly, embarrassment.

“Debbie,” I said as the house came into view, “I keep thinking this is all a dream.”

“Dreamy dream or nightmary dream?”

“A dreamy one,” I assured her, “but it still feels all so unreal.”

“JR, it feels unreal to me as well. It’s probably something to do with this first-timer thing.”

I’d admitted to my silly nickname, “Oh call me Dallas, please?”

“Okay then Dallas, but tell me something? Will you give me my sweatshirt back before you go into your house or afterwards?”

I swatted Debbie’s arm, “Funny girl. You’re welcome to the view but my perverted brother and his no doubt equally perverted friends most certainly are not!” Even as I started across the front lawn in search of the gnome with the hidden key I was realising what I’d just said to her. And realising that my words were as true as my emotions were totally scrambled.

Perhaps that was why, after locating the key and heading for the front door, I flipped the rear of the sweatshirt up to expose my bare butt. So? I’d flashed a virtual stranger. A female stranger. It wasn’t as if I’d not done anything weirder or wilder already that day.

Whatever vague worries I’d had about my sibling spotting my very naked legs as I dashed in to change, proved unnecessary. Torchlights still fluttered around the back garden and the many snorts of laughter and muffled comments suggested that he and his friends were all still of the opinion that I would be heading home that way, naked, sometime soon. I replaced Debbie’s sweatshirt with a summery dress, a pair of clean knickers and some sandals, grabbed my little purse and my new friend’s garment, then sneaked out of the house, determined to make no noise that would alert the boys to my departure. Let their futile hopes burn a little while longer at least.

Debbie was sitting cross-legged on the footpath as I trotted out of the front garden and she stood quickly as I approached. “Far over-dressed but very nice. Now what about that drink?”

“Thanks, I think.” I handed her the sweatshirt and waited until she had tied it back around her waist by the sleeves, then I pointed to the end of the lane, “The Coach do you?”

“As crap bars go, it’s less crap than most. And at least we might be able to enjoy the peace and have a nice chat… if you want to chat that is?”

“I do,” And I very much did, “My mind seems to be swimming with questions if nothing else.”

Debbie smiled, somewhere between relieved and delighted, “Come on then, let’s see if we can satisfy some curiosities and at least one very deep thirst!”

We walked quickly along the lane to the small pub, neither of us seemingly willing to start with the questions until we were safely seated, and neither seemingly willing to close the few inches between us. I, for one, wasn’t sure what might happen if I did reach out for Debbie’s arm, and the more I thought about it, the more I confused myself by even considering such a thing.

Once inside The Coach the mood seemed to relax within seconds and we were soon ensconced at a small table as far from the bar and other drinkers as we could find, both sipping at large vodkas.

“Well, then,” Debbie said, “I think we’re both agreed that what we’ve been up to today was all a first for us, yeah?”

“First with a capital fuff,” I nodded. “But… shall say it?”

“Are you going to say it was a nice fuff, Dallas?”

I gave another nod, letting my brain and body answer for me so that I didn’t need to think, “A very nice fuff.”

“And even the wild walk was a first for you?”

“It was. I don’t think I’d ever really considered anything more wild than sunbathing topless.”

Debbie laughed, “Not quite on the same scale, is it?”

“I just never imagined even that part of it could be such a thrill, but then there was… the playing… and then… well…”

“Then there was me.”

“I can’t deny it, Debbie.”

She swirled the ice in her glass, “Was I… out of order in any way?”

I snorted, “I think my reaction back in the lane is all you need to answer that one. It was heaven, Debbie,” my blush started to blaze, “I’d never thought about anything like that either, but… oh what an experience!”

Debbie put her glass down with a little more force than she intended, “Thank god you think that way! I wasn’t joking when I told you I’ve never done anything like that before… bursa escort but I’m so glad that happened, even if…” she trailed off.

I knew how she was going to – wanted to – finish that sentence, and that part of my brain that had taken control regardless of what the rest of me was thinking spoke up before I could stop it, “Even if it was just that one time? Debbie, I’m not sure I could say no next time. Or to a next time.”

Her big eyes swivelled up from the vodka glass, “Do you… are you saying that… there really could be a next time?”

There were a million possible answers but all I could say was “Yes.”

“I want that!” she blurted, her own cheeks flaming red.

I gulped down the rest of my drink and motioned to Debbie’s, “Want another? I think I need one.”

“I do,” she drained her glass and handed it to me, “If I thought I was thirsty earlier, I had no idea mouths could get this dry.”

We weren’t much more composed by the time I returned with fresh vodkas, but Debbie was clearly determined not to let anything slow down, “So, Dallas,” she started after thanking me for the new drink, “you’d better know I love the great outdoors myself.”

“You ever go for walks around here, then?”

She shook her head, “Not walks, but I kind of… like to play when I’m out, you see?”

“Never had the pleasure of seeing,” I said, brain still a long way out of control.

Debbie laughed, “I don’t know what’s come over me – other than you – but I almost asked if you ‘want the pleasure, then’!”

My mouth dropped into a shocked, delighted ‘O’, “You terror!”

“I’m not normally, Dallas. Well, not when there’s anyone else around.”

“So come on then, just how do you ‘play when you’re out’?” I was determined not to let her wriggle out of a potentially embarrassing revelation. Even as I realised I was slipping in to Debbie’s confidence anyway.

She shrugged, gave a slightly embarrassed giggle and took a large swig of vodka, “I like to play – masturbate – in odd places outside.”

“The woods, you mean?”

“Sometimes. And sometimes when I’m out driving. I’ve even done it in a traffic queue one day when nothing was moving but a finger or two.”

“You terror,” I laughed, my belly giving an involuntary twitch, “Always alone?”

“For as long as I care to remember. There was a boyfriend once… but, well, that was a long time ago.”

“Sounds like fun.”

“It is,” Debbie’s focus dropped to her glass, “and I guess now I’ll have something new to think about when I play.”

“Good,” I said, quietly.

She looked up, “You know, if I don’t ask now I don’t think I’ll ever get up the nerve to ask ever again.”

“Ask,” I told her, “and I think I already know what my answer will be.”

Debbie gulped down the rest of her drink. “I want to find out what walking in the woods like you did feels like. And I don’t think I could do that without someone there to help me.” She took another gulp at her already empty glass, seeming not to notice the lack of vodka, “Will you help me, Dallas?”

“Yes,” my body made my head nod, “And since we are getting over our nerves with such wild questions, will you take me driving?”

“Oh god, yes,” Debbie breathed the most humungous sigh of relief I’d ever heard. “Can we start real soon before I lose my nerve?”

“Tomorrow!” I blurted, “My parents’ place at ten? After Ben has gone off to school and before I can lose my own nerve?”

“Ten it is.” Debbie snatched up my empty glass and her own, “And we need another drink, I’m thinking.”

I nodded, “I’m not keen on leaving here too sober.”

I might not have been allowing myself to think too clearly, but I had a question prepared for Debbie when she returned with the drinks, “Debbie? Have you any idea what’s been happening to us this evening?”

She paused, shrugged, “Not a clue. But I know it’s somehow… the right thing.”

I lowered my voice despite the fact that there was no one near enough to hear me anyway, “You’ve got me so excited. I’d ever have believed this was possible, but… well, just looking at you gives me such weirdly wonderful feelings. Not so unlike when I was in the woods.”

“Thank you,” she whispered, “I’m so glad it’s not just me feeling that way.”

I raised my glass, “Here’s to firsts with a capital fuff!”

Debbie clinked her glass against mine, “And here’s to the loveliest fuff I ever tasted!”

“You,” I snorted, “really are the loveliest terror!”

It bursa escort bayan was only then that we really began to relax with each other, and not until another round of crystal-clear alcohol before we started to ask questions about each other’s lives. We were both twenty-one, although Debbie was my senior by two months, and we were both taking time off from our respective university courses, although she was far more academically minded, studying geology. We also shared house-sitting duties, both liked retro-rock music, both enjoyed the writings of Terry Pratchett, both got a kick out of bars and parties, and only differed wildly in terms of our preferred means of transport – Debbie had her beloved old convertible car, while I was into bicycles.

And we both, it suddenly seemed, liked to be liked by the opposite person.

Oh yes, and we both liked vodka by, it also suddenly seemed, the bucket load.

Under normal circumstances I could down a few before they started to have an effect, but I was no limitless drinker. That night, though, the vodka may as well have been the water it resembled, because I was as sober – more or less – after our seventh or eighth as when I’d walked into the bar, Debbie was no worse off than me, it appeared, and we carried on sipping, gulping and whispering for what must have been hours. It was only when the tired-looking barman pointed out that it was turned one in the morning when I went to the bar for yet more refills that we decided one more was all we’d better have. At a little before two, we walked out of the bar in more or less straight lines and if we hooked arms (which we did) it was a sign of a new companionship more than a need for support.

We said very little as we walked/wobbled back down to the lane and my house. I was wondering whether I might dare ask Debbie in when she provided a gentle – and very valid – answer.

“Pity your brother’s there tonight, isn’t it? Is it? I mean I don’t mean to be forward or anything, but… well, you know?”

“Thanks,” I said, “And yeah, it’s a shame.”

“You mean what I think you mean?”

I stopped and leaned closer to Debbie, “I hope so.” I paused for a few seconds, “Debbie?”


“I think I want to kiss you goodnight. Is that too forward?”

She shook her head and I swear I saw a tear form in each eye, “No, Dallas, no way. I want that kiss.”

We were at a darkened bend in the lane just before my parents’ house. No one could possibly see us there even if they were still awake. But it didn’t matter to me anyway. I straightened up in front of my new friend and awkwardly pulled her close to me.

Our heads twisted one way then another as we sought the right position. And then we closed the already tiny gap between us and our lips met.

It was as if a firework had exploded deep in my belly. The soft, warm contact changed from a timid kiss to a crushing, powerful one. We moved tighter together, our small breasts mashing against each other’s, our hip bones grinding together, our tongues seeking the inside of the other’s mouth in a weirdly perfect harmony. Our hands began to roam up and down, cupping and squeezing our butts, our upper bodies pressing and moving a little, eager for the pressure of each other’s touch.

My hands started to lift the back of Debbie’s short skirt just as she pulled at the hem of my dress and in moments our panties were all that separated our hot, wet groins. My new friend was no taller than me, seemingly no heavier either, but I felt her press me backwards towards the side of the lane, the grass verge rising to meet me as I fell backwards onto its softness, Debbie’s body maintaining contact as we moved from vertical to horizontal in the blink of an eye.

I couldn’t think of anything but pleasure. I wanted Debbie in every sense that came to me. I felt the sweatshirt she had loaned me earlier fall away from around her waist and for the first time in my life I wanted to touch her more and more intimately.

We had landed pretty much side-by-side and it allowed us a scrabbling freedom to pull at each other’s clothing and I felt my dress rising above my waist and then up to my shoulders and over my head, exposing my small breasts. Debbie’s t-shirt slipped just as easily over her head and I looked down at her little breasts and groaned as I saw her remarkably large, hard nipples just about to press against my own smaller, pinker but no less hard ones.

Our breasts crushed against bursa sınırsız escort each other’s and in my mind they became tits, became the wild trigger for the monstrous buzzing deep in my groin. I unzipped Debbie’s skirt, pushing it down along with the panties underneath just as I felt my own nakedness developing against her eager hands.

Within seconds we were both naked in the grass and our lips were roaming first each other’s face then each other’s bodies.

I was desperate to experience the thrill of taking her hard nipples into my eager mouth and when it happened I heard her wail with undeniable pleasure. I sucked and nibbled, and felt every last part of me want more. My mouth descended her heaving belly to the heat of her twitching mound and I twitched myself as my own orgasm rose to meet me. My tongue tasted another woman’s womanhood for the first time and I pushed my tongue hard against her clitoris before moving lower and penetrating her lips, sucking and tasting her juices as she bucked beneath me, squealing pleasure.

I wanted Debbie to come and come, and she did, her hands tangled in my hair, before she pulled me higher, pushing me onto my back, he own head descending first to my tits where her tongue and teeth made me wail in delight, before she mimicked my own moves and plunged her mouth down against my already heaving pussy.

We climaxed again and again – I have no idea how many times – before we struggled together until we were face-to-face, kissing gently.

“Dallas?” she whispered.


“I think you made me climax again.”

“Good,” I said, “And likewise.”

“I only wanted a goodnight kiss.”

“You got one, didn’t you?”

“Oh fuck, yes!”

I laughed softly, “Disappointed?”

“Oh fuck, no!”

We kissed more through laughs and giggles.



“I thought I knew what I wanted.”

I nodded, kissing her nose, “I had that impression myself.”

Debbie’s voice dropped further, “I really do know what I want now, though.”

“Please tell me you mean me,” I said, brain on automatic but meaning every word.

“I do,” she nodded, “Very much.”

“Good,” I told her, “Because I want you.”

It was the first real and true shows of emotion for each other and it bridged the final gap between us. We kissed softly, held each other, naked, on the grassy verge to the dark lane, a waning moon our only light. We might have said more, might have spoken of many things, but the distant sound of a car in the night had us scuttling behind the nearest trees, our clothes hurriedly picked up.

We struggled into our things, laughing, giggling like much younger women, finally managing to cover our nakedness before the car trundled past us. We were still hidden by the trees in any case, but the cover of clothing – sans panties for both of us – was a reassurance.

The unseen passing motorist might have conspired to spoil the mood but, if anything, it just seemed to bring us closer. We went and sat back on the verge, unwilling for the night to end just yet.

“So,” Debbie said, “Debbie does Dallas and Dallas does Debbie, huh?”

“You really are the most delightful terror.”

“I don’t know about delightful but I’m definitely happy. How about you?”

“Delightfully happy.”

Debbie leaned over and kissed my cheek, “Who’da thunk it?”

“Not me in a million years. You still want to go wandering tomorrow?”

She laughed, “Yes, please. I have a feeling that we’re going to have a lot of fun.”

“Good. It’ll give me a chance to really see you properly. I know more about how you taste and feel but I really want to see everything.” And I really did.

“I like that idea, not that I can quite believe what I’m saying.”

I stood and offered a hand to my new friend, “I have a feeling I might well be doing more than looking, you know?”

“I like that idea even more.” She stood and pecked my cheek again, “We’d better go get some sleep then.”

“I guess so. Ten o’clock?”

“At the latest.”

We made our way along to my parents’ house and spent a good twenty minutes saying goodnight, trying to stop things getting too carried away. Finally Debbie pushed me through the front gate.

“Go to bed, Dallas, before I end up embarrassing you right here.”

“Not sure you can any more, but yeah I’d better get some sleep so I can focus on your properly tomorrow.”

“A final goodnight each then?”

“A first goodnight,” I said.

Debbie nodded, slowly but with the broadest of smiles. “A first goodnight then.” She stepped back and blew me a kiss.

I let the blown kiss wash over me, let the words ring loud in my ears. I couldn’t do anything more than nod slowly and whisper ‘goodnight’. Somehow I managed to turn and headed for the door. Headed for a whole new life.

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