A Dom Lets His Slave Play – Pt. 1

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Authors Notes: This is my first story. If it is tagged improperly, I am sorry. I’m new to this.

Character Descriptions:
Matt: 5’10”, Average Build, Hazel Eyes, Brown Hair, 10′ Cock
Hanna: (Matt’s Beautiful and Loving Wife)5′ 8”, Chubby Build, 220 lbs, Green Eyes, Auburn Hair, 38DDD


Finally, after days of dominating Hanna and telling her what to do, Matt comes to a decision. He is going to give one last command to his submissive. For the remainder of her three day weekend, she will be the master and he the slave.

“Hanna, come here now,” Matt said as he was heading down the stairs to the bedroom. She follows her orders rather reluctantly, not knowing what her master has planned. Once in the room, he tells her to lock the door and strip.

“B-but it’s cold in-” Hanna whimpers.

“Shut up,” Matt snaps. “Do it now.”

Hurriedly, she undresses and immediately starts shivering. Matt orders her to insert her Ben Wa balls and lay on the bed on her back with her head hanging off the edge.

“I want you to swallow all of my cock,” he says as he pounds his tool into Hanna’s throat. She sucks his cock until he’s good and hard.

“Now, I want you to bend over the bed so I can fuck you hard and fast. You got your love making last night, now I want to cum,” Matt commands as he helps Hanna up. She fears how rough he’s going to be with her, since she’s already sore from the nights before, but she can’t help but get wet from the excitement and anticipation. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri

Matt gets down on his knees and uses his hands to force Hanna’s legs further apart so he can tease her clit and pussy with his tongue. He then stands up and eases his shaft into her dripping cunt, making her scream out from the pain of the intrusion. He pounds her in and out of her tight fuck hole over and over again, almost sending her over the edge.

“Remember, this is for me. You don’t get to cum. If you do, I will punish you,” he grumbles as Hanna tries to suppress her orgasm from fear of retaliation. Finding his release, he pulls out and shoots his cum all over her back and wide ass.

He helps her clean up, and utters the words that make this story possible: “Hanna, you’ve been a good girl. That’s why I was gentle and made slow sweet passionate love to you last night, but as good as you are for and to me, I’ve decided something else for the remainder of your weekend off from work. You will be the master and I the slave. That is an order, and I expect no less…”

Chapter 1: What Have I Done

“Do you understand,” Matt asks.

“…yes, Sir,” Hanna says somewhat hesitantly. Confusion flashes across her face from her husbands demand. She’s not used to being a dominate, and the idea of her being one and doing a bad job makes her nervous.

As Matt walks out, Hanna gets a devilish smile on her face thinking of ways to punish and get back at him. After all, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri he made me wear a corset last night while trying to cook dinner and other things, she thinks to herself. Matt grins, but thinks to himself, What have I done?! I have to do everything she says. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so rough on her this week…

-Hours Later-

“Matt! Get in here, now,” Hanna yells, taking the reigns of her new position.

Matt cautiously walks in the room and is immediately ordered to strip and lie on the bed. She sets two belts on the bed, and ties his left hand to his left foot and his right hand to his right foot. Pulling on them to make sure they are tight, Hanna leaves the room, shutting the door. Ten minutes or so later, she returns, pulling her pants down and exposing her bare cunt. Using his arms and legs for support, she gets on the bed and sits on Matt’s face.

“While I was upstairs, I took a piss and noticed that there was no toilet paper on the holder. You need to clean me – start licking,” she dictates. He obeys licking her cunt clean, then begs for a favor.

“May I lick your ass too, Mistress?”

“Yes, but your going to get punished later for asking for sexual favors,” Hanna says as she positions her brown eye over her new slaves mouth. “Kiss and lick it till I’m happy.” Once again, Matt obeys his commands. After some time, Hanna repositions her pussy over his mouth, making him eat her.

“It’s my turn to cum. You’ve had your fun.” güvenilir bahis şirketleri She moves her cunt back and forth across his tongue, making sure he hits all the spots she wants. Her rhythm increases as she grinds her sex on his mouth until she squirts. Her pussy juices run all over his face and chin, and he moans at her delicious taste.

A low seductive laugh escapes her lips as she sees how hard Matt is. I’m going to torture and humiliate you before I let you cum, she thinks to herself. She shoves her finger in his ass, no lube or warning, then finger fucks him. Getting a better idea, she goes to the cabinet he keeps his toys for her in and gets out the anal vibrator, butt plug, and water based lube. Instead of being nice, she opens the lube, puts the tip to his opening, and forces the lube into his hole. Forcing the vibrator in his ass, she fucks it in and out of him. Hanna unties Matt and climbs onto him reverse cowgirl, riding his cock till he gets his release. After his cock stops pulsating, she once again positions herself on his mouth, making him clean up all of his seed out of her pussy. Then she rips the vibrator out of his ass and replaces it with the butt plug.

“You can get dressed and go upstairs now, but the butt plug stays in. At least until I say you can pull it out,” she smiles devilishly at him. “This is your punishment for wanting to lick my ass earlier. If any requests to or denial of my authority occur, the punishments will get worse. Sometimes painful and sometimes humiliating.”

As he leaves the room, Matt asks himself once more, What have I done…?

More to cum. If you liked or didn’t, please rate and comment. This is my first story on here and I would love some advice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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