A Family Full of Sex Addicts

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My family is so different from other families. It’s not even a secret much, that we do things differently. All our neighbors know, at least the male ones. I suppose the wives that live next doors aren’t that fond of us living here. You see, I’m the youngest member of the family at 21 years. I’m also the only girl around the house. I’m living with my two older brothers Tim and Mark, who are 28 and 30 and my dad Andrew, who’s just turned 52. My dad also has a brother, who visits a lot lately. It’s not that I mind, I do really like him – in every way. My mother left when I was little, so I don’t really know much about her.

According to my brothers, the day my mother left my dad started to drown his frustration and sadness with lots of alcohol and hookers. He started experimenting with his sexuality, too, which lead to him telling everyone he considered himself bisexual. He found it rather amazing to be so open about his sexuality, saying that he felt rather trapped in his marriage with my mother. I don’t know exactly when it started, but somehow my brothers got involved with my dad – sexually. Finding out about that I have to admit that I was slightly shook for a couple of days, seeing as it was my 18 birthday when one of my brothers told me, but eventually I got along with it. It was at that same day of my 18 birthday that my dad and my brothers declared that it was time for me to join them too, if I wanted. I was a little skeptical at first, but watching all three of them together got the best of me. That night I was invited to join them, my dad took my virginity, followed by my oldest brother who made me believe I was seeing stars.

From that day on all four of us became inseparable. We shared so many great moments during holidays, never feeling the tiniest bit alone or like we were doing something forbidden. But once our neighbors realized why we were so close with each other, they started looking at us with disgust, hating our guts and never spoke to us again. That is until I was out alone a couple of months back and ran into one of our neighbors, who lived next to us. We bumped into each other and held a small talk until he let me in on a few secrets. He let me know that there were a couple of husbands around our neighborhood considered my dad to be the luckiest guy on earth. But seeing as they all had their own families who disliked our “family traditions” (as he called it), they couldn’t admit that they wanted just the same.

Long story short, my neighbor Frank, took me home that night and we talked some bahis firmaları more until he told me that his wife was gone for the weekend. That was when he literally fucked my brains out all through the night and had me scream his name until my throat got sore. It was one of the best experiences ever, especially now that I knew that not all of our neighbors hated us.

Once I got home I told my dad and brothers all about it, even that Frank and I had sex, and how much I loved it. Well, dad wasn’t so keen to know about details at first, but later that day when he had me in the shower he suddenly felt the need to know everything, from the spots he touched me, to how hard he’d been fucking my pussy. Dad and Frank met a couple of days later and had a talk and arranged for Frank to come over whenever his wife was gone. I have to say it was quite amusing to see how much it turned my father on, when I was getting fucked by someone else.

By now it’s kind of like a routine. Neighbors come over without their wives knowing, fucking me or even my brothers whenever they please. Dad loves it. I love it. And my brothers enjoy every second of it just as much. I like to believe we’re all sex addicts.


“Dad? Are you home?” I ask as I enter the house through the front door. I’ve been out to get breakfast with a couple of friends early this morning. It’s Saturday and even though my dad doesn’t work on Saturdays, he still goes in to get some work done early.

I hear a loud thumping noise coming from upstairs, guessing that it’s either dad and my brothers, or another neighbor who’s dropped by. I drop my bag and head up the stairs, walking down the hall to where the loud noises are coming from. There’s been a time where I used to knock, but it’s not a thing I still do. I push the door open and lean against the doorframe. Tim is on top of Mark, riding him eagerly. He stops in his movements as I clear my throat and walk towards them.

“Marie! You’re home.”, Mark says and waves me over, thrusting his hips up to get Tim to move again. “Mhmm, wanna—fuck, c’mon! Wanna join?” He asks, pulling at my wrist and smirking as he slaps Tim’s butt hard, groaning loudly.

I think about it for a minute before I start getting undressed, no intention in trying to do it sexy. “Where’s dad?” I ask, sliding my pants down and then pulling my top over my head. I take off my panties as well before I get onto the bed and reach for Tim’s cock, stroking it slowly.

“He’s getting groceries. He’s probably gonna be here in a couple kaçak iddaa minutes.” Tim replies, as Mark is reaching up to undo my bra. Letting it fall down onto the bed he cups both of my breasts, squeezing them a little. His thumbs rub over my nipples, getting them hard in no time before he starts to tug on my wrist again.

Mark pulls me closer and gestures for me to sit on his face, which I gladly do. I love the easiness of all this, just being able to do things without wasting much time talking or trying to get to know each other. I know what my three men like, and they all know what I prefer. Having sex with them is just so easy and it makes all of us feel so good.

The moment I’m hovering above Mark, I feel his tongue licking all over my pussy, from my clit all down to my asshole. I’m already pretty wet, which makes him hum beneath me as he licks up all of my juices eagerly. “He’s been so thirsty for your pussy all morning.”, Tim says and rolls his eyes as he grins his hips down and makes Mark groan into my pussy. “You should squirt all over his face.” I look up at Tim and smirk, giving his cock another couple of strokes before I reach down to get myself off. I rub my clit furiously which has Mark moaning loudly in return.

It doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes for me to come all over my brothers face, squirting my juices over his face, his chest and even some on Tim’s cock.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Tim moans as he comes too, coating Mark’s chest in another layer of come. He lifts himself up from his cock and lies down beside us as he watches us closely. My legs are shaking from my orgasm, but Mark keeps on licking and sucking on my clit, probably hoping for another orgasm.

“Mhm, sensitive, Mark…”, I mutter, but it’s no use. Whenever my brothers want something, they get it. Right now it’s another orgasm that Mark wants, but it’s so sensitive and I’m not sure I can come again.

Without me even being able to protest Tim moves me from Mark’s face only to be seated on his cock, while Tim seems to be busy licking my asshole now. I groan as Mark’s thick cock enters me and I have to open my eyes to see the smug grin on my brothers face, which I knew was going to be there. He loves taking everything from me, even if he knows it’s a little too much for me. But I can’t deny that I love it too.

“Your pussy was made for my cock, I swear.”, Mark says as he slaps my tits and then gets back to work on my nipples, pinching them until I let out a small scream when he gets too rough. But it’s not kaçak bahis my position to tell him how to handle me. I’ve been told to do what someone else wants me to do. And whilst having sex it’s basically the same. My brothers or my dad take whatever they need and please. It’s not my position to tell them no, and it’s not that I would ever dare to say no because I love having sex with them too much and enjoy how they treat me.

I feel Tim’s fingers starting to push into my asshole. They love double penetration. Sometimes even all three of them fuck me at the same time. It’s what they love the most. Two of them in my pussy and one in my ass. There’s a lot of variations they do, it depends on their mood.

“Oh god.”, I moan as Mark starts fucking into me faster and harder, Tim’s fingers in my ass are driving me wild at the same time. And even though I didn’t think I would be able to come again, I can already feel the orgasm building inside me, my pussy drenched and my head spinning.

“That’s it, sis. You got it. Fuck, you’re so hot like this.” Tim grins and bites into my shoulder before he starts sinking his cock into my ass without too much further preparation. He used spit to cover his cock and it’s still a little bit too dry but it’s the kind of rough sex I love. It does hurt, but the pain quickly vanishes away as they both pound into me for dear life.

That’s when the door creeks and I turn my head to face dad standing in the doorway, looking way too proud for what’s going on. “I see you are in good hands, sweetie.” He says as he struts over and tilts my head up by my chin as he leans down to press a kiss to my lips, biting down on my bottom lip before pulling away.

Tim and Mark groan as they look up at dad too for a moment, never slowing down their movements. As soon as I feel my dad’s hand on my clit I can’t hold it together any longer. The orgasm rushes over me and I can’t stop shaking, Tim and Mark still going at full speed in both, pussy and ass.

“That’s a good girl.” Dad says as he pushes two fingers into my pussy alongside Mark’s cock, hitting my spot just right.

“Fuck!” I scream, another wave of pleasure washing over me. It’s like it’s never ending. “Oh god, oh god, oh god…” I keep repeating all over before I collapse onto Mark’s chest, Tim and him coming inside me at the same time, groaning and breathing loud.

“Well, well, kids. It’s a shame you had all the fun already. I guess I got to get myself off now, hm?” Dad looks at all three of us, pulling out his already half hard cock, giving it a couple of strokes.

Mark helps me move next to him as Tim willingly offers dad a blowjob.

This isn’t what I imagined my morning to be like, but it’s a hundred times better than that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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