A Family’s Unwanted Sexual Awakening part 2 (see the rewrite for the begining)

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Big Dicks

Michelle looked at her family after swallowing the juices from Amy’s pussy. ‘It tastes so good,’ she thought. “Do you like it?” Amy asked, excited now. “Y-yes,” Michelle choked out through her newly formed tears. “Don’t feel bad hunny,” Michelle’s mother whispered, walking toward her- tits bouncing as she walked. “We like it too. It’s ok to like it; to love it.”
Michelles mother was now staring at her daughter’s D-cup breasts. “We’ll make you feel all better,” Lillian-her mother- sighed, rubbing her babygirl’s chest. “Arousual is fun, and when Craig and Adam shoot their loads its fun to watch, they taste good too,” Amy said, running back to Craig after saying that.
Amy started fucking Craig again, and Michelle’s pussy twitched, her mother saw that. “Lets have some fun baby,” Michelle’s mother procedded to rip off her daughter’s clothes, panties, bra and all, and was rubbing her pussy. “Look Michelle, your all wet,” Lillian’s face lit up with erotic excitment as pussy juices started to drip down Michelle’s leg. Lillian started sucking Michelle’s tits, Michelle’s nipples got hard at the touch of her mother’s gentle tounge. Michelle looked over at Amy, Craig, Adam and her father- Phil. Phil was ramming Amy from behind, Craig under Amy going at her pussy, and all the while Amy was sucking Adam’s rock hard, fully eratic, cock.
Michelle’s pussy throbbed, hard. Michelle screamed out at this new, starnge, feeling.
“Mom?” Michelle whispered so only her mother would hear.
“Yes hunny, what is it?”
“Will you… will you umm… ya’ know….” Michelle felt stupid asking “Will you finger me?” Michelle’s voice was soft and quiet, but fast. “Michelle, babygirl, you don’t have bursa merkez escort bayan to be ashamed to ask, of course I will. If you want I’ll tell Craig and Adam to fuck you like they are Amy, and your dad is so much fun to play with and-” Michelle cut her mother off. “No, mom, just finger me, I don’t want to be horny forever. I just want to know what is feels like to be fingered.”
OK,” Lillian sighed. “If thats all you want.” Lillian spread her daughters legs slightly, then shuved 2 fingers up her daughters now soaked pussy. “Do you like it hunny?”
“Yes, yes!” She yelled “Harder mother! OOOH FASTER! FASTER!” Lillian was suprised but happy to have her daughter acting this way. She shuved her whole fist up Michelle’s pussy and moved it around, finding her G-spot. Michelle sqealed in pleasure, Amy stopped sucking Adam’s dick when she heard this. Amy ran over to Michelle and her mother, leaving the boys behind. They didn’t care so Craig got on his father’s ass and Adam started blowing Phil’s cock.
Amy stared in awe at what was going on.
“See,” she squealed “I knew you’d like it, want some cock? I could get Adam, or Craig to-” Michelle stopped, stood up and got in Amy’s face with a mad look. But instead of hitting her, she kissed her, kissed her passionately like she saw the movie stars do in the goey romantic comedies she loved. Amy kissed her back, spreadin Michelle’s lips and putting her tongue in Michelle’s motuh, Michelle followed Amy’s lead and did the same. She could feel Amy’s hot breath in her wet mouth, she could taste the semen from all the cock Amy sucked, then she pushed Amy down, onto the floor, spread her legs, and bursa merkez escort bayan stared kissing her violently again, Lillian put 1 fist in each girls pussy and moved around her fingers, finding each girl’s
G-spot. Michelle didn’t care about that, just about kissing Amy. She didn’t want any cock in her, Michelle didn’t want to be aroused forever, only when she felt like it. All six of them continued this for quite some time, with no means of stopping. Occasionally Lillian would take a hand out of Michelle and suck her pussy, or Michelle and Amy would sto kissing to gasp for breath before frenching eachother again. Once Lillian even stopped fingering them both to show them how to shoot milk from their tits, Amy couldn’t thought, her chest was too small, Michelle did though. Then they went back to doing the same thing again, for getting about the man that abducted them and sent them into this never-ending state of pleasure, not including Michelle.

In the morning, the man came back, seing them all still at work.
HAving fun I see, Michelle? It looks like so.” They all stopped, everyone stared at the man, then Michelle. “Now Michelle my dear, come her please,” the man continued, not seeming to notice the staring people around him. Michelle took a fewe trembling steps forward until she was three feet in front of the man. He took a step forward, which closed the space between them.
“Now, about your state of arousual Michelle.” Michelle stared at him, scared again, she didn’t want to suffer the same fate of her family and Amy and Adam.
“No,” she whispered feebly.
“I think its only fair you know.” he whispered back, altıparmak escort leaning down so he was face to face with the scared Michelle. She broke into a run, not knowing where to go, but the room was big.
“Grab her!” The man yelled. Craig and Adam grabbed Michelle by her legs and Amy and Lillian grabbed her by the arms, Phil looked at this all in shock, and slight pleasure.
“Spread her legs out for me boys.”
Craig and Adam pulled Michelle’s struggling legs apart, as far as they would go, with ease. “Now Michelle, say good bye to your sanity, and prepare for extreme pleasure, it’s quite fun, ask for family.”
Michelle struggled soe more but it was useless. ‘Maybe it won’t be so bad,’ she thought.
Then in one quick movement, the man pulled the special dildo from his pocket and shuved it deep into Michelle. She screamed, and fetl it release the terrible liquid ino her, She was getting hot and wanted cock, BAD! She stared squirming, feeling an extreme need to masterbate. Then in another swift movement he man oulled it back out and the feeling dissapeared in the same instant, then Michelle came, hard. “Michelle, you were a second too late, too bad. Let us try again shall we?”
He shuved the tool back inside Michelle’s glistening pussy. He moved it aroun, until he hit her G-spot, Michelle gasped, trying with all her might to hold back any cum, it didn’t work. She felt the strange penis shaped tool release more liquid and she broke. Michelle had her hardest orgasm yet right then and there. It shook her whole frame and she yelled. Then the need for cock came back.
“Let her down,” the man ordered the four. “Let’s see what she does.”
They put Michelle down gently, being very carefull. As soon as she was free she jumped on Craig. Michelle rode his dick and frenched him to the poiint of pain. “Now, see, I told you it would be fun,” the man encouraged. then he left the room, never to return, leaving the family to let their pleasures lead their lifes forever.

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