A Few Good Subs

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This story builds on my first story “My first submissive.” There is little actual sex in this story, but a true submissive will appreciate the perspective. It serves as a set-up for my upcoming series which will describe in detail scenes between me and my boy toys.


* * * *

So have you been fantasizing about me? Have you been imagining what it would be like to serve a confident, assertive woman. Do you want to be ordered around and told what to do? Do you want to humiliate and shame yourself and be put into embarrassing positions?

If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you’ve thought about these things. The question is whether you are part of the 90% of weak willed ‘boys’ who seek out a female dominant and beg to ‘do anything’ when really all you want is an excuse to whack-off. These 90% are the time wasters who ruin it for both the mistress and the 10% who legitimately do want to serve and will make an effort to become a good submissive.

The percentages might not even be that good.

Having discovered the sexual joy of dominating men and watching them humiliate themselves for my pleasure, I decided to learn more about the topic. Fortunately there are numerous sources of information for the aspiring dominatrix.

My initial plan was to begin lurking on-line in various venues that catered to my particular new found hobby. Eventually I figured I’d try some on-line interactions and work my way up to trying some in-person scenes. That plan turned out to be a bit of a disaster.

It only took me a short time to learn that there is a huge unsatisfied demand of men interested in being dominated on-line. Many are married. Some are closet sissies. Most are just too weak to admit their fetishes in-person and prefer to hide behind a screen name.

The reason that there is a vast shortage of willing on-line mistresses is that the vast majority of all men lack the maturity to think beyond their next orgasm. They beg. They ask for pictures. They explain how they want to cum on my boots as if that should flatter me.

Guess what? I’m not impressed. Unfortunately for the few respectful applicants there are far too many who have no idea how to go about enticing the potential mistress. Amazingly enough I have a life and it doesn’t revolve around catering to the submissive fantasies of men I’ve never met and know nothing about.

I quickly learned if I wanted to cultivate a good submissive, one that will serve my needs not just theirs, I’d need to be the huntress and find my own prey and approach them rather than let them approach me. I came up with some ways to do that, and my hit ratio improved immediately.

* * * * *

Once I’ve identified a suitable subject I let them know that if they want to be my toy, they will need to pass some tests to determine their suitability, honesty and willingness to serve. I have three levels of tests, each increasingly challenging, before I even consider committing my time to an in-person session.

I don’t exactly have a formula, but the first stage involves a series of simple tasks. For example, I might ask them to make one or more simple purchases such as a pair of pantyhose or a lipstick or maybe something as benign as a banana. I don’t give them any reason for doing it other than I want them to.

Another favorite is to ask them to comment on a picture I send them or maybe make a short video or audio doing something humiliating. I might have them sing a children’s song (I’m a little teapot is a favorite) or sucking their thumb. Nothing inherently sexual, but something they can sexualize if they want to (and they will) on their time.

Such tasks have two advantages, they are easy for me to administer and they tend to eliminate those with no imagination or patience. If a guy isn’t willing to commit a little time to doing a few simple, but not sexual, tasks for the mistress he’d “do anything” for, its not likely he’ll put energy into making a real relationship work. There are plenty of websites available for guys seeking immediate gratification. I’m interested in the guy who will work to earn something better, but later.

This step takes as long as I think it needs to. I can usually tell pretty quick a guy who might prove worthy of further attention and those muğla escort which won’t. The interesting ones put a little energy into it, get creative or show some pride in completing my harmless little tests. It’s telling when someone just does the minimum. This step ends with graduation to step two or rejection.

* * * * *

Those who graduate move on to my favorite part, the essay test. I start by informing them that they have in fact passed my initial screening and advise them that they are beginning a path that might lead to a closer relationship. If I’ve judged them right, they are quite excited about this and eager for whatever task I might set them.

There is only one task and it seems easy, but is deceptively difficult:

“Write a description of a scenario you would like to play out with me in person. I require three completely different scenarios from you. Each description must be a maximum of 250 words. This should not be fantasy, be prepared to live what you write. You may not ask me any questions.”

I give them a reasonable deadline, usually about a week or ten days. Because my subject knows far more about their own likes and dislikes than about my own interests and turn-ons, the results have always proved to be extremely illuminating. Their fetishes are revealed, their weaknesses are exposed and their pretty little submissive desires are laid bare to my scrutiny.

Some of the essays are plainly over the top or describe scenes I’d never consider (scat for example). While I appreciate they may have tried hard, realistically, their interests don’t mesh with mine, so it’s best to cut things off before expectations build any higher.

Likewise, some of the essays are nearly illiterate, which also reveals quite a bit about the author and also doesn’t bode well, although I am willing to have an open mind to creative ideas even if not well presented.

Some are frankly boring or look copied from another source. I’m not a literary critic, but three writing styles in three different 250 word essays is either genius or plagiarism. A good short essay is hard to write and will take some time and effort. If they won’t put in the work to describe a scenario they care about, why should I spend time planning them in the future?

The best candidates however, seem to be able to express their own needs while leaving plenty of blank space for me to assert my own interests in visualizing the scene they have laid out. I have two particular favorites that I will share below.

Essay 1

As ordered I am naked and on all fours in the middle of the bed. My ass is raised high and my head is pressed into the mattress. I am blindfolded. My muscles ache from waiting. My submission is arousing. My cock grows uncomfortably hard in its chastity. My cock belongs to her and aches to serve. I don’t know if I am here to receive punishment or pleasure.

I soon hear her behind me and imagine my mistress clad in black leather, every inch the dominatrix from cherry red lips to spike heeled boots. Saying nothing, she places her moist panties near my nose. I smell her arousal. Is she pleased at my submission or anticipating what is to come? I lose myself to her aroma. I weaken with every breath.

I shiver in fear or is it excitement? I relax my mind and await mistress’ touch. I trust her to give me what I deserve. I am here for her pleasure.

I hope she will reward me by taking me with her strap-on. First lubrication. Next penetration. Her cock invades my body, taking it physically. I hear her moans of passion, but repress my groans of pain. Her dominance invades my mind, taking it mentally. I am breaking. I hear her sighs of release and pleasure. I am broken. I am hers. My pain and pleasure equal in service to my mistress. But the choice is hers alone. My mind and body are here to serve her.

There are three things I really like about this one. First is his helplessness. I can feel his uncertainty. He doesn’t know what will happen all he has are his hopes, his fears and most of all his trust – I love that word, trust. Second is his desire. He wants whatever comes to him and clearly has a deep need to please.

Finally I like that the scene is as much mental as physical. The author really couldn’t know what rhodope-mugla.org I would be in to, but he left the scene open for himself as a submissive and for me as the mistress. The initial paragraph could lead to dozens of different endings.

Essay 2

I am massaging your feet like you taught me. Your soles and arches require attention after a busy day spent in high heels. With your permission, I remove your shoes and show my respect by kissing each heel. No one has more beautiful feet then you. Each day is like a gift just to see which shoes you’re wearing.

My cock hardens when I take your foot in my hand and begin gently kneading and caressing each muscle, every beautiful inch of your soft foot skin. I smile remembering the many ways I have obeyed you and recall each time I have humbled myself to your demands and shamed myself in weakness. From each lesson I learned how to serve you.

My place is at your feet. If I see to your pleasure, I believe you will see to mine. One day I might soothe your feet in warm scented water. Another I might gently apply lotion to keep your skin perfect and smooth. I try to anticipate what you would like best. As I finish massaging your foot I kiss each toe, knowing it pleases you.

Your approving smile washes over me like an orgasm. Later, with your permission, I might beg to be allowed to cum. I hope I am lucky enough to be allowed this reward. I will of course do as you say and thank you for the honor of serving you. For now, I’ll stay focused on serving at my mistress’ beautiful feet.

I like this essay for completely different reasons. It explores the relationship aspects of the D/s arrangement. He speaks of being trained and learning needs. He speaks of showing respect and earning privileges. He describes a scenario that isn’t a static single scene but a bilateral relationship of needs met over time.

Both of these authors eventually earned in-person sessions and will be the subject of future stories (See if you can recognize them when I write them). This test has always served me well, but there is one more layer of trust that I require.

* * * * *

Those who pass the essay test, of which there have been nine, are invited to provide me some further details about themselves, in a phone call that I arrange. I’m very upfront with them in explaining that I need to know who I am dealing with, where they live, if they are married, likes, dislikes etc.

I share a little bit about myself as well and start setting some ground rules for future contact. I believe it’s up to them to earn my trust, although I do what I can to help dispel any concerns they have about me or my motives.

The object is a little consensual fun with no commitments. It can be a dream relationship for both of us if the chemistry and needs are right but I’ll not have it be one sided or ‘pretend.’ Two of the nine were eliminated at this stage when they could no longer hide behind a computer screen.

The seven who passed were then told that they had two more hurdles to clear which would involve them making videos for me. I explained that these tests would require their trust and that their reward was the chance to earn my further attention and begin building an in-person relationship. All seven attempted at least one of the tests, only three ultimately cleared both of them.

In general terms, the first of these tests involves performing a complicated and potentially embarrassing, but primarily non-public series of tasks. The second is similar, but also involves the potential (but not a certainty) for public humiliation or exposure.

The specifics of the challenge were tailored to the specific fetishes of the subject in question. For example, for a first challenge, the subject who wrote about serving my feet above was invited to perform the following tasks:

Go to a store and buy two bottles of nail polish in different colors. Then, go to a department store and select two different colors of stockings, in your size, which you think are an appropriate match to the nail polish colors you have selected. You will then make a video which will include the following features: 1) Paint the toes of one foot in one color and the toes of the other foot the other color. 2) While painting and drying each foot explain why you chose this color for yourself and whether you think this color would look good on my feet or not. 3) Put on the stockings you have chosen explaining why you think that color is appropriate to the nail polish color. Also suggest shoes and a date night outfit that would compliment your selections.

The task will have 100 points. Points will be awarded for your skill and accuracy in painting your nails, so you might want to practice. The thoughtfulness of your explanations and the appropriateness of your style sense will also be evaluated and points awarded. Finally and most importantly, your attitude, enthusiasm and appropriate deference will be evaluated. You must earn 80 points to pass this test.

The subject did an excellent job with the tasks and related video. He chose a dark red polish which he paired with sheer black stockings and chose a pink polish which he paired with white lace stockings. He gave his reasoning that the red and black combination would be an appropriate mistress combination and the pink and white would be appropriate for a submissive like him.

The second challenge might build off the first or be separate. In the above example I asked the subject to go a bit further and shave his legs, obtain shoes and perform some tasks while wearing the stockings and shoes he had selected.

My favorite second challenge involved a subject that was into panties and had a little bit of a sissy/ cross dressing interest. His task was as follows:

Each day for two weeks you will buy a new pair of panties, for cash, in person at the store which you will wear the following day. The following rules apply:

No other purchases, just a single pair of panties

No two pairs may be the same color.

Each pair must come from a different store.

Different styles and cuts are strongly encouraged.

Each night I will expect a photograph of you modeling the panties and a dated receipt showing just the panty purchase. During the following day I may randomly contact you to demand a time stamped photo as proof they are being worn. There should be no visible body hair in any photo so you will need to thoroughly shave your legs, chest and groin area.

At the end of the two weeks I then selected three pairs of panties and ordered him to obtain a bra that either matches or goes well with each of the three selected pairs. I made my selections mindful of both the difficulty of that and the possibility that they’d be recognized as a repeat shopper.

Following that, I then ordered my subject to video a fashion show of him wearing each set. On the video he was to explain in detail how that set makes him feel and what type of outfit he would want to wear with it.

Again, I advised the grading. “The task will have 100 points. Points will be awarded for the creativity of your choices and diligent performance of the task. At least half of your points will be based on your video which will be graded based on your sense of style, your thoughtful presentation, your enthusiasm and appropriate deference. Wearing more than the minimum for your video will be rewarded, particularly if tastefully done. You must earn 80 points to pass this test.”

The subject did a great job of enthusiastically buying different styles and colors of panties and told me he was thoroughly embarrassed to have to go back to buy the matching bras (two of which came from smaller boutiques and one from a mall store where the same woman was working the register).

For his video, in addition to the sets, he wore lipstick and fingernail polish. His last set included a pink satin panty with lace around all of the openings and he put on frilly pink ankle socks with them in explaining that the outfit made him feel particularly sissy and that he’d pair the outfit with a little girls party dress and Mary Janes. Needless to say he got high marks.

So these are my requirements. Do you still think you are up to the task of serving me?

Could you diligently follow my instructions? Would you risk embarrassment for a chance to serve? Could you reveal yourself and your emotions to my scrutiny? Bare your soul for my approval?

Go ahead and admit it. You know you’ll be thinking about me as you stroke yourself tonight. Imagining the mistress of your dreams putting you through your paces. Humiliating you. Making you beg. Try not to hurt yourself, if I select you I’ll want that cock to be in good condition.

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