A Friend in Need – A Special Night

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Every Guy having a platonic relationship with a girl no matter how much he protests to the contrary, at least once, wonders what it would be like to fuck her, maybe it’s just curiosity or maybe it’s the millions of years of evolution dictating his thoughts, but every guy has them. It’s seldom however that he gets the chance to act on these thoughts, the story that follows is autobiographical and true in most respects, I’ve taken creative license in some parts though, what is real and what is a product of my fevered imagination, I leave up to you dear reader to speculate on. I will confirm however that names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Taniksha and I had been friends for years, we met in college when she was my assigned lab partner and ever since our first meeting we were never really physically attracted to each other, I thought she looked like a cuter tanned Indian version of Zooey Deschanel and I was, and still am attracted to the curvier ladies, in her case she in spite of (or perhaps because of) her drill sergeant father always seemed attracted to the bad boys and found me too straight laced. But we got along well and had similar interest, we both enjoyed photography and hiking and invariably when our significant others of the moment bailed out of any social activities we always felt comfortable asking each other to fill in.

For all that Taniksha only ever had one “serious” relationship it was with a guy named Randolph, I never understood what she saw in him, she was clearly smarter than him and he treated her like shit, and I suspected had cheated on her a few times, I only ever once obliquely mentioned my thoughts to her but she brushed them off and I did not bring it up again. We had finals coming up in the next few weeks and predictably started seeing less of each other, I had just gotten the heave ho a relationship so I had a lot of time to study, Taniksha though spent most of her time with “Randy” Randolph Johnson and not quite enough studying. I tried to get her to buckle down and study but she ignored me, eventually I decided that she was a big girl and I needed to get my own shit together, I spent a good 2 weeks with my nose in some kind of reference tome or the other, caffeine and sleep deprivation were my constant companions.

Eventually though I had one of those nights where my body just could not take it anymore and I fell asleep in the library, fortunately the University kept the library open till keçiören escort midnight during finals and that’s when I was shaken awake by the night guard, I gathered up my books and walked back to my apartment. It was a muggy night, as nights in India tend to be, fortunately I lived close to the university and reached my building inside ten minutes, I pushed open the main gate and that’s when I saw Taniksha sitting in the lobby crying. I slowly sat next to her and asked, “What’s wrong Tanni?”

She said, “I had the most horrible day you can imagine.”

I responded with, “Tell me, later, we need to get you upstairs first”

We took the stairs up to my apartment; I lived alone so it was in the usual single guy state of borderline health hazard. I pushed some junk off the couch, got her seated and got out the beers, I imagined her bad day had something to do with Randy and her next words proved me right.

“He cheated on my Jeff, he brought some girl back to MY apartment and was fucking her in MY bed!”

Taniksha’s father had got some sort of Government contracting business going after he was discharged from the service and seemed to be doing quite good at it, as a result Taniksha was the only person I knew who could afford to own her own high-rise penthouse suite. I’d imagine it would be quiet the love shack for Randy to get some willing tail.

I hate watching girls cry, I’m usually at a loss on what is proper etiquette but even I knew an arm around her was the right thing to do. I could feel the hot tears sock into my cotton shirt.

“And to think tonight was the night I planned to make him my first,” she continued weepily.

This was something we never spoke about before; I’d always wondered if Taniksha had, had her cherry popped; now I knew.

“Tanni, sweet heart, he’s an asshole to pull this kind of bull shit on an amazing girl like you, any retard who would throw away a beautiful, sweet, loving and sexy girl like you has his head up some other retard’s ass.”

In hindsight I realize I could have ended that more forcefully but it seemed to work, she looked up, into my eyes and asked

“You think I’m sexy?” she cooed.

“Of course I think you’re sexy, what kind of silly question is that? In any case I always thought he was no good for you, you’ll be glad you saved yourself for someone who really cares about you.”

She looked at me thoughtfully and said kızılay escort “You’re right.”

The next thing I know she leaned into me and our lips were kissing, I was taken aback, but enough of a guy to kiss her back immediately. I put my hand gently on the back of her neck. She opened her mouth in response. Our tongues touched lightly at first then soon flowered into an all-out explosion of passion.

We continued kissing. What really surprised me next was the fact that she became even more forward. She moved over on top of my lap and moved my hands around to her ass as we continued to kiss. Her denim skirt only came up to mid-thigh; I slid my hands down and up, under her skirt.

“Are you sure you want to do this Tanni?” I asked her.

“I want my first time to be with someone who really cares about me Jeff, and I can’t think of anyone better.”

Well I’m too much of a gentleman to turn down a lady so I pulled her face back down to mine and frenched her again. I could feel her warm skin under the silk panties she was wearing, I gently caressed her ass and teasingly ran a finger between her legs just brushing her silk covered mound, and she shivered in reply.

Her hands had begun to slowly unzip the back of her blouse. My heart stopped for a moment as I gazed at her in a completely new light. She was braless underneath, her slight breasts looked almost golden in the single incandescent light of my living room,

“Tanni you are stunning. You are the most beautiful girls I’v ever seen.”

Her blush said more than words ever could, Her hands moved to my track pants and slowly pulled them down, my excitement was evident as my dick popped up through my Y-fronts. She didn’t say a word, but only stared deeply into my eyes as she straddled me.

Her hands were resting on my shoulders as her tongue slipped between my lips. My arms encircled her as we kissed. Her silk clad virginity rubbed against my penis in the most delicate and yet seductive manner. Taniksha moved her hands down and without warning pulled aside her panties.

She shivered and broke the kiss to look into my eyes. She lovingly caressed my cheek as she began to slowly slide down onto my erect shaft. She grimaced when the head pressed against her hymen. Her head leaned back as she thrust herself down on me, breaking that final barrier between us. Her eyes opened wide and a tear rolled down her cheek as the pain kocatepe escort struck her.

She saw the look of concern cross my face and reassured me with a smile.

“It’s not so bad, and now and forever the most special guy I’ve known will have made me a woman.”

Her smile was a pure and beautiful; I had to kiss her again. Her hips were moving in little circles. The sensation sent little tremors of pleasure through both of us. I gently bit her neck which sent a small quiver down her and up my shaft and she let off a sexy little yelp

Her velvet insides held me tight as she built up a slow rhythm; I guided her with my hands on her hips into a more consistent speed. She threw off her blouse completely and pulled my face to her chest, I took a nipple into my mouth and ran circle around it with my tongue,

“Ohhh God that feels good” she moaned.

She grabbed me by the hair and pulled my face tighter against her body, I ran my fingers gently across her ass as I continued to suck her nipples alternately, I’ve always wondered about it so I gently ran a finger over her anal entrance, she stiffened and I understood she wasn’t ready, but I tickled it just the same, her moans got louder and she was starting to ride me harder.

“Oh fuck your cock feels so good inside me Jeff, it’s filled me up completely, make me your slut Jeff I want to be your little slut!”

I’d never heard her talk like this before, and I could feel my balls tighten as my load was preparing to go off. Surprisingly she started to come before me, her moans started small at first but built up; they were starting to push me towards the edge as well.

“Slow down otherwise I’ll come inside you” I warned her.

“Oh Jeff, I want you to come inside me please, I want you to be the first man who fills me with his cum.”

To someone who has never had a woman beg them to come inside her, the feeling I felt then was indescribable, I exploded in a jet and that was the trigger that sent her over the cliff of her own orgasm. We held each other close as the wave of pleasure washed over our bodies.

Twenty minutes later, we were still on the couch glowing in our post coital bliss, her head was pressed against my chest but unlike earlier in the night there were no tears. The smile and kiss we shared I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

Well it’s been a few years since that night, we never spoke about it again, and we never fucked again, I think we both realized it would have never worked between us, we remained friends for the rest of college and a few years after that till she had to move away for work, and although it’s been a while and I loved and lost a few more since then, I think I’ll always remember our one special night.

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