A Game of Basketball Pt. 4

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Lock the doors and board the windows. A storm is coming. The sky breaks with cries, a flash of lightning and a clap of thunder in the night. Rain falls down like tears.

A storm is coming that no one can escape.

Tears are falling from the darkness and Blood rises

Something waits within the shadows. An army in the night that is hidden from the light.

Save them all.

Speak your name and claim your power!

I shoot up from the darkness. The darkness surrounds my room. My hand shoots out and I feel that familiar lamp. I’m in my room. That dream!

My name? Why is it always that woman saying those words? My name is David. David Kennedy Marshall Graceson.

I am both my father and my mother and all the chaos in between. These dreams are driving me insane. Every night I’m a world apart.

What is the point of these dreams?

Am I going insane?

I reach over, grab my phone and start texting Nicole.

‘Are you awake?’

What felt like a million years went by.

She’s probably sleeping.

I shouldn’t have texted her.

My room fills with light as my phone comes alive.

‘Yeah. Can’t stop thinking about me, huh?’

I don’t know how she does it…

Somehow she has this ability to pull me out of the darkness.

My fingers get to work.

‘How did u know?’

‘My cock has that effect on people.’

I can’t help but smile, she says the lewdest things.

Her arrogance is almost as appalling as mine.

How did two people, that never fit more perfectly together, just happen to be on the same team, at the same time?

It feels like deja vu for some odd reason.

Like we’ve known each other our entire lives.

Why can’t I get her off my mind?

Why is it taking me so long to come up with a response?

‘Hey, yeah. How are u?’

Wow… Really, Dave?

Smoooooth…And I meant that in the most sarcastic way possible.

‘Well, if u really want 2 know, I was just awakened by that sound my phone makes when it gets a text message from my main cocksucker. ’

‘I’m just kidding, but not really… 😉 u know I love u (: So what’s up?’

‘Nothing really just had a weird dream.’

‘You really called me because you had a weird dream!? I was in the middle of a great dream!”

‘Sorry! I’ll share mine if u share urs?’

‘Okay, fine. If u really want to know, I sometimes get these recurring dreams about a guy that kinda reminds me of u. Although, sometimes it’s a different guy… But they’re all similar. Sometimes I’m the guy looking at myself, well… Not really me… Someone that looks a lot like me. Sometimes they’re not even human. Like aliens or something.’

‘And I thought my dreams were weird.’

She sends me the smiley face emoji with its tongue sticking out along with a turd.

‘Ur turn! Let’s see what u consider weird.’

‘Well… I kind of get similar recurring dreams, only it’s all complete chaos. Like the dream I just had, I was trapped in an old house as this crazy storm rolled on through. But it wasn’t a normal storm, there were like monsters or something in the dark. And my dreams always end with this familiar woman’s voice tell me to speak my name and claim my powers.’

‘Aren’t a couple of crazies? ;)’

God, she has a way to make me smile.

‘Yeah, finally I’ve met someone who’s crazy matches my crazy.’

‘Your house after school with my cock in your ass?’

‘Wouldn’t have it any other way. ;)’

‘If you want, I can give you a ride to school.’

‘Yeah, that’d be great!’

“Awesome! 🙂 You can give me head on the way to class! You › :0 O===8 ‹ My Dick!’

She has a way with emojis.


Morning couldn’t come any sooner. I quickly put on some clothes, lather on the deodorant and mow down some breakfast. Mom had already left for work.

My phone’s buzzing. Nicole’s on her way over. As if I didn’t have morning wood already.

When she finally arrives a few minutes later, I meet her at the door.

There she is, dressed to kill. She’s sporting those fly ass Adidas 3-stripe jogger pants that wrap tightly around the ankles with converse high tops. Show a little cleavage with a tank top under a small unzipped black hoodie.

Immediately, I pull her into a deep passionate kiss. My tongue zips across the top of her mouth causing her nose to crinkle at the sensation.

“Someone’s eager to see me,” she says giving me a wink.

As we walked up to her car, I noticed it wasn’t her usual. It’s one of those hybrid luxurious Tesla’s. “What do you have a different car for every week?”

“My stepdad took mine into the shop to get some maintenance done. So I get to drive this beauty.”

“You know, you never really talk about your family much, when will I get to meet them?”

“Well… shits kinda crazy right now. My mom made some cookies for this charity bake sale for a cancer patient or something, but she ran out of baking oil. So my stepdad went to the guest house, where my slightly older brother is living with his girlfriend and borrowed some of their oil.” She gave me the widest grin possible. “Anyways, it turns out his oil wasn’t the baking kind of oil. It was weed oil. You can only imagine how the bake sale turned out.”

“Wow… Did you mom get in trouble?”

“That has yet to be determined, but one thing for sure… My brother is in deep shit!”

We both share a laugh. Hearing her laugh is like hearing a songbird sing.

Her smiling face suddenly turns lustfully possessive. “So… It’s a 10-minute drive to school, think you can suck the cum out of my balls by then?” she asks as she starts to pull down her athletic black sweats.

“Is that a challenge?” I ask as I watch her dick flop out.

She leans over and grabs the back of my head pulling me into another deeply intimate kiss. Her tongue fights its way between my lips as it invades my mouth.

Suddenly she breaks away and yanks my head down to her crotch. I open my mouth just in time to get impaled by her cock.

I hear her shift the gear and the car takes off in reverse out of my driveway as I start sucking on this beautiful dick.

Cupping her balls with my hand, I start bobbing up and down on this python as the car flies down the street. I can barely hear the engine hum.

My tongue twirls around the head of her cock as her fingers run through my hair. I barely get a breath in before she shoves me down on her dick, taking her entire shaft down my throat.

She starts bucking her hips up and down, giving my face a good fucking. I’m holding on for dear life as the car zooms up the road.

I feel us stop and I hear her put on the turn signal. Look up, I see were at a red light. That’s when I see Finn of all people in Josh’s absurdly large truck looking down at us. Before I can say anything my head is plunged back down on Nicole’s cock.

The car takes off as she turns down right. “We’re taking a little detour, might be a couple of minutes late,” she says as she grips a handful of hair and starts pumping my head up and down on her dick, using my mouth and throat to fuck her own cock.

I can feel her take a left as I slide my tongue down the undercarriage of her penis as she yanks my head back up only just to plunge it back down.

She’s even getting her hips involved, thrusting up as she pushes my face down. That cock of hers sinks all the way down my throat. It’s kind of a little uncomfortable at the angle I’m at, but I’m loving it just the same as I slurp on her cock like a slushie soaking it in spit as saliva drools out of my mouth.

Nicole’s moaning like crazy. I feel us do a series of turns and finally come to stop as her dick starts to pulse.

Suddenly my throat fills up with her cum. I swallow as much of it as possible, but she keeps spraying her seed like a broken fire hydrant.

God, it tastes so fucking good! Some of it seeps out between my lips as she continues to fill my mouth up.

Finally, her dick starts to soften as it pops out of my mouth giving me one last little squirt.

Nicole’s panting heavily. We’re both desperately trying to catch our breaths.

I lick Nicole’s cock clean before looking up into those big beautiful emerald eyes.

She smirks at me. “Nice pearl necklace you got there.”

I like my lips to find them coated in cum. She takes a finger, wipes up her sticky cream off my cheek and presents it in front of my mouth. I suck it all up.

She then runs her hand through my hair and straightens it up before pulling me into another kiss. Her tongue takes a trip around my mouth.

“You’ve got cock breath,” she gives me the wildest smirk. “And it tastes delicious.”

“You know, you’re tasting your own cock…”

“And my cock taste fucking good!”

“Can’t argue with that…”

We finally get out of the car and walk hand in hand into the school. I can already tell we’re late because the hallway is completely empty.

“Thank god it’s the last day of class before the holiday break.”

“Also doesn’t hurt we have English class first. I’ve kind of got an in with the English teacher.” I give her a little elbow jab and a wink.

“It definitely helps when the teacher’s boning your mom. I bet she took Abby to town last night.”

“Really!!? You had to go there…”

“Relax, Dave. I’m only kidding… But seriously! It makes me so hot just thinking about your mom taking Emily’s big dick. I bet she’s got a pornstar cock like mine. Do you think your mom takes it up the ass?”

“Seriously!? The last thing I want to think about is my mom.”

“I know, I just love giving you a hard time.”

“Yeah, no kidding.”

As we make our entrance into English class, Emily gives us one of those looks. Not the kind of look a teacher would normally give when a student walks in late, but the kind of look like I know what you’ve been doing. It’s kind of weird knowing she’s sleeping with my mom. It’s also kind of weird knowing she’s really packing.

As we take our seats, which fortunately just happened to be right next to each other, I hear a bunch of people start whispering.

I give Nicole a look and I can tell she’s uncomfortable.

“Nicole… Dave… Glad you could join us,” Emily says, giving us a subtle smirk.

“Sorry we’re late, Miss Crandell. We had to take a detour getting here.” I glance over at Nicole and see a big grin painted on her face. I can tell Miss Crandell got the reference along with half of the class.

“I see, next time you should probably give yourself a little extra time to get to class.”

“Sorry, Miss Crandell. Won’t happen again,” I assure her.

“Hey, look at the cocksucker!” Finn yells as Nicole and I enter the cafeteria. “Guess what guys! I saw Dave, here, giving his boyfriend road head on the way to school. At least we know who wears the pants.”

I felt Nicole’s hand on my stomach. I can tell she wants to avoid the situation, but I’m not going to let Finn dictate high school.

“Yeah, Finn… I did suck Nicole’s cock in her Tesla on the way to class and I loved every second of it!” I grab Nicole by the waist and pull her in for a hot, sensual kiss. “Nicole, why don’t you tell Finn how that blow job felt.”

“It was the best blow job I’ve ever had. Definitely put your mom to shame.”

That definitely pissed Finn off. “Don’t talk about my mother like that! You don’t know what she’s been through. That lady is a saint!”

His voice has reached a pitch I’ve never heard before. I don’t think I’ve even seen a girl’s voice reach that high.

“You don’t talk about a man’s mother like that. She’s not a whore.”

“Dude, they were just kidding. Calm down,” Jason says.

Finn looks around as the entire cafeteria stares at him. “What the fuck are you all looking at!?”

He looks like he’s about to cry. “Shut up! All of you! I’m the star of Miramonte Basketball! I demand respect! I hate you all!”

Suddenly he storms off. “Finn is a puzzle I will never solve,” I mutter as we make our way over to Anna and Jess’s table.

“So you really gave her road head?” Anna asks before we even get a chance to sit down.

“Of course, Dave’s gotta have his fix of morning dick,” Nicole jokes.

“God Dave, you’re such a cock slut,” Anna says.

I can feel my face burning hot.

“Yeah, but he’s my cock slut,” Nicole adds.

“I wish I had a dick…” Anna huffs. “Jess… You’d definitely be giving me road head if I did have one.”

Anna knows exactly how to push Jess’s buttons. They are kind of perfect for each other.

“Now… Are we going to talk about winter break? I was thinking, maybe a double date. Just the four of us,” Anna says.

“Yeah! Definitely!” Nicole agrees.

“Great! What are you guys doing this weekend? Although since winter break officially starts tomorrow, we have Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off.”

“We can’t this weekend. We’re going to my grandma’s house for a Christmas party, but maybe Thursday.”

“I thought that was the weekend before Christmas,” Nicole says.

“This weekend is the weekend before Christmas,” I inform her.

“It is!?” she looks at her smartwatch. “Oh… you’re right!”

“I have to work on Thursday… What about the weekend after Christmas?” Anna asks.

“We have an invitational tournament in Santa Barbara,” I say.

“Oh my god! How am I just hearing about this? Is Santa Barbara going to play in it?” she asks.

“No, Santa Barbara’s definitely not going to play in a tournament they’re hosting,” Nicole responds.

“Is that sarcasm?” Anna asks.

“No shit, Sherlock!” Nicole adds.

“Jeeze, what’s with the attitude all of a sudden?” Anna asks.

“Sorry, I’m just not thrilled to go back to Santa Barbara and play against them,” Nicole says.

“You’re not thrilled?” I ask. “How do you think I feel? I don’t know if I can even talk to Brett or Kevin let alone go up against Chris Smith or Steven Ban. Both of them were All-State honorable mention last year as sophomores. The only good news is that they don’t have James Valler anymore.”

“I have to use the restroom, care to join me, Nicole?” Anna asks.

“I can’t use the women’s restroom…” Nicole mutters.

“Who cares, let’s just use unisex one,” Anna says as she gets up and pulls Nicole behind her.

“What was that about?” I ask.

“Beats me…” Jess sighs. “That woman’s hard to keep up with.”


“Dave! Why the fuck aren’t you sitting with us?” Donny asks as he pulls up a seat.

“Because Finn’s an asshole.”

“True, he’s definitely an asshole. Well, if you’re not going to sit at the basketball table, I’m sitting over here!” He looks over at Ashley and Jess. “Hey ladies.”

“Huhhh… Hey Donny,” Ashley sighs.

“Got a date to the winter formal?” he asks with a big smile.


“Really?!” Donny sighs. “Who?”

“Anyone but you.”

“Ahh come on! I’ll make it the night of your life!”

“Yeah, I think I’ll pass.”

Finally, Nicole and Anna come back from the bathroom.

“Hey, Dave… “ Nicole says. She looks rather nervous. “Can we talk?”

“Yeah sure… What’s up?”

“I mean, in private.” I see the worry on her face.

The bell rings and a mob of güvenilir bahis students get out of their seats at once in a rush to get to their classes.

“How about we talk after practice, okay?” I tell her.

“Yeah… that’s fine.”


I meet Nicole outside the gym before practice and we head in together. The rest of the team is huddled over talking to a bunch of cheerleaders when we stroll up.

“You’re probably just saying that because you don’t have a crazy masturbating story either!” Donny says.

“Uhh, yes we do! We talk about it all the time. You know… locker room chat,” the blonde says. I think her name’s Kate.

“Really!? Care to elaborate?” Jason says.

“Well, there was this one time…” Eliza mentions, the girl with the brunette hair. She’s in our English class.

“You’re not talking about the time after homecoming, are you?” the blonde asks.

Eliza’s face lights up. “Yeah! The time we all experimented…”

“Show us your tits!” Finn shouts out impulsively.

“Eww, gross,” Kate says.

“Come, girls, let’s go up top to practice,” Eliza says.

“Wait. No, no, no, no, come back!” Jason sighs before he looks over at Finn. “What the hell’s wrong with you!?”

I look over at Nicole and she’s got a smirk on her face.

“Huddle up everyone!” I hear coach yell as she enters the gym.

“Just because Winter Break starts tomorrow doesn’t mean we won’t have practice. We will be having practice every day except Christmas,” she says. “The tournament is this weekend. We will discuss more about it tomorrow at 9 AM. The bus will also leave tomorrow no later than 1:30 PM. With that being said, let’s get started with practice!”


“I can’t believe winter break starts tomorrow on a Wednesday,” I say as we walk out to the parking lot after good practice.

“I know right!?” she says.

“So… I was thinking…”

“You were thinking!? Holy shit, get a hold of the president, Dave had thoughts in his head!”

“Haha, very funny!” I reach down and wrap my arm around her waist and pull her in for a kiss.

“So what were you thinking about?”

“Since we have tomorrow night off, how about we go on our first date?”

Her face lights up as she looks up at me with those big green eyes. “Yeah! That would be awesome! What were you thinking?”

“Movie and dinner?”

“Yeah, that sounds great!” We get into her car and head over to my house.

“So… want to spend the night?” I ask.

“Is it okay with your mom?”

“Yeah, she said as long as it’s not a school night. Do your parents mind?”

“No, not at all.”

“Then it’s settled! You’re staying the night. Normally people go on their first date before they sleep with each other, but we’re doing things in reverse.”

“With you, everything feels like it’s in reverse.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing,” she smirks.

“Fine, I see how it is.” I raise that eyebrow and give her the good ole Dave smile as I get out of the car.

“Oh, don’t be a crybaby.” She follows me inside, giving my ass a hard smack as we walk in.

The house is dark after I hit the switch and light the room up, I see a note on the counter with a $20.

Over at Emily’s here’s money for food.

“Pizza?” I ask Nicole as she spots the note.

“I take it your mom is getting plowed by Miss Crandell?” she asks.

“Hopefully not… As much as I’d like to see Miss Crandell’s hard fat dick, I’ll pass if it’s with my mother.”

The most devilish grin appears on her face. ”I’d totally bang both Miss Crandell and your mom. Especially your mom.”

“You’re hilarious.”

“Definitely wasn’t joking.”

“Sadly I don’t doubt it. Now, whatcha want for dinner?”

“It doesn’t matter to me, but I bet you I know what you want for dinner.”

“What’s that?”

“My dick.” Her smile is infectious. And she’s not that wrong. I can’t honestly say I don’t want to suck her dick. It does sound delicious.

“How about we order a pizza and I’ll give you a blowjob while we wait?”

Her face lights up and then a smile appears. “Deal! I knew you wanted my dick.”

“It’s not like it isn’t obvious. I did give you road head before school.”

After I ordered pizza, I led Nicole to the living room and pushed her down on the couch. Soon I was on my knees, in between her legs, pulling her sweats down. Her cock popped free of its confines.

Wrapping my fingers around it, I marvel at its beauty as I hold it up against my face. I look up into her hypnotizing emerald eyes as she bites her lip. My tongue lavishes her balls and I such on one at a time before I leave a trail of kisses up the underside of her cock.

My lips open up to take the head of her dick into my mouth. Nicole lets out a moan as my tongue swirls around the tip. Inch by inch, I take more of her cock between my lips. Her fingers slip through my hair as she grabs a handful and pulls me down.

Her cock plunges down my throat as my nose meets her pubes. With both hands, she starts bobbing my head up and down on her dick.

“Oh, Dave! Suck my cock, babe!” she moans. As she pulls my head up, my lips create an airtight seal around her shaft as I suck on it, desperately trying to milk out my creamy reward.

I slurp on her pole, taking it deep down my throat. She starts bucking her hips up as moans escape her lips. I can tell she’s close. I’m going to keep her on the edge a little bit longer.

I pop her dick out of my mouth and give her testicles a little lovin. I start licking em and kissing em as I look up into those big beautiful eyes of hers. Slowly jerking her big fat dick. The feel of her heavy shaft in my hand makes my own dick hard.

She grabs my hair and pulls my hand off her cock as she takes over stroking it. “I can’t take it anymore, Dave. I need to cum!”

Suddenly a big gob of spunk sprays all my face. Load after load of her white sticky jizz paints my face.

Finally, she collapses back down on the couch. I take her cock back in my mouth and clean off every drop of cum on her dick like a good little cockslut.

Suddenly someone knocks at the door. The pizza’s here!

“Shit!” I say as her dick falls from my lips.

“You should answer it like that!”

“No way! It’s embarrassing!”

“It’d be funny! Come on! Please!” She gives me that baby face of hers and I can’t resist.

“Fine…” I get up and grab the cash on the table. Opening the door, Jess greets me in a cute little Pizza Shack outfit. As soon as she sees me, her face turns as red as her hair.

“I didn’t know you worked there…”

“Yeah… My parents own the place. Umm, looks like you’ve already had dessert.”

I bet my face is as red as her hair right now as well.

“Yeah! He’s my personal cock slut!” Nicole says as she walks up behind me. “Hey, Jess! You working late?”

“Only another hour and then I’m going over to Anna’s,” she says.

“Oh cool, well have fun much her carpet.” Once again her face burns hot. After I pay her and leave a tip, she takes off.

“God… the things I do for love.” I put the pizza down and wipe off my face.

Nicole’s hand comes down hard on my behind. “Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy it deep down. You know you love being my cockslut.”

I turn around to look into her verdant grassy eyes as I wrap my hands around her face and pull her into a kiss. Her hands journey below my pants and cup my ass cheeks. I feel her finger start to rub up against my tight little butthole, slowly circling it as she squeezes and kneads my ass cheek with her other hand.

My tongue explores her mouth and wrestles with hers as my fingers stroke the soft caramel skin of her face.

“We should eeeeeaaat!!” I try to suggest as she slips her finger inside my ass.

“Fine…” She pulls back, but not before spanking my ass as if I’m a bad boy.

Once we eat, we both agree to take a quick shower. Of course, when you’re soaping each other up with an occasional kiss here and there, it’s not as quick as one might think. And let’s not forget all the ass grabbing and dick fondling that went on.

Once we finally got out and dried each other off, it was straight to the bedroom. I manage to turn the lights off as she pushes on the bed.

Before I knew it, I’m face down with Nicole straddling the back of my thighs as she plays with my ass.

‘God, you have such an amazing ass!” She says as she grabs my cheek with one hand and spreads it open while she sticks a lubed up finger against my sphincter and pushes in.

“Urgghh,” I grunt, but she doesn’t relent as another finger quickly joins in. She roughly starts to finger fuck my ass.

After getting my cock stealy hard with just a few fingers, she finally pulls out. I hear the bottle of lube squirt out a glob. Looking back, I see her get her cock all lathered up. She gives me a playful grin. “You know where this is going. Don’t you?”

I meekly nod in.

“Where’s that?”

“Up my ass…”

“That’s right,” she says, leaning down, kissing my shoulder as she rubs her dick up and down the crack of my ass before meeting my little starfish. “Guess what?”

“Hmmm?” I grab handfuls of sheets as I bite into the pillow, bracing for impact.

“Here comes the boom!” One powerful thrust, she’s all the way in as skin slaps upon skin.

“Ahhhh!” I scream out.

“I can’t believe your ass is still so tight after I’ve given it a few good dickings.” She bites my ear as she wraps one arm underneath my torso and the other around my neck. She slowly starts moving her hips back and forth. “Fuck, I’m so in love with you.”

“I love you toooo!” I squeal as she hits that sweet spot. Pleasure flooding through me like a riptide. Her veiny cock tightly wrapped by the walls of the inside of my ass has me feeling so full. She kisses and nibbles on my shoulder as she stuffs me full of her dick.

She starts thrusting harder into me. I can feel her balls slap against mine every time she goes all in.

I’m moaning out of control every time that dick rubs up against my prostate.

She suddenly pulls out as she unwraps herself from me. “Roll over on your back, I want to see your face as I fuck you.”

Getting on my back, I lock my legs around her waist as she pushes her cock back inside me. She continues where she left off, driving her hips, sinking that cock deep into my asshole. She leans down and gently bites my nipple making me groan.

She leaves a trail of kisses up my neck until our lips are attached. I run my fingers through her short silky hair as her tongue’s busy giving my mouth an oral exam.

My dick is harder than a diamond and her’s is hilted all the way up my ass. I grab her breast, softly caressing it as our mouths speak without words.

One more thrust and my dick erupts, spewing cum all over us. My ass spasms, tightening around her cock as my own dick continues to shoot rope after rope of cum.

She really starts to pound my ass, detaching her lips from mine as she stares into my eyes. Her dick’s like a jackhammer inside me, but I’m in a different world, lost in those emerald gems of hers as my orgasm starts to subside.

She pumps one more time, lodging her log deep inside me, finally filling my ass up with that creamy hot delight. Fuck, it feels so good!

She dumps load after load inside of me. Then as her dick falls out of my ass. she takes my leg and flips it over so she can spoon me as she collapses on the bed. “That was amazing. Is your mom going to get upset if I sleep over?”

“Are you kidding me? You honestly think she would be upset if you spent the night? She’s letting us fuck in her house?” She laughs while she wraps her arms around me and rests her head against mine.

She gives my ass a hard slap. “If that’s the case, it’s going to be a long night for you.”

“Oh god…” My blood rushes to my cock, but I’m not sure if it’s got enough energy to go another round. I don’t think I have enough energy to go another week.

“Just kidding.” Oh, thank god!

“But seriously.” I can just feel the sadistic smile she must be wearing as she scoots closer and rubs her dick up and down the crack of my boxers.

I lean back and look her in the face. “Are you serious?”

Definitely has a devilish smile, I knew it. “You’re insatiable.”

“What can I say? I love putting my cock in your ass, but I can go a little longer without it.”

“Thank god, my ass needs a little time to recoup.”

“But don’t think I won’t wake you up with my dick down your butthole.”

“I’d expect like nothing less.” She kisses my shoulder, gently sinking her teeth in my skin before meeting my lips with hers.

“You have no idea how amazing this is.”

She says I roll on my back. She rests her head on my shoulder and looks up at me with those eyes that seem to glow a mesmerizing jade color in the moonlight.

“What’s that?”

“To be dating you, I’ve had a crush on you since the first day that I saw you.” She presses her lips against the skin on my collar bone.

“Really?” he asks.

“Yeah, you’re an amazing guy. One of the hardest working athletes I’ve ever met.” When she looks up at me with those eyes, it’s hard not to melt in her arms. “Plus, you’re always trying to do the right thing. Even if it means costing you your friends or popularity.”

She reaches up and slowly touches her lips to mine. “Who couldn’t fall in love with you?”

“It’s hard to argue with you. Dating you isn’t so bad either.” She twists my nipple. “Ouch!”

“Don’t lie, you know you’re loving every minute of our time together.”

“Especially these moments.” She looks up at me as I reach over and start stroking her cheek with my thumb before pulling up in for a kiss.

“I love you,” we both say at the same time. Then she rests her head against my pec and we fall into the sweet embrace of the night.


Fire seethed off of him as if the flames were alive. Horns rose from his head. Spikes stuck out of his back. His eye burned like cinders full of hate as his head slowly turns to me.

A chain held in his hand. The chain is wrapped around the neck of a naked girl as she kneels before him. She too has horns and her skin was as dark as the night. Embers simmered from her eyes as tears of flames streamed down her cheeks. It’s not just any girl… It’s Nicole! No! I must save her!

Suddenly a woman appears in front of me. Not just any woman, blue flames rise from her head like hair. Her skin was dark but her eyes shined with bright sapphire flames that matched her hair. She has horns as well.

Wings enveloped in the same blue flames rose from her back. “Speak your name and claim your power to save her, my son!”

Rising up from the darkness. It was just a dream… More like a nightmare. That was the worst one yet. And once again I’m drenched in sweat. She called me her son…

Nicole stirs awake. “Hey…”

I look back at her, she looks so sweet with her eyes heavy with sleep. “Is everything alright,” she asks.

“Yeah, just another nightmare.”

“Tell me about it.” She rises up and places a hand on my back, gently rubbing it.

“It’s nothing, just a dream.”

She kisses my shoulder as she places her hand on my arm. türkçe bahis “It’s definitely not nothing if it’s got you all riled up. Jeez, you’re all sweaty.”

“I don’t know. It’s just another recurring dream I get. Each one’s a little bit different than the last.” I don’t know if I should tell her about the part with her being in it. It’s just a dream, it’s not like it means anything.

“Was it like the one you had last night when you texted me?”

“Yeah…” I reach down and grab my dirty shirt off the ground and wipe my face with it. “I feel like I got these demons, all in my head.”

She grabs the shirt from me and starts wiping up my back. “If it makes you feel any better, I get these weird dreams too, but they’re actually kind of nice. A bit confusing and weird, but nothing like yours.”

“Yeah? Are these the dreams you have of other men?” I throw her a smirk.

“I wouldn’t say that. Even though they don’t look like you, some aren’t even human. They feel like you. It’s hard to explain. Although some are from the guy’s perspective looking at me.” She rests her head against my shoulder. “Well, it’s not really me… I mean, the women in my dreams don’t look like me… I don’t know, it’s hard to explain.”

“I know what you mean. Aren’t we two peas in a pod?”

“You’ve got that right.” She presses her lips against the skin of my shoulder. “We’re perfect for each other.”

“Weren’t you going to wake me up with your dick up my ass?” I

“Not at two in the morning…” She pulls me back into bed and rests her chin on my chest and looks up at me with those verdant eyes. “You are the only person that ever looks at me like that.”

“Ha… Like what?” I ask.

She rolls her head, tearing her eyes away from me. “Like I actually mean something.”

“Are you kidding me? You mean everything to me!” I gently grab her face and lift it up to me. “Why would you ever think you don’t mean anything?”

“I don’t know… It’s just some people make it seem that way.”

“Don’t listen to what other people say about you. Their opinions don’t matter. The only opinion that matters is yours.”

“I know that, but it’s hard not to listen.”

“I wish you could see yourself through my eyes.” I kiss her forehead.

“Then you would see the most beautiful woman in the world. She’s brave, confident, smart, sexy, and can even make me laugh.”

She looks up at me. “Of course you think I’m sexy after I made you splooge a load of cum all over your own sheets. I’m only smart because I study hard. No way am I confident or brave.”

“You’re the bravest person I’ve ever met. You’re brave enough to come out as transgender, endure abuse from assholes and you still kick ass.” Before I can continue her lips are on mine. She’s got my tongue surrendering to hers.

She laid her head back down on my chest and we both drifted back to sleep in each other’s embrace.


“Urrggghhh,” I wake up as my butthole is being spread open.

“Morning sunshine,” Nicole says as she bites my ear. “Told you I’d wake you up with my dick up your asshole. Now take it, Dave.”

She thrusts hard into me, shoving that fat dick balls deep inside me. With that girl cock deep inside me, I’m groaning and moaning like a bitch in heat.

I sink my teeth into the pillow and bring my hands back and spread my ass cheeks apart as she slowly starts humping my ass. I feel every ridge and vein of her cock as it slides in and out of my tight butthole. “Yeah, spread that ass for my cock you sexy slut.”

God, I love when she talks dirty to me. She lays a series of kisses against the skin of my back, occasionally leaving bite marks. She slides up in the cowgirl position, straddling the back of my thighs as she continues to thrust in my rear. I can hear the sound of her hips slapping against my ass as she pounds me. “Fuck, Dave! Your ass was meant for my cock.”

“Oh, fuck. I couldn’t, urgghh… I couldn’t agree more!” I moan out as she saws into my ass. She hilts herself all the way in. I can feel her balls rest on top of mine. I let go of my butt cheeks and grab a handful of sheets as she continues her onslaught. “Fuck me, Nicole! I’m yours!”


Her hand grabs my ass and squeezes it. “You’ve got that right… You’re all mine! Holy shit, I fucking love you!”

The way she gyrates her hips, making that dick massage my prostate, sends me into complete bliss.

“I’m going to drop a load so deep in your ass, you’ll be able to rinse your mouth with my cum.” She places her other hand on my shoulder and really starts to reem me.

The melody of skin slapping skin mixed with grunts and moans from both of our lips fill the air. I’m panting for air as my dick strains against the sheets underneath me. I’m on the edge and one or two more thrust from her cock will send me over.

She keeps hammering away like she’s building a house. Of course, her cock making a home in my ass as she slams the beautiful shaft balls deep inside my ass with just enough impact to my own pecker explode all over the sheets. I can feel her hot sticky seed fill my ass as she erupts inside me. “Fuck!! That feels so good, fill my ass with your cum!”

She collapses on top of me as she continues to milk her cock deep inside my butt. My own dick finally dries out. She keeps her cock buried in my ass as she attacks me with kisses.

“Fuck Dave,” she sighs as she wraps her arms around my torso. “That was…”

“Fucking amazing?” I ask.

“Yeah…” She rests her head on my back. I roll on my back and she stares up at me with those big green eyes. After we make out for several minutes, we finally get out of bed. I get my asshole cleaned out, we grab some breakfast and then head to practice.

After sprints, drills, playthroughs, and coach implementing a few new plays, she finally gathers us up and goes over what’s all going on for this weekend. “The bus will be leaving no later than 1:30 this afternoon. That gives you an hour to get cleaned up and get your shit together.”

“It’s a five-hour trip, so I expect you all to be on your best behavior.” I’m pretty sure she’s staring directly at Finn. “We will be there until Sunday so we will be staying in a hotel 20 minutes out. That being said, I’ve taken the liberty to assign sleeping arrangements.”

“Finn, Josh, and Austin will be roommates. Dave, Brock, and Donny will be in another room. Jason, Jeremy, and Caleb will also share a room. Nicole, because of your special circumstances, you will have to privilege of having your own room. Any questions?”

Finn raises his hand. “Yes, Finn?”

“That’s not fair… How come Nicole gets a room all to themselves?” he asks.

“Finn makes a great point!” I add, for once I’m actually agreeing with Finn. The entire team goes silent and all eyes are on me. “We could easily eliminate a room if you put Jason and Jeremy in my room and Caleb in Finn’s. I can room with Nicole.”

Coach stares at me for a long hard minute. “That would save them quite a bit of money… Nicole are you okay with this arrangement?”

“Yes!” she says a little too quickly.

“Anyone else has anything to add about this arrangement?” No one says a word. “Alright then, it’s settled. Caleb, you’ll be in Finn’s room, Jeremy and Jason will be with Brock and Donny, and Dave will room with Nicole.”

She subtly grabs my ass and gives it a squeeze. “I’d expect you all to act and behave like adults. Your meals will be provided.”

“The first game is going to be Thursday morning at 8 AM sharp. I want everyone ready by 6 AM.”

I raise my hand. “Yes, Dave?”

“Do you have a copy of the bracket?”

“Yes and I’ll let you all look at it on the bus. I’m not going to lie, all the teams invited to the tournament are all tough. We have our work cut out for us. We play San Marcos first and unfortunately being located in Santa Barbara gives them home court advantage. Their fans will have a large presence.”

After practice, Nicole drops me off at my house. I give her a kiss goodbye before she takes off. Walking inside, my mother’s there with Emily. “Hey, Dave! How did practice go?”

“Great, but I get to get ready. The bus leaves in an hour. Nicole’s coming back to pick me up shortly,” I inform them.

“Oh great, speaking of the game, Emily and I already have a hotel room, so we’re going to leave after lunch, would you like me to make you something to eat?” Emily wraps her arms around my mother and presses her lips my mom’s neck.

“Okay yeah, mom… That sounds good,” I say as I leave them alone. I take a quick shower and get dressed.

My mom made me a sandwich and left it on the counter. “Alright baby, we’re heading out. I’ll see you down in Santa Barbara! Text me when you get there!”

“Alright, mom. Love ya!” I say while I give her a kiss on the cheek. She pulls me into a hug before returning the affection. Then she and Emily are out the door.

As they leave, I rush into my mom’s room and find a bottle of lube she has hidden away in her bedside table. I pack it away in my duffle bag.

Soon after they take off, Nicole pulls up.

I finish eating my sandwich, grab my bag and head out to meet her. “God, I still can’t believe coach let us have a room all to ourselves! Good thinking,” she says as she practically rushes up and pulls me in for a big hug. She presses her lips against mine and I wrap my arms around her waist.

“I know, right? I’m a genius aren’t I?” That Dave smile of mine is on full blast.

“Don’t get too full of yourself or your head might explode.” She gives my ass a hard slap.

“Speaking of head? Want me to give your cock a good spit shine before we leave?”

“You just can’t get enough of my dick, can you?”

“What can I say? I’m addicted to that cock of yours.” I reach down and give her sleeping python a good squeeze.

“You know… we could try doing 69 and swap cum, I wouldn’t mind wrapping my lips around that little pecker of yours.” She gives me a playful smile and I can’t help but press my lips against hers.

I grab her hand and she follows me inside. “My pecker isn’t small by the way! Yours is just abnormally large! I mean, come on! You’re only what, 5’6? And you have a cock that pornstars would be jealous of! That’s just not fair…”

“It just further reinforces the simple fact that I’m the pitcher in this relationship.” She gives me another slap on the ass to add weight to her statement.

I look back at those lust filled eyes of hers. “Can’t say that I don’t enjoy catching that big cock up my ass. By the way, have you ever taken anything up the butt?”

“Nope, well… I’ve tried a dildo once.”


“I enjoyed it, but I much prefer being on top and dominant.”


A sly smirk appears on her face. “Don’t worry, I know how much you want inside my ass. I’m more than willing to give you my anal cherry… That is if you ever manage to beat me 1 on 1.”

“Oh you don’t have to worry about that, I’m going to beat you next time.”

Once we walk into my bedroom she pushes me down on the bed. I barely manage to roll on my back before she attacks. Her hands have my pants down to my ankles before I can even blink.

She quickly pulls off her pants and underwear, kicking them to the side. I quickly flip around, laying my head on the bottom of the bed. She climbs on top of me, dragging her cock down my face.

It slips into my open and eager mouth. I wrap my lips around it so tight, not even air will get through. My tongue swirls the tip before she plunges it down my throat. I manage to drag my tongue across the top of it. Her balls slap my face as she hilts herself inside my mouth. The smell of her big sack of nuts is enough to send me over the edge, let alone the feel of her hot mouth as she gobbles down my dick.

She pulls her hips back, but I grab both of her buttcheeks and sink that cock back down my throat.

She starts fucking my face as she massages my cock with her tongue. She grabs my legs and bends them back and before I know it, a finger sinks up my asshole.

Two can play that game. My hand caresses the smooth skin of her ass before my finger finds her little pucker. I tease it a little bit before slowly sliding it in. She starts pistoning her dick down my throat as my finger plays with her donut hole. We’re both finger fucking each other’s assholes as our mouths suck each other’s cocks.

The way her lips are tightly wrapped around my cock as she massages my prostate is just what is needed to send me over the edge.

My dick starts to spasm out of control as I fill her mouth up with cum. She slurps down every drop as she humps my throat, lodging that dick deep inside my mouth. All I can see is her sack smacking against my face. My fingers are still two knuckles deep inside her tight little butthole as my dick continues to turn rope after rope of cum for Nicole to drink up.

As I finally start to come down, she goes balls deep down my throat and drops a load. Her cock spews up more semen and than a cruise liner. I continue to swallow that tasty treat her cock keeps giving me. So salty with a hint of something sour and something sweet. As she slides her cock out, I desperately try to suck more out of it. Pulling her ass back down until I get every last drop.

“Someone’s thirsty.” Her voice sounds like a melody as she giggles at my cum craving behavior.

“Only for your cock, babe,” I moan as her dick pops free from my mouth, leaving a few drops on my face.

“You’re such a good, sexy cumdump,” she smirks.

“Fuck, I love it when you talk dirty to me!” I give her ass a playful slap as she crawls off of me.

She laughs as she looks down at me. “You’ve got a little cum on your face.”

She leans down and slowly swipes it up with her finger. I open my mouth as she presents her cum covered digit to me and I slurp it clean.

Once we get all cleaned up and proper, I grab my things and walk out hand in hand to her car.

She gives my ass one last squeeze before I make my way to the passenger seat of her car. We take off and before no time, we’re at the school.

We pile our bags in a few seats near the front. Nicole and I grab the back seat, she takes the window. Donny sits in the small seat next to us. Jason grabs the seat in front of me and Jeremy grabs the seat across from him. Caleb and Austin grab the seats in front of them. Brock sits next to Caleb, the only other two who are sharing a seat. Finn and Josh grab the farthest seats away, thank god…

The coach gives a quick spiel about respect and before long we’re off.

Nicole takes out her Bluetooth earbuds out and starts listening to music as she looks out the window.

“Whatcha listening to?”

“I know it’s considered a girl band, so don’t judge me, but it’s one of my all time favorites! Here.” She hands me one of the earbuds and I put it on. It’s White Flag by The Blades, an all-girl pop rock band. This is one of their slow songs. I put on the earbud just in time to hear the chorus. ‘I wave my white flag and completely surrender myself to you.’

Nicole rests her head on my shoulder as we listen to the song. I slip my hand under hers and interlock our fingers together. We continue to listen as her playlist shifts from song to song. Before long, Nicole güvenilir bahis siteleri falls asleep on my shoulder. She looks so innocent and peaceful as she slumbers.

I wonder if she’s having another one of her recurring dreams?

I hope we can spend the night in her room sooner or later. I wonder what it’s like…

I bet she’s got some really embarrassing things hidden in her closet. I wonder who she was before she transitioned. It had to be someone I went to school with. Does her family support her?

There’s a lot of things I don’t know about her…

And yet, strangely I feel like I know her better than anyone else.

We stop a little after 5 to grab gas and subway. It’s all in the same building conveniently. I stroke my thumb softly against Nicole’s cheek to wake her up. Her eyes flutter open to reveal those beautiful emerald irises. They seem to glow and if I look closely I can see a unique pattern within them.

The feel of her fingers sent a current of electricity to rip through my body. Her hand is cold though. But the soft feel of her lips as she presses them against mine is full of heat.

For the first time in a long time the rest of the world just faded away. We were in our own little universe as if time stopped and all that existed was the two of us.

Then our lips part ways.

“Are you two going to keep making out or are you going to come grab some grub?” Donny asks.

Both of us are out of breath. What just happened? It felt…

Out of this world!

“Well I’m not waiting for you two lovebirds to make up your mind, I’m getting something to eat!” Donny marches off.

We’re both caught in each other’s eyes. “That was…”

“Weird…” She tears her gaze away.

“Like, weird in a bad way?” I ask.

The shine of her emerald eyes sparkle in front of me as she brings her gaze back to me. “No… Like weird in a totally epic sorta thing you’d only see in the movies kind of way.”

“So you felt it too?”

She nods her head. “I felt something. Have you ever experienced waking up from a good dream to an even better reality?

“Once or twice.”

Her thumb traces the creases in my palm. “I never have. At least not until now.”

“For me, it felt like time literally stopped and all that existed was the two of us.”

“Yeah, I felt that too!”

I look out the window to see Donny checking out. “I guess we should head in and grab a sandwich. Want to split two footlongs?”

Her eyes crinkle down as her nose scrunches, while she shakes her head. “Why wouldn’t we just get our own?”

“Because we can get two different 6 inches for less than it would be to buy two separate 6 inches.”

“Ahhh, that’s a good idea. Yeah! Let’s do it. What do you want?”

“Oh, definitely the chicken bacon ranch.”

“Oh yeah! Me too! How does the club sound?”

Once we get our subs made, I pull out some cash.

“Let me pay,” she says handing the clerk a credit card.

“Don’t worry, it’s already paid for,” says the guy behind the counter who doesn’t look any older than me. “It’s all being charged on the chick over there. By the way, she’s fine, is that one of your guy’s moms?”

After we grab our subs, we sit down next to Donny and Brock.

Brock’s watching something on his phone.

“Have you guys seen the videos out there of that ghost who murders bad guys? And there are a few clips out there of the girl vigilante killer who looks like a ninja? I think they’re calling her Shadow?” he asks. “You guys have to check this out!”

“Hell yeah, I’ve seen the clips of the Shadow! She’s so hot! She can save me any day!” Donny says.

“Yeah, I’ve seen all of those clips. My brother is obsessed with them,” Nicole says.

“I’ve seen a few clips,” I add.

“Well someone posted a video of the Shadow fighting The Ghost on this site called The Shadow Leaks!”

He puts his phone at the end of the table so we can all see and starts the video. It’s footage from a security camera of a hallway with 4 armed guards and a couple of windows.

All of a sudden a figure breaks through the closes window and completely skewers the first guard with a sword. It’s the Shadow. She grabs the gun out of his holster and shoots the second one in the head. She uses the first guard’s body as a shield as the other two open fire upon her.

Both of them unload a clip unto the dead guard. She lets his body fall to the ground and fires at the other two as she charges them. She hits the closest guard a few times, sending him to his knees. As she whips the empty gun at the fourth guard, she stabs the third guard through the chest with her sword.

The hallway starts to fill with smoke as she pulls out what looks like a knife and throws it at the fourth guard, hitting him square in the neck. As he falls to his knees, she grabs the knife and rips it out sideways from the guard, finishing his life.

Smoke has almost completely filled the hallway. The Shadow holsters her knife and takes out her other sword. She looks as if she’s ready to fight the smoke.

What looked like red eyes appeared from the smoke. She flings one of her swords at the figure and blitzes the smoke. Suddenly she’s sent flying backward and smacks into the wall.

What looks like the grim reaper emerges from the smoke. Covered in a tattered, torn up cloak just like that of death himself only white, it covers most of its body, only showing a pair of burning red eyes. Instantly, a chill goes down my spine.

It’s easy to tell why they call it the Ghost. It can’t be human. Smoke seems to seeth off of it. As it descends upon the Shadow, she quickly climbs back to her feet and pulls out a knife, wielding the blade downward as if she’s ready to stab it. With her sword in the other hand, she charges it once more.

The ghost drifts back into the smoke as The Shadow assaults it with a series of slashes, stabs and swipes. The misty smoke envelopes her as she continues her onslaught. Suddenly she’s flying backward, landing flat on her back. She rolls back onto her feet with a backward somersault and launches back at the terror in the shadows.

As she slices through the smoke, each strike only cuts air as the Ghost is nowhere to be seen.

Out of nowhere, it appears behind her, taking her out by the knees. She goes to swipe back with her knife, but its clawed hand catches her arm. It almost looks like it breaks her wrist as it disarms her. It looks like she stabbed him with her sword as it pokes out through its cloak, but it doesn’t phase the creature. It takes the sword and tosses it.

Finally, it slams her head into the wall, knocking her out cold. I can barely see it take her into the smoke and darkness.

“That was fucking intense!” Nicole says.

“Holy fuck! Please don’t tell me it killed her! We still haven’t gone out on a date!” Donny exclaims.

“Not like you actually stood a chance with her,” I tell him.

“You don’t know that! For your information, plenty of women can’t resist my charm!”

“Name one?” Nicole says.

“Uhhh… Well… There was that one girl… You know what!? Names aren’t important.”

“What do you guys think it’s going to do with her?” Brock asks.

“Probably kill her… I mean it hasn’t really left anyone else alive,” I mention.

“Yes, it has!” Nicole says. “Did you see the clown video? It left that family alive after it killed the clowns that were going to murder them. I don’t think it’s inherently evil. Although I can’t speak for The Shadow.”

“Yeah, but the shadow saved those cops from the men that were shooting at them at the traffic light,” Donny adds. “And I heard she saved three women from some thug that held a girl hostage in front of a cop.”

“Who knows what these vigilantes are after,” I add.

“I don’t really think the Ghost is a vigilante,” Nicole says.

“You don’t honestly think it’s an actual ghost, do you?” I ask.

“Maybe, have you seen all the videos of it?” she asks. “It can appear out of thin air. Smokey mist seethes off of it. It’s got burning red eyes. What more do you need?”

“I don’t know. What do I know?” I ask.

“One thing’s for sure,” Brock says. “We live in a world where superheroes and vigilantes exist. How badass is that!?”

“True,” we all agree.

Once we all get back on the bus it doesn’t take long before we arrive at the hotel.

After we get checked into our rooms, coach has us meet her inside her room.

“Tomorrow’s the big day! We play first against San Marcos. I expect San Marcos to have a huge fan base. It may not be their court, but it is their city.” She grabs the bracket and hands it around. “The game starts at 8 AM. I want everyone downstairs at 6 AM. We’ll quick eat breakfast and get to the court. Any questions?”

After a moment of silence, coach continues. “Finn, Josh, Austin, and Caleb, here’s your room keys. Jeremy, Donny, Jason, and Brock, here are yours. Nicole and Dave, here’s yours. I want you all to get a good night’s sleep and meet tomorrow morning, at 6 AM sharp. You’re all excused, except for Dave and Nicole.”

“Uh-oh! Looks like you two are getting the talk!” Finn says on his way out.

As the rest of the team leave, Nicole and I wait patiently to see what this is about.

“I feel like I should address the white elephant in the room.” She looks at the both of us. “I know you two are… getting serious. Honestly, I don’t care what goes on off the court as long as it doesn’t affect the team and your performance. Are we clear?”

“Yes, coach,” Nicole says.

“So… you’re saying you don’t care if we get… intimate?” I’m probably pushing the envelope as the saying goes, but I just wanted to make sure I was picking up the implications she’s putting down.

“I’m saying, your private life is none of my business unless it affects the team and your performance. I don’t give a shit what goes on off the court.” She takes in a long breath and slowly releases it. “As long as everyone stays out of trouble and out of the hospital, it doesn’t really concern me.”

“Duly noted,” I add.

“Now both of you get some sleep, I expect you both to be ready for the game tomorrow,” she adds. “Don’t make me regret putting you both in the same room together.”

“Have I ever let you down, coach?” I ask as we both get up to leave.

“Not yet, but don’t start.”

“Good night, coach,” I say as we leave.

Nicole and I both rush back to our room. As soon as we’re inside, our bodies connect like the opposite ends of two magnets.

Our hands explore each other’s bodies as we tear the other’s clothes off.

We fall to the bed once our clothes hit the floor. This time I straddle her as I grab her head and pull her up for a kiss. Her tongue breaks open the lips of my mouth like a battering ram breaking through the gates of a castle.

Her hands slide down my back and each grab an ass cheek, spreading them apart as she grinds her cock against the crack of my butt.

“Hold up a sec,” I say, leaning over to grab my bag that’s sitting on the bed next to us.

After digging around in my bag, I finally find the bottle of lube I was looking for.

“Someone came prepared,” she laughs as she gives my ass a slap.

“What!? I definitely can’t take that cock up my ass dry.” I squirt out a big glob and lather it all over her fat dick.

She holds out her hand. “Allow me the honors of getting your tight butt ready for me?”

I give her a generous amount of lube before losing the lube.

I tense up as she presses her greased up fingers against my butthole. The lube’s a little cold to the touch. But as she messages my butthole, it doesn’t take long to warm up.

I wrap my fingers around her anaconda as her fingers finish lubing up my asshole. I guide it to the entrance to my rear and slowly sit down on it. “Urrggghhh.”

Nothing like impaling yourself on a big dick to end the day. Her cock slowly spreads open my ass as I lower myself on it. I don’t think I get halfway down before I pull up, leaving the tip inside.

With a cock like hers, you’ve got to take your time easing it in. With her hands grabbing my ass cheeks, she has me spread open in no time. As I look into those emerald globes, I slowly start to bob up and down on her shaft.

“Fuck, it feels so good to have you inside of me,” I moan as I lean down and connect our lips together. Her hands knead my buttcheeks as I ride her cock. Using one arm for support, I stroke the soft skin of her face with my thumb as our tongues dance inside her mouth.

Never been one to passively sit back, she starts thrusting up inside me. I can feel her go balls deep up my ass, hitting the universal g-spot inside my ass. “I love how full it feels when you’re inside me,” I whisper before reconnecting our lips.

She’s got me moaning like a girl being tagged team as she grinds that dick inside me. Fuck it feels so good. I collapse on top of her and let her take control as she starts to thrust harder and harder inside me. She brings her lips down my neck and starts kissing my shoulder as I become her pillow bitter.

I hear the smacking our skin as she starts to pump my ass full of her dick. “That ass is taking all of my cock. Fuck, I love you, Dave. I want you so bad!”

“Fuck, baby! You know I belong to you!” I lean up and kiss her. I gently grab her breast and I rub her sensitive nipple, making her moan. This only makes her start to fuck me harder.

Pretty soon she’s hammering me, losing herself to the lustful pleasure of my ass tightly wrapped around her dick. I to am lost in the heat of the moment. She fucks the cum right out of me as my dick explodes all over her tits and face.

The sudden orgasm causes me to clench down on her shaft as she buries it deep in my ass. I feel a blast of hot spunk fill up my ass. “Urrrggghh, that feels so fucking good! Fill my ass with your cum! I’m all yours, babe.”

My lips press against hers in a sloppy kiss as she fills me up with her seed. Finally, her cock falls out of my ass as she and I both desperately try to catch our breaths.

“Aren’t you going to clean up the mess you made all over my tits?” She gives me the most sadistic grin ever. “With that tongue of yours of course?”

“Licking up my own cum? That’s kinda gross.”

“Really!? Come on, you slurped down a load of my cum earlier, what’s the difference? Besides, I think your cum tastes great!”

“Fine, only because you asked.” She slides her fingers through my hair and pulls my face against her tits. Like a good boy, I start licking her tits clean. Honestly, it’s not as bad as I made it out to be. Cum’s cum… right? Also, I get to play with her tits, so… yeah.

I make sure to lick every inch of her boobs, of course, I make her squirm when I softly bite down on her nipple. Eventually, I make my way up her neck and clean the cum off that pretty face of hers. Once again our lips connect and our tongues wrestle for space. Finally, I break off. “Coach is right, we really should get some sleep.”

I get off the bed and grab my bag and put it on the other bed. After I clean out my ass, I turn the lights off and join her as she pulls the covers back.

We snuggle underneath the sheets, sharing a few kisses before we drift off into the night.

I hope you enjoyed my story. Feel free to leave any questions or feedback you might have in the comment section. Please give it an honest rating.

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