A Gilf’s Cum Slave Ch. 04

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Big Tits

(Ongoing series of stories about sexy older women who love using young studs as their cum-fed sex slaves!)


It was a beautiful day for a walk. Annabelle Shaw, 62, was a gorgeous, well kept and very powerful CEO of a Fortune 500 company, working hard and playing harder — usually with one of a cadre of well-hung, cum-filled studs she had at her disposal, eager to serve the leggy boss lady, willing to do whatever she required, up to and mostly including eating their own sperm, a long-time fetish of hers that the years and wealth allowed her to indulge.

The day was hot and humid, perfect for the task at hand. Or more accurately, foot. She donned a tight white t-shirt that hugged her sagging but beautiful tits, a pair of sinfully short red running shorts that accentuated her sexy GILF ass and long, wrinkled-but-muscular thighs, and mid-calf white socks and sneakers, highlighting her well-shaped lower legs.

She took her time, working up a good sweat, feeling the heat swell in her sneakers, soaking her favorite socks — which she’d worn for a week. She got back to her office around 3, fairly sprinting inside and snapping her fingers at Trent, a young blonde office intern who had heard of her ways from others, wondering if he’d be up to her tasks.

He was about to find out.

“Trent, now,” she barked, walking into her lush penthouse office, Trent obediently behind her, eyeing those supple, soft but muscular old calves and sinew-rippling hamstrings. She sat in her chair, flipping her crossed feet atop it, her silvery-gray hair in a ponytail, several wet strands hanging in her pretty face.

“You may take these off,” she said, nodding toward her feet, picking up a sheaf of papers to peruse.

“Yes, Ms. Shaw,” Trent gulped nervously, sitting in a chair in front of her desk and untying her sneakers.

“Out there it’s Ms. Shaw,” she said, pointing to the door. “In here it’s Granny Annabelle, boy.”

“Yes…Granny Annabelle,” he corrected, slipping off her sneakers and getting an instant whiff of the acrid foot stench that blossomed up to his face, enveloping it, making him wince.

She smiled as he did, her rokettube lovely mouth a patchwork of sexy wrinkles and creases.

“Put your nose to the soles and smell my wet, dirty socks,” she growled, reading her papers as the young stud obeyed, inhaling deeply of her foot aroma. “I’ve worn these socks awhile, they should be fairly ripe…are they, boy?”

“Yes, Granny Annabelle,” Trent groaned, caught up in the heady, nasty foot stench of the woman more than three times his age, his cock throbbing in his pants. “God…yes…yes…”

She continued to read, feeling her pussy tingle as he ran his nose up and down those damp socks, devouring her acrid smell, putting it into her toes, smelling between them. Annabelle playfully clamped down with them, pinching his nose painfully, twisting his head from side to side.

“I have VERY strong toes for an old woman!” she laughed, unsnapping her pants and sneaking a hand inside to finger her hairy, wet pussy.

He groaned as she let go and he continued to smell her perfect feet, running his trembling hands up her solid, wrinkled calves, massaging them, feeling she sexy muscles ripple to his touch.

“You’re a fast learner, boy,” she hissed, putting the papers down now, frigging her pussy harder, her fingers soaked. “My nasty old calves need attention, too, they’re tired from my workout..that’s right, dig in, massage those big muscles under that wrinkled, tanned skin!”

He moaned and did as instructed, now kissing the feet covered in filthy socks. She glared at him.

“I didn’t tell you to lick my socks — yet!” she snapped.

She shifted forward, encasing his neck between those solid calves, twisting her socked feet together behind him, crushing him in the muscled clamp, making him dizzy, groaning in pain, his hands cupped around the freckled, shiny shins, trying to pull them apart as he felt himself slipping away.

“Oh, no, boy, NO ONE escapes Granny Annabelle’s powerful calf scissors!” she laughed darkly. “I’ll teach you the lesson all my office studs know!”

She squeezed harder, his face blue, hands slipping away as her calves rippled with muscles beneath asyalı porno the soft, wrinkly skin, knocking him out cold. She eased the squeeze, still holding him there, until he snorted back to consciousness, blinking in confusion, looking side to side at the thick tubes of GILF calf muscle that did him in.

“Where…what…” he babbled.

“My calves scissored you asleep, boy,” she growled, fingering her cunt faster now. “Now, you may take my socks off and lick my sweaty feet clean!”

His fingers slipped her socks off, feeling the dampness of them, dropping them to the desk and devouring her gnarled old soles and heels, lapping like a hungry dog, tasting the salty sweaty. He ran his slavish tongue up to her toes, which she spread apart, and he dug in between each one, feeling the grit and grime, swallowing it down gamely, lapping the toes clean, one by one, sucking each into his anxious mouth.

“Here’s a little treat for you, boy,” she laughed, pulling her wet hand from her pants and slathering her womanly juices over her toes, soaking them, watching Trent attack them with renewed fervor, relishing the funky, musky smell of her sweaty cunt and sweet flavor of her fluids.

Moments later, she treated him to a rare delight in the office, stretching him out on her massive desk, popping his handsome young cock out, stripping her clothes off and sitting on that delicious, long prick, taking him to the balls in her wet pussy. She stretched her long, strong legs out and plopped her ripe feet right on his face as she leaned back against his legs, fucking him long and slow, his cock feeling as if gripped by searing hot velvet.

“Don’t you cum yet, boy, don’t you DARE cum before Granny Annabelle,” she purred, laying flat on his legs, her fingers diddling her thick clit, Trent’s mouth suckling madly at her heels, lapping up the soles, desperately devouring her nasty old feet.

“Granny…Annabelle…can’t…please…slow down…don’t want to cum…yet…” he moaned deliriously.

She smiled, knowing the effect her tight old cunt always had on young ones, particularly ones infatuated by her GILF feet. azeri porno She tightened her pussy on his throbbing cock and felt the head thicken, a sure sign of impending explosion. She came, hard and long, but quietly, pretending not to as Trent stiffened and she felt the first of 10 scorching hot blasts of his young cum slam inside her, bathing her womb with spunk.

“Damn you, Trent, you disappoint me,” she sighed, feeling his dick slip from the grip of her wet cunt, the last bit of spunk flowing out to bathe her abundant, sweaty pussy hair. “Now, boy, finish me off!”

He looked in horror as she got to her knees over him, her cunt splayed open wetly, a thick plug of his sperm visible in the gape, as she slithered up his chest, holding it in and squatting over his mouth. She giggled and grunted, a veritable river of cream jetting out of her hairy pussy and directly into his mouth. He gagged, trying not to swallow his own cum, but she now plopped her meaty twat onto his mouth, the hole sealing his lips, her powerful, wrinkled old thighs framing his face, squeezing it as she fed him his huge load, sitting up, hands on hips, looking down over her big, saggy tits as he frantically swallowed his jism to keep from drowning, his eyes wide open, the rest of his face practically covered in her punishing thighs.

She groaned and ground her pussy hard on his face, thick hips hunching back and forth, sliding her sopping hairy cunt back and forth on it, soaking him with his cum and hers from forehead to chin as she rode him to a crushing orgasm, thighs quivering around his cheeks, finally coming to a rest with her hands on her legs, smiling down at the boy gasping for air beneath her dominant form.

“Well, not bad, boy, not bad,” she sighed, climbing off his face, listening to his frantic gasps for air. “Now, get dressed and get back to work.”

She gathered up her clothes and headed for her office shower as he got himself together, wiping his wet face, sticking his still stiff dick back in his pants before darting out the door. As she showered, she was already thinking of what could await her at home: Her grandchildren, Aaron and Amy, were coming to visit for a couple of weeks this summer, gorgeous young college athletes who just adored their doting grandmother.

“I think it’s time they knew the REAL Granny Annabelle,” she smiled to herself, fingering her insatiable pussy as she showered.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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