A Girl Holding A Cat Has Two Pussies

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A Girl Holding A Cat Has Two Pussies

I laughed out loud when my father looked over at my sister Janice. Mom had just gotten her a six-week-old kitten. Dad said, “A girl holding a cat has two pussies.” I found that to be the funniest thing that I had heard in quite a while.

Dad walked away and Janice wanted to know what was so funny. I told her that she had two pussies and she said that she only had one kitten. Then I poked my finger into her crotch and said, “That’s a pussy too.” Janice didn’t seem to mind my finger so I kept it there. I moved it around a little and managed to get it under her skirt and up against her panties. Since she still hadn’t objected I poked her panties into her slit a little. I even found her clit where the other boys said that it would be. Janice liked the feeling that I was giving her and I liked doing it. Then Mom called us to dinner.

We ate dinner quickly and then we went down into the family room to play with the kitten. Only we didn’t play with the kitten all that much. Janice leaned back on the floor and I put my finger back on her clit. In a little while I had pulled her panties off to the side and was making contact directly on her little clit. She was having great feelings from my finger. Then she scared me when she got really quiet, shook all over, and went stiff like a dead body.

In a minute Janice thanked me and then told me that I had made her feel even better than when she does it herself. I didn’t even know that she masturbated. Then she asked me if she could do it to me. Sure! Why not! So I whipped it out and showed her how to stroke it. I couldn’t believe that my thirteen-year-old sister started to suck on it. When I asked her what she was doing she said that that was what Mommy did to Daddy. I had never seen them do that. It sure felt good and in no time at all I was shooting my stuff into her mouth. Janice surprised me when she swallowed it. She said that Mommy swallows. Okay.

After that day Janice and I masturbated each other every day güvenilir bahis and sometimes twice. She became a professional blowjob artist and I got really good at eating her pussy too. One day she told me that she had seen Mommy and Daddy in a new position called sixty-nine and then she showed it to me.

I asked her how she kept seeing Mommy and Daddy doing things sexual. She giggled and said that it was because there was a vent in the back of her closet where she could see right into Mommy’s bedroom. I had to see that.

Janice showed me the vent and then we lay down on the floor and waited. Nothing happened. Then it was bedtime. We kissed Mommy goodnight and then headed up to bed. Janice told me to wait until Mommy checked on me and then come to her bedroom.

It was about an hour before Mommy opened the door, came in, and kissed me on the forehead and left. I waited a few minutes and then snuck out of my bedroom and made my way to my sister’s bedroom. She was already on her belly with her head in the closet. I got down next to her and realized that she was naked. I whispered to her and found out that she sleeps naked because Mommy does.

Then Mommy came into her bedroom from the hallway with Daddy right behind her. We watched as they undressed. Daddy’s cock was bigger than mine was but everything on Mommy was bigger than Janice was too. I had never seen Mommy naked before but I sure liked it. Then she went into her bathroom and left the door open. We watched her sit on the toilet and pee then wipe herself afterwards.

We were hoping to see them get into a sixty-nine but they didn’t. Instead Daddy got on his back and Mommy sucked his cock hard before she sat on it backwards. It was a good position because I could see her big tits bounce and Daddy’s cock sliding into her pussy. I never knew that Mommy was so active. In a few minutes Daddy cum and Mommy got up and went into the bathroom again. She peed, she washed up with a washcloth, and then she took the washcloth in to wash Daddy off with it too.

When the lights went off we türkçe bahis got off the floor and closed her bedroom door. She followed me to my bedroom, which was further away from our parent’s bedroom. Once in there, Janice asked me if we could do that. Okay.

So I got on my bed and Janice got on top of me. She grabbed my hard cock and sat her pussy down on it. We both liked the way that it felt. She did what Mommy did to Daddy and all I got to look at was her tiny asshole and part of my cock whenever she pulled up. Soon it was feeling so good that I was fucking up into her as fast and as hard as I could. Finally I cum in her like Daddy did in Mommy.

Janice got up and went out into the hallway to the bathroom. Soon she came back with a washcloth and washed me off. She tossed it on the floor like we saw Mommy do.

After that we were watching our parents every night and trying to duplicate it afterwards. My sister and I got really good at fucking and almost never did oral unless that was what Mommy and Daddy had done that night.

One day about a month later Mommy sat us both down and asked us why she had to pick up a washcloth off my floor ever day. Without thinking Janice said because we do what you do. Mommy looked at her and started to say something then she froze as she remembered that she picks up a washcloth every morning too. Then she asked us if we were having sex. Again Janice said that we just do whatever we see her do. What!

Then of course Janice told Mommy all about the vent in her closet, us lying there watching her and Daddy have sex, and then us going back to my bedroom and duplicating it.

Mommy asked us how long we had been doing that and Janice told her about two or three months. She told us to stay right where we were and went upstairs. Soon Mommy was back down and told us that she had found the vent in Janice’s closet. She asked us if we enjoyed watching her and Daddy have sex. Of course we did. Then she told us to keep doing it but not to tell Daddy. She told us that she would start doing different things in bed güvenilir bahis siteleri so that we could try them out. Okay!

That night Mommy had Daddy fuck her doggy style and the next day she asked us how we liked that position. We liked it just fine and could hardly wait to try more positions.

We learned a few new ones over the next couple of weeks and then one day she handed me a tube of lubricant and told me that I would need it later.

That night Mommy asked Daddy to fuck her in her asshole. We watched as he used the tube of lubricant to grease up his cock and her asshole. She told him to use plenty of lubricant on her so that it wouldn’t hurt too much. We knew that she said that for our benefit. Then she told Daddy to be gently as he slipped his cock into her. Janice and I watched as our parents showed us what anal sex was all about. We could hardly wait to try it out.

After things settled down in their bedroom we went to my bedroom and started to try it out ourselves. I probably used too much lubricant but it didn’t matter I just didn’t want it to hurt Janice too much. She got on her hands and knees and put her butt up in the air for me. I centered my cock against her anal ring and then pushed gently. It felt really nice when the head popped into her butt. Janice seemed to think that it was okay, so I continued. Soon I was all the way in her and fucking her ass like I had been fucking her pussy. I really enjoyed it when I cum in her. Janice said that she liked it too and that I could do it again if I wanted too.

The next day after school Mommy asked Janice how she had liked it and was pleased with her answer.

Over the next week Mommy had Daddy fuck her in the missionary position and told us that we didn’t need to watch her if we wanted to do it at the same time. Then after school Mommy taught Janice and I how to eat her pussy and then they sucked my cock. I enjoyed cumming in Mommy’s mouth and eating her pussy so much that I asked her if I could fuck her. Surprisingly she said, yes.

After that I got to fuck Mommy after school and Janice before I went to sleep. Daddy never did let on if he knew what we did or not.

The End
A Girl Holding A Cat Has Two Pussies

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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