A Good, Casual Fuck at His Place

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She bit her lip as she turned, images of what was about to happen flashing in her mind. She thought of his strong hands and thick fingers roaming, no, consuming her body, and her melting underneath him.

A honk from the car behind her startled her back to attention. She waved an apology and continued down the street, her route memorized from years of making this trip. Still, it somehow never got old. The chemistry between them stayed electric, her heart beating faster every time she even thought of him touching her.

The last turn, almost there.

She let her hand slide slowly down her white t-shirt, feeling the swell of her chest and the place where they started to fall out of the sheer lace bralette she bought for a recent occasion of theirs. She loved the way her tits felt in this outfit, the lace adding tantalizing texture to her soft skin. Chills appeared on her arm. She smiled, glad she was wearing it; he loved it when she dressed up for him and she loved the way his eyes devoured her. She tweaked one nipple and then slid her hand across her chest and did another before allowing her fingers to travel downward.

Forcing herself to go excruciatingly slowly, she used her middle finger to feel the hem of her short skirt, circling the place where the skin met the fabric. She slid her finger up the inside of her thigh allowing her breath to quicken and her focus to drift–only a moment–before wandering further.

She slowed even more as she got to her pussy, barely allowing her finger to make true contact. Her nipples hardened in excitement and just as she pulled into his building’s parking lot, she allowed her index and middle fingers to plunge as deep inside her as they could go. She stomped on the brake, her eyes closing and her head falling back as she enjoyed this introduction to the night’s plans. She gasped. It felt so good, her fingers moving slowly inside and out of her, and knowing that he–or any of his neighbors–could be watching her. She bit her lip again, opening her eyes to see who had seen. Didn’t look like anyone, but part of her hoped someone had seen and she simply hadn’t noticed.

She pulled her fingers out and licked them clean before putting the car in park and turning it off. Only wanting to get things started, so to speak, she promised herself she wouldn’t be here long, but couldn’t resist a little bit more. She dipped her fingers in her pussy and moved them to her clit, spreading her legs apart to give herself better access. She closed her eyes as her fingers moved in circles, varying their pressure. She squirmed with pleasure, feeling the wetness between her legs.

‘He’s going to love that,” she thought to herself, imagining his hot breath in her ear as he told her how much he loved how wet she got for him.

She shuddered and sat up, leaving her wet fingers to air dry. She adjusted her skirt and shirt and walked up to the door.

“Hey, glad you could find the place,” he joked, opening bursa escort bayan the door. She kept herself from pushing him into the room, slamming the door and ripping his pants off immediately, but only barely. She had finally learned how exquisite pleasure could be when you had to work, or even just wait for it. She blushed a little at the thought, her face flushed as she saw his piercing blue eyes slowly taking her in, starting with her short skirt and ending with the most intense eye contact she had ever experienced with anyone else.

His hunger fed her, need pulsing through her veins. She met his intensity and threw back some of her own, licking her lips as she remembered the weight of his cock in her mouth.

“Yeah, me too,” she flung her bag over her shoulder and stepped in, gently pushing him aside with a swing of a hip. He let her, falling into the wall as she closed the door behind her. It latched and he stood up straight, his eyes narrowing slightly, her throat in his sights. It almost scared her. She felt herself get wetter. She dropped her bag as he pushed her against the door, his hand pressing just hard enough on her throat. He leaned in and kissed her, his lips pressed against hers; their tongues perfectly in sync as they kissed. His hands moved to his hips as he stood closer and closer, the bulge of his jeans rubbing against her sensitive clit. She moaned in his mouth.

“You know I’m supposed to let you in, right?” He whispered in her ear.

She let out a ragged breath and nodded.

He waited, his grip tightening.

“Yeah, but you love it when I take what I want,” she said, a devious glint in her eye. She was right though, and they both knew it. He loved that she was trouble and she loved that he was too. They craved chaos and mess and loved that none of their close mutual friends knew they’d been fucking for years.

“I fucking do, you’re so hot when you get what you want,” he kissed her, more softly this time, continuing to kiss down her neck. His left hand moved up to her tits, squeezing and pinching as he kissed her neck. She moaned again, the sound of his breathing in her ear turning her on.

She needed him.

“You wore my favorite thing,” he said, smirking approvingly as he pulled off her shirt. She smiled, raising her arms above her head and throwing her shirt on the floor.

She shook the straps to make her tits bounce. He bit his lip as he watched, his breath quickening.

She slid down to her knees and looked up at him, her bright blue eyes wide and her mouth eager.

“Can I?” she asked.

He nodded as he started to undo the buttons on his shirt. She unbuckled his belt, moving with intention to build anticipation. She swallowed and licked her lips as the unbuttoned his jeans, happy to see he too was wearing no underwear.

“I see we both went for easy access today,” she joked, leaning in to lick the tip of his hardening cock. She loved watching it spring to gorukle escort life, appreciating it for the compliment it was. She grabbed the base of his cock and licked his balls, making eye contact as she moaned into them. Soft and sensitive, she loved the way they felt in her mouth. Feeling that his cock was hard now, she licked circles around the tip, and licked from base to tip before slowly taking the whole thing in her mouth. THis was her favorite part, the first time his cock hit the back of her throat. He always let out a gasp of appreciation which made her get even wetter. She closed her lips around the base and moved her tongue around the underside. Slowly moving up towards the tip, she replaced her hand on his cock and squeezed gently, her tongue moving all over his cock. She loved giving him head and told him so with her mouth full.

He groaned. She went faster, taking him deeper in her throat and holding him there until she gasped for air. He pulled her up and they made out as they made their way back to his bedroom.

His giant bedroom window overlooking the city was open and the view, as always, was spectacular. Evening light streamed through the windows and landed on his giant bed.

He threw her down on it and straddled her, kissing her neck and into her cleavage. He pulled her tits out of the bralette and kissed and sucked on her hard nipples, pressing his hard cock against her. She spread her legs to receive him, eager to feel it deep inside. He thrust it against her as he bit her nipple before moving lower. He kissed down her belly and pulled off her skirt, pleased to see that she had worn no panties, just for him.

“I love it when you come over here wearing no panties, your wet pussy soaking through your skirt. That’s so fucking hot,” he said, licking and kissing her clit. She opened her legs wider. He slipped two fingers and quickly a third into her wet pussy. She gasped as she felt his third finger, finding pleasure in the pain of being stretched and full.

“You’re already so wet for me,” he growled into her ear, biting her earlobe. Her body twitched as she felt his hot breath in her ear. She nodded.

“Always. You get me so fucking wet,” she moaned.

“Good,” he said, pumping his fingers faster inside her and biting one of her nipples.

“Oh fuck,” she sighed.

“I love the way you moan for me,” he said. Her pussy squeezed his fingers tightly, soaking his hand.

He pulled his fingers out and tasted them, nodding appreciatively as he stared at her. Her hands moved to her nipples and she played as he finished taking his pants off, stroking his hard cock a few times to get it ready for her. She Lifted her legs, ready to feel his hard cock deep inside her.

He finally stepped closer to her and slapped his thick cock on her clit before moving it lower. He waited at her entrance, drawing circles around it, teasing her, watching her squirm as he denied her the pounding bursa merkez escort bayan they both knew she wanted.

“Please, fuck me,” she begged, longing in her eyes.

He loved to hear her beg.

He thrust himself into her, his cock hitting her cervix and holding it there. She squeezed and moaned, bucking her hips against his and grinding her clit into his public bone. He waited, a devilish grin on his face. She pleaded with her eyes and he finally obliged, watching her eyes close and her tits bounce as he started to fuck her. He spread her legs wide as he pumped into her, watching his cock move inside her pussy. She watched too. He started to pick up speed and grabbed her round, muscular ass as she moved it against him, matching his pace and intensity.

He slowed again, pulling out and moving her legs to one side.

“Turn over,” he demanded.

She loved the way he knew what he wanted and how he wanted her. It felt so good to not have to think about anything for once and just enjoy the way they used each other’s bodies. She moved to her hands and knees and he fucked her from behind, soon leaning forward to pull her hair. She arched back towards him and he held her there, one hand with a fistful of hair and another on her clit. He rubbed as he fucked her, letting her orgasm crescendo before pulling away to slap her ass or grab a nipple. She reached back and grabbed his ass, pulling her as deep into her as he could go.

His fingers moved faster and faster around her clit.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum,” she moaned.

“Yes,” he groaned. “Cum for me.” He bit her ear and pressed his hand harder into her pussy.

She pressed back on his hand, her pussy squeezing his cock involuntarily. She shuddered as she came, convulsing as the orgasm peaked. He pulled his hand away and pushed her back to an all fours position, slapping her ass hard enough to leave a mark as he did. He fucked her hard and fast, slamming himself into her willing hole. She pressed deep into him as she looked back over his shoulder, enjoying his roughness.

He pulled out and moved to the edge of his bed, positioning her on her back with her head over the edge of the bed. She squeezed her tits together for him and spread her legs to preserve the view. She opened her mouth, eager to feel his cock in her mouth once again. He stroked it before resting the tip on her lips. She opened wider and he fucked her throat, his hands holding her head in place. She gagged and smiled as he went faster. She moved one hand down to her clit for her pleasure and his and rubbed until she felt his cock stiffen and pulse, cum splashing the back of her throat.

“Mmm,” she moaned as she swallowed.

“Fuck,” he said, gently slapping her tit.

She squealed, giggling.

He sat down on the bed and she moved to sit next to him. Nestled in the crook of his arm, she lightly grazed her fingers all over his body, starting with his chest hair and down. He flinched whe she reached his cock, her fingernails gently stimulating his sensitive cock. She laughed and straddled him, leaning down to kiss him.

“I’m getting us water, but don’t get too comfortable. I want you more before the end of the night,” she said, winking over her shoulder as she left the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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