A Good Idea

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Big Dicks

After six martinis everything had seemed like a good idea. But now the euphoria was fading and Ellie was poised with her hand up in the air ready to rap on her neighbour’s door with little on but stilettos and a trench coat.

“Go on” hissed Lisa “Don’t think, just do”.

“Fine for you to …” Ellie had no time to finish her thought as Lisa sprinted towards her, knocked on the door and raced back to their apartment, slamming their own door shut.

Ellie was frozen to the spot. The idea of seducing her dark haired neighbour with the body of Adonis now seemed a bad idea, so did the martinis. Come to think of it, this wasn’t just a bad idea it was Lisa’s idea. Lisa was the sex kitten, she was the one that had two men at once last Saturday and was more vocal than a roommate needed to hear. Listening to Lisa moan and talk dirty to her men had clearly pushed Ellie over the edge, Lisa had begged to be fucked hard up the arse and then Ellie could hear one man praising her ability to suck him dry. Ellie had not been able to resist exploring her own pussy as she heard her flatmate taking it both ways. Lisa had no end of men lined up to get in her bed. She had large breasts that attracted them like bees. Combined with long blonde hair and a curved arse, she was a walking wet dream for men.
Actually, just secretly, she was a walking wet dream for Ellie too.

Ellie hadn’t had sex since she had broken up with Roger two years ago and it had not taken much effort for Lisa to push her out the door after a fast makeover when she had confided her interest in Dylan.

“Eh em”.

Oh my god, she hadn’t realised he had opened the door already.

Dylan had been standing there a good minute admiring his sexy little neighbour. He stood a good six inches taller than her in her fuck me stilettos and therefore had serendipitously peered down the opening of her coat to see the gently swells of her naked breasts. She was not as buxom as her flatmate but they were rounded and he hoped they would be tipped with rosy coloured nipples. He was a sucker for pink breasted titties. He had seen Ellie a few times in the building and had only spoken briefly with her. He had checked her out and had admired what he had seen but she canlı bahis seemed a bit too classy and hardly the type to be interested in the type of fucking he liked but now looking at her he was beginning to rethink that whole premise.

“Come in, let me take your coat,” Dylan said as he closed the door behind him. Ellie was a little tongue tied and still not sure whether she wanted to go through with this. The moment she took off her coat though it would be obvious why she was here. Now might be the time to ask for some sugar and turn tail and run.

“I really must” he insisted and moved close and untied the sash. The coat fell to the floor and exposed Ellie’s nudity.

“Ellie, what’s this? You naughty girl!” said Dylan with a smile that had heat pooling between her thighs.
A tinge of pink infused Ellie’s face but Dylan was feasting on the beautiful body before his eyes. Dam, her tits were perfect with small pink areoles, his gaze followed down her firm stomach to the lovely spot between her legs trimmed with a delicate tuft of hair.

Lisa had insisted on waxing Ellie before sending her on her mission. Ellie had been mortified as she opened her legs wide for Lisa to apply the hot dark wax to her hairy pussy.
“Now this is going to hurt,” Lisa had warned, as she had rubbed the strips along the cooling wax, “but it will be worth it”.
Lisa had yanked the strips quickly away and firmly applied her hand to the now naked area of Ellie’s red pussy lips.
“Shhh” she cooed as Ellie absorbed the pain, “It will all be worth it and besides a little bit of pain is fun.”

Standing still under Dylan’s silent appraisal, Ellie was pleased she had made the effort.
Before she could rationalise her behaviour Ellie blurted, “Dylan, I really like you, I thought we might just skip dinner and the movies and get straight to the sex bit”.
“And what can I do with a nice girl like you!” asked Dylan allowing his hands to glide over Ellie’s tits.
“Anything you like” Ellie responded naively.
Dylan forced Ellie gently back on the couch.
“Open your legs then for me sweetheart and let me see what you have to offer”. Ellie lay back across the brown suede sofa.
“Oh beautiful” Dylan responded, “now turn over on your knees bahis siteleri so I can see that lovely arse of yours”.
Ellie turned keeping her arse high in the air with her legs spread wide. She felt Dylan’s hands on her arse cheeks as he spread them further. Ellie could feel the blush return as he fingered the outside of her arse bud.

“Are you an anal virgin Ellie?”

Ellie nodded her head in response, more than just a little embarrassed now. She could see Dylan’s cock lengthen and thicken under his dark pants and was thrilled that she pleased him. She had only thought to fuck with her pussy but a perverse little voice was already thinking that this is what Lisa would do and after the other night she wanted to give up her arse. Ellie could feel her pussy lubricate. Dylan slipped a finger into her snatch to coat it and then moved back to her arse rosebud.

“Do you think you’re going to like it up your arse Ellie? I sure the hell am. I’m going to plunge my cock up until my balls slap into your arse and I’m going to pound you hard.”

Ellie felt a second finger filter her arse as Dylan tried to open her tight passage wider.

“I love arse fucking, better than pussy fucking. But I will have you there too. I should have bent you over when I saw you in the elevator last week. I should have stopped the elevator even with old Mrs Venny from 14B in with us and pulled up your dress, spread your cheeks and rammed myself home in your tight virgin arse”.

Ellie felt her pussy drip from his crude words. Dylan collected further juice to lubricate Ellie’s puckered hole.

“You are so fucking hot in just those shoes. What a hot fucking slut you are, not so classy now”.

Ellie could feel herself getting wetter and hotter, she moaned loudly. Using his other hand Dylan moved to her clit and rubbed around the raised skin. Dylan’s fingers were gyrating hard to open her up and Ellie’s arsehole was sore but she pushed back looking for more.

“Not yet baby, I am going to soften you up first and make your whole arse on fire”.
Ellie felt bereft when his fingers left her hole. Dylan sat quickly and flipped her over his lap and planted the first hard slap on her arse. Before she had time to brace herself bahis şirketleri he had laid another five across both cheeks. The pain was hardly bearable and she squirmed on his lap.

“Open your cheeks and hold still, you horny slut” Dylan yelled. Ellie glanced around at Dylan. His face was hard and his eyes were fully of lust. God he was gorgeous. Ellie complied immediately and felt the next few smacks across her pussy and arse rosebud. Ellie could feel pain but it mingled with pleasure and she had never felt so horny. She felt like a slut and wanted Dylan to fuck her roughly. Dylan stuck three fingers fully up her wet pussy and she felt herself tighten around them and come hard.

“That’s it baby. Now turn over on your knees again,” Dylan ordered.
Still feeling the tugs of her orgasm she obeyed and raised her glowing arse for his taking.
Dylan felt his cock was going to explode. He was harder than he had ever been before and he had this beautiful woman offering her virgin arse in front of him. He positioned himself roughly between her legs. He couldn’t control himself anymore. He was barely able to coat his cock with her pussy juice before he tore into her stunned arse. He only stopped when he was balls deep in her. Her cry echoed from the walls as his thick cock invaded her. He knew he had been a prick but he just couldn’t bring himself to stop. His balls tightened and he pulled back to plunge in again and again. She was shaking her head but pushing hard back against his veined cock. Even if she were pleading for him to stop he didn’t think he could. She was his for the taking and he was going fuck her hard, all nine inches of him.

“I love your arse. You are so fucking tight. After I get a few friends over you won’t be quite so trim next time. Would you like that Ellie, getting gangbanged up the arse?

Ellie moaned “God yes,” as she arched back. Fuck, she loved it as much as he did. If only Lisa could be watching her now as she took him deep in her arse again. She exploded in orgasm as the porn images filtered in her mind. Dylan shot his hot load at the same time deep in her passage. Her arse continued to pulse around his cock milking every sensation from him.

“That was the best fucking arse fuck I’ve ever had”. He picked Ellie up; kissing her he carried her into the bedroom. Not quite what he was expecting when he opened the door to his classy neighbour.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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