A Good Ride Home

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Another old, found story. I have reversed the gender of the two characters and of course as always placed it in England.


Clive’s footfall’s echoed off the buildings on either side of the street as he walked toward the corner to catch the bus. The pools of light made by the street lighting seemed to beckoned him like beacons home. His tired feet got him there but they were not happy. Reaching down and taking off his DMs, Clive rubbed his tired foot. The distance sound of the bus coming up the street raised his spirits, he would be home soon to his loving mother.

The bus came to a stop at the corner in a cloud of exhaust. The door opened with a slight slam as the front went down automatically, for disabled and old people. Climbing in to drop his fare into the box he noticed that the normal driver was on tonight. He was a man in his late 50’s but this was a woman about the same age but indeterminate. Her hair was greying and greasy, her face deeply lined and sort of frowning downcast under heavy eyebrows as if the troubles of the world were on her shoulders. Clive guessed that she had been driving buses for years, but on another service. She carried definite signs of a muffin top around her middle. Her uniform skirt was surprisingly high over her chubby bare knees. The badge on her lapel announced her name was Monica. Walking past her, he could feel her beady eyes following him up the aisle in the big mirror over her head. Taking his seat, as far back from the driver as possible, the bus started on its route.

The air on the bus was cool and relaxing. The bus, only sparsely filled tonight, was quieter than normal. An elderly couple sitting in the front row, talked quietly among themselves. He opened his laptop using the free WiFi and Googled the bus company, just for something to do. He looked up the staff and found Monica listed as a long term employee, with long service awards. and incredibly her age which was 58. The bus rolled to a smooth stop and the doors opened to allow new passengers to get in. A young couple in their 20s, laughing, smiling and holding hands, climbed on and took a seat a few up from Clive across the aisle. They were both attractive blondes and, as far as Clive could tell, in lust.

The couple had no more then sat down when they started kissing. Clive tried not to watch them but it was difficult. The two hungrily went at each other. He watched as the young lady ran her hands through the young man’s hair and down his neck. The movement of his shoulders told Clive

that he was moving his hands over the young lady’s body below the seat back, which blocked Clive’s view. As their lips continued to dance over each other, Clive could hear the change in their breathing. With a quick in take of air the young lady tipped her head back away from the kiss, her eyes closed, her lips forming a soft O as the young man’s hands found a sensitive spot. Not letting the opportunity pass him by, the young man lowered his mouth to her throat and kissed then bit his way along it. Unsightly red wheals soon appeared on her pale skin. The bus rolled on.

The bus lurched to a stop making Clive looked up at the bus driver. She must have been so occupied watching the young couple in the mirror that he almost missed the next stop. The elderly couple gave the two occupied youth’s dirty looks as they climbed off the bus. As the bus started to move again, Clive realized that he was the only person left other than the giggling young couple. Sliding down in the seat he tried to make himself disappear. The young lady looked around quickly and must not have seen Clive because she leaned down out of Clive’s view. The young man shifted and drew in a large, deep breath. His head slowly tilted back and leaned on the back of the seat.

Clive watched in fascination as he realized that the young lady was going down on her lover. From the way his shoulders moved up and down he must have had his hands on her head. From the speed that they were moving the young lady was working very hard to make the young man climax. Clive shifted his own hand to his belt, going slowly lower. As his hand passed over his growing bulge he let out a soft sigh. He’d been dreaming all day at his part time job of being home and back with dear Mum, and he half closed his eyes. The feeling was great. He did not realize how randy he was. It had been over a year since he last had sex. His last girlfriend had been a bitch and shortly after she had slept with him she had dumped him. Clive was not going to let this happen again, so he had been taking his current relationship slower. This act of abstinence did not remove the hormones that still rushed through him for his new girlfriend, who was away visiting relatives in Australia. Watching Maltepe Escort this young couple made it worse.

Opening his eyes when he heard the change in the young man’s breathing. Clive sensed the the young man had cum, from the spasms that moved through his shoulders. Clive found it all exciting. The question that rushed into his mind surprised him. Did she make him cum in her mouth? Slowly the young man’s body relaxed as his orgasm subsided. The driver slowed for the next stop announcing the street name with not a little irritation. The couple, realising that they had reached their stop, quickly sorted themselves and made their way off the bus laughing with each other. The young man saying, “I can’t believe we did that.”

As the bus pulled away from the stop, Clive looked out the window for the first time since the young couple had boarded the bus. He realised that he had missed his stop and was miles from home. Sitting up straight he looked around the empty bus and decided to talk to the driver.

“I think I missed my stop,” Clive said to the bus driver.

“I wonder why,” the driver said laughing.

Clive knew he was blushing. He had enjoyed the show so much that he had forgotten about everything else and so had the driver from the sound of it.

“I have one more stop and a short layover but then I am heading back. If you would like to stay on board I’ll be returning this way so you will get home.”

“I guess I don’t have much of a choice.” Clive said. Thinking that her tone had become pleasanter and she seemed helpful.

The bus pulled on to the long, dark road that led to the next stop. Clive sat in one of the front rows and was surprised by the sensation he felt as he sat down. His underpants were very damp. The couple had really excited him. Resting his head on the back of the seat, the image of the couple replayed through his mind.

“Quite a show they put on?” Monica said startling Clive from his private moment.

“Yes,” was all he could say. Looking at the road going by, the occasional bright headlights, empty of people at this time of night, gave the illusion that they were alone in the world.

“I can remember being that age once. My old man and I were like that. Couldn’t keep our hands off each other.”

“How long have you been married?” Clive asked politely

“We were married for twenty years then he passed away, bless – almost three years now. Are you married?”

“No. I am dating someone.”

“She’s a lucky girl. You’re a damn good looking, big, strapping chap. If I were younger…” said the driver winking.

For a moment he had found himself almost feeling sorry for this woman’s loss until she made the last comment. At first Clive was surprised by the comment, especially from a female, an elderly female and certainly not a good looking one, but found in his heightened hormonal state that his brain reacted to it. The thought of thrusting his hard cock into a cunt right now made him tense his groin. The driver twisted to check her parking spot and he couldn’t help scanning her body. He did this a lot, wherever and whatever the female’s age and frame. He was sure he could see her nipples protruding through the navy blue uniform shirt. What was wrong with me? This woman is disgusting, he thought.

Looking up he found the driver staring at him in the mirror. The look on his face must have betrayed his thoughts because of the smile that grew on the reflection. Fuck!! He wanted to shag her; this dirty old woman. He shifted in his seat trying to get rid of the uncomfortable pain that was growing in his trousers, but it just got worse. As he finally found a position that was not torture, the driver pulled the bus into a dark area and turned off the headlights. Getting up from her seat, she turned her attention to Clive.

“We have a half hour wait here until I make the return trip,” said Monica swivelling in her seat across from him. Her face had all the inclinations that she was extremely turned on by what had happened earlier. He noticed as she twisted that her nipples were rock hard and plainly visible through the uniform. They were big, judging from the bulge they made. Clive adored big chunky nipples, his mum’s being so.

“Looks like you enjoyed the show, filthy buggers,” the driver chuckled, looking down at his bulge,.

“Sorry, can’t do much about that…you know?” He said with a laugh. This old bag was certainly very upfront and forward in her strange attitude and it was somehow exciting.

Clive could not believe he was here, with this ugly foul woman. How could this have happened to him? He was so turned on, that he had to do something to relieve the stiffy between his legs. He was not going to do anything Anadolu Yakası Escort with this woman, though.

“We could help each other out.” Monica’s voice startled him out of his thoughts.

“Excuse me?”

“We could help each other out,” she said pointing to Clive’s lap. “If you are as turned on as I am, you need to do something about it also.”

Clive initially didn’t like what the woman said. It seemed as if she had pulled it out of her head or maybe it was her hand sliding into his lap that gave his current state away. Could he really help himself in front of this woman? It was a big bus maybe they could move to opposite ends or something.

“So…is it OK?” The driver asked.

Clive nodded his head without thinking. He knew his face was flushed as the rush of hormones through his tender 18 year old system was almost too much. He heard his zipper being undone and from the smile on her face and of course the warm sensation round his cock, he knew that she had removed his cock from his pants. Letting his eyes drift back down he found her hand wrapped around his cock. He watched as she moved her heavily ringed hand up and down the length, his eyes half closed.

“Come on son, don’t be shy, you know you want to fuck me.” Monica gurgled. “Look I’ll breathe in and you can get at my knickers.”

Taking a deep breath and going for it, Clive slid his hand under her twill uniform skirt, while she helped and stood so it could be wriggled up. His fingers found the low seam pf her undies and he felt the bush of hair escaping the cotton. The sensation was wonderful…she was an old woman for fucks sake. How could it be? His finger found the folds of her pussy and found a big clit hood with ease. Closing his eyes he moved one finger in a slow back and forth movement. It was very wet. Across the aisle he guessed the driver was in raptures She wanked him closer to orgasm while he aimed to keep with the rhythm of his finger on her slimy clit.

“That’s incredible. First young man that’s done that in many a year,” see breathed.

Clive didn’t respond, just concentrated in two ways. To enjoy this and get rid of the ugly, smelly woman but she leaned nearer and wrapped both hand around his hardness, stroking its length. He lifted his eyes to meet Monica’s and watched the smile spread across her pock marked sweaty face. How could he be sitting here, he thought to herself – with this disgusting woman’s snatch dribbling on his hand?

The smell of her body filled his head, the mixture of sweat and stale cigarette smoke. Moving her hand faster he could see the pre-cum on his dick head. The site of if excited Clive and he stroked her cunt faster. From the intake of breath, Clive knew Monica loved it. Much to Clive’s surprise she seemed to get wetter. She jolted when his finger found the back of her greasy old snatch, maybe her G spot he mused, not knowing but having read about it. and gently pushed her mouth down on him. Clive felt his stomach turn at the thought of his dick going in her ancient twat, but a twat is a twat especially; a very willing one.

Greasy pubic hairs. The smell was awful. This woman is a pig, she thought as she felt the first tremor of her orgasm starting to build in her.

“Look darling lets get comfortable, back there,” Monica gestured, wiping the sweat from her head. She stood and walked to the large bench seat across the back of the bus. Clive watched her fat, pimpled arse wobble, her skirt in a roll round her waist and followed. Seated on the bench seat, she watched him walk up the aisle toward her, his jeans and pants round his knees, his cock waggling and wet. Clive watched as she unbuttoned her shirt and slid it off, exposing a cheap flimsy and somewhat grubby brassiere and the telltale lumps of big nipples over her rotund sweaty belly below. The way she was leering at his genitals indicated without question, she wanted to be fucked.

“Take those clothes off and let’s see the body that I have been dreaming about.” Monica tittered.

“OK but you as well Monica,” he snickered, getting an evil grin when he used her name.

She unfastened her bra exposing her surprisingly small tits. Her hands trailed down the skin of her chest and gave her little side pointed paps a lift, as if they were at last free. Using her finger tips she rolled the massive light brown bubs, knocking them to make them spring back erect and causing tiny blebs , like goose bumps to burst up.

Clive removed his jeans and pants, noting Monica licking her lips as his cock sprung erect and vertical, quivering with his movement.

“Your underwear.” he suggested.

“You do it darling.” she answered, pointing to her nether regions.

Tentatively, Ümraniye Escort Clive hooked his fingers on the tops of her plain pale pink knickers and pulled them down after she lifted her butt off the seat and followed them down her legs with her eyes.

“A man hasn’t done that for years,” Monica drawled.

A strong fishy cunt smell permeated the rear of the bus.

He thought I’m not surprised and gulped, then daringly delved past the dense hairy fleshy lips of her sex, spreading them firmly with his fingers opening her to his view. Am I going to enjoy this? Clive thought, gazing at the multitude of membrane and lumps of vaginal bits inside her gash.

“Fuck me,” was all she said, pulling Clive by his waist, levering her torso up towards his erection. Clive closed his eyes and shoved at her pussy. Monica gasped at the thrust. The muscles inside her screamed at the intrusion, it had been a long time, as the waves of pleasure from it radiated out from her core. Sensing her upward receiving motion slow at first, he began to ride her faster and harder. He knew his cock was not the biggest, just average but without a shag for some months her gash felt like heaven. He rode her hard as the walls of her pussy milked him with each thrust.

Placing his hand each side of her beefy shoulders to keep his balance he felt the sweaty skin and mass of pubic hair under his groin. Why am I doing this? Clive thought as the first waves of his delayed and edged orgasm started to build, wiping the thoughts from his head. Her hand moved to her swollen clit and played with it until it tingled. As he was about to cry out in ecstasy the driver lifted her face up to him trying to kiss him. Turning his head away quickly his mouth instead found her ear. Her hair treatment smelled reasonable – however the smell of her breath was awful. I’m not loving you, I’m fucking your sweaty, fat skin he thought. This old snatch asked for it, now you’re getting it, was all he could think of. What was wrong with him? He thought.

Reaching down he grabbed her ankles, lifted her legs up and began to thrust hard into her. Monica didn’t complain and feel awkward, she seemed to revel in the acrobatic position. In this position he could feel his balls slapping against her arse. She jumped when she felt his tongue moving over the soles of her feet. His stomach slapped against her belly with each thrust making a splat noise. As he continued his sweat dripped onto her but Clive did not care. The orgasm he had been close to moments before was beginning to grow again. With her arse tilted up in the air, his dick was hitting her g-spot with each stroke and was starting to move her to the brink.

Reaching down she placed her hands on his hips and pulled him harder against her. The driver pulled her legs higher, tilting her old body up even more. From this angle he could thrust long and deep into her. His face was right over hers.

“You like a young stud fucking you, don’t you?” he said as his sweat dripped down around her.

She moaned in response as her orgasm was getting to the edge of breaking. Then with a deep breath, her orgasm came in a mighty wave. Her whole body shook under the plunging young passenger. The muscles in her pussy grabbed hold of his cock like a vice grip and sucked it for all it was worth. She cried out as wave after wave of pent up frustration broke over her. Looking up into the red face of the young man she knew she’d made a good move earlier.

With a few more thrusts he felt the first of his cum shoot inside her. Moving quickly he pulled out and stroked himself sending the rest of his load shooting across her pussy and wrinkled stomach. Clive laid flat on her, shoving his weakening dick inside her old quim again, soaking until his orgasm came to an end. As he felt himself regaining control over his body he felt the bus driver nudging him saying she needed to get dressed and go.

“We need to be getting back. You had better get dressed.” she said, grabbing bits of clothes, donning them as she waddling back up to the front of the bus. She glanced back and smiled as he picked up his clothes, when she fired the engine and started to drive it having got the bus stop from him. All Clive could smell was the driver’s body odour, the sour smell of cum, all liberally laced with excitement. It would drive his mother crazy if he told her about this and then let her find dried cum in his smelly pants. By the time he was dressed the bus was pulling up to his stop.

“See you tomorrow night? You won’t need a token, You can deposit one in me again,” the driver said with a smirk.

Clive wondered how he was going to handle his next ride, it was a service he used infrequently and not this late usually. He glanced at his watch. Mum would be cooking dinner, dressed as usual in a pinafore but nothing else, just to protect her tits and belly from flying fat or oil. He hoped he could shower of Monica’s repugnant odours before he came into service like the bus… home service.


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