A Guy Like Danny

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(A true account of my affair with Danny) © Alex Carr 2010

I had felt for a long time the need to be with another guy so I went for it and started chatting on the gay sites on the web. It wasn’t as easy to find someone as I thought. There were many who seemed just to want to talk, exchange pictures and naughty cams on MSN. I almost gave up hope when about three times I arranged to meet someone and they didn’t turn up. I felt absolutely gutted and realised I had been taken for a ride, that they were only using me on the net for their own kinky ends.

Well, I had almost given up, thinking it would never happen, when out of the blue came Danny – and what made it good is that he only lived five miles away.

Well it was on, would he turn up I wondered, it was to be in the supermarket car park, we both had a picture of each other so we could identify and Danny did give me details of his car. He was about forty, ten years older than me.

That day was especial because somehow I just had a feeling in my bones that it would be a good day.

Nervously I entered the car park at about the prearranged time of 10am, I saw a car flash its lights And there he was staring through the windscreen with a nice welcoming smile, that made me feel at ease straight away, he was quite pleasant to look at in real; life, not much different from his pictures – knowing how some try to fool you online.

He opened the passenger door and I sort of gingerly got in, always with the doubt in my mind if I was doing the right thing, but me thinking Pete just let yourself go and follow your basic instincts, you want to meet a guy don’t you, you want to discover what it is like having a relationship with one?

We soon got chatting, mainly about our likes and dislikes. He told me he was divorced, that they broke up because of his turning to homosexuality, although he was still a bisexual and would I mind if occasionally he went with a woman, but that it was most unlikely after his experience with his ex.

I likes him straight away and for being open and honest. I was going to be equally truthful with him, that I was a virgin, that I hadn’t even been with a woman, there was a time at high school when this guy touched me up, we went into the library for a while where it was quiet and just stood there feeling each other, but he soon came in his jeans and that was that, I never saw him again because he left. But I remembered it was quite exiting and thrilling to feel another guy like that.

I explained to Danny just how it was, he smiled, his hand covered mine and guided it to the bulge I saw in his trousers. There was no need to say anything, we both new what we wanted. I boldly squeezed him, he laid back, closed his eyes and murmured something about please don’t stop.

I was surprising myself how bold I was, but was enjoying it, somehow it all seemed so natural and right, and it seemed as though Danny and I had known each other for yonks!

Then I felt an urge I’d never felt before, I had often fantasised what it would be like to suck a guy but never thought I would have the courage to go for it, but with Danny it seemed okay, next thing I knew I had unzipped him and out, through the fly of his boxer shorts, popped his very strong erection.

“You got it ,Pete, that’s lovely, stretch it back, baby?”

It was lovely, standing there, waiting for attention, I took time to study it, watched Danny jerk it just a little, as if to tantalise me. I took a deep breath in like Danny suggested, breathed in the scent of cock.

And when I did I relished, yes actually relished the smell of it. And me thinking it would be repugnant to me, but somehow the opposite effect made me want to take it deep into my mouth, to suck cock for the very first time, I closed my eyes, opened wide and went for it, edging in the head first – and soon I was sucking Danny like a good’un. It was lovely, soothing and so pliable as he squeezed the base and moved it around in my mouth, gently wanking at the same time

But just as he was getting to a paint of no return some people came bringing their shopping to the car next to ours and Danny asked me to stop, zipping himself up, very conscious I guess about being caught in a public place, I was soon to find out he was very particular about that and realised If we were really going to let ourselves go it would have to be very private.

And I was just getting into it, he must have realised my disappointment.

“I know a place where we can finish it, will have to be quick though is that okay, Pete?

“Of course,” I replied noticing his bulge was still very large beneath his trousers and I had developed a hard on too. As we drove off to this secret place he told me how nice it was to have another guy wank him instead of doing it himself, it is so different.

For the first time I felt his touch as he rubbed me up taking one hand from the wheel for a moment. I felt this wonderful surge come up my spine, eryaman escort the way he massaged me was wonderful, it was so good to have an experienced guy doing it too, just that certain touch and the way he felt me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed something I had never had before, another guy feeling my cock.

Anyway Danny found this small lane off a country road and drove me down it until we came to an opening to a field.

“Its pretty quiet here, unless the sheep try to interrupt,” he laughed mischievously, “hope you don’t have a thing for sheep!”

. We soon found the privacy of a large gap in a hawthorn bush with plenty of cover and I could see that Danny was desperate because in no time at all he had his trousers down to his knees. “best thing is for you to kneel before me and enjoy” he suggested, standing there and cupping himself in his hand, his erection standing proudly out before him, “There it is then, Pete – all for you!”

I was still a little nervous, the though of doing this in the open too, but I soon found that with his ripe cock in my mouth all such nervousness had gone and I soothed myself in the pungent taste of his eight inch cock, finding different ways with his help and suggestion, of sucking and licking it , his balls too – and that was different also.

“I am gonna come big time.” he cried between baited breath, me feeling his cock pulse so strong tight against my tongue, “Just lick my p-hole and watch it cum strong” he yelled”

I had no idea just how strong the spurt would be but was about to find out, and do you know something, it was absolutely riveting, I actually felt so good I had done him such a wonderful service, that’s what he said, and he even thanked my for a wonderful mouth fuck.

“Now we shall have to see to you,” and from thereon I was about discover the true benefits of being with a guy like Danny. I had never ever realised that another guy could fulfil the aspirations I had about sex, he sucked and balled me to the helm, told me I had a wonderful fuckable ass, showed me just what it meant to have this sort of intimacy with another guy who knew what he wanted, that he wanted my fuck, that we should spend a night together in order to achieve that.

And when I came in plenty he took it into his mouth, showed me how it was done, when he’d spurted

I took my mouth away and it spurted over the grass – but I needn’t have felt guilty, “It all takes time,” he assured

“You taste lovely and I so look forward to our next meeting, if that’s okay = yes, Pete?”

Of course I was all for it. Feeling much more confident now we had broken the ice. But I did have a secret fear when he was talking about how much he was looking forward to fucking me. He was so very huge and the only thing I had put up there was a screwdriver handle which I used to experiment with when I first discovered I had gay tendencies, lots of avid times laying sideway on the bathroom floor looking at myself in a mirror as, with the aid of some baby oil or Vaseline, I struggled to get the bulbous handle inside. But gradually I worked it into me and experimented in slowly pushing it deeper inside and then working my rectal muscles as I pulled it out, it seemed to be the knack was to work your muscles correctly for the best effect, which was quite stimulating, and laying there, fucking myself, I fantasised that it was a guy with a very stiff prick. But now at last, I had the opportunity of discovering just how that would really feel, to have a real live cock up my ass to give me what for, I so wanted that so the size I reckoned I could contend with, remembering that screwdriver handle was nearly the same size.

Mmm roll on when we planned our next meet, to enjoy each other in the comfort of his double bed


Now, if I have gotten the reader interested, well you have heard nothing yet! Have cock will cum!

It couldn’t come soon enough, I’d met Danny, the ice was broken and already I was having mad dreams about him. He had a very desirable cock which I simply adored and his eyes were very sexy and becoming . He’d felt free to give me his address and knocking at his door was magic, all the electricity was exuberating in my body. And there he was, standing there before me in nothing more than his red and blue boxer shorts. He welcomed me with a wonderful hug and already had a pot of coffee on the coffee table. We soon got to talking about how we were, what we’d been doing since we last met and when it came to Danny asking how many times had I wanked – with him in mind I retorted “Thousands” and he ended up rolled up on the settee.

“You are lucky, Pete you have a great figure and I love your tight ass, specially in those blue brush jeans.”

I said “Thank you, Sir” and soon he closed to me, asking me to turn on my side. Then the magic and the ecstasy of his touch as his hands wondered all over my thighs and buttocks as he sniffed sincan escort me with so much gusto and enthusiasm. “Does that feel good” he asked me and of course I replied to the positive, telling him I had ever imagined it could be like this with another guy. I started to feel so right for him as I just chilled there, as he asked me to, feeling his hands explore me over my jeans, feeling myself rise to the occasion as he gently unzipped, sniffed again, licking over my black briefs, telling me how good I looked in them. He just carried on feeling me there and sniffing, complimenting me on my scent, then as anticipated he started to pull my jeans down and over my knees, followed shortly by my briefs which he pressed to his face, closed his eyes and murmured sounds of pleasure.

“So you say you are a virgin then, Pete?” He asked as I felt his fingers stretching my cheeks apart, then the ecstasy of his tongue just gently licking between. His fingers starting to rim me …

I wriggled and told him I was, that I always felt I was right for a gay relationship, we’d gone over all the things we did when we were younger, when we used to experiment and he said, hearing about the screwdriver handle, that he would love to prepare me for fucking with a vibrator which he’d bought from Ann Summers. “Would you like that, Pete?

“I would love it,” I saw that he was heavy in the crutch now and leant out to reach him with my right hand, bunching him through those very becoming boxer shorts.

“What do you think them?” He asked looking quite proud of himself, he had every right to be, his cock was so wonderfully proportioned and already having had a taste I wanted more.

“You suck while I get this working into you, that’ll be divine, Pete” he said. I glanced around to see the vibrator which I could hear buzzing, it was a good size and shaped like a penis with all the trimmings, I felt this was going to be so good so got myself positioned as he wanted me, on my side, knees up to my chest as he presented his cock and balls to me, pressing then to me, having now dispensed with his boxers and showing me the full works.

For the next half hour we both indulged in a wonderfully shared act of implicit carnal delight, I just so loved the feel of his stiff cock moving gently in my mouth and loved the way it jerked when I licked his p-hole – and each time I did that he pushed and worked the vibrator deeper inside me and I was so surprised that he had managed to do that with so much ease, and it didn’t hurt as I thought it would either, Danny was in his element and so was I, why on earth had we never met before, what a waste! But now we could make up and enjoy each other to the fore and, feeling his firm balls roll in my right hand I held his cock tight with my left and gave him the most wonderful oral job anyone could wish for, his cock raving to my constant deep hungry sucks. Then he pushed the vibrator completely up me, working it, twisting it so giving me maximum sensitivity – I was soon wanting to feel this gorgeous cock still hard deep into my throat surge up into my ass now, good and strong and it was as if Danny knew.

“Would love to have you over the edge of the bath first time, Okay Pete?”

He led me to the bathroom, that gorgeous cock standing out so proud, it was like some sort of carnal episode where I was being led to slaughter, watching his cock jerk so admirably as he showed me the bathroom.

“Over the bath with you and we shall shower after, you will need it then believe me!”

All sorts of pictures were coming to mind but I was completely besotted by Danny’s charisma not to mention his physical attributes, and any moment I would be enjoying the pleasure of his fuck. My mind was in a frenzy and I couldn’t wait. I didn’t have to for long, for he had me bending so steep over the bath , feeling his hand explore me again, squeezing his stiff erection into me and then the sensation of that very first poke, that very first so wonderful deep moving hot fuck.

My whole being was shaking like jelly as he hammered into me, I felt a certain numbness as he bent me one way then the other to get the maximum fucking out of me, my cock and balls shaking below as I felt his hand squeeze the stroke them, then his balls slapping against my ass every time he trusted into me. I imagined I could move my rectal muscles inside like I did with the Screwdriver handle, to get that certain feeling, but he was so very big I could not move anything, but not that it mattered because I was well and truly getting the full measure of his very hot fuck.

It did feel so wonderful, didn’t really hurt at all, the stretching was uncomfortable at first but Danny was a considerate lover. And when he asked if he could cum inside me I welcomed it, feeling so good that I had carried him that far, that he wanted to reach his climax there inside me, that I had given him that fulfillment And when he came etlik escort with that thrusting final surge I thought that was it, took a deep breath and savoured the after fuck feeling I had never quite had like that before.. But that wasn’t the last of it, he led me to the bedroom, his hot cock thrusting out before him, like I was being led to slaughter, but what a slaughter! He fucked me raw, pivoted over him and on my side, knees up and screwed me deep and hard, his balls slapping against my ass he wanked me profusely at the same time until I too shot my load with such frenzy.

It was magnificent, and then we were both exhausted good and proper!

He told me afterwards that for a virgin I had been a great fuck, that it was so easy. And I had to confess that during the night before, I worked myself with lots of lubrication so as not to be a disappointment, he laughed and said that from now on I would be getting much more than a finger inside.

There did come a time though of big decisions, we had always agreed to be open with each other, and we had set no boundaries about our sexual activity except maybe physical pain, we both agreed that was not for us. But a little onto our relationship, when we had spent with each other on several occasions and we’d discovered so much more about each other, he showing me how to work his cock, how to tease and tantalise, how he loved me to splatter him with whipped cream and suck it all off and him doing the same with me. It was rather delightful as was the cock tying, different coloured ribbons (Danny liked red) tied firmly around the base inn order to maintain a very long erection so we could enjoy each other to the full most of the evening, he loved to do things like tie and gag me with his boxer shorts as he fucked me relentlessly, it was all very stimulating and I was feeling that nothing Danny could do would bother me.

But when he mentioned ‘yellow rain’ as he called it – that would I like to pee over him that was another kettle of fish I really had to think about. The whole idea before I met Danny would have been extremely repugnant to me – yet somehow, thinking about it the notion actually seemed attractive, I guess though because I felt I wanted to do anything for Danny to please him, the way he pleased me, but I had to point out that while I was willing to do it on him I would not like it done to me, but by the same token, it came about that when I had asked him to lightly spank me, he also did not find this particular activity a turn on, but he was willing to do it for me, “if that’s what you want” he would say and I enjoyed many a sound spanking across my ass cheeks – usually in my tight jeans which, because he loved to play with me though my jeans before we fucked, it came quite naturally, and he too began to enjoy the way I started to enjoy peeing over him headlong – him kneeling in the bath, and we’d sponge each other down afterwards under a nice hot shower. Another spin off followed all that when he asked if I would Pee into his briefs whilst he still wore them. Another kink I was able to satisfy for which I was generously rewarded with a good stiff wanking afterwards, and a good spurting, me laid back on the edge of the bed facing him, whilst he wanked stiffly over me, spraying my cock and balls with his cream. That was really something again that I never thought I would enjoy, but with Danny my aspirations were changing constantly and it was all so good and natural.

If you aren’t hard by now, you guys who I hope are still reading this -you never will be . I know I am, really throbbing – remembering and writing all this down, and once again I will have to stop for a good hearty wank because I am throbbing and aching something drastic and what do they say about if needs must?

INTERVAL ……………….

Well I am a trifle late in returning to finish this true life account of my relationship with Danny. You see Adrian called. Adrian? Well he chatted me up at the bowling club. He only came around when he wanted to get his end away true but, with a selling still lingering in my pants having just completed the least paragraph I was ripe for his fuck.

He was a anic4e enough guy though and I enjoyed him, even if he was into cross dressing and liked me to dress up like a girl, he was no real match for Danny, sweet adorable Danny, but Danny was on a world tour so I had to be satisfied with second best and Adrian I expect fitted that category.

“Spect you want me to strips as always, Adrian?” I asked noticing the lust in his eyes knowing he had seen the swelling in my pants.

“Well can see you need a good seeing to.” he said licking his tongue around his lips, me knowing what that meant and he knowing it would turn me on ripe for his fuck.

Okay so I stripped, right down to my bare essentials. Being Adrian he brought something out of his bag, a girl’s taffeta skirt and his custom made undies finished in soft leather and designed to flatten the male gender with a laced aperture in the crutch, the intention being to make my hole look like pussy, I couldn’t quite see how but it is wonderful what imagination can do, so there I was pants pulled up tight, skirt belted at the waist, perched over Arian’s head so he could have his thing about looking under skirts and all that went with it.

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