A Halloween Treat

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Staring back in the mirror is a beautiful 5’9″ red-haired, brown eyed vampyress. I am dressed in a short, skin-tight black dress with black net stockings, 3 inch black, spiked heels. My hair is teased and I am wearing black eyeliner and bright red lipstick which makes my lips look full and pouty. To complete my outfit, I had a black cape.

“Are you ready hon?” yelled Keith, my husband.

“Cooooooming,” I called back.

“Come on, we’re going to be late.”

After one final lookover in the mirror, I walked in the living room, “Ok, I’m ready.”

“Ohhhhhhhhh baby, you look hot tonight” whistled Keith as he looked up and down my body. He gave me a deep passionate kiss while he ran his hands down my back and over my behind. I can already feel my body tingling from his touch through my thin dress.

“Hhmmmmmmm…you don’t look so bad yourself but what are you going as?”

“Scream baby” he stated as he put the mask on.

Keith and I have been married for 11 years this past May. We have a wonderful relationship and a great sex life. He was the one who took my virginity and we got married right after college. But lately, I find myself fantasizing about other men. Are they all the same in bed? Do they have the same techniques? Being honest and open, I’ve discussed this with Keith and he just summed it up to my lack of experience. He did state that if I would like to fulfill my fantasy, I should just go ahead and have sex with other men as long as I’m honest with him and allow him to watch. I quickly refused the offer stating I love him and will always be faithful and besides I would be to embarrassed to approach anyone. Lately, I noticed he always talk about other men and what they will do to me during sex and I find myself with the most mind blowing orgasms.

Arriving at the party, we were greeted with a hug and a kiss from our best friends Jenny and Craig. It seems Craig had the same idea. He too was dressed in a black gown with a Scream mask. And after surveying the room, we all laughed because most of the men had the same costume on. Immediately, Keith grabbed me, dragged me to the back of the room. He started sucking on my lips and cupping my left breast while he whispered, canlı bahis “I want to eat you up right now.” I laughed and shoved him away. He than said, “You better watch that you don’t go home with the wrong guy.”

“How am I going to know it’s you if I’m drunk?” I asked as I looked at him with a mischievous smile.

He just looked at me in surprise and followed it with a huge grin.

We parted our ways, Keith joining the circle of men and I joined the women. After several drinks in all of us, it seems the guys and girls were mingling now and like all parties lots of flirting was going on. I was enjoying the men drooling over my outfit and my long legs. After midnight or so, I knew I’ve had too much to drink, because every time I look around, I can’t tell who’s whom under the Scream mask.

Finally, I recognized him. I approached him and gave our secret signal that only wives and husbands have for each other indicating it was time to leave. He dragged me to the next room, pulled off his mask and pulled me towards him.

“I’ve been watching you Lin and I want you so bad.” as he cupped my breasts.

I responded back with a moan and pinned his body against the wall and gave him a deep passionate kiss. I heard him moan in my mouth and felt his member rise between my legs. My hand reached down and started to rub his cock feeling it grow to it’s full length. My mind started to spin as I felt my juices starting to flow from the effects of the alcohol and the feel of his cock throbbing now.

“Hmmmmmmm…are you ready to go home?

I grabbed his hand and guided it between my legs. “What do you think?”

He just have me a huge grin and said, “I’ll be right back, I have to visit the men’s room first.”

Still holding his hand between my thighs, I responded with another moan, “You better hurry up.”

After a few minutes, I felt a hand grab my wrist and pull me towards the door. “Wait we better say goodbye to Jenny and Craig.” “‘Forget it,” he mumbled. When we made it to the car, I noticed he was fumbling with the keys.

“Here let me drive, you’re drunk.”

As I was driving home, my mind was still spinning from the alcohol and his kisses. I grabbed bahis siteleri his hand, guided it under my dress. “See what you do to me.”

Somehow, he managed to pull my panties down. He leaned down and I felt his nose touch my clitoris. I gave him a moan and pushed his head down further. His tongue licked my clit and worked its way down. By this time, I had to lift my hips so his tongue can have better access towards my pussy. I felt his tongue exploring and lapping up all of my juices which seemed to be flowing down to my thighs now. When I felt his tongue penetrate my hole, it pushed me over the edge. I grasped the steering wheel tightly, looked across to the car beside me and found a Scream mask staring at me. After his tongue thrust into me a few times, my inner walls grasped his tongue and I screamed out, while the waves of my orgasm hit me. Without missing a beat, he continued to lap up my cum until I begged him to stop and announced we were home.

When we were inside, we immediately ran to the bedroom. I started to pull his mask off, but his hand stopped me. “So, you want to play that game, huh?” I pushed him on the bed, pulled his black costume gown off and pulled down his boxers. Immediately, his cock sprung forward from the release and I had to gasp at what was staring at me.

“Oh my Keith, you are huge tonight. I’ve never seen it this big before.”

I can see his precum oozing now. There was so much it looked like he was cumming. I had to grab his engorged member with both my hands to control it from twitching. I swirled my tongue around his helmet and savored the taste in my mouth. “hhmmmmmmmmm, you taste yummy tonight.” He moaned when my lips enclosed around him. Slowly I took him in inch by inch until I felt his helmet hit the back of my throat. I noticed there was still 2 inches left of his cock. For some reason, I couldn’t take it all in tonight. I heard moans of pleasure escape his lips and felt his hands playing with my hair while I felt him push his hips forward. I took a deep breath, relaxed my throat and somehow I did manage to take it all in me. With his full erection in my mouth, I started sucking on him while my tongue was licking the underside of his cock. As bahis şirketleri I released him, I felt his hips push up and down, thrusting in my mouth. My hand cupped his balls and lifted them up while my other hand was stroking him. I continued sucking harder and faster and started moaning on his cock now. His hips jerked forward again and I felt it twitch as his head swelled up. He released an animalistic groan and felt him shoot his cum four times in my mouth.

Without releasing him, I continued sucking his cock. I felt it soften a little so I started sucking him harder. He was trying to pull my head away, but I brushed his hands away. Feeling his cock become rigid again, I released him. I climbed on top of him to straddle him. He grabbed his cock and started rubbing my clit . He can feel my wetness travel down my thighs and his leg. I remained on top of him while he continued to rub his cock from my clit to my asshole. When he looked down, he can see his cock glistening now. I slapped his hand away and took over for him. His hands grabbed my breasts and started tweaking my nipples. Teasing him, I would slide his cock back stopping right at my hole and allowing it to penetrate a little.

Than I would slide it back to let it play with my asshole. After a few minutes, his body starting writhing from the agony. I sank down on his cock and threw my head back and moaned while I felt his cock penetrate deep inside me. I felt his hands grab my ass and he started taking over. Each time he drove into me, I couldn’t help but scream out, “Ohhhhhhh yessssssssss Keith…fuck me.” As he was pounding away, I fell on his chest and pulled his mask away. I stared at the face twisted in ecstasy. This wasn’t Keith!! This was someone else. Even though I was staring at a stranger, I couldn’t stop. I felt my inner walls squeezing him . He’s trying to thrust out but I had him locked in. I felt him twitching inside me and he starting thrusting with rapid strokes. My body tensed and waves of or orgasm exploded all over him. As I was riding through my orgasm, he yelled out, “Ohhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuckkkkk,” and felt him explode his cum in me.

I collapsed on his chest and after a few minutes while his cock was still in me…I asked, “ERmmmmmmm, who are you?”

“Hi, my name is Dave, a friend of Keith, pleased to meet your acquaintance.”

Just than Keith walked in the room with a huge grin, holding a camera. “Happy Halloween baby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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