A handyman exposed

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Handyman Exposed

From her perspective

My first impression was, he was a true professional. He was tall dark and handsome. He was dressed nice, in clean dark blue work slacks and a button down dark blue work shirt. I couldn’t help noticing how well he filled out the shirt with broad shoulders and his bottom was quite a view. Every word he spoke was clear and professional. I was happy to find Randy, because other handymen had their drawbacks
After he finished the light switch and receptacles he asked me if I needed anything else. I asked Randy if he wouldn’t mind looking at my master bathroom sink. It was slow to drain and seemed to be getting slower every day. His response was polite as usual “yes Miss Lacy show me the way”.

As I made my way up the stairs towards the master bathroom, I was wondering if he was enjoying the view of my pink silk pajama shorts. They exposed my upper thighs to the hilt. Combined with my oversized white men’s shirt and no bra, I realized I should have woke up earlier and dressed more appropriate.

I brushed that thought away as we entered the master bath. I showed him the problem and he got down to the plumbing to assess the job.

It was another chance to view his well formed derri?. I must admit the view was nice. Then I did a double take as I notice his shirt riding up his slacks exposing his skin and a glimpse of his underwear. He was wearing royal blue panties with a lace trim. I was shocked, but couldn’t stop staring.

I walked away with a grin and revisited the vision I viewed just feet away in my powder room. It dawned on me that they looked like travestiadresi.com the pair I owned. Then it hit me. I’ve been looking for my royal blue panties in recent weeks.

My mind was working it over. Is it possible? Could the royal blue panties with a lace trim I’ve seemed to have lost, be the same one’s covering my handyman’s well shaped bottom?

I had to know.

I walked back to confirm my suspicions and catch another glimpse.
My jaw dropped when I noticed a small tear on the upper edge of the underwear at the same place mine were torn.

I regained my composure and politely asked Randy if he needed anything.
He said it would take a few more minutes and would love a cup of tea. I told him,” I will have the tea ready in the kitchen and we need to talk. I explained to him that I couldn’t help noticing the tear in his underwear and maybe he could explain why I was missing a royal blue pair panties with the identical tear. I told him “I’ll meet you in the kitchen”.

I sat in the kitchen savoring the moment. He walked in with his head tilted down slightly apologizing. He continued saying he couldn’t help himself, when he was working in the basement weeks ago, he removed them from the clean folded pile next to the laundry basket. He continued to explain that he cherish me in every way. That when wearing them, he fantasizes about me and my body almost daily.

He pleaded with me not to fire him. He would do anything to make up for his bad behavirer.
My curiosity was getting the best of me, so blurted out. “I want to see them on you, as you do my new list of chores. Remove the trousers and shirt”.

With his head down he proceeds to remove the articles of clothing.
Now standing in front of me was a full grown man in my underwear in my kitchen with his bulging package clearly visible. I must admit this was most enjoyable. My nipples began to get erect and a tingling between my legs.

He asked if he could return the panties and continue to his next job. I told him to get on his knees in front of my chair. Lick my pussy now. My command made him wide eyed, but eager to fulfill my wish.

He removed my bottoms with trembling hands and put his head between my legs. I spread them wide and held his head with both hands as he licked away. Wow this was my kinda handyman. I made sure to grind his face to my special place for all it was worth. This continued for several minutes, until he was gasping for air as I held on and ground my climax all over his face.

The chair was soaked as we gasped for air. He looked up like a puppy dog with a wet nose. I made him stand up, and to my delight his cock was well defined and fully erect under the small cotton garment.
I made him sit on the counter and told him “show me what you do with them on”. Reluctantly he started rubbing his erection through the thin material. I could see a growing wet spot building at the tip of his erection through the thin material. His large hand was gripping the underwear outlining his cock, making it look like a blue bulging missal.

His knob slipped past the waist band as he was pulling his rigged gift feverishly inches in front of me.
I instructed him to pull down the underwear so I could see the whole show.

Both travestilist.com hands pulled down the blue briefs. He revealed a smooth shaved area below his erection, with a well trimmed pubic region. I was glad to see he was groomed. This handyman’s cock stood tall, and extended towards his tight abdominals. His hand gripped the seven inch penis in full view of my wide eyes.

My pussy was soaked again. It was time for more control. I told him to stop and lay on my ottoman in the other room. He balanced with hands on the floor and was laying on his back and hard cock pointing north.
My white shirt was unbuttoned down to my navel showing my perky breasts. I held his shaft like a column as I lowered myself on this handyman’s tool. My nipples were hard and pointing with pleasure as I rode him deeper in my control.

My swollen clit glided back and forth on his stiff velvet shaft. My handyman was now under my pussy’s control. I could feel his cock swell as he filled my pulsating vagina with every stroke. The wave of orgasm was now controlling our universe.
My legs shook with powerful spasms as I lay his chest.

I regained my composer and considered my next move. I was not done yet. I told him to get up and go to my arm chair. “Now it’s time to clean up your seed”. I made him slide down low in the chair. I could now straddle his face. Once again he was lapping at my cum filled pussy.

I was starting to enjoy his strange panty fetish, and I was leading him to redemption for his dirty deed.

He began to get dressed. He asked do you mind if I keep your panties. I told him. I expect them to be worn at all times when doing you’re my list of chores.. I said ,“ I’ll see you next week”. He smiled and said “Yes Mam”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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