A Helping Hand

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It’s so nice that you are helping with the dishes, its much more than my kids do. Here you are, 19 years old, helping an old lady when you should be in the other half of the house playing video games with my son or hitting on my daughter.

Oh, don’t be embarrassed! I know why you are friends with my son, since my daughter turned into a woman all the boys have become his friend to try to get close to her. She invites that kind of attention with her tight low cut shirts and high skirts. She dresses the way I used to when I was her age.

Yet you are different from all of them. A nice, mature young man, I know you had one thing on your mind when you walked through my door. I saw how you looked at my daughter’s ass and tits at first. Don’t be shy, it’s healthy, a young stud like you. But since I met you, I’ve seen the way you keep looking at me when you thought I wouldn’t notice. Don’t deny it. I caught you checking out my ass. The way your eyes hugged my curves in my sun dress. The way you looked down my dress when I was setting the table.

Oh your blushing! That’s so cute! You are just a delicious young man. You like the way it feels when I glide my hand across your shoulders? You like me being this close. You can’t deny it, I can see the proof you’ve been trying to hide. Is that why you volunteered to do the dishes? You were trying to hide your erection? I get it. You were already having dirty thoughts about my daughter, heard the rumors about her. Thought you would come into my house, sneak xnxx into a room and fuck my daughter. But then you see her mature mom, a full woman with two kids who kept her figure. My daughter’s still learning. I’m the voice of experience. And no one gets to her without going through me.

You like that idea, don’t you? A woman in her forties, pressed against you. My nipples poking into your back, grinding herself against your hips, while my hands travel down your chest and stomach, down toward…oh…wow! Is that because of me? Has this dirty old woman caused that bulge in your pants? Let me step back, you turn around, I want to see. Don’t be shy. That’s it, that’s a good boy. Never forget, good boys get rewarded.

Wow! Is that just the cut of those pants or are you really…no one is here, let me see it. Take off your pants and show me your cock. My son is playing video games and my daughter is on her phone, no one is coming in here. Drop your pants! That’s it. Oh, that’s, well, you’ve certainly done well. Are you fully hard? No? Stroke it a bit. Why are you getting shy again? I know you want to, the way your eyes have been on my body, it’s only fair I get to see yours. There, doesn’t that feel…wait…not so fast…take your hand off right now!

Is that how you do it? Just grip hard and jerk as fast as you can? I know it feels good honey, but you want to make sure you last. You wouldn’t want to leave a woman unsatisfied. Here, let me show you. Let me get down here, eye to eye, so to speak. bakire porno Such a nice cock, you keep it clean? Oh I bet you do. Let me guess, some showers you take this is the only part of you that gets scrubbed? Same idea here, let me get some moisture on my hand, you don’t mind a little spit? It’s not lady like, but you shouldn’t have to do this dry.

You’ve got a nice girth on you. My hand barely reaches all the way around. You want to start off with gentle, slow strokes, like this. Just feel that warm hand glide up and down. Go up to the tip, hold it, then slowly back down to your balls. You like this, don’t you? A dirty mom, stroking your dick as your mind goes through your fantasies. Your young, I bet you want it all, to know what a blow job feels like, a good hard tittyfuck, being balls deep in a woman’s ass, blowing your load inside of a tight wet pussy. How many of those experiences have you had? Don’t worry, you have plenty of time, but none of those happen if you cum too fast. So when you are doing this on your own, when you don’t have a sexy milf stroking your hard cock, take it slow.

I can see your balls swelling, oh, they feel so full, is all that for me? Do you want to explode in my dirty little mouth? Well not yet. I’m enjoying myself. See, you men are all so selfish, haven’t even noticed that while I’m gliding one hand up and down your cock, my other hand is down in my pussy. This isn’t all about you. You got me wet, momma has needs too. Here, smell bedava porno those fingers, that’s the true scent of a woman. Go ahead, taste my pussy juice. That’s so hot! You are being such a good boy, so patient, staying so strong. You are so hard, I know you are resisting that urge to spray me down with cum. Here, let me have those fingers back. As a reward, let me get these tits out, you can watch them jiggle and bounce as I stroke you off and finger my pussy.

You hear that sound? That’s my hand in my pussy, you have me so sloppy wet you can hear it. The sound of my hands working both of us just fills this kitchen. Can you smell our sex? Breathe that in. Oh my…that’s it…just stay strong for me…I’m so close! You got me here…just feeling your young cock…that’s it…YESSSSS!

My word! That was so good. I’m going to have to wash this dress now. And you, still holding back, still waiting to cum. That’s a good boy. You are going to make women happy, make sure they get off first and they will make sure to take care of you. I know you want to cum, all that hot jizz must be boiling by now. Feeling my hand on your cock, watching my breasts bounce with each stroke, seeing, hearing and smelling me find my release. It’s all got you so ready.

I don’t want another stain on my dress. I’m going to do shorter strokes here, grip it tighter just like my pussy would. Would you like to cum in my mouth? To fill this dirty little mouth you’ve been listening to with your hard cock and then pour your semen down my throat? Yeah? You want that? You want me to put my lips around you and hum till you explode? Okay.


All gone. Now you zip up and finish those dishes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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