A Hero’s Welcome Ch. 02

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Charlie seemed mellowed-out after our evening out, and I was in the mood to play, flirting and touching him while he was driving, goosing him when he opened my door for me, and him grabbing and tickling me as we walked up the driveway to the front door.

We tumbled indoors, giggling as Charlie groped me, sliding his hands up my minidress to cup and rub my buttocks and panty-covered pussy, grabbing my tits, and generally being silly.

As the door closed, he grabbed me and pulled me up to him, to kiss me deeply, a shiver of anticipation running through me.

“Hello Blondie, lovely jugs, can I fuck you?” he leered at me, his deliberate vulgarity hilarious and not in the least offensive, and as I laughed I grabbed his crotch.

“Nice knob, donkey-boy, does it work?” I leered back, before collapsing in another fit of the giggles.

“You tell me, you nasty girl!” he said, grabbing himself and outlining his cock lewdly under the material of his combats, giggling himself with the vulgarity of it.

“Ooooh, fucking hell, that’s not a knob, it’s a pogo-stick!” I giggled some more.

“You’ve got such a dirty mouth to go with such lovely tits!” laughed Charlie, grabbing my hand, “time to have my wicked way with you!” tugging me after him up the stairs to the bedroom, where we dropped our clothes in a frenzy of stripping, groping and kissing.

Charlie still had his boxers on, so I knelt and yanked them down, his magnificent cock flicking up into my face, so it was an easy matter to catch it in my mouth and give it a quick suck and lick, savouring the taste, drawing a gasp from him.

“Sis, you are entirely too good at that, I would really like to know where you learned it; just one thing though…please never, ever, tell me!”

I stared up at him around his cock, opening my eyes, my big blue eyes, wide and looking up at him innocently.

He nearly choked. “Fucking hell, Lu, don’t do that, you’ll make me come!”

For answer, I took his big balls in my hand and slowly squeezed and rubbed them, scratching lightly with one fingernail along the underside of his scrotum, and batted my eyelids at him again.

He goggled. “Lou, I mean it, don’t do that unless you mean it!”

Reluctantly I let go, stood up and posed for him, still wearing my stilettos, sticking out my chest to make my nipples dance around in front of him, putting my hands on my bum cheeks and pulling them open, arching my my back to exaggerate my chest, and turning around to display my stretched bumhole, which I knew he loved to look at so much.

Charlie grabbed me and hauled me closer, fondling and squeezing my bum cheeks, pulling them apart and squashing them together, kissing me all the while. He pulled me into him, so he could suck and nibble my nipples while he groped and teased my arse, alternate fingers sliding in and out of it, before reaching under me to rub his finger along my slit, and grinning as the lips opened for him. I had been thinking about this for the last hour, so I was ready, but he wanted to goodie-grab, it was one of his fantasies, so I just kissed the top of his head and stroked his face as he sucked my tits, groped my pussy and rubbed and jiggled my arse.

At last, he urged me onto the bed, where he continued to lick and suck my breasts, alternating with squeezing and moulding them, to finally return to my lips. I kissed him, still tasting the sweetness from the soft drinks he’d been drinking all evening, and held him close, just loving the feeling of this hard body against mine as we kissed enthusiastically, tongues darting around in each others’ mouths.

Charlie turned me onto my front, and pulled my hips to him as he leaned over me, his big soft hands enfolding my breasts as his cock prodded at my slit, then slowly slid in, in stages, until he was in me to the hilt. He began a slow, steady pumping as his cock slid in and out, speed never varying, always the right amount of pressure, never banging it in and hammering my pussy, lovingly sliding that marvellous meat-stick into me, causing all sorts of sensations to radiate out of my pussy. I could feel my orgasm approaching, and started pushing back against him, forcing him to speed up until we were pumping and thrusting together. I came with an explosive burst of sensations from deep inside, my uterus fluttering as my orgasm hit, intensifying as Charlie continued pumping and shoving that glorious cock in and out of my pussy, until finally, I could not contain it, gasping out loud as wave after wave of pleasure blasted though me, making me shudder with the intensity. I clamped down, hard, on his cock, and he responded by groaning and pumping what felt like a gallon of sperm right up against the neck of my cervix, hard hot jets of spunk that hosed into me, filling me up completely with his man-juice, cock twitching inside me until he had no more left to spray inside me; for now, anyway.

I reached over for the towel I had grabbed when we came into the bedroom, and as he withdrew, Charlie slid the bahis firmaları towel under me to catch the wad of spunk that dribbled out of my pussy and dripped down.

I swabbed myself down, then realised that I Charlie was still kneeling behind me, and was waiting for me to finish wiping-off. “All done,” I giggled, “When you’re ready, Boner-boy!”

Charlie placed his hands on my hips, and pulled himself up on his knees, sliding the head of his cock up the cleft between my cheeks, to rub the head against my anus, pulling me up right against him, his hands clamped to my breasts, his mouth on my neck, nibbling my ear, licking the nape of my neck and my shoulders, all the while twirling and squeezing my nipples, making hot pleasure shoot through me in jolts, like electric bolts. In this position, it was easier for him to get purchase for what he wanted to do, and he began, slowly but irresistibly, pushing his cock into my anus, while I pushed back, opening my ring for him, the large crown popping through my ring after a few seconds, followed by the rest of the shaft. I was gasping for breath, his cock had felt huge the last time we did this, now, in his highly-stimulated state, his cock felt absolutely massive, like a column of lead, rigid and solid, forcing itself deep into my insides.

The position was obviously having an effect on him, too, gasping he slid into me “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fucking hell, so tight, Christ, Lu, this is incredible, Oh shit….!”

I was responding on so many different levels to such a raw sexual experience; my pussy was tingling with the nearness of this great club of flesh, separated from my cervix only by a thin membrane, the erotic thoughts and sensations that came from being buggered so thoroughly, by such a beautiful man, the fire burning in my nipples from his gentle manipulation of them, and the welter of sensations from my clitoris as I frigged away. I was just getting to that place again when Charlie began to gasp and hitch, his cock suddenly giving a tremendous throb, to shoot a stream of hot spunk straight into my bowel, bathing it in his body heat. That tipped me over, and my orgasm, hot and powerful, ripped and raged through me, making me gasp for breath as my ears rang and the blood thundered in my ears.

I slumped forward, Charlie on top of me, his arms tight around my mid-section, taking his weight as he rested his head against the back of my neck, his heart thumping against my back and his cock twitching in my bum.

We lay for a few minutes, Charlie slowly relaxing his grip on me, rolling me onto my side and putting the towel under us to catch the spunk runoff as he withdrew his cock from my rear hole, helping me swab-up the sticky remnants, finally slumping over onto his back, his breathing heavy but even again. He pulled me in close, holding me spoon-fashion, one arm under me to support my shoulder and head, the other hand rubbing my hip and slipping up to rub and smooth my stomach and cup my breasts, then gliding down to stroke my inner thighs, my flank and my buttocks.

Finally, he smoothed my hair, and kissed my ear, nipping it lightly, making me giggle, and said softly. “I love you Lu-Lu, don’t ever leave me alone again, please.”

I turned to face him, sliding my arms around him, and kissed him gently, nipping his bottom lip in revenge, and whispered to him “Charlie Manville, you belong to me now, I will never leave you alone and frightened ever again; Lu-Lu will always be there for her boy-soldier!”

I snuggled down into his arms, his body warmth already making me drowsy, the afterglow helping to lull us to sleep. Charlie folded his arms around me, and I felt one of his hands slide down to cup my buttock, then slide a finger into my anus and lodge there. I smiled, and closed my eyes, thinking sleepily “Well, at least he doesn’t suck his thumb anymore!”

I woke at about 7:30 with a desperate need to pee, and, realising slipping out of bed stealthily would only startle Charlie and trigger his reflexes, I made no effort to, trusting to his subconscious to tune-out any normal movement around him, and climbed out of bed, to relieve myself, have a quick shower, and think about breakfast. I was going to skip work for the next few days, my assistants were perfectly capable of managing for a few days, their chance to shine while the boss was away; I had other things to do. I knew that he liked the same breakfast as me, the full English, so, checking that he was still asleep, I headed down to the kitchen and put some sausages, bacon, black-pudding and tomatoes under the grill while I made some coffee. When the meat was nearly done, I put the toast on, fried some eggs, and buttered some bread.

I was just about to call him, when he appeared in the doorway, hair tousled, wearing just his shorts, his hairless torso rippling with cords of muscle, glowing with health, looking adorable, and grinning happily when he saw his breakfast, ambling over to hug me, and kiss the top of my head, then holding me, looking deeply into kaçak iddaa my eyes for a moment. Whatever he saw there seemed to satisfy him, so he pinched my bum, kissed me properly, and grinned. “Morning, Blondie!”

I smiled up at him, tweaked his crotch and said “Morning, Donkey-Boy, breakfast is served!”

“God, Lu, this is perfect, I can’t remember the last time I saw a piece of black-pudding cooked properly!” he smiled “We save the ones from the mess and use them for target practice; we should use them to plate the outside of the Warrior’s, ‘cos you can’t get a bullet through them!”

“How many eggs would you like, sweetheart?” I asked him, and he grinned back, “May I have three, please, I’m famished!”

We sat in the kitchen to eat, the smell of bacon, sausages and coffee spurring us on to eat. I normally never have a cooked breakfast, much as I like it; I live alone, and it just seems wasteful, but having a man around would mean I had an opportunity to cook more often. Charlie wolfed it down, having seconds all round, and I smiled to see him eat so well; even as a young boy, there’d been nothing wrong with his appetite!

Breakfast over, we were chatting over coffee when the ‘phone rang. I picked it up and it was Lorna.

“Lor, what are you doing calling so early in the morning?” I asked curiously.

“Getting soaked, Lu, open the front door darling, it’s pissing-down out here!”

I leaned over and looked through the door-light. Sure enough, there was Lorna, newspaper over her head against the rain, getting out of her car, waving at me.

Leaving Charlie to his coffee, I let Lorna in, looking at her quizzically.

“What brings you here at this hour, Lor?” I asked her, and for answer she looked over at Charlie, smiled, and said “I wanted to see you in person, say hello to Charlie-my-darling, and see for myself whether you were bullshitting me about the pair of you!”

Charlie ambled out of the kitchen , flashing his lovely smile at Lorna in greeting, before standing behind me and slipping his hands over my breasts, squeezing just enough to make my nipples tingle, pulling me in tight to him.

“I see it’s true, Lu, you lucky cow!” laughed Lorna, stepping over to slide her hand around his neck and pull Charlie down for a big kiss on the lips.

“Welcome home, soldier-boy! I’m so glad to see you back safe and sound, Charlie-my-Darling; I was worried sick about you!” she said, smiling happily.

Charlie looked embarrassed at such an obvious display of affection from Lorna with me not two feet away, but I could only smile; after all, she was his first, and in a very real sense had taught him how to do me so well, so I had a lot to be grateful for!

We adjourned to the sitting room, Lorna chattering away at high-speed, jumping around from subject to subject, but returning always to Charlie; she seemed genuinely grateful and relieved that he was safe and sound, which made me love her even more, and it felt good to have a friend around that had no intention of judging what we were doing, was only interested in the gory details, and was quite happy to offer some serving suggestions for later consumption! During the conversation, she asked Charlie what it was like, if it was as dangerous as they made out on the news. I reached over and pulled his head down, and showed her the bullet scar. Lorna gasped, and her eyes widened, welling up. “Oh Charlie, I’m sorry, you poor lamb, why did you ever go to that terrible place!” she quavered, almost in tears, genuinely distressed, her mood suddenly sombre and grave. Charlie, gentleman that he was, immediately reached over to take her hand, reassure her. Lorna pulled him closer, hugging him tightly, wiping her eyes on his chest as she held him, her face buried in his chest, Charlie in turn gently cradling her head close against him, making small soothing noises as she cried silently against him, her hands clinging to him. Eventually, she pulled back, knuckling her eyes, kissed him on the base of the throat, and thumped him on the chest. “That’s for making me cry, you silly bastard, going off to that fucking place and leaving me to worry!” She pulled him down and kissed him once, on the lips. “And that’s to guide you home again safe, Charlie-my-darling!”

A couple of hours later, fully recovered, Lorna made to leave, telling Charlie to keep his fucking head down out there, it was too pretty to get shot off, and threw in a remark that puzzled him.

“Darling, I had a word with Lu yesterday, made a couple of suggestions, why don’t the pair of you think it over, give me a call with an answer?

Must go now, duty calls, and, Charlie….?” He looked up, and Lorna clamped her lips over his, kissing him seriously, before pulling away to sigh happily, “You are so gorgeous! Lu, you’re a lucky, jammy cow! Darling Boy, look after yourself, seriously, I fucking mean it!”

I walked Lorna out, and hugged her. She seemed to have something on her mind. “Lu, if you don’t want to swap, how about you and I double-teaming kaçak bahis Charlie? Think on it, call me.”

Obviously, meeting Charlie again had stirred something in her. I hadn’t thought about it, but it appealed. Charlie had had Lorna before he had me, she was my best friend, as well as being an outrageously uninhibited, sex-obsessed tramp, and she was a fox, a tall, curvy, golden-haired, blue-eyed fox, or, as Charlie had earlier so succinctly put it, ‘Eleven out of Ten on the “I Would Fuck Her'” scale — no wonder he’d leaped on her!

Lorna had a faraway look on her face for a moment. “He’s changed, Lu, a lot, since he passed-out. His eyes are the same, but there’s something in his face. And, did you notice the way he stands, and walks? Like a Doberman waiting to attack. He’s getting that jumpiness; your father had it, so did mine. Difference is, it took them 20 years to get that way, he’s only been on active 2 years. It’s destroying him, Lu. You have to try and get him to resign his commission before it’s too late. That boy needs you, he needs all of us, and he needs to get out of that place, soon. When I think that he came so close, that a bullet actually came close enough…” her voice trailed off. “It doesn’t even bear thinking about.” This was a side of Lorna I’d never seen before, and it gave me pause for thought; she had never once shown her vulnerable side to me, she was always carefree, brilliant, erratic and hare-brained, and to break down like that in front of Charlie was slightly unnerving, revealing to me just how deeply affected she was by his return and his injury, minor though it was.

With an almost visible effort, she changed the subject. “He’s always been hot for you, you know; you were all he ever wanted. Sometimes, while he was banging me rigid, without realising it, he’d call me Lu-Lu, and then apologise afterwards. That’s how I knew I could never have him. But at least I primed-him for you! Lucky you, you get to reap the benefits of the three years of corruption, perversion, and downright kinkiness I lavished on that boy! Of course, that doesn’t stop me loving him, too, I always will, but he only wants you, you lucky cow!”

“And now I’ve got one of my own! He wants to make a baby, can you imagine? Although, when I think about it, with no parents or real family, we are practically set-up for it. If I ever decided to do it, that is; Gerry may be my kid brother, but he is massively cute, so maybe I might be tempted to seriously consider it!

Having pledged myself to Charlie, I would not consider another man again, but I had no problems with Charlie doing both of us together — it might be just what he needed!

Also, her comments about babies had struck a chord with me, after the remark Charlie had made yesterday.

Lorna went on. “One other thing, Lu; I have a sort of uncle stroke family friend who’s a big noise with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He’s been rummaging around in my panties and up my sweater since I was 16, so I think he owes me a favour or ten. I’ll have a word with him about Charlie, if you have no objections, you know, remind him of a few things his wife doesn’t need to know about, ratchet-up the pressure a little, that sort of thing?”

I grabbed and hugged her; if there was a possibility I could get some strings pulled, get him transferred back to Britain, or at least out of that nightmare place, I would take it without hesitation. I went to kiss her cheek, but she leaned in and kissed me properly, slipping her tongue between my lips to slide it along my tongue, holding me close as her hand drifted down to my pussy, to rub my labia through the thin material of my panties, pushing my panties inside me with one finger to rub delightfully against my clitoris, then slipping round to cup and squeeze my buttock, her tongue darting and sliding around in my mouth; what surprised me was that that I liked it, kissing her back, the two of us standing there swapping spit while she rubbed my pussy.

“Get me in a bedroom with you and Charlie and I’ll show you a thing or two, Lu,” She breathed, before stepping over to her car. “Don’t wait too long, now, darling, I want to play! Tell me, does Charlie still come like a field-gun? I only ask because the first time he came in my arse, his cock was so tight in there the pressure of all that spunk nearly slid me off the bed and across the floor!” she added happily.

I assured her that nothing had changed in that respect, and that I was getting the benefit of two years of enforced abstinence, so I had been well and truly bunny-fucked.

As she drove off, I smiled to myself. I wanted to do this, and Charlie was a soldier; of course he’d do it! It was probably one of his adolescent fantasies, and I wanted to make as many fantasies came true as possible for that beautiful boy. As an added bonus, I found the thought of Lorna naked and licking me, and vice-versa, very exciting.

I went back indoors, grateful the neighbours hadn’t seen me — my T-shirt was indecently short, my panties were skimpy, and it would have been embarrassing if any of them had come out and seen me standing in the rain, dressed like that, getting felt-up by another girl while kissing her passionately!

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