A Highland Fling

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All of my stories mix romance, sex and a storyline. If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you might like to keep searching for something that suits you better 🙂


Easing the heavy rucksack from her weary body, Zoe slumped gratefully onto a smooth, weather-worn rock jutting out from the steep mountainside. Having grabbed her water bottle, she gazed down in wonder at the incredible vista laid bare before her. Stretching out in every direction, Scotland’s mountainous majesty, bathed in the orange sunlight of a beautiful summer’s evening had never looked more beautiful. Zoe had been continuing her walk along the West Highland Way since dawn and along those twenty strenuous miles, had seen just one other person. But then experiencing such solitude and splendid isolation was part of the charm of this fantastic long-distance trail which stretched a total of nearly one hundred miles. Her stiff legs bore evidence to the fact that she had already completed the majority; if things continued to run to schedule, she would arrive at the finish tomorrow afternoon.

Of course, thought Zoe, glancing down at her water bottle with concern, such isolation did have its drawbacks. Being so far away from civilisation also meant that opportunities to pick up rations were very few and far between. Despite being desperate to guzzle the entire bottle in her hand to quench her raging thirst, she was well aware that this constituted the very last of her water. Instead therefore, Zoe forced herself to take small, unsatisfactory sips. By her calculations, she had about three miles left to walk before she reached the village of Kinlochleven, and thus her accommodation for the night. Had she been a vehicle, Zoe thought wryly as she returned the bottle to her rucksack, the fuel warning light would be flashing and she’d been running on petrol fumes by now.

Exhaling slowly, she glanced down at the map. On the positive side, it looked to be mostly downhill for the rest of the day. A treacherously steep section extended for the next mile, followed by a much gentler gradient until she reached her destination. Having wiggled her toes and tried to ignore her sore feet which were desperately crying out to be released from their walking boots, Zoe struggled back to standing. Re-tying her sandy blonde hair in a pony tail and shrugging her rucksack onto her stiff shoulders, she set off with renewed determination. After all, she told herself encouragingly, the sooner she got moving, the sooner she’d be able to finish.

Concentrating hard, Zoe began to pick her way down the perilously steep slope, loose scree rolling down the mountainside in front of her, with every step she took. As her taut thigh muscles burned with the strain of maintaining her balance, Zoe pondered; there was no doubt that on such dangerously steep terrain, walking uphill was far preferable to traversing back down again. Momentarily losing her balance, Zoe felt her stomach lurch in fear. Relief immediately flooded her as she managed to recover her footing and prevent an ungainly and, no doubt, painful tumble. Pausing momentarily, her heart racing with adrenaline, she closed her eyes and simply breathed, appreciating the unusual sound of utter silence. If she held her breath, she could hear…nothing. No planes or people, no cars, no birds. No appliances buzzing with electricity or the rustling of clothing or leaves. Not even the sound of a breeze. Quite literally nothing. Complete and utter silence. In today’s noisy, hectic world, the experience was astonishingly liberating.

Returning her attention to the steep slope she needed to navigate, Zoe set off once again. Her tired legs were in danger of completely seizing up if she paused for too long and only the thought of a bed for the night sustained her progress. The path had begun to serpentine down a steep mountainside now. As she reached one of the sharper turns, Zoe felt her foot slide out from underneath her again. However, this time she was less lucky. Twisting her ankle painfully, she fell hard. Helped by the weight of her rucksack and the steepness of the slope, she found herself rolling and sliding painfully downhill, her flailing limbs being bashed on sharp outcrops of rock as she went.

Eventually, her shaking, bruised body naturally came to rest against a large boulder, situated adjacent to the main path. In shock, Zoe lowered her forearms which had been cradling her head and tried to gain her bearings. Having shrugged off her rucksack, she tentatively tried moving her twisted ankle but an intensely sharp pain forced her to cry out in shock. Carefully unfastening her walking boot, she loosened the laces before very gingerly sliding the boot away from her foot. Although doing her very best not to whimper, she found even the slightest movement to be excruciating. Zoe felt her eyes fill with tears as the seriousness of her predicament hit her. She was injured and alone on an isolated, exposed path with canlı bahis next to no water and zero provisions. Worse still, she doubted anybody would raise the alarm to alert the authorities; the owner of the accommodation she’d booked would probably just assume a no show when she didn’t turn up later tonight.

There was one last hope. Unearthing a mobile phone from the depths of her rucksack, she crossed her fingers and switched the power on. After waiting a moment for the device to activate, her worse fears were confirmed…there was no signal. Given the remoteness of the location, it really shouldn’t have been a surprise but seeing the fact confirmed on a digital display in front of her was the final straw for Zoe who broke down sobbing, both from pain and fear. After a short while, she bit her lip in an attempt to take control of her emotions, knowing she had to pull herself together. Starting to shiver mildly due to her sweaty top, Zoe replaced it with a clean T-shirt and fleece from her rucksack. Slowly and very carefully, she peeled the hiking sock away from her injured foot. Although it looked puffy and swollen, she felt great relief when cool air hit her skin. Such relief, in fact, that she quickly removed the boot and sock from her other foot too.

Unsure of what to do next, Zoe sat there for the next half hour watching dusk start to fall, occasionally searching through her rucksack for inspiration but finding none. She didn’t even have a torch with her. When, in the distance, she thought she spotted a lone runner, Zoe did initially question whether he was simply a mirage; had her mind already reached the stage of hallucinating? But as the runner travelled closer and closer to her resting place, her heart leapt with both hope and relief. Her potential saviour looked to be a fit man; tall, dark-haired, probably in his mid-thirties like herself and carrying an enormous rucksack. Her logical brain quickly weighed up the danger of flagging down a stranger for help in such an isolated location. In her current position, just off the main path, beside several large boulders, he was unlikely to notice her unless she drew attention to herself. However, she quickly decided that the possible risk he posed was far less than the danger she was already in, stranded on an isolated mountainside with no food or water for the next goodness knows how long. As the man ran past her, Zoe took a deep breath.

‘Please can you help me?’ she barked, a note of panic evident in her voice. But the man didn’t stop, or indeed give any indication that he had heard her at all. Instead, he just continued on down the steep slope. Gazing in disbelief, as her potential knight in shining armour sailed past, Zoe suddenly realised that he was wearing headphones; if his music was loud enough, no amount of shouting would help. In desperation, she quickly picked up her open rucksack and hurled it in his direction, just below her on the serpentine track. Sliding to an abrupt halt, the man looked up at Zoe in astonishment as the contents of her rucksack spilled across the path; maps, clothing, empty water bottles and toiletries were scattered far and wide. He quickly removed his headset and smiled up at her.

‘Now that’s one hell of a way to flag somebody down,’ he said in amusement, picking up her rucksack and stuffing the various items back into it. Zoe flushed with pained embarrassment when she observed him collecting one of her bras from the path. Carefully he made his way back up the slope to her resting place.

‘You okay?’ he asked in a concerned voice, glancing at her tear-stained face and then down to her swollen ankle. ‘You’ve hurt yourself?’

‘Uh-huh,’ confirmed Zoe, biting back tears caused from the emotional relief of not being alone any longer.

‘May I?’ he enquired, glancing down. Zoe gazed into his chocolate-brown eyes and felt her stomach unexpectedly liquify. Even a previously broken nose only seemed to add to his attractiveness, rather than detract from it. Doubting her ability to talk, as he kneeled down next to her, she simply nodded. Having shrugged off his own pack, Zoe sat watching in spellbound amazement as the man began to softly handle her foot. She gasped slightly as he gently manipulated her ankle, but such was his incredible tenderness that she felt next to no pain.

‘I don’t think it’s too badly damaged,’ he confirmed eventually, placing her foot back to the ground with great care. ‘Have you felt any tingling in your body, or very extreme pain?’ he asked, briefly holding her wrist to measure her pulse.

‘No,’ breathed Zoe. In all honesty, various parts of her body were tingling right now but that had precious little to do with her injury and everything to do with his arrival on the scene. She decided it was probably best not to mention that, though.

‘Oh good, you do speak…and English too,’ he teased. ‘Bonus.’

‘Yes, I speak English…and a bit of Spanish, as it happens,’ she added cheekily. ‘Are you a doctor?’

‘No bahis siteleri exactamente, señorita,’ he grinned, grabbing a mobile phone from his trouser pocket and waving it fruitlessly around in the air. ‘I’m a vet.’

‘That’s lucky,’ replied Zoe without missing a beat. ‘I’ve been having some problems with fleas recently.’

‘If you can make jokes like that, then you’ll definitely survive,’ he chuckled. ‘And fear not. I have excellent credentials, plus I’ve been assured by the owners of my patients that I have a lovely bedside manner.’ Zoe laughed. She’d wager he was an excellent vet, swiftly gaining the confidence of animals in pain or distress and quietly yet competently getting on with the job in hand. She intuitively trusted him already and they’d only just met.

‘Typical! No bloody signal!’ he added, pocketing his phone with evident frustration.

‘Yeah. Same with mine,’ confirmed Zoe.

‘Well, there are two ways we can do this. I can leave you here, whilst I go and get help,’ he explained, observing Zoe’s face fall slightly. ‘Or I can take you with me.’

‘How could you possibly do that?’

‘I’ll carry you.’

‘You can’t!’ protested Zoe. ‘I’m far too heavy.’ She felt her abdomen pulse with desire as his eyes travelled fleetingly across her body before returning to her face.

‘Nonsense. There’s hardly anything of you. I can just swap my pack for you and then return to collect my things later,’ he explained, opening it up so Zoe could look inside. ‘See, it’s mostly weights. I’m in training for an endurance event which I very stupidly signed myself up for and now can’t get out of,’ he added, in answer to her disbelieving glance.

‘Is there any chance I could grab some of that water?’ asked Zoe, as he began to pull items from his rucksack.

‘Sure,’ he smiled, handing over a bottle. ‘Are you okay for me to strap up your foot?’ he asked, opening a first aid kit. ‘It will make you more comfortable when we’re on the move.

‘Ummm…yeah,’ agreed Zoe before taking a long, desperate draught of the much-needed liquid.

‘And take two of these,’ he instructed, handing her a box of tablets. ‘Painkillers. Strong ones,’ he explained, as he gently began to apply a compression bandage to her now throbbing foot.

‘I don’t know how to thank you,’ she said, closing her eyes and trying not to gasp in pain.

‘I’m sure you’ll find a way,’ he grinned. ‘You can start by passing me a clean, dry pair of socks and telling me your name.’

‘Zoe,’ she smiled, grappling in her pack for the requested clothing and handing them over. ‘Zoe Summers.’

‘Charlie Lancaster,’ he replied, carefully rolling the sock over her injured foot. Quickly sorting through his own rucksack, Charlie pulled out a number of items. ‘Can you find a space for these in your pack?’ he asked, handing her several water bottles and the first aid kit.

‘Sure,’ she replied, her eyes suddenly growing wider as he swiftly pulled off his sweaty T-shirt and momentarily exposed a flat, muscled stomach and broad chest, before pulling on a clean replacement.

‘Where are you heading?’ he asked, seemingly oblivious to the effect he was having on Zoe for which she was very grateful.

‘Umm…aaah… Kinlochleven,’ she croaked.

‘Me too,’ he confirmed, tucking his wallet into a trouser pocket before securing his own rucksack and hiding it behind a boulder.

‘But that’s almost three miles away.’

‘Even if we could phone for help, we’d have to get you nearer to civilisation first. Trust me, we’ll manage,’ he added soothingly.

‘We won’t be doing anything,’ argued Zoe. ‘The only thing I’ll be doing is slowing you down.’

‘You’ll be keeping an eye on the route for me and helping me to get fit,’ he replied, shrugging her backpack onto his chest. She bit her tongue and managed to refrain from suggesting he was quite fit enough already. ‘Ready?’

Zoe nodded, not trusting herself to speak, as Charlie carefully helped her up onto a nearby ledge. As she tentatively put pressure on her injured foot, Zoe gasped slightly but found her ankle didn’t hurt half as much as it had done originally. The painkillers and bandaging seemed to be doing their job beautifully.

‘Right, I’m going to squat down so you can lean against my back,’ he explained. ‘Then I’ll give you a piggy-back into town.’ Following Charlie’s instructions, Zoe quickly found herself pressed up against his firm, powerful body.

‘You okay?’ he asked, unable to see her face any longer and looking for reassurance.

‘I’m good,’ she smiled, hugging her arms around his chest, able to observe at close-hand his chiselled, slightly stubbled jaw and strong arms which were now supporting her weight. ‘Gosh, you’re tall,’ she added, suddenly aware of how much higher she was than normal.

‘Six foot three,’ he grinned, starting to pick his way carefully down the dangerously steep slope.

‘I’m really not sure this is a good idea,’ gasped Zoe when bahis şirketleri his foot slipped on some loose scree.

‘Trust me,’ he murmured, confidently striding forwards. ‘Why don’t you just relax and tell me about yourself?’


After half an hour, they were taking a brief pause and refreshment break on a thoughtfully provided bench. The sky was dark blue now and becoming peppered with bright white stars, as nightfall advanced in earnest. It was clear they couldn’t afford to stop for long although time did seem to be whizzing by; they had barely drawn breath, chatting and laughing most of the way down the mountainside. It was an example of one of those rare and wonderful occasions that occurs only a handful of times during a lifetime. For only one in a thousand people you might meet, a magical rapport forms where your thoughts, reactions and feelings seem to be entirely in synch and perfectly aligned. Not only did they both immediately recognise it but, deep down, both of them had built up enough wisdom and life experience to appreciate that they’d be crazy to allow a connection with such potential to simply float away on the summer breeze.

Sitting side by side, Charlie took a long drink of water as Zoe turned and looked at him contemplatively.

‘Why did you sign yourself up for an endurance event that you don’t want to take part in?’ she asked. He paused for a moment, looking into the middle-distance, before slowly turning to face her. As his dark eyes locked onto her blue ones, Zoe felt the familiar swooping of lust in her stomach as her nipples tightened in reaction to this glorious man.

‘It’s a hideous cliché,’ he said softly. ‘But last year, I came home early one day to find my fiancée shagging my best mate.’

‘Oh my God!’ exclaimed Zoe, her hand rising to her mouth. ‘That’s horrible. You poor thing!’

‘They said all the right things; that it didn’t mean anything and it would never happen again, blah de blah…but the damage was done. I just couldn’t get past their betrayal. Unfortunately, their actions removed the two people from my life that I could have talked to, to help get me through it. So instead of descending into a drunken, depressive stupor, I embarked upon a ridiculous challenge that will either kill or cure me.’

‘Cure you, I hope,’ said Zoe softly.

‘I hope so too,’ he said, smiling. ‘I also majorly threw myself into work after the split, so as a result I have a shed load of annual leave to use up…so here I am.’ Zoe looked at him kindly, unsure of how to respond.

‘I’ll wager my final chocolate bar that you can’t beat my sad tale of woe,’ he grinned, waving the item of confectionary just out of her reach.

‘I don’t know. I might be able to equal it,’ she shrugged sadly. ‘My heart’s experienced its fair share of being broken.’ Charlie squeezed her shoulder before opening the bar of chocolate, snapping it in two and handing half across.

‘Sounds like a tie, then, as I’m far too much of a gentleman to ask questions. Come on, we’ve still got about a mile to go and the light’s starting to fade. We’d better keep moving.’


By the time they reached civilisation, Zoe felt utterly relaxed, largely thanks to the impressively strong painkillers she’d been given. With her nose resting beside Charlie’s neck, she inhaled deeply, breathing in the delicious, musky warmth of him. A combination of pheromones, faded aftershave and his natural masculine scent were responsible for setting all of her senses reeling.

‘Here we are,’ said Charlie sounding somewhat relieved. He carried Zoe up to the entrance of her overnight accommodation which was lit by a single dim bulb, before easing her carefully down to the floor.

The landlady who opened the door to them wasn’t what one would describe as naturally hospitable. Having signed Zoe in and nodded in the direction of her room, she sped back to the television programme she’d been engrossed in before their rude interruption. Wearily, Zoe looked up at the flight of stairs as though they presented an impossibly difficult logic puzzle.

‘I do believe that she recently won the employee of the month award for demonstrating exceptional customer service,’ observed Charlie wryly. ‘Unfortunately it does mean her reserves are now critically low.’

‘You’re funny,’ giggled Zoe, smiling up at him, feeling eternally grateful for his light-hearted comments and positive presence during what had been a very challenging few hours.

‘Not that funny,’ he grinned. ‘It’s the drugs I gave you. They’re making you think I’m much more amusing than I actually am. Allow me,’ he offered, scooping Zoe up into his arms and carrying her straight up to her room.

As he carefully lowered her down onto the bed, the nearness of his body suddenly became too much and Zoe brushed her lips across his neck. He tasted warm, salty and infinitely shaggable.

‘What are you doing?’ asked Charlie, his voice sounding somewhat amused.

‘Sorry…I…’ began Zoe, pulling back immediately. ‘I feel a bit lightheaded from the painkillers and generally emotional, I guess. I just wanted to thank you. I owe you so much.’

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