A Hotel Meeting

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Taking a deep breath, the girl began to climb the steps to the second floor of the hotel. She’d been waiting months for this day to come, yet now she was shaking with apprehension. With quick steps, her five foot, four-inch body rapidly ascended the stairs. She walked along the balcony, the breeze whipping her short brown hair about her face. Her upturned slate blue eyes scanned the doors for number two fourteen. Stopping in front of the door, she took one last look in her compact mirror, and then rapped soundly on the door.

Within seconds, she heard the lock turning, and as the door opened, she caught sight of his beautiful body. Her eyes tilted up to his, and before she could stop herself, she wrapped her slim arms around his broad chest. He pulled her tight to his body, and she nuzzled her face into his chest, breathing deeply of his sweet, masculine scent. She would have swarm he must have felt her heart pounding beneath her small breasts. Pulling her back into the room, he closed the door behind her. Finally letting her go, he held her out at arm’s length, his eyes surveying the body he’d wished to touch for so long.

His lovely brown eyes dropped from her cupids bow lips, to her delicate jawline and chin, down the tender flesh of her throat. His steady gaze looked to her small breasts, rising and falling sensuously with each breath she took, down past her slender waist, past the soft curve of her hip and thigh, and finally down her long legs, sheathed and low waisted black pants that clung to her every curve. He raised his eyes back to her face and pulled her back to him, closing his mouth over hers. Having talked for months, no conversation was needed.

Pressed against his body, she felt the taut muscles of his back beneath her hands and his rigid length against her slightly rounded tummy. As his hands roamed lower, caressing her ass, she felt a liquid heat beginning between her thigh. His hands left her ass and began to unbutton her shirt, his mouth staying on hers. She began pulling up on his tee shirt, and after dropped her blouse to the floor, he pulled his shirt off and let it drop as well. Raising her hands from his waist, she lightly dragged her fingers across the planes of his chest. She pressed her warm mouth to his smooth skin, canlı bahis and savored the slightly salty taste. He began to fumble the closure of her bra open, and he was finally able to pull the garment away from her pale skin.

His mouth again found hers, and she wrapped her arms around him again, He hoisted her up, and she obediently wrapped her legs around him. He carried her over and gently laid her on the bed beneath him. His mouth finally left hers as he started a trail of kisses down her throat and to her breast. She gasped in pleasure when she felt his warm mouth close over her nipple, and as his tongue slowly circled, he felt her shiver and sink he short nails into his shoulder. Kissing down her body, he stopped at her pants. He unbuttoned and unzipped them, and tugged. She lifted her hips, allowing him to slide her pants down to her ankles, where she immediately kicked them to the floor. Kissing back up to her mouth, he slipped his hand between her legs and was surprised at how hot and moist she was.

As he pushed her thong to the side and began stroking the wet lips of her pussy, he felt a twinge of pain as she whimpered and bit his shoulder. He started massaging her clit, each move of his fingers eliciting a moan of pleasure. He moved faster, and then slipped one finger deep into her. She cried out and rocked her hips to meet each of his thrusts. Breathing heavily, she panted “Harder!” and he obliged. After a moment, he felt her body tremble, and she pulled herself up to him. He felt her muscles tense as a long, guttural moan escaped her lips. Falling back down to the bed, her eyes closed as she savored the wave of ecstasy she had just felt.

Slowly opening her eyes, she kissed him deeply and began to fumble at his belt. She pulled it from the loops and then began working on his jeans. He rolled off her and sat on the edge of the bed to wiggle out of them, and she tugged at his boxers as well. Before he could lie back down, she straddled his hips and rested on his swollen cock. She began to rock her hips back and forth, rubbing the slippery satin of her thong against his throbbing member. He placed his hands on her ass and let out a sigh of pleasure. As she continued, he began kissing her shoulders and breasts, feeling dangerously close to bahis siteleri orgasm.

Suddenly, she climbed off his lap and got to her knees on the floor. She slowly licked the insides of his thighs, and saw his hands clawing at the sheets. She took his balls in her mouth and gently sucked on them while letting her fingers slide down the long length. Kissing the head of his cock, she slowly lowered her head down until she could go no further. He put his hands on the back of her head as she went back up, tracing patterns with her tongue. He began to wind his fingers into her hair as she moved her mouth and tongue faster, over and over. She sucked harder as his breathing became a pant. She felt him tremble and knew he was about to come. She concentrated on the head of his cock, glistening with her saliva and his fluids. As he felt the rough texture of her tongue slipping over the ridges of his length, her looked down and saw her lips sliding back down his cock, and he lost it. Gripping the back of her head and throwing his own back, he unleashed a grunt of pleasure as he began to shoot thick white streams of come into her mouth. She continued sucking and swallowing al the come from his cock. When she was sure he was down, she took her lips from it and sat back on her heels.

After a moment, he looked back down at her and uttered his first words since her arrival “Now I want to taste you.” Obediently, she stood up to get back on the bed. But when she rose in front of him, he swiftly grabbed the strings of her thong and tugged them, untying her thong and letting it fall to the floor. He brought her to his face, and before she could protest, he slipped his tongue over her clit and probed at her swollen lips. Closing her eyes and moaning, she put her hands on his shoulders. As he began to knead her ass and wiggle his tongue against her, she began to sway. He pulled her down to the bed and pushed her legs apart. He slowly licked her shaved lips, teasing her. Licking her clit, he slid his hands up her body and cupped her breasts. He rolled her hard nipple between his fingers and heard her moan. He slid his tongue deep inside her, enjoying her moist warmth. She clawed his hands as his tongue coaxed whimpers from her open mouth.

His tongue and lips moved faster bahis şirketleri against her wet slit, and she felt the rush of orgasm building in her. Feeling her quivering, he slowed his pace, deliberately torturing her. She moaned softly and he once again intensified his movements. As she felt his rough tongue slide over her swollen clit, she trembled with the first waves of orgasm. Her nails scratched at the backs of his hands as her body shivered and tensed. She murmured his name as ecstasy washed over her and her body went limp. He lay his head on the pillow of her stomach as her breathing slowed. She tugged at his shoulders, and he came up. Her thighs squeezed against his hips and her mouth sought for his. She urgently kissed him, tasting herself in his lips. Her body trembled beneath his as the aftershock of her climax washed over her, triggered by the immense turn on of his mouth, hot and tasting of her own juices.
As her mouth finally left his and lightly bit his neck, he wanted to know her, to be the first to feel her tight pussy wrapped around his cock. Seeming to know his desires, she looked into his eyes and whispered her consent. He kissed the line of her jaw and she felt the head of his cock pressing against her slit. She slid her hands around him, and he pushed into her. She cried out in pain as he filled her, and she turned her head to the side, obscuring his view of her face. She closed her eyes tightly, fighting in vain the tears that stung them. Feeling her once liquid body stiffen in his arms, he breathed his concern in her ear. She held him tighter and nodded her head. He thrust into her, feeling her tightness rubbing against his cock.

Gradually, her pain faded, and her whimpers became those of pleasure. He pounded into her harder, and her whole body rocked with each thrust. He kissed her temple and then her ear. As he gently nibbled her earlobe, her body stiffened again, this time in ecstasy. She cried out his name, as she shuddered in pleasure. Feeling her contract in orgasm, he found himself near the limit of his endurance. He glanced down to her thighs, open wide to him and smeared with her blood and juices. Gripped her shoulders tightly, he pushed in to her as hard as he could, and he tensed as he came deep inside her. He emptied himself into her, and then he left her and lay beside her. She turned to him and kissed him, and laid her head on his chest. He put his arms around her, and within minutes, she slept, her breathing slow and even on his chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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