A Letter To Annie

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My friend Annie has been involved with family love for a long time and when I expressed feelings I began having about my 23 year old daughter, she offered some suggestions on how to proceed. The following is a letter I wrote to Annie. I followed her suggestions and it was the beginning of one of the most erotic times of my life.

Dear Annie,

Yesterday may have been the most intensely sexual day of my life. I went to sleep and woke up thinking of the events of the night before when I had experienced sexual feelings I never knew existed during the teasing intimate moments with my daughter.

Those thoughts had prevailed as I made love to my husband and produced the most intense orgasms of my life. I’ve never been a “screamer” in bed, more of a heavy, quiet moaner followed by a shuddering of my body as the waves of passion came over me. As Paul buried his tongue into my throbbing, wet pussy, I was thinking it was Melanie devouring me. My normal quiet moaning became heavier and heavier and when his hot tongue enflamed my swollen clit I exploded and my moans became screams that the neighbors could of heard. My legs clamped around his head and I pushed him deeper and deeper into my pussy with my hands, bucking my hips as my body continued to shudder, as it never had before. I almost passed out the pleasure was so intense.

Finally I pulled him up and kissed him hard and tasted my sweet juices that had drenched his face. I rolled him over on his back, straddled him and in one motion buried his cock all the way into my pussy. I thought I was going to cum again right then but I started to ride him like the crazed bitch I was while he played with my tits and squeezed my hard nipples and the orgasms started again and again and again accompanied by shrieks I couldn’t believe were coming out of me.

I don’t how many times I came over his hot cock before I rolled off and got on my hands and knees and literally screamed, “Fuck me, fuck me like the bitch I am.” Paul had never said a word during all of this and got behind me and slammed his cock into me in one motion. I screamed again and started pushing back trying to get him deeper. He began to pound me and I kept screaming, “fuck me, baby, please fuck me…” over and over. I guess it was like an out of body experience or something as I was totally lost into the sensations gripping me, my mind totally absorbed into savoring what was happening. My pussy was so wet you could hear him slamming me time after time after time. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back and pulled himself in even deeper. I could feel him swelling inside of me and he just kept getting bigger and bigger. He finally exploded inside of me and when I felt his hot juices spraying inside of my pussy I started to cum again and again. We collapsed together and just lay there, not saying a word, trying to catch our breath. We laid there for a long time in silence, our labored breathing the only sound in the room.

Paul finally rolled over on his back and said, “Honey, I don’t know what got into you or what I did, but that was beyond belief.”

I rolled over to face him and just said, “Maybe I am entering a new phase of my sexuality.” I was but he didn’t know what it was.

We kissed and held each other and fell asleep holding each other, my mind replaying the tapes of the last few hours of raw lust before it went black. I woke up a little later and came and got on the computer and sent you the email and chatted for you. I then went back to bed and the tapes started playing again and I was soon sleeping the sleep of a totally satisfied woman.

Paul was in the shower when I came to Friday morning and had left a cup of coffee on my nightstand for me. As the deep sleep left me, my mind instantly returned to the night before when Mel and I had been naked together in this same room at the foot of this same bed and I had touched her and the feelings washed over me again. The sheets under me were still wet from the night before. My hand crept down to my pussy as I sipped my coffee and I was amazed to find I was still wet. I closed my eyes and replayed the night before and it was all I could do to keep from masturbating right then and there.

I came out of my trance when Paul came out of the bathroom. He stood over me and looked at my naked body. I didn’t know what his thoughts were but being with him for 18 years I knew his lust was there and his lovely cock was getting hard in front of my eyes just looking at me laying there naked with my hand on top of my pussy.

“You need more,” he asked looking at where my hand was.

I shook my head and said, “No baby, just thinking about last night.” He didn’t know what part of last night I was really thinking about, but it satisfied him and he got dressed and prepared to leave for his overnight trip..

As I lay there drinking coffee and he got ready to go to leave there was very little conversation. My mind was reeling going back in forth from thoughts of the night before and plans for the day and night ahead and the seduction of my sweet, beautiful daughter. I had originally planned to do a few work related things and bedava bahis pretty much be free from about noon to prepare for the evening ahead. After Paul left I changed the sheets on the bed and debated which set to put on, finally deciding on a set of black satin sheets and pillowcases. You could smell the sex from the night before in the room and I left it that way. I dug through our collection of video tapes and pulled out my favorite girl/girl and an amateur tape some friends of ours in Michigan had made one night that Paul had played a small role and told myself to get a first run movie and look for other girl/girl action at the video store later in the day.

I took a long, hot shower taking longer than usual to shave my legs and trim my pussy. I resisted again using my fingers to take me to utopia again. My whole body was warm inside and out and my pussy was staying so wet. I stood looking at myself in the bathroom mirror before dressing and even I could see the glow. I picked a short (not too short, but short) gray skirt and a black silk shell and cardigan sweater set, my black knee high boots to wear out in the business world. I wanted to feel sexy all day, so I decided to wear a garter with black hose and no panties or bra for the day…something I never, ever do. Looking at the final product I was ready to get the work the hell out of the way and get working on what was really important…making every thing perfect for the night ahead!

Then the phone rang. It was my customers and he wanted to see me at 2PM. If you have a job like I have when the buyer says they want to see you, it’s more like, “you will be here or else.” I hung up the phone and let out a string of obscenities that would surprise a lot of people and quickly reworked my day in my head.

I raced through the work I had planned and flew down the road to an adult toy store there. I bought a new dildo and vibrator for Mel. I have my own toys, including a large dildo, but I wanted her to have her own. My present to her. I also bought a two-headed dildo. I have one, but I wanted this one to be special for her and I. I just hoped we got that far. With my goodies stashed in the trunk I headed to my meeting with a few minutes to spare.

The meeting with my buyer lasted longer than I expected and it was 4 PM when I got back to the car with runs to the liquor, grocery and video stores still on the list of things to do. I was kicking myself for not stopping at the liquor store earlier, but my mind had been on thoughts of the toys in the trunk and Mel and not getting wine. There were 3 messages on my cell phone. Two were routine and could wait until Monday. The third sent me into a panic. It was from Paul saying he was going to be able to get finished with his work out of town sooner than expected and was going to try and get home before the snow started falling. I frantically called his cell phone, desperate to catch him before he started headinghome. As much as I love him, this was a night I needed for just Mel and me under any circumstances. I held my breath as the phone starting ringing.

“Hey hon,” he answered. “You get my message. I should be out of here by 6 or so and be home by 9.”

My mind raced. Do I tell him the truth or lie or what the hell do I do? Finally I took a deep breath, “I really don’t want you to risk it baby. Why don’t you stay there? Call some of our friends down there and see what they have going. Let this snow pass and come on home tomorrow as planned.”

He protested but I was strong, but sweet, in telling him to stay there. In passing, I reminded him Mel was coming over and that I would be fine. He was weakening but then said, “But I don’t have any of the phone numbers and I hate to call and just invite myself over.”

Sheer panic. I had won, but was getting ready to lose.

“I’ve got the numbers,” I almost screamed. “Let me make some calls and I will call you back.”

He agreed but said if I didn’t back to him soon he’d head home.

My mind was racing as I drove to the liquor store, about 15 minutes, trying to figure out who in the hell I could call and say please take my husband and don’t let him come home tonight under any circumstances. I was flipping through my address book and driving and ruling out people since I didn’t have any work phone numbers. I couldn’t get him to wait until people got home from work and it was pushing 4:30. We don’t know that many people down there and only partied with a few. We had met some at a party not long ago but hadn’t played with them. It finally came down to two couples we had not played with. They were the only ones I had work numbers for. My hands were trembling and my heart was racing as I dialed Ruth at work. We’d met her and her husband Jerry and they seemed nice and we had a lot in common and had talked about getting together just the four of us after the holidays.

I would swear I could hear my heart pounding when Ruth answered the phone. She remembered me and we chitchatted for a minute or so. I finally asked what she and Jerry were doing tonight. My heart sank when she told me that he was gone for the weekend bedava bonus duck hunting and she planned on doing some decorating around the house. Shit! She asked if we were in town and I proceeded to tell her that only Paul was there and he was thinking about driving home late, but I didn’t really want him to so late and that I’d thought maybe she, Jerry and Paul could have dinner and get to know each other better and make plans for us all getting together after the holidays, but since Jerry was gone…….There was a silence that was deafening and seemed to last forever. Finally she said, “Well, some friends are having a house party tonight with like eight or nine couples and we were going to go until my asshole husband decided he would rather go duck hunting…would you mine if I took Paul with me…I hate to go as a single in situations like this….”

I told her that was not a problem and thought Paul would enjoy that.

She said, “Patty you know this is a…. well, it’s a group of people we play with and well…there will be a lot of sex ….and…well, you won’t be here and all…”

I almost laughed and said, “Ruth, honey, it’s fine if you fuck him or he fucks the whole damn bunch…I love knowing he’s fucking other woman…the only thing I ask is that you tell me all about it afterward…what about your husband?”

“Fuck him,” she said. “The asshole should have stayed home…. if he doesn’t like it he can satisfy that pencil dick of his himself….”

I laughed again and told her I would have Paul call her in a few minutes. We exchanged a few pleasantries and were about to hang up when she said, “Patty, you sure you are OK with this….I mean, I really thought he was hot when we met and thought about how I’d love to fuck him…”

I told her, “Honest Ruth, you’re doing me a favor…enjoy him, please, but you’ve got to give me all the girl/girl details later…”

Even though my mind was on Mel and me, my voyeur (or is it female cuckold?) instinct was taking over and I was beginning to think about Paul and this lovely lady. We said our goodbyes and I immediately called Paul. He remembered Ruth and Jerry so I filled him in on what was going on and what Ruth and I had discussed.

“I don’t know honey, after last night I really just want to get back home to you,” he said.

The panic was back. I told him I really didn’t want him to drive home with the weather and that Ruth would be disappointed if he didn’t call her. Finally I said, “Honey, Mel and I really need some time alone together as well and we don’t get this opportunity very often.”

It was the truth, but not the whole truth. He was silent for a moment and then said, “Give me Ruth’s phone number. I guess it’s OK. I may not be much after the fucking you gave me last night.” I told him how much I loved him and we said goodbye.

I began to breathe again and went into the liquor store. I found the wine I was looking for and headed home with all my thoughts on the night ahead. By this time it was after 5 and Mel was due about 6. The stress was getting to me as I still had the grocery store and video store to stop at, get home get a fire started and start the meal before she got there. It wasn’t going to all happen, but it had to if this night was going to be how I had planned. My cell phone rang and I went into a frenzy again when I saw it was Mel calling. She said she was running a little late and she had to go by her place to get something to sleep in and clothes for Saturday and it’d probably be 6:30 before she got to our house. I told her I was running late too and why. She said to forget the dinner, we’d just order some pizza for delivery. We went back and forth about that for a moment and I finally said yes. We were about to hang up when I told her, “Honey, just come to our house, we’ll find something of mine you can sleep in and I am sure I have a pair of jeans and sweatshirt you can wear home tomorrow. These streets are getting nuts with the drivers and I just want you off of them as soon as possible.” She kind of giggled and said OK. What I wanted her to sleep in was my arms and since we were the same size (except in the tits) clothes for Saturday weren’t a problem.

I made my final stop at the video store, grabbed the movie Chicago, said screw the girl/girl video, I had enough already and headed home just about 6. I grabbed some wood off the patio and started the fire, turned on the stereo, poured a huge glass of wine and was just sitting down when I remembered Mel’s presents in the trunk. I brought them in the house, opened them and put them in my nightstand drawer. I had set back down on the couch for just a minute or two when Mel pulled in the driveway.

I met her at the front door and greeted her with a big kiss on the lips. She smiled and we walked into the kitchen to get her some wine. I looked at her and she looked even more beautiful than normal. She had on a tartan plaid skirt, boots and a scoop neck sweater showing a lot of her cleavage. I teased her about wearing that sweater to work and she kind of blushed and said, “we had a client coming in today and I wanted deneme bonusu to impress him.” I assured her she had and we laughed again. We returned to the couch and sat down. In my haste I forgotten to turn on any lights and the living room was dark save for the fireplace. I mentioned turning on the lights and she said forget it saying, ” This is kind of nice.”

We sat on the couch sipping wine, listening to a great oldies station and watching the fire for a few moments and chitchatted about our days, laughing and just being friends. I took my boots off and turned toward her on the couch sitting with my legs apart and the shirt riding higher and higher on my tights. She did the same. She never wears hose (hates them) and I could see her tan legs in the darkness. She got up and lit a few candles around the room and came back. We talked a little longer and then I caught her looking at my spread legs. “Mama, do you have any panties on?” I blushed and told her no. “Mama, you’re bad.” I just smiled. Her skirt was riding up her thighs and I caught a glimpse of her panties covering her mound and my heart skipped a beat.

She kept rubbing her shoulder saying it had been bothering her. I thought about suggesting the hot tub on the patio but it was cold and misty so I figured it was time for your shower idea. We have a large stand-alone shower and she had used the massage showerhead before on her shoulder.

“I need to take a hot shower and change clothes,” I said. “Why don’t’ we take one together and I can use the massager on your shoulder?”

I held my breath. This was the moment of truth. If she said no to the shower I didn’t know what I’d do. My heart was pounding.

She kind of blushed a little and said, “Why not.” I began to breathe again. We refilled our glasses and went to the bedroom to undress. I lit some candles since it was pitch black in there. I helped her out of her tight sweater and once again was stunned by the beauty she was. She wiggled out of her skirt and took off her bra and stood there in front of me with those luscious tits and her nipples hard. She looked at me and said, “Well, are you going to stand there all night while I freeze.” We laughed and I took off my sweater and dropped my skirt, left with only the garter and hose. “Mama, that is hot…I didn’t know you dressed like that,” she said as she stared at me. I think I blushed and finished undressing. I hugged her before we went into the bathroom and kissed her, a deep French kiss this time and let my tongue explore, our bodies rubbing against each other. She was breathing heavy when we broke the kiss and I led her by the hand to the bathroom.

We got into the shower and I kept the water real hot. I used the massager on her shoulder and then washed her back for her. I had her turn around and I slowly began to wash her front. I lathered up my hands and began to wash and massage her breasts slowly, playing with her nipples. She leaned back against the shower wall and closed her eyes. I could hear her moaning which made me squeeze her nipples harder. I let the water wash her off and took one then the other tit into my mouth, flicking my tongue over her nipples and biting them lightly with my teeth. Her moaning increased. She tried to talk but I wouldn’t let her and kissed her hard again while playing with her now rock hard nipples. I stopped and slowly gave her butterfly kisses starting at her neck and going down to her breast where I sucked and nibbled some more and then started down her stomach. I was on my knees and started giving her butterfly kisses around her pussy. I spread her legs apart and slowly slid a finger into her tight little slit. She groaned loudly when I put a second finger in her and starting moving them slowly in and out of her wet pussy. I looked up and she was looking down while I finger fucked her, her eyes glazed over and moaning with an open mouth. I spread her legs a little further apart and started to flick her with my tongue. She audibly gasped and my tongue worked harder. It was hard to do in that position, but I got a taste of her sweet juices for the first time and it was sweeter than any pussy I had ever had before…and there have been a lot of them. I couldn’t have her the way I wanted in that position so I stopped and slid up her body and kissed her hard again so she could taste her own juices. She opened her eyes and said, “My turn.”

Taking the lead from how I had washed her, she scrubbed my back with a sponge and then turned me around to face her. This time she stared in my eyes for a long time and then kissed me, her tongue being the aggressor. She lathered up her hands and started to wash my sensitive tits slowly. You could tell she was a little tentative and I said, “Just squeeze them baby like you would yours.” She took the lead and started tweaking my now hard nipples. My tits are so sensitive I can’t normally stand it for anyone to touch them unless they are stimulating my pussy as well. But this was different. This time I leaned back and stared at my daughter as she played with her mom’s tits. I could feel the wetness in my pussy. “Suck them baby, suck mama’s tits, please” I moaned and she led the shower wash off the soap and attacked them like she’d been sucking tits all her life. I was squirming and moaning, going nuts and I finally had to pull her up saying, “I can’t take any more, baby, I am so sensitive and you sucked my tits so good.”

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