A little reminder of boyfriends past….

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THIS IS ALL FANTASY! (except the memories and a few of the thoughts, the actions are entirely made up though)

I watched her through the thin plexiglass. My ex-girlfriend worked alongside me at a large retail store in a po-dunk little town. I had time to kill, and so I thought about what had happened over the past few months.

She wasn’t completely right, when we first started dating. I thought she was the fun kind of crazy but soon found out that she was the stupid crazy. The only upside was the sex.

She was a natural submissive in the bedroom, or the car, or the park, or anywhere else where they could find a few minutes to get dirty. When horny or playful she was under orders to answer me with honesty and finish it with sir, master, or Mr. if they were role playing.

After breaking up I’d dated a few girls, but none of them had the submissive streak I found so attractive. As a natural dom I can’t help it. I love to tie up a girl, degrade her verbally, use her for my pleasure, even force her to orgasm into unconsciousness. I once tied her up and attached a vibrator to her clit while I fucked her wet cunt for about half an hour. After I pulled out and slapped her ass with my dick I blew my load down her throat. I left her tied up but gagged her with a bandanna and left the vibrator running. After leaving to pick up groceries and a movie for the evening at the store I returned a few hours later only to find her eyes glazed over, saliva drooling down her chest onto her c-cup tits and the bed under her fuckhole soaked with her juice. I turned off the vibrator and untied her, tossed her in the tub and turned on the shower. The cold was a shock, jolting her out of the daze she was in.

Ah, the memories of a glorious fuck. I looked down and saw my cock pushing hard against my work pants. I reached down to readjust myself and thought things through.

In the beginning I thought that, like myself, she had gotten involved for the sex and some companionship. However, as time went by, I realized she wanted a serious relationship. I was not even remotely interested. She got pissed and said I used her and I replied “Yes, I used you, every night and most days, several times. And before you get pissed, you got off many times!” The only hole I hadn’t used was her tight little asshole.

This did not go over well, so now I was here, looking at her through the window and thinking about my plans. I knew she had a hiking trip planned with her new boyfriend, as she had been snooty in telling me, and I thought I’d invite myself along. Unknown to either of them of course…..

The day of the trip I had already parked at another, secluded area and hiked up to the trail they were going to be using. I knew the area well as I have always been fond of the outdoors and have hiked and camped every summer since I was 14. I had my backpack loaded up with all sorts of nasty güvenilir bahis little toys and such. I also had my .45 in a shoulder rig that I had been practicing with and could withdraw and have pointed in a blink of an eye.

“Yes,” I thought to myself, “Today will be a good day….for me at least, haha.”

I was waiting about 100 yards up the trail from the staging area for them. When I heard them coming I sank deeper into the trees and bushes, masking my presence. They wondered by, oblivious to the hell that waited for them just a bit further up the trail at the rest stop for hikers.

It was really just a lean-to, three walls and a roof against the elements. There was also a natural spring which you could use to re-fill canteens or just drink straight from it. As I came up the trail after tehm I slipped a white ,ask out of my bag. It had no distinct features on it, it looked like a horror movie killer mask.

They had stopped at the rest area to re-fill their canteens, as I had expected. I came out from around the trail with the gun already on them. He saw me first and tensed, stricken beyond the ability to speak. She saw the look on his face and spun around to see what had him so spooked. There I stood, all 6’6 250 pounds of mean and horny. She screamed and tried to run, but I had expected this and whipped a heavy stick I’d picked up along the way into her legs. She went down hard, at which point lover boy seemed to have woken back up and yelled, trying to intimidate me I guess. I laughed at him as he ran towards me. At the last second I sidestepped and brought the grip of my gun down on his skull knocking him out.

I pulled the handcuffs and rope out of my backpack and ordered the slut to cuff his hands and tie his legs together.

My ex, lets call her Sara, did as she was told and then went back to staring fearfully at me as a bruise slowly formed where the branch nailed her. I asked her if she knew who I was and she replied “No, please don’t hurt me, please!”

I laughed. “Oh you know me whore, and you will address me as you were told to.” With that I took of my mask and she gasped. “Tom! What the fuck do you think your doing? Im going to kill you!” I waved my pistol in her face. “I don’t think so cum dump, I have the power, which is how you like it if I remember correctly.” She instantly reddened.

“Take of your top”

She shook her head and begged me not to do this. Stupid bitch.

“Take it off, now.” I hadn’t raised my voice, but I put an edge of steel into the timbre. She quickly stripped her t-shirt off, and lay there in her bra and jeans.

“Now the bra”

She was shaking as she reached back and unclasped the bands holding her beautiful breasts captive.

“Good girl, now c’mere and open wide. And know this, if you bite down, your boyfriend gets a bullet int eh head for your trouble.”

She started crying and türkçe bahis begging me not to do this.

“Now.” One word, a single command, and her streak burst forth. Up onto her knees she went and down on my cock she goes.

“Oooh fuck yea, I’ve missed that hot little mouth of yours. Has he gotten any of it?”

“Yth” she replies with a mouthful. I grab her head and shove, hard, pushing my dick all the way down her throat making her scream and gag, an interesting combination. I yank her off my dick and flip her over, still gasping for air as I rip her jeans down and slap her ass as hard as I can.


She screams and I give her another on the other cheek


Both cheeks are now a pretty shade of red and she is crying again, a sound I never grow tired of. I pulled down her panties and saw they were soaked from her excitement. I pulled so hard they ripped clean off her and I shoved them in her face.

“See how wet you are whore, I knew you loved this even if you say you don’t,” My dick was painfully hard, so I rubbed it against her soft ass cheek to give it some comfort. “I knew you were a slut!” with that I forced her mouth open and shoved the wet, stained panties into her open mouth and rubbed them on her tongue before pushing her teeth together and slamming three fingers into her soaked cunt.

“MMMPH!!!!!” she screamed through the gag. She was always a tight whore, but apparently she hadn’t had sex with her new boytoy, only sucked him off. I grinned as my plans subtly changed.

I finger fucked her for a few strokes before placing myself behind her. She looked back when I stopped with my fingers and the look of fear on her face was glorious. I am by no means huge, however I am comfortable with my size. About 7 inches when fully hard and modestly gifted in girth. I always believed that size isn’t the most important thing, it’s how you fuck that matters.

I held her arms behind her back with one hand while I aimed my dick with the other, rubbing the head up and down her wet slit, and suddenly slammed my hips forward and buried my cock all the way in one stroke. Lord did she holler with that little action. I pumped into her at full speed, giving her no relief or break to get used to it. I wanted to tear her cunt up and leave her bloody and well used. I pinched her nipples and she yelped, crying herself hoarse quite quickly. As I pumped I enjoyed watching her sweet little ass-cheeks bounce against my thighs. My thought delved into the sweet, tight hole that lay between the, and the fact I had never gotten a chance to plug that particular hole, my mind made up I went at her with a new dedication. I absolutely slammed myself into her and she screamed in response, fearing this new and sudden burst of stabbing into her hot little velvet glove. As I got closer to the finale I heard moaning and stirring. I looked over and saw James, lover boy, güvenilir bahis siteleri moving around a bit. Perfect. I told her it was time for a new game. I released her arms, pulled out, slapped her ass hard and dragged her by the hair over to him. There she pushed up onto her hands and knees.

“Unzip his pants and start sucking whore.”

Her little hand reached out and slowly pulled his zipper down. I rubbed my cock against her ass. She reached in and grasped him and I grabbed her tits and squeezed with firm pressure. Painful but not agonizing. She pulled it out and removed her panties from her mouth while going down on him. I again slammed it home into her wet gash and started fucking anew.

He started moaning and I laughed as he blew in her mouth.

“Really? You replaced me with this little pussy? What a faggot.” She started to cry again. I pumped a few more time and pulled out right as I was about to cum. I slammed my wet, pussy lubed cock into her only hole I hadn’t gotten into, ever. She screamed in agony and went down to the ground with her ass held high in the air. Her shitter was tighter then I ever imagined possible even though I was only part way in. I spurted cum into her savagely grasping hole. Her hole was wrapped around the head of my cock with insane pressure, twisting and torquing and trying to force the invader out of its entrance before I went any farther in. With my cum acting as lube I forced myself deeper and deeper, all the way in to my balls. I slapped her face.

“How do you like my dick, slut? Does it feel good in your dirty little asshole?”

“No master, it hurts, please take it out, please!”

I just laughed and kept pumping as I got a sick idea. I pulled out and she gasped in relief. I flipped James over so he was face down and ordered her to get his asshole wet. She looked at me in disbelief.

“Do it now whore, before it hurts him more, do it now.”

She did as she was told. I busied myself by fucking her cunt while she ate him out. When he was wet and wiggling around trying to figure out why she was doing what she was I lifted his hips and shoved her on her back. Her head was between his legs and his dick in front of her mouth.

“Open wide bitch”

I pushed his hips all the way down and she started to deep throat him. I slid up and whispered in his ear, “I hope you aren’t gay, otherwise I won’t be taking your cherry.” He realized what I was about to do and started screaming as I slammed my cock don into his un-abused asshole. Tears sprang up and he screamed in pure agony. I pumped a few times and reached around and squeezed his balls as he came down her throat again. “What a pansy,” I thought, “barely able to last at all.”

I missed the irony at the time but as I thought this I started to cum, so I whipped out and shoved my cock down Saras throat, shoving his spewing dick out to make room for my cock.

I wiped up and looked at the cum covered mess and laughed. Walking back to my truck I wondered if this would be the last time I fucked them. I decided it wouldn’t be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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