A Long Day

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“Long day again, baby?”

You simply nod as you make your way to the bed and flop down on your back. I help take off your shoes and jacket and go to the kitchen to bring you a cold drink. When I get back you have nearly fallen asleep already. I smile and set the drink on the nightstand and sit next to you on the bed. You look up at me sleepily.

“What did you do today?” you ask.

“Oh nothing just waited for you to come home. I ordered out for supper early and put it in the refrigerator to heat up later when you feel like it.”

“You’re too good to me, baby.”

“I know.” We both laugh as I rub my hand on your stomach and pull your shirt out from your pants. “Why don’t you get undressed and take a nap for a while?”

You smile coyly, “Because if I get undressed you wont let me sleep.”

I grin and lean down until my lips are almost touching yours. You can feel my hot breath before I even speak.

“You’re right.”

I press my lips lightly against yours and begin to unbutton your shirt. You raise off the bed just enough to let me slip the shirt off your shoulders and then your arms. You lie back on the bed and sigh as the cool sheet touches your bare skin. I smile and scoot myself down the bed and begin to unbuckle your belt. You fold your hands behind your head and take a deep breath as I continue undressing you.

Once I have your belt off I unzip your pants and slip them down and off your legs. I take your socks and toss them onto the pile of clothes forming in the floor beside us. I stand and look down at my man lying comfortably in only a loose pair of navy blue boxers.

I sigh and lick my lips looking over you. You have such a beautiful body; I can’t decide what to do with it first.

I circle the bed and lay down next to you, reaching across your chest to place my left hand on your right shoulder. I sigh deeply as I allow the feeling of your skin to sink into my sense. God you’re beautiful.

I lean in slightly and kiss just behind your left ear. I press my lips gently against you a few times until I see your lips curl in a smile. I let my tongue slip between my lips and lap at your skin ever so softly and then trail my tongue up the back of your ear before taking the lobe between my teeth and playfully bite it.

I feel you jump slightly and take a quick breath. Smiling, I rub my hand down from your shoulder across your bare chest, making little circles with my fingers across your skin.

Your eyes are so heavy already. I can tell it won’t be long before you fall asleep on me, but then again maybe I can keep you awake if I try hard enough.

I let you anticipate what I’m going to do next as I move my hand closer and closer to your right nipple, my fingers circling around the little pleasure pearl but not making contact.

You moan aloud, as I get closer and closer but taksim escort don’t let my fingers slip over the nub and send that first shock of ecstasy through you. After a few more minutes of teasing I place my thumb to one side and my index finger to the other and gently pinch them together.

You buck softly. I can hear you take a deep breath and let it out in a long slow gasp. I begin to rub my fingers back and forth, rolling the little nipple between them.

“That feels so good, baby.” You say, barely audible.

“Good, but it’s going to get better.”

I slide down the bed and lay my head on your chest, softly kissing your bare flesh as I play with your nipple. I lean in a bit and lay my kisses around your left bud before letting just the very tip of my tongue graze your pearl.

You breathe in sharply and buck a great deal harder then before. I lick several more times, each one making more contact then the last until I finally take your pleasure point between my lips and begin to suck. As I rub and suck your nipples I can feel your left hand come down and you start to rub your hand across the back of my head.

I sigh and my hot breath envelops your nipple, almost burning the skin, but you like it I’m sure. I love the feeling of you touching me.

“Mmm, that’s good, baby. Don’t stop.” You say through a moan.

I don’t intend to stop, but I don’t need to tell you that.

I do however pause, just long enough to lie between your legs so I can feel your body underneath me. From my new vantage point I take turns sucking and rubbing each little nub until I think they have had enough.

“You are so fucking sexy. You know that?” I ask, my breathing almost as ragged as yours has become.

You laugh a little, “What’s sexy about me, baby?”

I look down at your bare body below me and sigh. As I talk I slowly trace my path of thought with my fingers.

“You have a perfect chest, muscular but not too much, almost hairless but still enough to run my fingers through, cute little nipples that just beg to be played with.” I trace the lines of your pecks as I speak and flick the little nipples once more.

“You have this gorgeous little six-pack and…” I trail off, the words catch in my throat as I drawn the lines of your abs. I sigh hard as my fingers explore your muscles. My eyes close and then flash open,

“You are perfect. Now kiss me damn it!” I rush forward and am met by your open mouth as my tongue reaches for yours. We lock our lips tightly as our tongues battle between us. My hands grope your perfect torso as you pull me harder against you.

After an eternity we break the kiss, both of us panting and speechless in passion. I grin and slowly slink back down your body. I kiss the valley between your muscled pecks and head south from there.

“No more istanbul eskort words, baby. You won’t need any.”

I kiss down across your abs and your navel before coming to the band of your boxers. By the looks of things, you have been enjoying this very much so far. I kiss the fabric and keep going down. I run my tongue across the tent and lap at the top before going even further down.

You groan as I leave your hard-on behind for a moment and begin to caress your legs. I tickle your inner thighs and watch you jump.

I laugh, “You always were so ticklish.”

I rub your thighs and calves before settling at your feet. I want you to be as relaxed as possible so I begin to massage your feet for you. You moan the loudest yet as the tension melts from your hard body. I rub deep into the muscles as you sigh.

Before you can fall asleep from the massage I stop and look to your eyes. You look at me and then to your tent. I smile and snake my hands back up your legs, hooking my fingers inside your waistband.

“You ready for this, baby?” I ask with a cunning grin.

You only nod and bite your lower lip.

I slide the boxers off your body and down your legs. I drop them to the floor before looking back to see my prize for the first time today. My body drops for a moment and I put my hand to my brow sighing.

“What’s wrong, baby?” you ask.

I look up at you with an angry grimace, “Does your cock get bigger every day? How am I supposed to get this in my mouth?” I wrap my hand around your dick and hold it straight up to display, “This thing is fucking huge!”

You laugh aloud as your head falls back to the pillow. I can’t help but laugh at my own ploy before returning to my duty. With a smirk I begin to gently stroke your cock in my hand. As it grows harder before my eyes I moan. I want it so bad I can almost taste it…so I guess I will taste it.

I lean down and hold your cock back, letting my tongue find the base of your shaft and then slowly drag upwards. I reach the head of your pole and flick my tongue around the perimeter. You moan and twist on the bed as I lick my pleasure Popsicle. I gently lap up the crease of the underside and across the tip before turning my attention back to your shaft. I lick back down to the base of your rod and then to your tanks.

I gently suck at your balls before taking them into my mouth one at a time. I suck your baby makers gently before applying my tongue and swishing them around in my mouth. I open my mouth and bare my teeth over your balls. You take a look of panic before I laugh and suck the other jewel. You snicker a little and go back to your pleasure.

After making sure your cum tanks are primed, I turn back to your throbbing cock. You’ve already begun leaking pre-cum, which of course I lap up like a thirsty puppy. After all, that’s pretty beşiktaş escort much what I am right now.

I grip your cock and pull the skin up tight so it stands high and proud. Your wet rod glistens in the light from the bedside candles.

“What would you like me to do to this pretty piece of meat, baby?”

“S-s-s-suck it. P-p-p-please.” You stutter out. You’re already so horny you can barely see, or talk for that matter. I laugh and plan my attack.

I slowly kiss around the head of your cock before slipping my lips just over the tip and slowly ease it further in. I stop once the head pops into my mouth and suck it hard. I suck and flick my tongue with blazing speed as you moan and gyrate beneath me. I smile around your cock and slink my way down.

When half of your meat is in my mouth I stop and suck from there while I stroke the remaining four inches.

“Oh fuck that feels so good, baby. I’m gonna cum soon.”

You start playing with your nipples as I play with your balls in my free hand, squeezing and massaging them, making sure they have a nice, big, thick load for me.

I slow my sucking and stroking but make both firmer. I grip you tightly in my lips and hand, sucking you harder then you could ever believe. You can almost feel the cum being dragged out of your precious, bouncy, luscious balls. Your cum tanks begin to stir as you get closer and closer to release. The batter bubbles as I suck hard enough to pull your very soul out through your rock hard cock.

“Oh fuck, ooohhhh fuuuucckk.aaahhh goooood I’m gonnnnaa cummmm”

mmm, yeah baby, cum for me. Cum in my mouth and watch me drink it down. I want that jizz baby.

Your breathing gets more rapid as you near the edge. With a hard grunt you begin to cum. You scream and arch your back as shot after shot of hot, creamy, white, sweet, and delicious cum floods my mouth.

I slurp on your cock as the last few trickling shots of cream empty from your rod. I pull back to suck only the head and pull out the last few drops. Gotta have it all, baby.

You collapse back on the bed, sweating and panting. The afterglow of your orgasm shines across your beautiful face and you smile down at me with your softening cock still between my lips. I suckle the beautiful meat a few more moment while you moan in post-cum ecstasy.

I crawl up next to you and kiss you deep, your tongue tasting the salty after taste of your shot in my mouth. We both sigh as the kiss is broken and I lie my head on your shoulder. I kiss your chest and rub my hand on your stomach as you reach around to caress my back and pull me tight against your exhausted, but still tingling, body.

“You know what baby?”

“What?” I ask and kiss your bare chest.

“That was amazing. I’ve never known anyone that could suck a cock like you can, and look so fuckin hot doin it. But next time we’ll do something different.”

“Ohhh I like the sound of that. What are we gonna do, baby?” I grin and reach down to gently rub your soft cock and feel it begin to grow again beneath my hand.

“Next time when you have a long day, I’m gonna suck your dick.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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