A Long Lost Fantasy

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Growing up there was an attractive older lady who lived on my road, her hair was blonde like the sun, her skin had that quality to it of a woman who had enjoyed many exotic and carefree holidays in her prime, her jaw was striking. I knew that her husband had passed away in an industrial accident many years previously, and it pained me to think that nobody was worshiping this goddess as she deserved to be. I longed for the moment I could caress her bronzed skin and svelte figure…

Fifteen years later:

I began working in the health drinks sector shortly after leaving college. It was a sweet gig peddling sweet nutritious drinks to randy health food junkies. But I had an addiction of my own I wanted to satisfy.

It was a sweltering summer, the days were hot, humid, and the sweat would drip down my back as I unloaded the pallets. It was the biggest order of prune juice we had ever received. The client’s name stuck a cord deep within my subconscious mind, it felt nostalgic somehow but I didn’t know why…yet.

I straddled the company mini bike as I made my way to a somehow familiar address. The house looked grander than what I was used to; ornamental Greek sculptures adorned the lawn. I rang the doorbell. In front of me, an older lady appeared; she smiled at me, as if an old friend.

“You don’t remember me, do you Geoffrey?” She spoke.

Nobody called me Geoffrey. My mind wandered, scanning my memories for who could know my name. Only my mother and her friends had ever used Geoffrey.

“I remember you and your parents – you used to live up the street at number 69 until that unfortunate divorce happened…” she explained with a kind smile on her face.

I glanced again at her golden skin, her once blonde hair was now entwined with silver, but I could never forget those wide eyes and striking jaw…

Suddenly, all those forbidden juvenile fantasies came flooding back. That early sexual awakening that was always focused on her, her and her full breasts. I became aware that my cock twitched at being reminded of the excitement of those memories.

“I could never forget you, Mrs. Jones…This is really embarrassing, but I always sort of…” I paused, İstanbul Escort unsure whether the electricity I felt was reciprocal, “fantasised about you.”

“What kind of fantasies?” She replied. I could see a brightness behind her eyes as she stared longingly into mine.

“Sexual fantasies” I sheepishly uttered.

She was full of a confidence, so often possessed by the older lady. “Geoffrey, I think you’d better bring that prune juice into the kitchen. It looks like a heavy load”

I picked up the crate and followed her into the kitchen. I watched her still slim figure as she paraded in front of me wearing only a flimsy lilac dressing gown that skimmed perfectly over her pert ass, leaving little to the imagination.

“Well are you going to pour me a glass of that sweet juice? I’d do anything for a cold glass of prune juice. I wouldn’t want to give you a negative review now would I…on yelp?” She joked.

I was gaining more and more confidence as my cock swelled with anticipation of what I so desperately wanted. “I’m going to need some payment first Mrs. Jones before we can enjoy the juice. Cash or credit?”

“I think I’m going to have to open a long, long line of credit. I’m backed up so bad I’m fit to burst!” She winked at me seductively.

Slowly, the realisation dawned on me. She didn’t just want a good fucking, she just wanted a good ass fucking, and I was the man to do it. She came towards me, her hands on my chest quickly roamed south, finding my rock hard package ready and waiting for her. I knew now was the time to take control, I knew what she wanted, and I was going to give it to her. I pushed her on her knees.

“Remove your robe, you dirty old bitch.”

I roughly removed the top of the prune juice and doused her in its sticky essence. Her tits were coated in its thick brown ooze.

“Now open your mouth”

I emptied the container all over her mouth, her face, her hair.

“Choke on that, you slut.”

She moaned with pleasure. “I told you I’d do anything for that prune juice” she purred.

“I want to hear you say it. I want to hear you beg for my cock.” I commanded.

With desperation Kadıköy Escort in her wide eyes, she unzipped my company allocated slacks and begged, “I’m so thirsty. I need to drink your sperm.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’d fucked a lot of health nuts in my time as a health drinks delivery representative, however, there was a hunger in her eyes that was an animalistic desire to be fucked like I’d never witnessed before. She took out my cock and gobbled it quickly, moaning and slurping with pure joy. I closed my eyes in ecstasy. I felt her tongue roaming down my shaft, around my balls, and then deeper. Holy fuck, the dirty old bitch is actually licking my asshole. I feel her tongue flicking away at my hole, pleasuring my cock at the same time as she was hungrily eating my ass. I felt myself being overwhelmed with pleasure, so I decided it was her turn.

“That’s all for now, you cock hungry slut. Lie down and spread your legs like the whore you are.”

I could see the disappointment in her eyes as I teased my cock away from her, which turned to excitement as the next bottle of prune juice was opened. I stood over her, dominating her and poured the juice into her mouth, down her throat, over her tits and lower, and lower, onto her sex hole. She squawked as the juice hit her clit.

“You love that, don’t you, you dirty slut? I bet you’d love me to lick it off.”

“Please Geoffrey, it’s been twenty years since I knew a man carnally. Lick my fucking cunt and suck on my clit you naughty little boy.”

I didn’t need asking twice. I was gorging at her trough like a little piglet. I could feel her hot, hard clit on my tongue and taste her sweet pussy juice mixed in with the tang of prunes. I buried my face into her cunt as she rode harder into me, faster and faster until she was screaming wildly with orgasm. I emerged from her juicy pussy.

“Well aren’t you just the little slut? Twenty years, really? I bet you’ve been fucking every delivery boy here like the nasty little slut you are.”

She grinned at me and turned over, pushing me down to the ground and straddling me. She still had her orthopaedic sandals on, although I doubted their utility after I Ataşehir Escort had seen her athletic movements!

“Granny’s hungry, little boy. She needs some cock meat to fuck her cunt.” She groaned as she guided my cock into her wet pussy.

I was surprised at how tight her 60 year old pussy felt around me, milking my rock hard cock for all it was worth. She rode me, sliding up and down my shaft, her rhythm punctuated by her groans of pleasure, pleading me to fuck her harder and fill me with my cock. Because her pussy felt so good, I knew I needed to invade her even tighter asshole.

“You said you were backed up, you old hag. I’m going to fuck you with my hard rod in your asshole. Now turn around you slut, I don’t want to see your face.”

I opened the remaining carton of prune juice.

“Bottoms up, you dirty bitch!” I emptied the carton on to, and in to, her outstanding asshole.

“Tell me how much you want my cock in your ass. I’m going to fuck the prune juice out of you.”

“I’ve needed a shit so bad, please rod me so hard, you hot young buck!” she exclaimed with enthusiasm.

She slid my cock straight into her welcoming asshole. She’d obviously done this before, as she took my whole 7 inches deep into her ass with ease, moaning as I got deeper. I couldn’t see her face, I didn’t need to; nor did I want to. Overcome with lust, I grabbed onto her hips and thrust deeply and rapidly. I closed my eyes with bliss as I plunged my towering shaft repeatedly and roughly into her ass. I was close. It was only then that I heard the clanging. She was enraptured, possessed by my cock, clutching a frying pan handle as if she was longing for more cock, frustratedly banging it on the floor.

“You love it, don’t you, you cock happy slut?”

I was almost at the point of no return. I pulled out of her ass.

“Drink your medicine, Grandma”

I jacked myself off to orgasm as the hot, flowing cum shot straight into her mouth. She lapped it up eagerly, grabbed my cock and drank every last drop of my white nectar. She rubbed my cock over her face, moaning and humming with the final drops of pleasure. Finally, she was satiated.

“That’s just what the doctor ordered” She whimpered.

“So Mrs. Jones, maybe we can drop the formalities now?”

“Call me Esmerelda. I’ve got to go, I need a shit so bad!”

She ran off, into the bathroom. But somehow, I knew it wouldn’t be the last time I fucked that sweet asshole…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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