A Lost Daughter Ch. 20

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The shit had hit the fan. Well, perhaps the inevitable had finally arrived and something that had been totally foreseeable had finally happened. Amber had been shitcanned, and as unconcerned as it had been to Amber, I was a mess. While we both made good money, losing one half of our income was definitely unsustainable if I had three women using substances at their current rate living in my home. Sienna had assured me that she would get back to working for Kevin and Amber said she would go back to work ‘when things calmed down’ but I wasn’t so sure.

Sienna did make good on her words almost immediately, however. She spent three afternoons while I was working at the grocery store fucking drug addicts, the homeless, and anyone else who waltzed in with a few bucks in exchange for heroin and coke. Kevin was quite generous too and ended up paying her quite the haul. I was still sure he was getting the better end of the deal financially, but I was pleased he wasn’t outright fucking us over.

The best part was probably coming home on those three days to an unwashed wreck of a teenage prostitute and getting to reclaim her. She was taking loads like a laundromat and was a complete disaster each evening. Her makeup was always running, and her hair was always tousled and dried cum was practically coating every inch of her skin and clothes. It was an absolutely glorious way to come home from a long, boring day at the office. I had taken to having her take a picture of herself at the beginning of the day so I could experience the aftereffects in person.

She explained that Kevin was always the first one to fuck her as soon as she walked in the door. He would walk her up to his room and they would smoke meth together before he fucked her and came inside of her sometimes a few times before letting her get to what had become a constant stream of clients. She explained that she always went bareback and refused to let anyone pull out, sometimes grabbing a man’s cock as he tried to pull himself out and jerking them off inside of her. I knew as well as she did that this was an incredibly risky move, especially considering her clientele, but the payoff was just too incredible.

There could probably be worse things than to catch HIV from fucking your prostitute daughter, and I tried not to think about the consequences as I enjoyed the perks. While Sienna was out getting her pie creamed, Amber had been ‘babysitting’ Kayla. This meant that she had slowed her heroin use down just enough to function believably without going into withdrawals. She was still shooting up all throughout the day, but the doses weren’t resulting in her nodding out or going comatose which eased my anxiety a bit.

Sienna had also been using heroin again but had compromised by smoking foils. She was able to ‘stay in control’ a bit better this way while still building up her tolerance and feeling the warm blanket several times throughout the day. She was also still smoking lots of meth and doing mountains of cocaine with Kayla. Frankly, I was quite impressed with how many debaucheries she was enjoying, but she seemed to take it all in stride and had managed to use the different substances and effects to offset each other and appear ‘normal’ to most who would look.

She was also trying to leave the foils out at times for Kayla to find, hopefully giving her an opportunity to ask about them and hopefully receive some encouragement. It was a risky play to be sure, but one that Sienna had assured me was safe given how ‘into it’ she seemed while railing lines like a machine. Sienna had also taken to dropping a few hints here and there about ‘wanting to find something to come down’ at the end of the day and reported that Kayla had echoed those same desires.

The stage was set for the weekend to be the next step, but Amber being fired had really gotten into my head. She had a seriously long work history with the hospital she had been working at and there were no others in close proximity to our home. This meant that she would have to probably take a pay cut to work at a nursing or other care facility if she intended on working locally. I was probably making too much of it, but the way the women had been burning through our savings had given me cause for concern about our ability to retire at some point.

I was worried that Amber was being shortsighted and she complained that I was being a ‘worry wart.’ We split the difference and agreed to come back to the topic in a month when we had a better understanding of where this was truly all headed and how quickly. Luckily, I had just the thing to take my mind off retirement and savings accounts. Sienna had texted me shortly before I was about to leave the office to say that Kayla had found one of the discarded foils that Sienna had used and asked about it.

She had explained that it helped her ‘calm down’ and get some sleep and ‘felt amazing’ at the end of the day. Kayla had been surprised, especially because Sienna was upfront about it being heroin, but didn’t seem totally offput by it. I worried that she was probably just playing oğuzeli escort it cool while in on the inside feeling very offput, but Sienna reassured me that I didn’t know her like she did–which was true. She said that sometime this evening she would break out the foil in front of her and offer her a hit. This would be the proverbial ‘off to the races’ moment we’d all been waiting for, and I could barely maintain my excitement.

She also explained that there would be no hiding either, and that she and Amber were going to partake right there in the middle of the living room. Sienna was very vocal about how unhappy she was getting at trying to sneak all the time and pretend like we were anything but what we were and was ready to let the rabbit out of the hat entirely. Again, I kept most of my reservations to myself but was less confident about the probable outcome of such a decision.

Stepping into the house that evening I could feel the tremor of excitement reverberating throughout me like electricity. I was horny and desperate to see Kayla accept the warm embrace of opiates into her life for the very first time right in front of me. Her beautiful eyes being pinned and her face going slack was a constant image that had plagued my fantasies for weeks now and it was finally about to happen–I hoped.

Stepping into the dark and seemingly unoccupied house I was admittedly a little disappointed but knew that Sienna would never tease me with something so incredible and held out hope that all would be revealed in good time. I noticed that the guest room door was open, and no one was in there and walked back to the master bedroom to see if the house was truly empty. Upon entering the room, it was clear that no one was home, and I confirmed this by checking the garage to find Amber’s car was not there. I decided against texting them and instead let the two devious masterminds work their magic while I freshened up.

After taking a long and rejuvenating shower I put on a pair of boxers and decided to remain unclothed beyond that while I waited for my women to come home. I sat on the couch and scrolled through Instagram, which was entirely comprised of accounts for smoking models and let my libido build in preparation for an incredible night. It was about 7:30pm by the time I heard the garage door open and Amber’s car making its way inside. I tried looking completely nonchalant as I waited for them to step into the house but inside, I was doing cartwheels and had nervous energy roiling around in my belly something fierce.

All my efforts to remain composed were dashed when the three ladies walked in, and I couldn’t help but smile wide and fight back some drool. They were all dressed to the nines and made up like they were going to prom. This had clearly been what they had been up to and I silently praised the dark lord for bestowing such brilliant beauties upon me, although to be fair I didn’t know what I had done to deserve such a bounty. Silently I appraised them one by one as they stepped over in front of the couch and each lit up a cigarette in unison, like they were a smoking performance art group, and I was their sole audience member.

Going left to right I started with Amber, who was dressed in a one-piece white dress that hugged her so tightly I was concerned that she was able to breathe. It had no sleeves and no straps and looked like a tube top and short skirt had been stitched together to form one magnificent outfit. Her long hair parted on the right was curled lightly and cascaded down her shoulders in chocolate waves that reached just past her collarbones. Her makeup was all shimmering silvers and pastel blues and accentuated her dark features beautifully. She popped a giant ball of smoke down her throat between her metallic pink lips to set the tone of the evening.

In the middle was my gorgeous daughter, wearing a red cutoff sweater that hung loosely off her shoulders. It barely reached past her ribcage and showed off her taut, athletic stomach leading down to a pair of light blue jean shorts that had been cut so short that the pockets hung below the fabric against her bare upper thighs. Her makeup was a little less caked on, but still very heavy just the way I liked it and her cat-eye liquid eyeliner looked sexy as hell around her hazel eyes. She capped it off with a bright red matte lipstick that, combined with everything else made her look like the ‘All-American Teen’ from a denim ad twenty years ago.

Her hair was curled and hung silkily to roughly the same place as her mother, and she too teased me with the thickest French inhale I had ever seen that looked scintillating trailing up from her full red lips.

Not to be outdone, Kayla had her platinum blonde hair flat ironed to a veritable sheen that framed her face perfectly from a center part. She had really caked on the concealer, likely a tip received from one of my two beloved, and her skin looked like a matte, porcelain mask. It was absolutely flawless and smooth; with the sparkle of whatever product, oğuzeli escort bayan she had used that made her look almost like a doll. Her eyeshadow was a pastel and sparkly pink that matched her heavily painted and shiny lips and her thin black eyeliner set off her wide green eyes.

She wore an elastic black skirt that reached just above her knees and an equally elastic white tank top that still revealed her belly button and flat, youthful stomach. She did her best to match Amber and Sienna, but only managed a small snap inhale that still sent terrible urges racing through my body toward my groin.

All three women were wearing shiny red heels that arched their impressive calves nicely and jutted their chests and asses out as well.

“We knew that you were stressed this week and that none of this would be possible without you taking care of us and working to keep us happy, so we wanted to make this night special for you daddy,” Sienna explained.

I silently reveled in the fact that she was using the term ‘daddy’ literally right under Kayla’s nose and noticed a mischievous gleam in her eye that made me think she was feeling similarly.

“You’re all too sweet, I really appreciate that you worry about me, but I can honestly say that every night with you all is special,” I replied honestly.

“Oh shush, we know you’re loving this,” my knowing wife chided playfully.

I shrugged with a shit-eating grin and began nodding, unable to deny that I was in Heaven.

“Plus, I can see how much you appreciate our effort,” Sienna added, motioning towards the tent in my boxers.

“You got me,” I admitted with another grin.

Sienna began to step forward but was caught by Amber before she could approach me.

“You two have had my husband all to yourself, it’s time that I showed you two young sluts how it’s done,” she said wickedly.

With that she placed her smoldering Newport 100 between her lips and dangled it while hiking her dress up over her ass. She was predictably wearing no panties and the glistening thickness of her labia was immediately on display. She wasted no time in walking up to me and snaking my cock through the slit in my boxers to reveal my ever-hardening erection.

“Like old times?” she said through a haze of smoke as she began to stroke me to full mast.

I simply nodded and awaited paradise to descend upon me. Amber didn’t disappoint, straddling me and squatting over my rigid prick before settling her weight on my lap and letting my length sink into her.

“Ohh fuck, it’s been too long,” she sighed with a lungful of smoke.

My glorious wife began to ride me like she had thousands of times before, but this time it felt like a return home with how long it had been. Her pussy felt so good, even despite how tight the two young harlots were that had been accosting me lately. She needed no guidance with how well she knew me and began feeding me delicious smokey kisses between impossibly thick snap inhales. Her mouth and tongue were heavy with the smell and taste of strong, mentholated tobacco and I savored every moment of it.

“Don’t cum, we need you to last tonight,” she instructed between sloppy make out sessions.

I wasn’t permitted a reply, as my protestations were interrupted by another decadent kiss from her sinfully smokey mouth. Her tongue tantalized me to no end, and it twirled in my mouth like a creature unto itself, to which I responded by suckling and slurping its endless majesty. I was doing my best to keep from getting hyper stimulated but there was no way I was going to be able to endure too much more of this and not blow my load.

“Let me finish this cigarette and I’ll let you rest,” she purred in my ear.

I wanted to protest further, insisting that it wasn’t rest that I was after, but my attempts were moot as another lungful of smoke was breathed into me through a torrid kiss. I felt Amber tense and give in to her own bliss as I was tortured to endure her spasming canal gripping and convulsing around the shaft of my cock. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth and thought about anything but that very moment to push through and by the grace of some unknown deity managed to hold my own climax at bay.

“That wasn’t very nice,” I heaved as she flicked her dying cigarette to the floor and stood up.

“I’m sorry honey, but I needed your cock and wanted to cum before these two have their way with you,” she apologized.

“I love you,” was all I could reply with, prompting one final kiss from my lifelong partner in crime.

“Our turn,” Sienna said, stepping up to the couch with Kayla in tow.

I watched patiently as she produced a healthy bag of cocaine from one of her short pockets and shook it in front me like a prize. She accompanied this with a set of dancing eyebrows as she knelt down before me.

“First let me clean you off,” she paused, handing the baggy to Kayla who had joined her on her knees in front me.

Sienna tempted my endurance further by engulfing my cock with her escort oğuzeli mouth and licking and slurping on it like it was the most delicious popsicle she had ever tasted. It was a torturous and yet simultaneously glorious several seconds.

“There, all clean,” she appraised, satisfied at having used a tongue bath to remove all the residue of her mother’s cunt from my rod.

Kayla seemed to know what was supposed to happen and handed the baggy back to Sienna while pulling down the front of her tank top to reveal her modest but perky tits. Sienna tapped out a healthy pile along the fleshy surface of her bare breasts and then put the baggy down. Pressing her finger to her left nostril she leaned in without the assistance of a straw and began snorting for all she was worth. I watched in glee as she mashed her face into her tits and snorted every trace of the coke from sight over the course of the next half a minute.

It was a glorious display that she seemed happy with as well, prompting her to light another cigarette. The fun didn’t end there, as she punctuated two successive drags on her Newport with a healthy bit of cocksucking. Her nostrils released twin streams of thick smoke as she bobbed her head between my legs and ran her tongue all over the underside of my prick as she sucked. Finally, she relented and popped her tits out of her sweater for Kayla to repay her in kind.

They were about equal in size, which amounted to a handful and no more, but Sienna’s were even more perky and had her mother’s trademark large areolas and thick nipples. Kayla was more meticulous than Sienna had been in depositing a trail of coke along them, but it still resulted in a bit of a messy affair–which I figured was half the fun. Once she was sufficiently satisfied with herself, she set the baggy down and went to work. She snorted the coke off Sienna’s tits as enthusiastically as Sienna had and before a minute had elapsed, she had ganked back every visible trace of the white powder from her glorious breasts.

This time I knew the play, and simply enjoyed the show as Kayla mimicked Sienna in lighting up and going down on me. She seemed to lose track of time and was pushing me dangerously close to climax before Sienna stepped in to caution her.

She pulled back with a goofy grin on her face, shrugging as if she couldn’t help it–which I had to admit was very endearing.

“So, we were talking, and it turns out that Kayla here has never done anal,” Sienna explained while talking through her exhale.

To be fair, I was quite the novice in that area myself, but didn’t say anything to change what Sienna had in mind.

“And I know it would help to have her first time numbed a little bit,” she continued, waiting for me to piece it together.

At this point Kayla had stood up and pulled off her skirt, wriggling her little round ass until it slid down and lay on the floor in front of us. She bent over in front of me in unabashed glory and pulled her ass cheeks apart for me to inspect the goods. I hadn’t ever had the desire to eat a woman’s ass, but her puckered pink little asshole was giving me just that idea. I obviously had no misconceptions about what happened back there, but from my vantage point it would be impossible to tell with how clean and pristine it was. I didn’t think I would have ever described an asshole as ‘cute,’ but that’s exactly what it was.

To make matters worse, Kayla looked back at me and took a drag off her cigarette before urging me forward.

“Do you want to fuck me in the ass daddy? I’ve always told my boyfriends no, but you can fuck my ass whenever you want,” she purred with smoke punctuating every syllable from her impossibly thick lips.

I stood up immediately and practically ripped my boxers off at that point. In fact, I did rip my boxers as I pulled them down so hard that I heard the fabric give way. I couldn’t have cared less as I stepped up behind Kayla’s apple shaped backside and prepared to smash in the gates.

“Wait, we must loosen her up a bit first. It’s her first time,” Amber explained, stepping back into the room with a fresh cigarette between her fingers.

I suspected she went to the other room to administer a maintenance shot of heroin before returning for the main event.

I stepped back a foot while the two women assaulted Kayla, with all puns intended. I watched as both of my two beauties tongue fucked and rimmed the tiny blonde’s asshole as she moaned in delight. Amber and Sienna seemed to be competing with one another, getting nastier and nastier as they passed back and forth between them. It wasn’t long before Kayla’s previously puckered asshole was gaping and soaked in saliva. Both women went for one more deep tongue fucking before they looked back up to me in approval.

“One more thing,” Sienna added, grabbing the baggy of coke once more.

She kneeled in front of me and tapped a mound of coke on the head of my cock, which made it look like it was wearing a little white hat. I now understood what she had meant by ‘numbing’ Kayla for her first time. I stepped up finally to straddle the petite blonde bombshell and painstakingly guided my cock toward her gaping asshole while keeping it steady enough to avoid spilling any of the coke. I managed it and barely had to press to sink it into the depths of her anal cavity, filling her not just with my meat but a healthy dose of cocaine.

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