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This a biographical story which continues to this day.

Petra norton


Part 1

Petra was only 13 when her mum died and although she was very upset it was nothing to the way her dad felt.

Her dad was so distraught, he did his best to be happy in front of her but at night she could here him sobbing in his bed.
She tried to talk to him during the day but it didn’t help so at last she decided to comfort him at night when he was at his saddest.

She had no sexual intent she just wanted to cuddle her dad and ease his grief.
She was quite mature for her age, 5’9” with a 36 24 36 figure. Her breasts were c cup and she was very happy with the way she looked.
she was wearing red silk pyjamas that were her mothers last gift to her but she had not thought that these might give the wrong impression.
Her father was sleeping fitfully as she slipped into his bed and snuggled his back. He stirred slightly but soon settled and Petra was soon also asleep.
When she woke it was still dark and her dad was still asleep. She was a bit shocked, her hand was resting on her dads cock which was really big and hard. She pulled it away but not before her dad woke.
“Petra what are you doing?”
“Sorry dad I didn’t mean to touch your cock.”
“no, I mean what are you doing in my bed?”
“I’ve been trying to help you get over mum but you wouldn’t talk. I heard you crying every night and couldn’t take it any longer I wanted to comfort you.”
“oh love, what a beautiful thought but you shouldn’t really be sleeping with me.”
“ why not? we’re not doing anything we shouldn’t”
“ well no but I did wake up with you touching my cock, I was a bit shocked.”
“so was I” said Petra, “ I’ve didn’t know a cock could be that big.”
“oh Petra, you shouldn’t be talking about cocks with me”
“but I don’t have anyone else mum used to answer my questions but I guess your going to have to now.”
“oh dear, I hadn’t thought of that so what do you know?”
“well you needn’t worry I’m still a virgin but I have given a few guys blow jobs.”
“ a few guys!!! But your only 13.”
“oh come on dad, mum said she’d rather I did that than got pregnant. These days if you don’t do something the boys just aren’t interested.”
“Well if you put it that way, but I’m not very happy about my baby giving blow jobs to all and sundry”
“ it’s not that many maybe 5 and they were all boys at school but none of them had a cock as big as yours. Can I see it?”
Petra pulled şişli escort back the covers and there was her fathers’ monster cock. 9” and 3” thick.
“my god,” said Petra, “that is a monster.”
“thank you for your valued opinion your mother never complained but it’s been redundant since she died.”
“ you mean you haven’t cum since mum died.”
“No I just didn’t feel like it. In fact this is the first time I’ve had an erection since then, probably you rubbing it in your sleep.”
“would you like me to help you, relive the pressure a bit.”
“Oh no that wouldn’t be right, would it, not a blow job, although perhaps you could stroke it.
Petra reached over and began to masterbate her dad. Her hand slid up the full length of his cock and she began to speed up.
“oh petra” said her dad, “your good.”
“ thanks dad, shall I squeaze your balls as well.”
“ oh yes please do.”
Now when you haven’t cum for 4 months and your only 36 and when your nubile daughter is wanking you then it doesn’t take long before your ready to burst.
“Oh Petra , I’m going to cum oh yes here it comes oh wow.”
With that a huge spurt of thick cum shot into the air. Before Petra could move it landed in her hair and on her face then a second spurt and a third. There was more cum than Petra had ever seen and he was still pumping. She continued to rub the cock until the finally dribble dripped off the end of the red head of the monster.
Petra, her dad and the bed were covered in cum, her dad lay back and just said, “ oh wow, thank you love.”
Petra licked at some cum on her face and tasted the warm saltiness and swallowed it. She ran to the en suite bathroom and brought a glass back to the bed and began to collect as much of the cum as she could.
“what are you doing love?” asked her dad
“just collecting the cum. I love the taste and I can drink it later.”
“oh this is all too much, your only 13 and you’re drinking cum with breakfast and you wank like a pro that was fantastic.”

All the bedding along with Petra’s lovely pyjamas had to go in the wash and at breakfast nothing was said about what had happened. Petra slept with her dad every night and for the first week nothing else happened except he occasionally got a hard on in his sleep but it was gone by the morning.
During the second week was Petra’s 14th birthday and her dad took her out for a meal.
Petra wanted to look the part so she wore a pink lace full length corset and pink stockings and panties, which had belonged to her mother who fortunately had been the same height and size as her. She wore a tight black dress on top and put her hair up. She looked a million dollars.

At the restaurant she felt really good and accidentally touched her dads leg with her foot. She was surprised when his shoeless foot rubbed up her calf towards her thigh and her dad smiled knowingly at her. She had a feeling in her pussy that she hadn’t felt before, it was like an itch that needed scratching and she was getting very wet down there.

When they arrived home she was a little tipsy as she’d had a glass of wine with the meal. her dad did not have a drink as he was driving. Inside the house he sat in his favourite chair and she sat on the floor by his feet.
“ why did you rub my leg in the restaurant,?” said Petra
“ oh yes, well I’ve been thinking. Now your 14, maybe, if you want we could play a bit in bed. Would you like that.”
“oh yes “ said Petra, “ I just want to make you happy, daddy.”
“well first, are you on the pill.?”
“yes, mummy thought it was a good idea in case someone forced themselves on me without a condom.”
“ and your still a virgin?”
“Yes daddy, will you take my virginity as a birthday present?”
“we’ll see I thought we’d start with a blow job, that ok.”
“oh yes, what ever you say.”
So Petra released her dad’s cock from the restraints of his trousers and began sucking and licking the end of it. He moaned and squirmed as she gradually took more of the cock into her mouth. She couldn’t take the full 9” but she did her best and was soon pushing the cock in and out of her mouth faster and faster, and trying to get it deeper. Her dad was now moaning even more and he suddenly went rigid.
“oh my god oh yes, I’m gonna cum where do you want it love.”
Petra knew she wanted that first blast down her throat so she pushed it deeper.
“oh yes oh yes cummmminnng oh fuck love swallow it down.”
Petra swallowed as that first huge blast hit the back of her throat then she pulled the cock out and sprayed the second and third spurts onto her face. The cum dribbled down her chin and dripped onto her chest and down onto her hidden breasts.
“ oh fuck love that was fucking lovely, you’re the best.”
“better than mum?” said Petra
“ I hate to say it but yes love your mum was good but you are better.”
“thanks dad, I appreciate that. Now shall we go to bed.”
In the bedroom petra took off her dress and for the first time her dad saw her underwear.
“Oh darling.” said her dad, “ that was my favourite when your mother used to wear it, it’s almost like you knew.”
“shall I lie on the bed.” said petra
“yes.” replied her dad, “I’m going to eat your pussy first have you ever had that done.”
“No” said Petra, “ I’ve been fingered but nothing else.”
With that her dad knelt down and pulled down her panties and began licking her clit. She moaned as the tightness inside her began to be eased. She had never felt anything like this before. Then her dad’s tongue pushed her pussy lips apart and licked deeper. She whimpered and squirmed and cried for more.
He gave it to her pushing deeper inside with his tongue and his lips sucking on her clit.
She was in ecstasy she screamed out for more and writhed on the bed.
Her first orgasm poured creamy juice onto her dads tongue and he lapped it up.
“ oh daddy why did no-one tell me it could be this good.”
He moved his mouth away and said, “ If you think that was good wait till you get this in your cunt.” he dropped his trousers and exposed his fully erect cock.
“Oh daddy I’ve never heard you use words like that before, this is wonderful what shall I do now?”
“have you heard about having sex doggy fashion?”
“ yes, but I’m not sure what to do.”
“You get on the bed on your hands and knees and I will enter you from behind.”
“oh that sounds good, here I go.”
She knelt on the bed while her dad stripped off the rest of his clothes then he approached her and soon the head of his cock was pushing against the lips of her pussy.
He parted the lips and pushed deeper into her cunt.
“Now this may hurt a bit so I’ll push gently it will only be the first time I promise.”
“ok daddy, do it now.”
With that he pushed deeper and broke through her virginity and she gave a small yell and then said, “ oh daddy, your so big it fills me up that feels so good now.”
Now he began to pump her and eventually pushed the whole 9” in. She squealled.
“oh fuck daddy, this is great can you go faster oh that’s it oh wow”
So the first fuck continued until they were both on the edge and finally with a joint scream he pushed as deep as he could into her cunt and pumped his hot load into her he kept pumping as her muscles gripped his cock as she came violently pumping her own cum out of her cunt.
He kept pumping and she kept cumming until they were both exhausted and collapsed in a heap on the bed. He was still inside her and still hard but the cumming had stopped.
They lay still.
Then he withdrew and turned her and they kissed. It was a deep loving kiss and their real life together began at that moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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