A “Man’s” Attention

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He walked by her house everyday on his way home from school. She knew he was in school still because of the uniform, dress pants/shirt and tie, occasionally a backpack. If she had to guess she’d say he was around 18, with that youthful look verging on manhood.

Deep brown hair bordering on long framed his face and hazel eyes that changed color when he smiled. She’d intercepted him a few times as she retrieved her mail or worked in the yard so she’d seen those eyes that occasionally traveled her body.

At 35 she was no slouch and she knew it. Light brown hair to her waist and hazel brown eyes with no lines to mar them. Her breasts were full and heavy but sat high on a slightly thickened waist that was complimented by her hips and rounded bottom.

Today, a nice warm day in May, she’d worn a scoop necked tee and some cut-off shorts to work in the yard. She heard him approaching and looked up to see him trying not to be caught staring. Stifling a smile she chose that moment to bend over slightly giving him a nice view of her ample cleavage.

Deciding to play a while she rose to her feet and went across the yard to where the fertilizer lay. A quick glance over her shoulder told her he’d slowed his pace as she bent from the waist to pick up the bag. This caused her shorts to hug her rounded ass and ride slightly showing the lower edges of her cheeks that due to the thong she wore were bare. She heard his quick intake of breath as she pretended to struggle lifting the bag affording him a longer look at her ass.

As she finally hefted the bag and came upright she made sure to carry it in such a manner that it pressed against her stomach pushing her already noticeable breasts up and out further almost causing them to spill from her low-cut bra. Looking up at him as she went back across the yard she saw his attention glued to her breasts. Smiling she played it up a little more and shifted the bag so that she appeared to be losing it. He snapped to attention at that and rushed to help her.

“Let me help you” he said as she shifted the bag again so that when he did he’d his hands would have to brush her chest which they did as he reached for it. His eyes were drawn there as he took the bag from her easily.

“Thank you, I guess I didn’t realize how big it was…..” she responded, causing his eyes again to stray to her breasts, from all his attention her nipples were now quite obviously tight and erect which gained a strangled gasp out of him. His eyes quickly went back to her face to discover her smiling at him. “You can just put it down over there for me…” indicating a Fatih escort flower patch near the porch, she said to him. Following her directions he placed the bag down and turned to go.

Thinking quickly she offered him a glass of lemonade as payment for his help. His eyes traveled her body at that suggestion causing him to shift on his heels, probably to hide the erection she was sure was growing in his pants from her attentions. He accepted her offer and she indicated that he should follow her. Leading the way around to the back door she made sure to swing her hips a tad as he followed her. Reaching the backyard she headed for the door and stumbled slightly on the stairs causing him to reach for her. His hand on her arms stopped her fall and she leaned back against him, feeling the erection she’d suspected. Tucking her head and grinning to herself she thanked him again.

Opening the door, she invited him inside her kitchen. Indicating that he should have a seat at the table she turned to the refrigerator and opened it purposely bending more than necessary to reach in for the lemonade again giving him a view of her ass cheeks. He attempted to quietly clear his throat causing her to smile again, if she played this right she’d have him underneath her in no time at all. Closing the door she turned towards the counter to set the pitcher down as she opened a cabinet and reached up for a glass. This caused her shirt to ride a little exposing her midriff to his watchful eyes. She heard him shifting in his seat as she did so.

Purposefully she fumbled around the cabinet as if she couldn’t reach the glasses and looked over her shoulder at him, “Sorry, I’m having trouble…”

Standing he came around behind her and reached up to get the glass for her, his erection noticeably larger as he had to lean in to her to get it. Deciding to take more direct action she lightly rubbed her bottom against his tightening crotch. He handed her the glass and stepped slightly back his breathing hitched and face a little flushed. She filled the glass and gave it to him her hand brushing his. As he accepted she turned away from him again to set the pitcher down and spun quickly so that managed to slop it across his pants. Smiling inwardly she gasped in horror

“Oh No! I’m sooo sorry!”

Grabbing the nearby dishtowel she proceeded to wipe him down. She thought he would choke as she used the towel to feel his cock. Looking up through her eyelashes she decided to see how far she could get and dropped to her knees in front of him rubbing the towel across his straining cock. Licking Fındıkzade escort bayan her lips lightly she looked up at him from her subservient position the towel in her hand.

“Maybe you should take these off, they’re soaked and this towels not doing anything. I could wash them for you…..”

He looked down at her his cocking throbbing in his pants her cleavage perfectly on display from her position and croaked out an


Dropping the towel on the floor she put her hands to the button on his pants and watched him as she undid it. Slowly parting the opening and letting down the zipper. Inside his boxers his cock twitched at her actions. She continued to look at him as she slid the pants further down his thighs touching him as she did so.

Pants around his ankles she slowly slid her hands back up, “I’m afraid your boxers are all wet too, they’ll have to come off as well…..”

His eyes got rather large at that but he did not object or attempt to stop her as her hands delved into his waistband. His hands previously at his sides now rested upon the counters edge. She was effectively trapped between him and the counter. Hands just inside his waistband she slowly, tortuously so, eased his boxers down over his throbbing cock. The head peeked out at her shiny and pink as she brought them further down slipping them over his firm ass and down to rest at his ankles with his pants. On her knees in front of him, trapped against the counter as he leaned his weight against it she looked up at him again and licked her lips. He could do nothing but stare as her hands slid back up his thighs. She stroked her way around to the inside of them and gently took his sac in one hand and his cock in the other.

“We should clean these too… don’t you think?” He only nodded as he continued to watch.

Her head dipped down and to the side as the hand holding his balls came forward to give her better access to the lightly furred sac. His knees spread wider as she did so making it easier for her to wrap her lips around it. He groaned as she took the sac into her mouth and proceeded to clean it with her tongue. Sucking it all into her wet mouth she laved her tongue all around it tasting lemonade and musky male as she did so. Her other hand began a slow stroking of his cock as he moaned his encouragement. When he began to pump into her fist she released his balls from her mouth with a wet pop. His eyes glued to her mouth, she levered his cock slowly inside.

He was about 7 inches long and maybe 5 inches around, she’d had bigger but Escort Gaziosmanpaşa he filled her mouth nicely. Slowly she took him all the way into her mouth, her tongue making small swirls around him. Moaning he began to slowly pump into her mouth, small, short strokes at first but at her encouragement faster and harder. Long strokes of his cock in and out of her mouth as her hands manipulated his balls and ass. His breathing becoming faster he pumped her mouth furiously fucking her face as if he would die from stopping. She moaned her assent around his cock causing him to push deeper, the head almost touching the back of her throat, gagging her slightly. He tried to pull back at that but she grabbed his ass in both hands and pushed him back in. Looking up at him she tightened the suction of her cheeks and pushed against his ass to get him moving again.

“You’re sure?” he managed to say. Her response was to suck him tighter and smack his bare ass lightly. “Yes ma’am” was his response and he proceeded to piston his hips faster and harder his cock practically ramming in and out of her wet, hot mouth.

Squeezing his balls as he fucked her face she moaned and sucked harder as he put his hands in her hair and held her head to him. She was trapped there with his cock down her throat, on her knees, at his service and loving it. He was close to coming, his cock thickening in her mouth, his strokes almost frantic.

His hands tightened in her hair and the pleasurable pain at this was causing small shock waves to course through her wet snatch. The movements he made caused her to slide on her knees and the seam of her shorts rubbed her pussy as he fucked her face eliciting a groan from her. He continued in this movement hearing her groan and her pussy soon exploded causing her mouth to clamp down hard around his cock triggering an explosion of sticky hot semen down her throat.

Holding her head tightly in his hands he pumped more still forcing her to accept all of his come and swallow it. Gulping quickly she sucked him harder wanting to milk him dry her pussy still convulsing at his actions. Finally the steady hot stream trickled off and his grip eased, slowly she suckled him cleaning his cock with her mouth. Pulling away he reached down brought his pants and boxers back to rights, offered her his hand and pulled her to her feet.

“Thanks for the lemonade, but I need to get home now….” he said awkwardly.

Smiling at his youthful embarrassment she responded “You’re most welcome it was my pleasure…”

He picked up his bag from the chair and headed for the door, gaining a little confidence at her words. Stopping as he reached the door he turned to her, “If you need anymore help around the house I could come by sometime…. if you’d like?”

Still smiling she agreed “Yes, that would be good… maybe tomorrow you could come by? I’ve some things that need a man’s attention…..”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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