A Masseur , Her Client

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The front door slammed. Melanie winced at the noise. She made her way down the marble staircase to the bar to pour herself a drink. She needed something to steady her nerves. In the back of her mind was a nagging thought ‘how did it come to this?’ As she sat with her glass of wine, her mind was full of confusion. Which way would she turn? She pondered her future.


Kirstin lay in bed, one eye on the clock, waiting for the alarm to ring. She was much too excited to sleep. Twelve years of school, three more years at TAFE and now she was joining the workforce.

For as long as she could remember, she had been the one who organised everybody else. Managing the games she played with her friends, in charge of her brothers and sisters. The one who was never backward when adults came to visit. When the time came to choose what to do for the rest of her life, the choice was easy. Any career where she would be able to meet lots and lots of people. Which course? Massage as it turned out. So a masseur is what she wanted to be and a masseur she will be today. Today, her first day at work.

At the same time, Melanie contemplated dragging herself out of bed. She wondered ‘why bother’. Oh yes, Tuesday, her day at the gym. Every Tuesday and Thursday she did her aerobics class, worked out some more and followed it up with a nice relaxing massage.

She supposed that she should have an early breakfast, or maybe just a coffee. At least her friends will be there; her twice a week chance to mix with adults. Seeing as Robert worked seven days a week, she didn’t have much time to mix with him. Up early, often leaving before sunrise. Melanie was used to eating on her own. As often as not she went to bed on her own as well. Not that it mattered much. Robert was too tired to do anything. When was the last time they had sex? Oh yes, special treat. Her birthday. October last year. She shuddered at the thought.

Eventually Melanie rose, showered and got herself ready. She enjoyed meeting her friends and sharing a coffee after they had finished at the gym. But she really enjoyed the massage more. It was decadent to be pampered so. There was a message on the answering machine in the study. Her regular masseur, Susan, was on holiday, so they had booked her in with a new girl. Unfortunately, her appointment was going to be an hour later. Damn! Nothing ever seemed to go right these days.

Melanie had her Aerobics booked for nine, by ten-thirty was enjoying a nice Latte with her three friends. She knew she had a long wait before her massage, so she tried to stretch their coffee time as far as it would go. One by one they had to leave, probably to happy homes and things to do. Unfortunately, the gym and the spa were isolated, and Melanie had no option but to book herself in early.

While she waited she grabbed one of the magazines and absently flicked through the pages. Her mind wandered. How did she end up like this?

“Mrs Davis. Mrs Davis.”

Melanie recognised her name. She looked up and saw a girl with a clipboard.

“Mrs Davis. My name is Kirstin. I will be your masseur today. If you would like to come this way.”

Melanie knew the way well enough. Kirstin took her to one of the rooms.

“I see you’ve been here before, so you know what to do. Strip down to your panties and lie on your tummy. You can use this towel to cover yourself. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Melanie watched Kirstin leave and felt a twinge of jealousy. If only I was her age, I wouldn’t make the same mistakes again. Fancy cars and big houses are one thing, but when you get abandoned by your husband who is always working, and probably fucking someone else as well. The knock on the door broke her thoughts as Kirstin returned.

“I see from your notes that you like a relaxation massage. Anywhere I need to concentrate on?”

“Yes,” Melanie replied. “My shoulders, they feel so tight all the time.”

Kirstin folded the towel and started work on Melanie’s shoulders. Yes, they were tight. Too much stress in this woman’s life she thought. Melanie felt the pain of her muscles being kneaded, but she knew the pain was always followed by relief. She tried to ignore it.

“You’re new here, aren’t you?” Melanie asked.

“Yes, it’s my first day.”

“My, am I your first client?”

“No, my second. I can feel you are very tense.”

“Yeah, I know,” Melanie sighed. “It’s the stress of my empty life. I’m so bored.”

Kirstin was confused. “Bored?” she asked.

“No, not with the massage,” Melanie clarified. “Bored with life.”

Kirstin felt relieved but puzzled. She had seen the ladies age, 32. And she was a stunner. Short blonde hair, blue eyes and a body to die for. Why would her life be empty and boring? She decided not to probe, but she would really love to know a bit more about this woman.

Kirstin asked Melanie to roll over while she held the towel up. She put a couple of pillows under Melanie’s head before sitting at the end of the table to massage her neck and temples.

Melanie felt such relief. She had been disappointed that Susan Ümraniye Escort was on holidays, but this girl was so good. She tried to remember her name. Katie, Kristie, Kirstin? That’s right. Kirstin. Next time she is going to ask for Kirstin.

“Mrs Davis, can I get you a hot towel?”

“Melanie, call me Melanie. And yes please.”

Kirstin returned with the towel and a glass of water. Melanie sat on the table with the towel wrapped around her while Kirstin rubbed the oil off her back. Kirstin glanced at her breasts, so full and so shapely. She is a beautiful woman. All through the appointment, she could sense Melanie’s melancholy. She wondered why?

On the way out, Melanie stopped at reception to confirm Thursdays booking. She wanted to make sure, regardless of Susan being available, that she was to see Kirstin from now on. She hadn’t felt so good for such a long time.


Kirstin was surprised that she was booked to see Mrs Davis on Thursday. Pleasantly surprised. A woman who is so picture perfect and yet so sad… She wished she could help her in some way.

Kirstin had mixed feelings during their hour session. She knew she shouldn’t feel this way with clients, but this woman was something else! Her legs, her bottom. Almost naked before her and responding to her touch. Her mind wandered. Wouldn’t she like to touch her in other ways? No! She’s a client. But she was aroused by her and puzzled at the same time. She felt strange, and that strangeness had been gnawing at her since Tuesday. She felt a little lightheaded when Melanie was around. She needed to know more about her.

“Last time you said you were stressed and bored,” Kirstin started.

“Ah yes. Stressed and bored,” Melanie replied with a sigh. “Stressed because I never see my husband, who is up to who knows what with who knows who. And bored because I have all day alone in the great big house.”

“That’s a shame,” Kirstin sympathised.

“I suppose so. But when you marry someone, you never know how it’s going to turn out, do you?”

“I don’t know,” Kirstin admitted. “My parents are happy though.”

“Mine too. But not me.”

Kirstin returned with the hot towel and a glass of water. Her mind was racing. Her husband’s playing around and has left this beautiful woman alone. How stupid! Men; they’re all the same. They chase you and when they have caught you they race off and chase someone else. No way is she going to have anything to do with men. Her Dad’s okay, but the rest aren’t worth anything.

Melanie felt superbly relaxed as Kirstin wiped her down. She really was a lovely girl. Maybe they could talk a bit more next Tuesday. She hoped so.


Even though Susan was back from her holiday, Kirstin was relieved that Mrs Davis, Melanie, would be seeing her. There was something captivating about this woman. More than captivating, she felt odd when they were together. It was a feeling she hadn’t felt before.

Kirstin knew that Melanie’s shoulders would be tight and tense. This time though, she was going to concentrate on other things. She felt sorry for Melanie and she was sure she could bring a little brightness into her life. Make her feel special for a moment.

“You say you’re husband’s seeing someone else?” Kirstin asked.

“Yes, no, I don’t know,” Melanie sounded so confused. “It’s just that he’s never home and we haven’t, you know, for months.”

Kirstin wasn’t sure what to do with that revelation!

Melanie continued. “He must be seeing someone else ’cause he sure isn’t interested in me.”

“That’s a shame. Men, you never know, do you?”

“No,” Melanie sighed. “You never know.”

Kirstin decided to be a bit more adventurous with her massage. “Do you mind if I roll your panties down a little?”

She eased Melanie’s panties down and started to knead her buttocks. Kirstin admired her beautiful firm and fleshy bottom. If only… The she heard something. Melanie moaned a little. She kneaded harder. She heard it again. Moaning with her touch.

“Melanie, are you alright?” Kirstin asked.

“It’s just, your touch. It brings back memories.”

Kirstin started on Melanie’s thighs. Such legs! So shapely and so firm. She massaged inside her right leg, running her hand the full length. She thought about the moaning. ‘Accidentally’ she let her fingers brush Melanie’s pussy through her panties. She saw Melanie grind her hips into the table. She did it again. Same response.

Kirstin moved to Melanie’s left leg, massaging her and brushing her pussy through her thin satin panties. Melanie visibly squirmed on the table every time she did it. Kirstin could feel her heart pounding. She knew it was wrong but something drove her on to keep it up. Again and again and again.

“Could you turn over please?” Kirstin asked

Melanie rolled over onto her back, her white panties stretched tight over her love mound. Kirstin felt short of breath, as she started work on her legs again. Again brushing Melanie’s pussy as she kneaded those glorious thighs. Feeling Melanie’s Ümraniye Escort Bayan arousal. She knew the effect she was having on this woman. Should she? She wondered…

Kirstin gave up the pretence of a massage and instead cupped her hand over Melanie’s pussy and firmly rubbed her. She could feel the wetness. She rubbed her hard for just a moment.

“What are you doing?” Melanie challenged.

“Don’t you like it?” Kirstin asked gently.

“No! You can’t do that, you’re a girl?” Melanie sounded cross.

“And you’re a beautiful woman who has been abandoned by a thoughtless husband?” Kirstin replied, defiantly.

Kirstin rubbed her again.

“Don’t tell me that’s not nice,” Kirstin purred.

Kirstin rubbed her again and again. She could hear Melanie murmur, feel her wetness.

“Do you want more?” Kirstin asked. There was no response.

Kirstin held her hand over Melanie’s pussy, rubbing her through the thin material of her panties, harder and harder. She could feel Melanie push up, grinding her hips hard against Kirstin’s fingers. Kirstin slipped her hand under the satin material, feeling for this beautiful woman’s clit. She rubbed it direct, finger on flesh. She could see Melanie’s eyes closed, her face furrowed in concentration. She rubbed it with a regular circular stoke. Rubbing her as she would have rubbed herself. Rubbing her and rubbing her and rubbing her.

Suddenly she heard Melanie gasp. She came! Kirstin gently slipped her hand away and replaced her panties over her now saturated pussy. She bent over and lightly kissed Melanie on the lips.

“That’s better, isn’t it?”

Melanie’s heart was racing. This was wrong but it felt so right. It felt so magnificently right. She opened her eyes and all she could see was a pretty young girl looking at her with such an expression. She felt so blissful; she had forgotten how good it was. All she wanted to do was relax and soak in the glorious bliss that had enveloped her. For once, everything seemed right in the world. That lovely girl…


Another Thursday, Kirstin showed Melanie to the same room as last time. Left alone to get ready, Melanie felt determined that the last appointment wasn’t going to be wasted. She had been denying her feelings for too long.

Melanie stripped down to her panties and lay face down on the table. Her heart was pounding as she awaited Kirstin, beautiful Kirstin. She hadn’t felt this way about anyone for so long. So long that she couldn’t remember. The door opened and Melanie knew who it must be. She had been thinking about this since Tuesday. She had to say it. “Kirstin, I want you to…”

Kirstin interrupted. “Melanie, you’re an attractive and sexy lady. But we can’t have an affair on a massage table in a day spa. I like you Melanie, I like you a lot. I want to see you, but not here. You don’t have to make up your mind now, but at the end of your massage you can let me know.”

“But Kirstin…”

“Melanie, I really like you. Now is the time for your massage. Then we can talk.”

Melanie bit her lip. She felt tense even as Kirstin tried to massage her tension away. For almost the whole hour her mind pondered what Kirstin had said. She really meant she wanted to be serious. Her girlfriend. No, her lover. Kirstin asked Melanie to roll over in order to massage her head and neck.

Melanie looked up at Kirstin, at her kind and gentle face. She felt overwhelmed, she felt her tears starting to build up. “Kirstin, I’m so confused. I want to feel like a real woman again. I want to love and I want to feel loved again. But I’m scared…” she said as the tears started to roll down her cheeks.

Kirstin put her finger on Mealanie’s lips. “Ssh, it’s okay. Love is the greatest of all. Sometimes it comes and stays, sometimes it leaves us and we need to search for it again.”

“Kirstin, do you love me?” Melanie asked between sniffles.

“Have you heard of love at first sight?”

“But me, you. We’re girls.”

“Love strikes in mysterious ways. I love you Melanie. I want to be with you. I want to make you happy.”

“Then you want to come to my house?”


“Tomorrow?” Melanie asked hopefully.

“I have tomorrow afternoon off. I’ll come then”

Melanie’s heart lifted. Maybe Kirstin was right, love does strike in mysterious ways. Her mind wandered. Had she ever loved Robert? Yes, a long time ago there was an undeniable passion when they first met. They couldn’t get enough of each other. But they had never moved on, and once the passion waned, the relationship died. They hadn’t had sex for months… Kirstin’s voice interrupted her thoughts.

“Is two o’clock okay Melanie?”

“Two is fine.”

Kirstin grabbed some tissues and wiped Melanie’s cheeks. As Kirstin bent over, she kissed Melanie on the cheek. Melanie felt her heart racing. Yes, love can strike in mysterious ways.


Kirstin drove slowly along the street, counting out the house numbers. 35, 37, this must be it. She parked her car in the driveway. Escort Ümraniye She hadn’t expected anything like this. High on the slope was a large block with a perfectly kept front yard. The house itself sat even higher with views to the mountains. It was huge with a large garage on the ground floor and two more storeys above that. The clock in her car told her she was right on time. She made her way to the front door and pressed the buzzer.

She heard Melanie’s shoes echoing on the floor just before the door opened. “Ah, Kirstin, I’m so happy to see you. Did you have any trouble finding this place?”

“No, not at all. This is a lovely house Melanie.”

“Thanks. Robert must have the best of everything you know. Come in.”

Kirstin followed Melanie. There was a glass wall, partially steamed up. Looking hard, Kirstin could see an indoor swimming pool. Never had she seen such a thing in a house before! She followed Melanie through the ground floor, the full length of the house. Melanie took her out to the back yard. There was a lovely paved area overlooking the garden. A garden much larger than the front. Kirstin noticed a tennis court in the middle distance.

“Would you like a drink?” Melanie’s voice interrupted her thoughts.

“Yes, please. Whatever you’re having.”

“I’m having a white wine.”

“That’s fine.”

Melanie disappeared for a few moments, allowing Kirstin to take in the view a bit more. The tennis court looked inviting. Pity she hadn’t brought some sports shoes. Melanie returned soon enough with a bottle in an ice bucket and two glasses. They sat at a table in the shade of an umbrella, sipping their wine. Talking about everything and nothing. Both too nervous to talk about why Kirstin was really here.

Kirstin reached across and lightly touched Melanie’s arm.

“Kirstin, I’m nervous…”

“Ssh. It’s alright. I know what I’m doing.’

“I’m glad you do.”

“Ssh. Just relax.”

Kirstin stood behind Melanie and gently massaged her shoulder through the thin material of her dress. Melanie felt the familiar touch, those soothing fingers. She could feel the tension start to drain.

“Let’s take this off, shall we.”

Kirstin unzipped the dress and Melanie stood to allow Kirstin to lift it over her head.

“That’s better. Melanie, everytime I see you, I wonder. You are so beautiful.”

She took one step forward, cradled her arm around Melanie’s waist and kissed her. Deep, romantic, passionate. Holding the back of Melanie’s head with one hand and her waist with her other. She could feel the flair of her hips, her perfect firm bottom. She felt Melanie start to respond, the older woman circled Kirstin with both arms, holding her close.

They stood there, locked in a tender embrace. A passionate and never ending kiss. Kirstin wanted this so badly. She needed this woman!

Kirstin pulled away and reached behind Melanie, unhooking her bra. It fell to the ground, releasing those superb breasts. Kirstin looked and suddenly felt gawky. This woman was perfection indeed. How stupid men are? To leave such a lovely woman to have some other young thing just because he could. Melanie reached out and drew Kirstin closer. Another deep passionate kiss. Kirstin felt those soft breasts press into her. She cupped Melanie’s superb arse and held it, feeling those soft round globes. Their tongues touching and dancing as they embraced. Kirstin slipped her hand into the elastic of Melanie’s panties, slowly easing them down. Melanie took the hint, kicked off her shoes and removed her tiny, satin panties. She stood before Kirstin, totally naked. Kirstin admired her again. Her curves. Even her pussy. Blonde and trimmed. Her charms tucked out of sight. Her heart leaped a little. Soon I’m going to have that pussy…

She unbuttoned her own blouse, pulling it away from her shorts. She quickly got down to her underwear.

“Kirstin, you are so beautiful.”

“No I’m not.”

“You are to me.”

Kirstin smiled. She removed the last of her clothing.

“Melanie, I want you. I want you so bad.” She shuddered as they held each other again. Skin against skin. Such a perfect sensation. She spied a couple of sun lounges nearby. Kirstin took Melanie’s hand and led her to them. “Here.”

Melanie lay on the lounge, the soft cushion felt comfortable. Kirstin knelt beside, kissing her and gently stroking her breasts. Melanie’s nipples responding to the gentle touch of the young girl. Kirstin kissed her neck, that gorgeous part just above her shoulder. Slowly the kisses moved lower. Soon she was flicking one nipple with her tongue and rubbing the other. Kissing the nub, and then sucking it. Drawing it gently between her lips. Allowing her hand to wander a little more. Down to Melanie’s thigh. Just stroking it. Melanie spread her legs. Kirstin stroked inside her thigh, every now and then brushing her pussy. Feeling the wetness starting to build.

Kirstin moved away and positioned herself on the end of the lounge, between Melanie’s legs. That pussy looked so inviting. Tentatively, she leaned forward and brushed Melanie’s lips with her tongue. She felt her wetness, felt her arousal. Again she brushed the full length of Melanie’s pussy, her tongue finishing on her clit. Again and again. Feeling Melanie’s arousal grow. She looked up and could see Melanie’s eyes closed. Her faced was peaceful and relaxed.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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