A Morning Shower

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I walked into the bathroom in a haze. It was simply too early to be up and all I wanted to do was go back to bed, curl up next to him and feel his warmth against my skin. In robotic motions, I turned on the cold, then hot water of the shower, sliding my hand under it long enough to test that it was a good temperature, then twisted the knob to the shower setting.

Dropping my robe, I stepped into the shower. The heat from the water burning my skin at first, causing a tingling sensation. The steam surrounded me as the water flowed down my skin. Leaning against the wall, I closed my eyes and found myself lost in thought of the previous few days. Reaching down, I turned up the hot water a little more.

I don’t know how much time passed, but before I knew it, I felt a cold breeze against my back and then his hands coming around my waist. A whimper escaped my lips as I felt his chest against my back and his lips gently brush against the back of my neck. I leaned back against him, turning my head to the side so I could feel hear his heartbeat. With the water rushing, I felt it more than I could hear it.

He stepped backwards, drawing me with him, encircling my waist with one hand, and his other gently brushing my hair to the side. His hips found my neck once again, his teeth barring into my flesh just a little. I tried to turn around to face him, but he held me still, with my back to him. I could feel his cock hardening against the crack of my ass.

Slowly, his hand slid down my stomach and his fingers gently pressed against my clit. He pressed lightly against it, gently circling. His other hand reached between us and guided his cock between my ass cheeks. I felt the tip press lightly against the puckering of my ass, my knees buckling a little as he began slowly pressing himself into me.

Teasing a little, he pressed into me, just a little, no more than an inch, then pulling back out. ataşehir escort His fingers continuing to circle my clit, my body beginning to quiver at his touch. I whimpered as he slid back into me again, not pausing to be slow, he pushed hard, stopping half way into me. I tried to push my hips back against him, but he didn’t allow it, as I began to push towards him, he leaned back.

I groaned.

He continued teasing my clit, as his other hand ran up my back to my neck, around the front of me, tweaking one nipple then the other, and then to my back again. He pushed against my back, causing me to bend over in front of him and quickly, without pause, pushed his cock deep and hard into my wanting pussy. I gasped at the sheer force of him entering me, plunging himself as deep as possible into me.

My knees buckled again, but his arm around my waist holding me up.

In and out, harder and harder he plunged into my pussy. His fingers pressing ever harder against my clit. My body shook with each thrust. Almost in a dream, I felt my body begin pushing back against his. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t think, he felt so good my brain had lost all its devices. Every thrust bringing me closer to release, the pain of the depth combining with the sheer pleasure of his touch.

I felt my muscles tighten around his cock and knew my release would come soon. I didn’t know how much more I could take, I needed to orgasm for him. I wanted it so badly, but as I drew closer, his assault on me slowed its intensity. He gently caused me to stand, and reached up, turning my head to his. His lips finding mine, our tongues dancing in a fiery passion.

As he kissed me, he slowly slid his cock out of my pussy, causing me to whimper. Our lips parted, he studied me, his eyes locking with mine. A mischievous grin came over his face, his eyes twinkling. I gave him a questioning look, but ataşehir escort bayan he didn’t respond. With one swift move, his hand pushed my back down again, bending me over in front of him

Before I could think, or move, he quickly pushed his cock back into me. He felt so good, I couldn’t focus on my own orgasm, I could only focus on how good he felt inside me. My groans of pleasure becoming louder with each thrust. Without warning he pulled himself from my pussy and plummeted into my tight ass. I nearly screamed, he pushed deep into me so fast.

“Please,” I whimpered.

With that one word, his assault on my body came in swifter movement. His fingers hard against my clit, twisting it, teasing it, taunting me. His cock plunging into my ass, harder and harder, the depth making me want to scream with the divine combination of pleasure and pain. My squeals, nearly screams of pleasure encouraging him, almost begging him to make me explode in the passionate orgasms only he could give me.

“Cum for me lover,” he roared.

His words sending me closer to explosion. He pulled himself from me, turning me towards him. He lifted me off my feet and I wrapped my legs around him. His hands holding me up by my ass, my arms around his neck. His cock almost guiding its self back to my pussy, burring its self inside me once again. Our lips locked onto each others, tongue dancing as our bodies moved in perfect rhythm with one another.

Our lips coming apart, his eyes staring deep into mine as he pushed himself deep inside me, our hips slamming into each other, rocking in unison. Feeling my clit hitting his body with each thrust. He began whispering words of encouragement, eyes staying focused on mine. My heart racing, my nails digging into his flesh, the feeling of the hot water spraying against my back.

My muscles tightened around his shaft, I couldn’t move anymore, couldn’t breathe, all I could do was feel him inside me. My body quivered as I began to explode, feeling my own juices flowing around his cock, his teeth taking the flesh of my neck between them. I screamed out as my juices flowed around his cock.

As he felt my juices flowing over his cock, he groaned between his teeth still buried in the flesh of my fragile neck. His movement began to become more fevered, more animalistic. He pulled his cock from my pussy and slid it back into my ass. I rocked in time with him, drawing him into me, wanting him to explode inside me.

“Cum for me lover, make me yours,” I whimpered.

I leaned back, exposing my breasts to him, taking one hand from around his neck, and finding my clit with my fingers. Keeping my eyes on his, I continued to rock back and forth, pushing his cock deeper into my ass, and he pushed it into me. It was as if time stood still, our bodies moving in unison, ramming into each other over and over again.

He looked down and watched me rubbing my clit, watching our bodies pushing into one another. I felt his cock begin to swell and began whispering, encouraging, almost begging him to cum deep inside my ass. The pain and pleasure combining, our bodies dancing an age old dance, but one only we could understand of each other.

He let out what sounded like a lions roar as his cock exploded inside me. Feeling him fill my ass with his hot juices my body shook as I began to cum again. He pulled me up towards him, locking his lips on mine, our bodies releasing their juices onto each other. I whimpered with each of the final gentle thrusts as his orgasm finished, almost in unison with my own.

Slowly, he slid his cock out of me, and gently placed me to the floor. His lips staying locked on mine. Gently, he turned me and I heard him open a bottle of shampoo, he washed my hair. I loved the way his hands felt tangled in my hair as he let the water rinse my hair, and then conditioned it. He lathered my body, washing me, gently scrubbing my flesh, and I doing the same. No words needed spoken, just the awesome calm after the storm.

(For M.W.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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