A Mother’s Forbidden Wish

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I was just finishing drying and putting away the dinner dishes that Fred, my husband of twenty years, had just washed. I sighed and turned to where Fred was wiping down the kitchen table and said, “Be nice if just once Jim or Sally would volunteer to do this job before running off to do homework.” Fred looked up, grinned and said, “Come on Hon, you know they both have a lot of work to do at the library.”

“Well, they wouldn’t have so much of it to do if they started on it a little earlier in the term,” I retorted. Fred laughed and said, “Yeah, well we have both been there and didn’t do it until the last minuet either, now haven’t we?”

I giggled and said, “Well, they should do as we tell them, not what we did.” Fred shrugged and said, “Guess I would just as soon they don’t do quite everything the way we did it. Not sure I am quite ready for a grandchild yet.”

Fred and I are both only thirty-seven. Jim is nineteen and is in his first year of college and Sally, eighteen, will graduate from high school in a couple of weeks. Sally has already been accepted at the state university which, fortunately is located only a twenty minute drive from home. I guess that means that Fred and I can look forward to four more years of having the kids roar off right after dinner while we clean up the kitchen and to do up the dinner dishes.

I guess Fred was reading my thoughts as he said, “You know, it is probably about time for us to shop for a dishwasher. I think I have saved enough that we should be able to get one and pay cash for it.” I looked at him in surprise and said, “So just where do you think it will fit? There isn’t much extra space for a dishwasher. Fred grinned and said, “Oh I think it will fit in that space right beside the sink. I looked and it seems as though the builder arranged the cabinet so that the doors and shelves can be removed easily and all the plumbing is right there. I crawled back in there the other day and there is even an outlet to plug into.” I nodded and said, “You know, I have always wondered what on earth they had in mind when they put an outlet in such an out of the way spot.”

Then I had another thought. “So smarty, just where do you plan for me to store all the stuff that is in that cabinet?”

“Got it all figured out,” was the grinning response, “I think we can put one of those do-it-yourself pantry units right over beside the doorway to the dining room.”

“More expense,” was my sour rejoinder.

Fred brought me up short when he said, “Well, I guess we can just continue doing the dishes by hand if you don’t want a dishwasher.” I walked over and put my arms around my husband’s neck and said, “I don’t have a problem with getting a new dishwasher, and I’m just wondering what to do with the old one.” I was grinding my breasts and groin against Fred as I hugged him and soon knew just what his suggestion would be. A growing hard bulge pressing against my tummy left little doubt about that.

I smiled coyly and said, “Right here on the kitchen table or would you prefer the floor?” Fred grinned and said, “Either sounds great, but perhaps the sofa in the family room would be more comfortable for whoever ends up on the bottom. Before we begin though, how about we go and find a video to rent?” I grinned and said, “Jesus, you mean you’re not horny enough already?” Fred grinned and said, “Yeah, I just thought we might learn a new trick or two.” I said, “Well, OK but I would have thought we have seen all the different tricks there are by now.”

I grabbed up a sweater and we headed off toward the closest video rental store. Once there, we didn’t even pause to see what was available on the open shelves, but made a beeline for the small room that housed the X-rated stuff. We started checking out the videos that lined the shelves near the doorway and neither of us saw a thing that looked very interesting or that we had not already seen. Further back in the room, we came upon a section of new videos that were not there the last time we were in.

I was busily checking the new selection when Fred said, “Here is one that might be interesting,” and held out a box for me to take. I began to read the meager description of the film’s content and said, “Hey, family incest. Does this sort of stuff interest you?” Fred hemmed and hawed nervously for a moment before I let him off the hook by saying, “Well, I’m kind of curious as well. Lets rent this one.”

Soon, we were back in the family room and inserted the video into the VCR. Just before sitting down beside Fred on the sofa, I asked, “How about a glass of Merlot?” With his assurance that some wine would be great, I went to the kitchen and opened a bottle of the wine. While there, I opened my blouse and removed my bra. Then I lifted the bottom hem of my skirt and tugged my panties off. With my underwear deposited in the clothes washer, I picked up two wine goblets and the bottle and returned to the family room. I placed the tray of glasses and the wine on the coffee table, canlı bahis turned and sat down beside Fred being sure to raise my skirt to where it just covered the very tops of my thighs. I had not bothered to refasten the top four buttons on my blouse so was pretty certain that I had done everything possible to make seducing me as easy as possible for my horny man.

Fred started the video while I poured the wine and the FBI warnings, previews and ads for phone sex were just about finished when we sat back to enjoy the wine, the video and each other, hopefully in that order. I snuggled close to Fred with my wine glass in my right hand and my left close enough to reach Fred’s dick once things began to heat up a bit. Fred took up his wine in his left hand and placed his right arm around my shoulders and the first scene of the movie opened.

The film started with a ‘sleeping’ couple lying in bed with the top sheet thrown back to reveal the naked torsos of a man and a woman. The sheet only covered the couple to near the tops of their thighs so that we could see clearly that the male had an erection and that the woman had trimmed her brown bush to a narrow strip just above her pussy slit. The camera angle was such that we could see that the bedroom door was ajar and that anyone outside in the hallway would have no difficulty observing the ‘sleeping’ couple.

The movie went on pretty much as one might expect. The woman awakened and began to fondle the man’s erect cock. He woke up and reached for her tits with one hand and her pussy with the other. A moment later his enormous cock could be seen sawing in and out of her pussy with her on hands and knees. The scene changed to one with the man on his back while the woman rode astride him as though she were on a horse. Finally they fucked with the woman on her back and the man in the missionary position taking enormously long strokes in and out of her pussy. There was loud music playing but neither of the two said as much as a single word until, finally, the man grunted something and the woman yelled, “Oh yeah, do it. Give me your hot cum.” The man pulled out and cum began to spurt and covered her from pussy to tits.

While they were fucking, we could see that a girl had appeared at the crack in the doorway. She beckoned and then a young man appeared at her side and the two of them watched as the scene played out.

Afterward, the girl was in a shower stall and the boy joined her. There was some discussion about getting caught together but the boy joined the girl in the shower. She faced the back wall of the stall and bent forward so that her butt was thrust prominently at the boy who took advantage of the situation and slipped into the girl and fucked her for several minutes. Just as the boy began to ejaculate, the parents appeared and watched as the boy shot cum all over the girl’s backside.

The next scene showed all four in the bedroom seated on the bed. They all were naked and the parents were counseling the young couple about how wrong it was for a brother and sister to be fucking. I couldn’t tell, but it did not seem as though there was any mention of it being wrong for a teenaged couple to be fucking at all.

The seating arrangement left the boy next to the woman on one side of the bed while the girl and the older man were seated on the other side of the bed. The girl said something and laid her hand on the man’s thigh in seeming innocence. He glanced down but did nothing to discourage the girl or to remove her hand from his thigh. The placement of the girl’s hand was noticed by the woman and by the boy. The woman did not bother to comment about the ‘daughter’s’ hand placement but continued discussing the pros and cons of an incestuous relationship between siblings. The boy looked quizzically toward the woman and then placed his hand on her thigh while the man and girl looked on.

Then the girl, hearing no objection from the woman, placed her hand on the man’s cock and slowly began to stroke. Taking his cue from the girl, the boy slid his hand up along the woman’s thigh toward her pussy. Once his hand was cupped around the woman’s sex, the boy gently pushed her until she was on her back and he could lean down and kiss her. His free hand soon was busily engaged fondling the woman’s breasts and she reached down to take his stiffening cock in hand and begin a gentle stroking.

Next and under the watchful eye of the woman, the girl slid off the bed and turned to kneel between the man’s thighs where she quickly took his cock in hand and began to suck on it.

I leaned forward to refill the wine glasses and by the time I sat back, the boy was just entering the woman and the girl was getting into position to sit on the man’s cock. About the time the man’s cock began to penetrate the girl, Fred said, “Oh Jesus Hon.”

I looked from the screen, grinned and said, “Yes? Surely you aren’t thinking what it would feel like to have this..” I gave his cock a squeeze, “thing in your own daughter, bahis siteleri are you?” Fred only groaned again and I said, “Come on now, we need to talk about this.” I leaned forward to kiss him to let him know that I was not being critical. Then, I said, “Cause if you are, I guess I should tell you that I, too, sometimes find myself wishing it possible for me to fuck Jim.”

Fred pulled back, gave me a strange look and said, “My God, both of us. I thought that I was the sick one. Of course I wonder sometimes how it would be to make it with Sally, but shit, it’s never going to happen. People, at least normal people, don’t even have thoughts like that.”

Thoughtfully, I said, “How do we know what other people do, let alone what they think. We only know that most of them are smart enough to say how disgusting and wrong it is to want to make it with their own kids. Nobody in their right minds would ever admit having prurient thoughts like that.”

With that, I renewed my attack on Fred’s cock and leaned down to take him deep inside my mouth. Fred responded instantly and began to thrust his cock into my mouth and I sucked until I felt him stiffen as his orgasm hit and he began to shoot jet after jet of cum deep inside my throat.

I pulled away and was still licking my lips when I heard Sally say, “Wow Mom that was hot,” and Jim said, “Hi Mom, Dad. What are you guys watching anyhow?” Without waiting for an answer, he said, “Oh oh, is that a fuck film you guys are watching?” I was frantically trying to cover myself and reach for the remote and having no success doing either. I was leaning on Fred making it impossible for him to pull his trousers up and finally, in an exasperated tone, he said, “Oh shit Hon, looks as though we have been caught.” Grinning he looked up at the kids who had walked around from in back of us and said, “You kids are back a lot earlier than we thought you would be.” Jim grinned and said, “Looks that way. By the way Mom, you have nice tits.” His eyes moved lower to my raised skirt hem and said, “Nice pussy too, for all of that.”

Sally giggled and said, “As long as we are complementing physical attributes, your cock looks really nice too, Dad. It looked a lot nicer when you were tickling Mom’s tonsils with it though.” Wistfully, she added, “I don’t suppose..” Without saying what it was that she didn’t suppose, she said, “No, of course not. You would never do that, would you?”

I looked up and grinning to take the sting away, said, “Listen here young lady, its bad enough that you two caught me giving your Dad a bj, don’t push it.” Jim grinned and said, “Oh come on Mom, we are just trying to give you a bad time. I’m sure that you can give dad head just about any old time you want. I’ll bet you wouldn’t object to having your pussy licked the way that woman on the screen is having hers licked by that young guy.” I looked back at the screen and, sure enough, the ‘son’ was giving his ‘mother’ head. Of course, ‘Daddy’ was busy licking the girl’s pussy slit as well.

At that, Sally, the bolder one of the two kids, said, “Can we watch the rest of the movie?”

“Jim spoke up and said, “Better yet, why not back it to the beginning and watch the whole thing?” I said, “But it’s an incest thing. I’m not sure about watching something like that with you two.” Sally said, “Oh Mom, it isn’t a real family. They are just actors being paid to do that stuff.”

Fred entered the conversation and said, “Oh hell Hon, I guess they have seen enough by now. It probably won’t hurt if they see it all.” Sally said, “Cool,” and I went back trying to find the remote. I finally found it on the floor and started the tape rewinding. While the tape was rewinding, I stood and started to straighten my clothing, what little I still had on but Fred continued to sit with his pants down around his ankles.

I said, “Fred, surely you are going to get your clothes back on, aren’t you?” Fred nodded toward Sally who was behind me and said, “Why bother?” Swiftly, I turned and saw my daughter just as she finished removing her jeans and panties. She noted my look of amazed horror and said, “Gees Mom, naked is the dress code for watching films like this isn’t it?” I shrugged in surrender and said, “Whatever, I guess,” and removed my skirt. Then I tugged my still unbuttoned blouse off and tossed it onto the growing heap of discarded clothing on the floor.

I looked around for Jim and spotted him just as he came from the kitchen carrying another bottle of wine and two more glasses. Apparently he had availed himself of the opportunity while in the kitchen to strip off his clothing as well, as he was completely naked. I looked at Fred and laughed because he was the only one remaining with any clothing on at all. I said, “Come on Fred, there is no sense sitting there with just a shirt on and your pants down around your feet.” He laughed and said, “Guess you are right,” stood and removed his clothing completely.

Jim came on into the room, poured the bahis şirketleri four glasses full of wine and carried two of them to Fred and me. Then he handed a glass to his sister and sat down beside me while Sally sat down beside her father. I thought for a moment that I had better speak up and try to alter the seating then shrugged resignedly, sat back and started the movie playing again.

The family room sofa is not very wide so I moved as close as possible to Fred, close enough that our thighs were pressed tightly together. Likewise, Jim, on my right, was sitting so that our thighs were pressed tightly together. I made a mental note to pay attention and see that his hands stayed where they belonged. Then I leaned forward and looked to see if Sally and her Dad were pressed as tightly together as were the rest of us. Sure enough, they were and my daughter’s hands were folded in her lap, just as they should have been. I sat back and thought that perhaps, just perhaps, things would progress no further. Then I thought, ‘Damn it’, and devoted my attention to the movie.

The video did not seem quite as interesting the second time around, probably because I had just seen part of it. The opening scenes went by rather slowly, then I began to see stuff I had missed the first time around. Like when the boy entered his ‘Mom’ while she was flat on her back. I inhaled sharply and placed my hand on Jim’s thigh although I was not aware that I had done that. Nor was I aware that he had placed his arm across my shoulders and pulled me close enough that my right breast was pressed into the side of his chest near his shoulder.

It was not ’til the scene closed and the woman had her ‘son’s’ cum smeared all over the front of her that it finally dawned on me what we were doing. Again, I started to remove Jim’s arm and my hand and, again, I decided to leave well enough alone. I leaned forward to see what, if anything, was going on next to me and saw that, like Jim, Fred had placed his left arm across Sally’s shoulder so that he could hug her close. I don’t know if she had seen my hand on her brother’s thigh, but she had her right hand placed firmly on her father’s thigh. Perhaps a little closer to her Dad’s cock than mine was to Jim’s but, at least, she wasn’t touching him. Yet.

The video moved to a split screen shot of the woman and the boy in a shower and the man and the girl in another. All of them took their time giving each other a sensuous cleansing before the scene faded.

I took the opportunity to refill the glasses during the brief lull in the action on screen then sat back to see what more interesting situations the ‘family’ could find to get into. At the same time, using my hand on Jim’s thigh for leverage, I tried to shift my butt into a more comfortable position and bumped the back of my hand against the underside of Jim’s hard, pulsing cock. Jim moaned softly at my touch and gave a slight twitch of his arm that was across my shoulders. I knew that I should have moved my hand as soon as I was aware of what I had done. Instead, I moved slightly closer until I could feel the pubic hair on his balls and began moving my fingers slowly back and forth so that I was fondling his balls with my fingers and the underside of his dick with the back of my hand.

A quick glance toward my husband and daughter revealed that his arm across her shoulders had dropped when she leaned slightly forward so that he now was cupping her left breast in his big hand. I dropped my eyes and saw that Sally had moved her hand until she now had her Dad’s cock in her hand. I could not see that she was stroking him or anything, just that she was holding him in her hand and that his hard cock was throbbing, keeping time with his heartbeat.

‘Well shit’, I thought and moved my hand until I was holding Jim’s cock in my hand. I leaned forward, giving my son a silent invitation to drop his arm lower and snuggled even closer than before. He is no dummy and dropped his arm so that he could cup my breast in his hand. I was unable to refrain from giving his cock a gentle stroking and as soon as I did that, he began to flex his hand on my tit. I nearly lost it and had an orgasm when he began to fondle and lightly pinch my nipple. I tried to suppress the feeling then thought, ‘Why bother. My orgasms are mostly dry and no one needs to know,’ so relaxed and let it happen.

I shuddered slightly when it hit and Jim instantly whispered, “You all right Mom?” I nodded that everything was just fine and turned my attention back to the movie. I did not relax my grip on my son’s cock, however.

Somehow, the setting for the movie had shifted and the four naked members of the ‘family’ were on a deserted sunny beach where they were on a blanket and were engaged in a dual sixty-nine. The man was on his back while the woman kneeled over him sucking on his dick. He had his arms around her butt and was tugging her pussy tightly against his mouth. The kids were on their sides doing pretty much the same thing. Only it was much easier to see the boy’s tongue as he flicked it back and forth and licked the entire length of her slit. We could even see part of the action when he stiffened his tongue and slid it into her vagina.

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